Sep. 1st, 2010

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melt/fire/calm (dr. who: tenth doctor/jack: nc-17) relinking this again because i posted it in august here, so it belongs on this roundup.

tiny bubbles (dr. who: tenth doctor/jack; pg-13) first piece for the [profile] kissbingo challenge. prompt was 'body: knees'

rain dance (torchwood/dr. who; jack harkness genfic, featuring bebe!jack and his mama. written for [community profile] bringthehappy. prompt was 'jack: raindrops'.

quite pleased with all three of these pieces. wish i could have managed more output. i need to learn to organize my time home alone better (ie: not waste my entire day playing sims). that's something i'm going to strive for this month; i want to organize my time better, do more fics and art and less spending huge blocks of time playing sims.
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I don't think any of you would do this, but sometimes i think wrong, so:

don't crosspost any comments in here to facebook. i don't really use facebook all that much, and that's because there are too many family members and old aquaintances from grade school on it; this is my place to play away from them.

don't crosspost any comments in here to twitter. same sorts of reasons.

if you don't do it, i won't do it to you.

if you do crosspost, and i find it, i won't be at all happy, and i hate to sound like i'm making threats; but i will probably defriend anyone who does that, because it feels squicky and a breach of trust and ugh. don't want to go through that. so just don't.



let's have pie and ice cream.


(i have dreamwidth codes if anyone wants one. i crosspost my blog to dreamwidth - i'm phinnia there too. i'm terrible at reading over there but lately i'm terrible at reading over here and i'm sorry about that and i'm trying to get better at both things, but the weather is changing and i'm in a lot of pain.)


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