Jun. 30th, 2011

phinnia: ten <3's jack (doctor/ten-mini-ten-and-jack)
title: the ideal place
author: [personal profile] phinnia
rating: PG
disclaimer: a wandering minstrel i, a thing of shreds and patches.
prompt: 10/jack: finding that 'right' wedding venue
author's note: from the let's get gay married commentfic meme.
jack was still reeling from the Doctor's proposal )
phinnia: ten <3's jack (doctor/ten-mini-ten-and-jack)
title: i've got rhythm
author: [personal profile] phinnia
rating: r for semi-graphic sex
disclaimer: a wandering minstrel i, a thing of shreds and patches. i own nothing.
warnings: m/m sex (semi-graphic)
prompt: admiration
pairing: jack/10th doctor
author's note: follows my series tomorrow is another day and how the time lord got his groove back. if you haven't read them, the basic facts are: 1. COE never happened 2. 10 is trying to be less of a jerk; he was very shaken after losing Rose to the magma clamp and is trying desperately to turn over a new leaf despite himself and 3. Jack has recently joined the Doctor on the TARDIS.
they had not kissed since the day he'd come aboard )
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Split up by fandom:

Dr. Who mini-series thing (ten/jack, pg-13/R)
tomorrow is another day
how the time lord got his groove back
i've got rhythm

Dr. Who one-shots:

birthday boys (ten/jack, PG)
making up for the lack of biological imperative (ten/jack, nc-17)
dark dreams(jack/nine/rose, jack/ten, jack/eleven, R)
a little post-breakfast snack (jack/eleven, nc-17 - sequel to 'dark dreams' but can be read alone)
leather and skin (jack/nine, R)
every boy's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man (jack/ten, nc-17)
the ideal place (jack/ten, PG)

Sherlock one-shots:

Concern (gen, G)
Fallen (gen, pg-13 for nudity in prompt)


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