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making up for the lack of biological imperative (Jack/10th Doctor) [NC-17]

title: making up for the lack of biological imperative
author: [personal profile] phinnia
challenge: 2011 jack/doctor bingo fest
pairing: jack/ten
rating: nc-17 (porny mc porn porn)
disclaimer: a wandering minstrel i, a thing of shreds and patches. i own nothing.
prompt: street corner, two in the morning
warnings: lack of plot. m/m sex. no spoilers.
summary: none, really. there is no plot, really. there is no summary to speak of.

Twenty minutes before last call and Jack's never seen the Doctor so drunk in all the days he's known him - and when you're immortal, you have a lot of days under your belt.

"It's something about the wine." The Doctor confided cheerfully around his glass. "It has mildly addictive properties and it's got ... there's something ... in the whatever-it's-called. Fruit!" He almost tipped his chair over with an exuberant flourish. "Something in the fruit. Like catnip to Time Lords. Makes us drunk." He smiled charmimgly across the table at Jack. "Drunk and chatty. Drunk and chatty and horny."

Jack felt his pants get tighter. "Didn't your pal Shakespeare say something about alcohol increasing the desire and taking away the performance?" His voice was remarkably level, and he was quite proud of that fact.

The Doctor's answering grin was smug - some would say catlike, even. "Shakespeare was talking about humans. I'm a Time Lord. We may have no biological imperative, but if we decide to - when! when we decide to - we can go all night."

Jack's pants got even tighter, and his jaw just about dropped onto the floor.

Fortunately, none of this showed on his face. He was a con man of old, and knew enough not to let any emotions - not even these ones, where the love of his very long life had served him up a come-on directly on a silver platter - show on his face.

Instead he reached into the pockets of his greatcoat and dropped a huge handful of local currency in the center of the table. "I've got this."

The Doctor's amped-up grin told him he'd definitely made the right move.


The TARDIS was only six blocks away, but Jack hadn't counted on how handsy the Doctor was in this mood. They'd got to the end of the block when the Doctor reached over and grabbed Jack right in the ... steering column.

His breath was warm and sticky in Jack's ear. "I wasn't kidding about going all night, Jack."

"Oh yeah?"

"Ohhhhh yes. And I want to start now."

"Now?" Jack looked around at the silent, darkened streetcorner. "Here?"

"I think we've been dancing around each other long enough, don't you? I hardly expected you to protest."

"Are you going to regret this in the morni-" Jack blurted, and then slapped a hand over his own mouth in protest, feeling like a fool; but when the Doctor's kiss turned sweet, cool and comforting, Jack figured they were pretty much good to go.

They didn't stop. Jack had lube somewhere in one of his pockets. Their coats made for excellent cover, and they kept their lips mashed together as best they could in order to quiet each other's moans and groans. When the Doctor slid balls-deep into Jack he couldn't help a sudden. shocked gasp that formed a thick cloud in the early morning air; then Jack slid his lips over the Doctor's again, and they began to move jerkily against the heavy wooden pole they were leaning against.

When the Doctor came, Jack could feel that taut, thin body shudder like a live wire, and that - knowing that he'd brought the Doctor to climax, feeling and seeing the pleasure ripple through his body - wrung Jack's own orgasm from him, left him boneless and spent against the pole.

"You okay?" The Doctor whispered.

"Yeah." Jack whispered back. "You?"

"Oh yes. I think I remembered what I like about sex. Let's go back to the TARDIS."

"I've unleashed a monster." Jack hissed under his breath, but he was grinning fit to break open his face.

"Ah-ah-ah, Captain, I make it a practice not to bring out the leashes until at least the third date."

"You're kidding."

But the Doctor's smile was too enigmatic for Jack to really tell one way or the other.