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commentfic: doctor who, 9th doctor/jack harkness, the feel of leather against skin

title: leather and skin
author: [personal profile] phinnia
rating: r
warnings: none really
pairing: 9th doctor/jack harkness
disclaimer: a wandering minstrel i, a thing of shreds and patches. I own nothing.
author's note: I've never written doctor #9 before - I hope this works out... :)

Jack has been fantasizing about the Doctor for a while now ... ever since he met the man, as a matter of fact.

The Doctor is an unconventional kind of sexy to begin with, but Jack goes for unconventional, so that's all right. But it's not just the must-I-save-you-from-your-own-stupidity-again look that gets Jack going, or the rough-and-tumble-sensuality (seriously, how can those ears even be that sexy, and yet .... Jack won't deny he wants to nibble and lick them until the time lord is driven absolutely mad) or even the peculiar calm that comes from knowing that he is just as damaged as Jack is, deep down ... of course, all of these are part of the whole Doctor package.

But it's the leather jacket that he thinks about most. How it must hold the Time Lord's smell, mingled with the unmistakeable masculine note of the leather; how it's molded to the Time Lord's broad shoulders, the long line of his back and hips, the slight flare of that fabulous arse) and how it would feel if he was lying between those long, long legs, the buttery softness of the jacket crushed up against his own bare back, and those strong arms wrapped around his shoulders, around his waist, perhaps one hand leisurely stroking his cock ...

It's not just sensual, this fantasy: it's also strangely safe, and Jack doesn't know what to think about this. Men like him aren't allowed to feel safe, and they definitely aren't supposed to want safe. And usually he doesn't. Safe isn't sexy, isn't exciting.

Jack sighs, stretches, cleans himself up, and gets ready for another day of running - and flirting - and catching tantalizing whiffs of the smell of the Doctor's leather jacket.
Maybe today will be the day.

He can always hope.