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pair-bond (nc-17, ten/jack)

title: pair-bond
author: [personal profile] phinniathe ideal place. written for the let's get gay married commentfic meme.

After the ceremony was finished and most of the dancing was done, Jack looked over and caught the mischevious, sparkling eye of his Doctor. He sighed, laughing. "All right, Doc, what's on your mind?"

"Come on!" The Doctor grabbed his hand and ran through the halls. Jack couldn't stop laughing, relishing the feel of his Doctor's hand and the way their rings rubbed together.

Before he knew it they were in the console room - then they were outside, the TARDIS doors wide open and their long coats whipping around their legs as the wind came in off the Bay.

The Doctor scooped him up in both arms and carried him over the TARDIS threshhold. "Welcome home, Captain."


"I still can't believe you picked me up." Jack grinned, tracing the Time Lord's cheekbones with a thumb.

"Time Lord." The Doctor replied with a trace of smugness. "I could carry you - not far, but for a while."

"So what other special things can Time Lords do that I've missed out on?" Jack breathed, his hands going to the Doctor's hips.

"Why don't - why don't we get in the Vortex first?"

"Okay, you're the boss."

But after they were floating serenely in the Vortex, the Doctor had disappeared.

Jack sighed. "Jitters, I expect."

The TARDIS showed him a door and cracked it open, just slightly.

"Thank you, sweetie." Jack smiled, petting the nearest coral strut on the way to the door.


The Doctor sighed, burying his face in the pillow of the bed.

Jack was going to be in soon. Jack was going to be in, and he was going to have to explain why he'd run off.

It wasn't that he didn't want to be -- intimate -- with Jack. But there was something he wanted more - a Gallifreyan pair-bond - and he wasn't sure how to ask for that. That went far beyond joining bodies - that was about telepathically linking two or more minds together.

What if Jack didn't want it? What if Jack didn't understand how important it was to him? What if he couldn't explain?

There was a brief knock at the door. "You okay, sweethearts?"

"Fine, just fine." His voice sounded hollow and far away. "Just - having a lie down."

"Can I come in?"


Jack poked his head in between the door and the jamb, grinning one of his infectious smiles - the kind that made the Doctor grin even if he was trying to do otherwise. He started stripping off his dress uniform, aware of the Doctor's gaze as his body was revealed.

"Like what you see?" Jack purred over his shoulder.

"Y-yeah." The Doctor stammered. Jack carefully peeled away his tuxedo, kissing and licking underneath every piece of cloth as it was removed. The Doctor groaned, his hands kneading in Jack's hair. "Ja-aack..."

"Yes, my love?"

"I - I want -"

"What do you want, beautiful?"

"Oh Jack, I want you so much."

Jack grinned like a cat. "How do you want to do this, gorgeous?"

The Doctor paused, looking a little unsure. Jack took the Time Lord's half-hard cock in his mouth and licked around the head like an ice cream cone. The Doctor moaned. "Jack, I want - I want - "

"Anything you want, angel."


"Talk to me." Jack murmured, running a gentle finger under the Time Lord's chin. "It sounds like you've got something you want to try."

"This might be weird."

"This is me, Doctor. Remember? I love weird."

The Doctor explained haltingly about the pair-bonding - about how it was something that would enhance their current connection (including intimate contact) but the only drawback was that it was permanent once it was established.

"I'll understand if you don't want to do it." he sighed.

Jack tipped his chin up again. "Hush, you. Is this important to you?"

"Yes. It's - it's so important."

"Then we'll do it."


Jack stretches out the Doctor with one slicked-up finger, then two - then ducks down to use his tongue along with the third finger, delighting in the Doctor's squirms and wriggles. Then he stretches the Doctor enough to fit in a fourth finger.

He crooks his fingers, touches the Doctor's prostate and makes him scream - apparently Time Lords have two prostates? who knew?

He slicks himself up and groans as he slides deep inside the Doctor - the Doctor moans too, and Jack admires the delicate sheen of sweat on the Doctor's back.

The Doctor reached back and grabbed Jack's hand --

-- He could see the brilliant psychic shadows and lights of his own mind; the dimmer-but-still-bright colors of the Doctor; and a braided silver rope-light between them that must have been the link constructing itself from the Doctor's mind, slowly. If he watched it, he could see it moving towards him.

Jack slid his hips forward again, leaning over the Doctor's sweaty back and shoulders to kiss the cool skin. The Doctor's hips bucked up and shifted, making Jack groan with renewed want as he tensed further around his lover's cock. Then --

--there was an explosion of colours in his head, like flaming fireworks, and then suddenly there was another presence there: the Doctor, naked and writhing beneath him in his mind as well as on the bed beneath him. He could feel the Doctor's intense, crimson need flooding through his part of the link, blending with bright red desire and brilliant pink love.

Jack panted, grinning, hitting the Doctor's sweet spots again and again. He knew the Doctor was close - he could feel the tension growing in the body beneath him. He could feel the Doctor clenching around him again, trying to give him pleasure, and just the idea of that made him collapse against his new husband in an exhausted climax. The Doctor groaned as Jack's sparkling red satisfaction flooded through their pair-bond and he too came, rolling away from Jack and breaking the link.

Jack wet his dry lips with a parched mouth before he could go on. "That - that was incredible."

"You really think?" the Time Lord blushed.

"Yes, I really think, you ridiculous, loveable man."

"Because the sex should get better as the bond settles."

Jack could only stare - and then tackle his Doctor to the bed.

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