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Aftermath (ten/jack, nc-17)

Title: aftermath
Author: [personal profile] phinnia
Prompt: [profile] kiss_bingo: 'back'
Disclaimer: A wandering minstrel I, a thing of shreds and patches. I own nothing.
Rating: NC-17 for m/m sex
Pairing: ten/jack
Spoilers: none
Warnings: none

He'd watched helplessly earlier that day as Jack had been shot in the back - not just once, but multiple times, his then- limp body peppered with bullets from a semiautomatic gun.

If the Doctor didn't already hate guns, he would have had every reason to hate them now.

Oh, sure, Jack had revived with his usual pained gasp back into life and the Doctor's arms, and they'd managed to flush out the rebels and rescue the Earl's infant daughter - but he couldn't get that image out of his head, of Jack frozen in mid- step, and the look of startlement on his face at the startlingly red blood flowering on his blue linen shirt - must have hit an artery -



Jack's set his hand, warm and strong and real and alive, on the Doctor's shoulder, his arm around the Doctor's slim back. He's smiling. "Come to bed, Doctor. You're just sitting there, you're not even tinkering."

The Doctor nodded. "Yes. I ... I probably should. Go to bed, that is."


For some reason, the Doc's not able to get comfortable tonight. He's tossing and turning, and that's not like him. After half an hour this, Jack has to say something. "Doc, is there a special reason it feels like we're on an all expenses paid tour on the high seas tonight?"


"I didn't ask for an apology, I just wanted to know what was wrong."

"I just -" Brown eyes can't meet his own; Jack tips up the Time Lord's chin, strokes his hair, tries to calm him, and that seems to help: the Doctor clears his throat and still can't look at him, but his voice is a little more confident. "I can't stop thinking about - the way you died today."

"That one was a bit of a bastard." Jack shrugs.

The Doctor grabs at Jack's neck and kisses him frantically, like he's about to disappear. Jack grins, wraps his arms around the Time Lord's hips and draws him closer, strokes his soft skin.

The Doctor kisses Jack behind his left ear, whispers in it. "Turn over."

"Mmm." Jack's grin widens as he complies, stretches out under his Doctor's cool body. Usually he's the one to take the lead during sex, but once in a while (when he's very, very lucky) his Doctor decides to initiate. Apparently today is his lucky day.

Jack feels the warm caress of oil on his back, and the Doctor's small kisses down his spine - those long-fingered hands caressing his ribs and the cheeks of his arse. There's a spicy smell of cedar in the air from the oil, his favorite. The Doctor's hands are still all over his back and sides, then gently turning him over.

"Hello." Jack murmurs, looking up into the deep brown pools of the Doctor's eyes, admiring the golden flecks in them.

"Hello." the Doctor whispers, leaning forward to kiss him again.

Jack could see the Time Lord's cock, hard against his stomach, sees the desperate hunger in his eyes. He reaches out, wraps his hand around it, delights at the little moan and the half-heard mumbles that fall from his Doctor's mouth. His hand squeezes the Doctor's cock, his fingers tracing the ridges on the bottom.

He can smell the Doctor's pheromone level rising. Their lips and hips tangle together: the Doctor moans, stiffens against Jack. Then the tension falls beautifully from the Doctor's shoulders as he comes, crying out in melodic, broken Gallifreyan.

Jack moves to take himself in hand, but the Doctor smiles, touches him gently, and then moves to swallow him down. The Doctor's tongue is very talented, and he's got a hell of an oral fixation: Jack grins, bucks his hips forward once, twice, three times - and that's about it for him - he comes with a long, drawn out groan and slumps backwards onto the bed with a contented sigh.

The Doctor curls up next to him and falls asleep listening to Jack's single human heart beating faithfully in his chest.