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Erogenous Zones (ten/jack, nc-17)

Title: Erogenous Zones
Author: [personal profile] phinnia
Prompt: [profile] kiss_bingo: body: wrists
Disclaimer: A wandering minstrel i, a thing of shreds and patches. I own nothing.
Pairing: ten/jack
Rating: Nc-17
Author's note: More in the still-unnamed AU. comes after 'Saturday Night's Alright' but can be read alone. All you need to know is a) COE didn't happen and 2) Ten is trying to be a better friend after losing Rose. Thank you to [profile] wendymr for making me tense-careful, because this turned out better than it would have otherwise.

The Doctor is delighted to discover that Jack has some ... unconventional ... erogenous zones to go with the regular ones. There's that place on his hip that makes him all shivery when the Doctor nips at it, and the place behind his right ear that makes him moan when the Doctor licks it and blows cool air across the wet spot.

The best one is underneath the wristcomp, though. Once he works out how sensitive Jack is underneath that leather strap it's nothing to tug it away like a dog with a toy and drop it next to the bed. Jack's eyes are bright, brilliant, almost shocked the first time he does it; he laughs, but it's juddery and unsure.

The Doctor kisses Jack's wrist, licks straight up the warm swoop of the radial and ulnar arteries, making him shiver. His lips are kissably-sweet as they blow more air across wet skin, and Jack can't resist them. They're lying face-to-face, chest-to-chest, cock-to-cock, a position that can usually cause either of them to lose control easily enough - their hips slotted together so snugly that there's always a danger of sparks flying off.

"OhGod." Jack moans, when the Doctor scrapes his teeth ever-so-gently against the inside of his wrist, soothes it with kisses, slowly traces the hardness of his cock with two fingers. "Doctor - "

"Sssh." the doctor grins, so pleased with his new leverage. Usually he's the one learning when it comes to sexual situations; for him to do this to Jack, to be able to wring these sounds and smells from Jack, to make his lover want like this - this is very intoxicating. He tries three fingers in his caress, marvels at the swivel of Jack's hips and the smell of Jack's pheromones and the tense-hard-soft-velvet-need of Jack's erection, so urgent and desperate against his hand.

He rummages around under the pillows to find the lube, warms some between his palms. Jack is quivering with need beside him. The Doctor jerks himself with his slick hands, then reaches out to do the same to Jack, nibbling at his wrist and then soothing the red marks.

Jack groans deeply, thrusting into the Doctor's hand. "Doctor - so good -"

The Doctor licks slowly and thoroughly behind Jack's ear, blows across the coolness, bites his wrist and soothes it, careful not to break the skin. Jack shudders, his hips jerk uncontrollably, and he throws his head back with a wordless cry as he comes hard across his belly. The Doctor grins, so pleased that he's made Jack come undone like this.

Jack laughs with approval, slides down the bed to take the Doctor in his mouth. "You little minx."

"Mmmm." Jack's mouth is hot, so hot around him, and his tongue is so slick and skillful as it seeks out all of his hotspots - the little divot just at the top of the shaft in front, the sensitive ridges on the bottom. His own hips start rocking without mercy or control, always the prelude to one hell of an orgasm. There are beautiful words falling unheeded from his mouth that he hasn't spoken since he left Gallifrey, words that equate to 'love' and 'need' and 'want' and 'forever'.

Jack sucks harder, spurred on by this torrent of language, steadying the Doctor's hips, and when he comes, the Doctor's head snaps forward again and their eyes meet, their foreheads touch, they breathe each other's breath.

"Hi." Jack smiles.

"Hi." the Doctor is all smiles back; he slides down to rest on Jack's chest, mischeviously tasting a nipple on the way by, watching Jack shiver. He knows all about how sensitive Jack's nipples are, of course, but he's got to save something for later.

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