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inside, outside (10th doctor/jack, nc-17)

title: inside, outside
author: [personal profile] phinnia
rating: nc-17
disclaimer: a wandering minstrel i, a thing of shreds and patches. i own nothing.
pairing: jack/10th doctor
warnings: m/m sex, mention of and slight to detailed exploration of various kinks (bondage, public sex, voyeurism)

Jack knows all about the Doctor's hot spots - he found those ages ago.

What he really wants to find (and it's going to be a real challenge, because the Doc won't exactly tell him) are the Doctor's kinks.

Jack is of the opinion that everyone has kinks if you look hard enough, and the more repressed a person is, the more interesting those kinks are.

The Doctor, bless his fuzzy little head, is very, very repressed.


He starts out with a few of his own kinks, because (a) he has a lot of them, and (2) he might as well start somewhere, and (iii) it would be pretty excellent if they were a matched set.

So he strips and handcuffs himself to one of the bedposts. He's working on doing up the other handcuff when the Doctor comes in.

"What?" The Time Lord nearly breaks his neck on his trainers trying to get back through the door.

"Oh come on, Doctor, you can't be that sheltered." Jack gives him the benefit of one of his most fetching come- hither smiles. "What does it look like I'm doing?"

"Handcuffing yourself to the bed?"

"Good! Now answer this question. How does that make you feel?"

"Doesn't do a thing for me."

"Okay." Jack gives up on his second hand and just unlocks the first. "Would you rather I cuff you to the bed? I'm flexible either way."

"No thanks, Jack." The Doctor disappears.

Jack sighs and throws himself back on the bed, fondling his half-hard cock. Time to try kink #2 - watching/being watched. If he knows his Doctor, he's thrown himself into tinkering in the control room. "Let me see him, sweetheart?" Jack murmured.

Bingo. The Doc is slouching in the jump seat, staring blankly at the starfield screensaver on the flight computer. As he watched, the screen flickered, showing his own bedroom and himself on the computer screen instead of the starfield.

The Doctor blinked. "Jaaack."

"Oh come on, Doctor, live a little." Jack deliberately fists himself slowly, rolling his hips with exaggerated movements. "Come on, let's have some fun. You watch me get off, I'll watch you get off."

"Why can't we just have normal sex? In a normal bed? Without all of these, these - accoutrements?" The Doctor counters. "Or am I suddenly that boring to you already?"

"No, no, no, that's not it at all." Jack starts pulling on his pants, but he's not as fast putting things on as he is taking them off, and by the time he's at least decent enough for an apology, the Doctor has locked himself in his old bedroom. Jack curses himself under his breath and knocks.

"Go away."

"I'm sorry, Doctor, I really am. I just want to talk, okay? Regular old Jack's-a-stupid-ape-and-is-too-dumb-to-realize- what's-in-front-of-his-face kind of talking, that's all. Please? I don't want to go to sleep fighting like this. Neither one of us will sleep. Please?"

Silence, then the door opens a little. The Doctor is curled away from Jack and the door, hugging his knees, The long curve of his spine and neck is beautiful, Jack thinks; he lies on the bed and cuddles as near to the Time Lord as the man's tense body will allow.

"I'm sorry." Jack whispers, rubbing his Doctor's back. "I didn't mean it like that. I just - I wanted to make things more interesting for you. You're plenty interesting for me on your own, sweethearts. You're beautiful just the way you are, just like this. I wish you were little less tense, but that's mostly for your sake, not mine ... well, except for that lovely cock of yours, that can tense up all it wants to."

The Doctor huffs a small laugh under his breath. Jack smiles and kisses a line down the back of the Doctor's neck. "See, there, I made you laugh." He held his Doctor as close as possible, cradling him against his chest. "Oh, you're such a precious gift to me. I'm sorry I was acting like an ass. We can do whatever you want, at whatever pace you want, okay?"

"Anything I want?" The Doctor murmurs, pressing a ghost of a kiss against Jack's lips.

"Anything. As long as it's tomorrow after I get some sleep, okay?"

"Okay." The Doctor sighs, curling up against Jack's chest. Jack wakes a few times during the night, like always, and finds that the Doctor isn't sleeping, just lying there, staring into space, looking almost thoughtful. He asks, but the Doctor doesn't want to explain and Jack doesn't want to push.


The following day, they emerge from the Vortex to go hiking through the forests on Crabash III - apparently there's a waterfall that's worth seeing, or so the Doctor claims, and he said something about gathering edible mushrooms for dinner - it sounds like a long, but worthwhile day out. Jack makes a couple of sandwiches and packs some fruit and a thermos full of tea - he's been out too long (occasionally in prison) and hungry often enough to do this automatically whenever the Doctor suggests an outing now.

Fortunately Crabash III is as beautiful (and mostly deserted) as the Doctor claimed it would be.

"'s a wildlife preserve." The Doctor replies when Jack asks him about it (around a big mouthful of banana and peanut butter sandwich). "Like your national parks. We're allowed to be here, but you know, 's a big planet, not a lot of people - no one lives here, people just visit."

Jack nods. This makes sense - they'd seen two people all morning, and those only at a distance.

The Doctor picks himself up off the ground, brushing fallen coniferous needles off the seat of his pants. Jack reaches over to give him a hand up, but the Doc smiles and shakes his head.

They hike a little further into the forest, the Doctor stops every few feet to gather up a few handfuls of small brown mushrooms. Jack has this odd feeling that he's missing something: when he glances over at the Doctor the Time Lord is sometimes just turning away from him. Jack spots an expression he can't quite name on the Doc's face, and it's puzzling.


"Jaaack." The Doctor breathes - and then lunges at him, pinning him to one of the larger trees. The Doctor's knee is between Jack's thighs and the Doctor's arms are around Jack's waist and he can feel the man is already hard and that expression he couldn't quite place? Was apparently a mixture of uncertainty and frustration and indecisiveness and plain vanilla horniness. He just never expected to see it on the Doctor's face.

By the time they break free from the kiss, Jack is gasping and the Doctor's eyes are almost totally black with arousal. He scrabbles around in his coat pocket for a long moment (before shucking both coat and jacket off) and hands Jack a small tube, gets shakily to his hands and knees on the forest floor, unzips himself and shimmies his trousers and pants down to his knees.

Jack stares at this tableau for a moment, this precious, gorgeous offering: his Doctor, begging in every way he knows how to be fucked, bare-arsed in the middle of a forest.

The Doctor looks back at him, his eyes wide and pleading.

Jack nods, grins, and sets to work with a will, slicking up his fingers first. He wants this to be good for the Doc - he knows the man has done this before, but it's been a few bodies, so Jack is careful: first stretching him with one slick finger, then two, and eventually working up to four fingers before he bothers slicking up his cock. It's a bit maddening, especially with the way the Doctor's whimpering and pushing back on him with every movement, but it's worth it, always, for the look on the Doctor's face.

The instant his cock gets inside the Doctor's tight entrance the Time Lord lets out a wail that nearly makes Jack come right then but for the chance that it might have been pain. He freezes. "You okay?"

The Doctor nods, panting heavily. "Oh yes. Yes yes yes yes yes. More please?"

Jack grins and fucks the Doctor slowly - he was still too tight for anything acrobatic - but making sure to hit his prostate every time, pulling almost all the way out and then thrusting all the way back in, wresting moans and cries and whimpers from his Time Lord.

"Jack." The Doctor whispers, almost hoarse. "So - so close - please -"

"What do you need, Doc?" Jack leans over the Doctor's back, kisses his earlobe, nips on it.

"Touch me - please - "

Jack silently curses himself for completely failing to multitask, but the Doctor feels so damn good around him it's distracting. He slicks up his hand again with a little more of the lube and caresses the Doctor's cock, a rhythmic squeeze, just the way the Doctor likes it - once, twice, three times and the Doctor is finished. Jack fucks him harder now, chasing his climax, which happens seconds later. They fall on the forest floor, completely spent.

But when the Doctor looks up at him again, his eyes are shining.


"So." Jack gently teases, much later, after the mushroom omelette has been eaten and the dishes are done, "you have a kink. Is it just sex in coniferous forests, or does it extend beyond that?"

"Jaaaack." The Doctor buries his reddening face in a pillow.

Jack tips his lover's chin back toward him. "Hey, I tried to show you mine if you'd show me yours, but you didn't want to play. Besides, how am I supposed to please you if you don't tell me how? And today was good, wasn't it?"

The Doctor grins foolishly despite himself. "Yeah. That was brilliant."

"It was. So, tell me about your kink."

"I like - you know - um ... uh ... "

Jack waits patiently, smiling: he reaches out and takes the Doctor's hand.

"Getting off. In public places. Sometimes. You know."

"Of course. Not all the time." He squeezes the Doctor's hand. "Anything else you'd like to tell me?"

"I ... I don't know." The Doc admits with a watery smile. "I don't know. Maybe sometime we could try that thing with the cameras, if you want?"

"Sure thing, Doc."

And they did - and the Doctor liked it - but that is another story.

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