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avalanche (rocks fall, Jack dies) (ten/Jack, nc-17)

title: avalanche (rocks fall, Jack dies)
author: [personal profile] phinnia
pairing: tenth doctor/jack
spoilers: set post CoE
rating: nc-17
challenge: death
disclaimer: a wandering minstrel i, a thing of shreds and patches. i own nothing.
author's note: I thought I'd play with sequencing/linear timey-wimey-wimeyness in this a bit. I hope it turns out OK. <3

Jack was dead when the Doctor found him. This wasn't abnormal during the course of their adventures together, but it wasn't something the Doctor particularly relished dealing with. He always allowed himself a private moment of grief despite Jack's immortality, before the shaky inhalation that brought the captain back to life.

He dug Jack out from under a pile of stones, knelt on the ground for a moment and sighed, gathering Jack's limp body in his arms. He ran his hands through the Captain's bloody-sticky-muddy hair, not caring about the dirt and gore that covered Jack's clothes and were now spreading to his own. "Oh, Jack, Jack. Why do you let this happen to yourself?"

No response - not as though he expected one, really, not yet. He's ashamed of the careless way he treated Jack's deaths when they were first reunited, back at the end of the universe - all he can do now is make an effort to do better. Even a Time Lord can't take those sorts of things back.

The Doctor felt tears on his cheeks, dashed them away with the back of his hand only to feel more flowing. This was ridiculous - why was this affecting him more than it should? How had Jack wormed his way under the Doctor's skin? Why was it happening now?

Clearly something was wrong. Jack was ... affecting him far more than "normal", and it had started shortly after he'd been ... intimate ... or well, more intimate than customary ... with the handsome Captain.


He'd met up with Jack not long after the 456 had left Earth. Jack was sitting on a bench in New New York's Central Park, his blue eyes staring unseeingly at an identically-shaded sky.

He'd hovered behind for a long moment, not sure what to do or say, and then, without turning, Jack had broken the silence between them.

"I know you're there, Doctor. You might as well say something."

"It was a fixed point." the Doctor blurted, stepping forward and putting a cautious hand on Jack's shoulder. "All I could gather was that someone had to make a horrible sacrifice. By the time I worked out that it was you, the timelines were set - and even after that, I still tried. It would have been worse." He put his other hand on Jack's other shoulder, and when he wasn't thrown off, started rubbing his neck and shoulders absently. "I'm sorry, Jack. I'm honestly so very, very, sorry. I would have come if I could."

"I know." Jack sighed. "I know. That's the worst part. I know."

"Do you want to come travel with me? You're welcome to. Always room for you, Jack."

He thought about this for a long moment. "Sure."


Jack rather unceremoniously shoved him out of the way when he was about to take Wilf's place in the Vinvocci glass chamber, leaving him with a rather embarassingly bruised backside, but the same face, so he wasn't in any position to really complain.

Time Lords lived too long, he had thought when faced with his people's foolishness that day. Maybe this one had also lived too long.

And then Jack shoved him out of the way - of course he did, he was Jack - and the Doctor was secretly glad for it.

It was that night that they were first intimate.

Jack was working on the TARDIS that evening. The Doctor had been working on the TARDIS: now he was just leaning on one of the coral struts and watching Jack work. Watching Jack's arms move. Watching Jack's skillful hands move, the tempting flesh between his t-shirt and the top of his jeans swaying slightly as his body moved back and forth under the panels... the little flashes of skin that could be seen through the rips and tears in Jack's bluejeans ... "Jack?"


"Do you want to have sex with me? Because I'd like to. With you. Very much. Very, very mu-" The Doctor was interrupted and summarily dipped into a deep kiss that left him breathless and shaking.

Jack traced the line of the Doctor's lower lip with one finger, grinning. "Yes, Doctor. I do want to."

They kissed again, gentle and slow, and groped their way through the TARDIS control room towards Jack's bedroom.

"What brought this on?" Jack gasped between kisses as he worked to relieve the Doctor of his clothes. "Not that I'm complaining; it just seems awfully sudden."

"Just tired of waiting, I guess." he sighed. "Oh, Jack ... it's been so long since I've done this, it's really rather embarassing."

"Hush up, you." Jack nipped the Doctor's lower lip and smiled at him with such great tenderness it almost made the Doctor's hearts seize up. "Let me take care of you. I've been looking forward to it - or at least hoping for it - for hundreds of years now."

And so Jack took the Doctor's hardening cock in his mouth and lavished it everywhere with his tongue, then let it go and mouthed each of his aching testicles, which felt amazing, and then, then he slid further back and dipped his tongue aro-und and in the Doctor's tight, as yet untouched hole and the Doctor had to grab the base of his cock and bite the inside of his cheek hard not to come right then across his own stomach like a desperate teenager.

"You liked that, all right." The smirk in Jack's voice was audible.

"Mmnf. Jaaaaaack. Need you, please ..." Jack settled the Doctor's hips on an extra bed pillow supplied by the TARDIS and started to work him open gently - one finger, two, then four, and then carefully replacing them with his cock. The Doctor's dark eyes were very, very wide, and he was panting hard and heavily.

Jack started slowly, giving the Doc time to warm up a bit, but as he loosened up a little (and started lolling his head back on the pillows, dark eyes glazed unseeing and pupils blown with lust, hair madder than usual sticking up in a dozen directions and all the while he's moaning Jack Jack Jack - a sight which newly defined 'erotic', as far as Jack was concerned) Jack started to really work him, one hand on his cock and one hand cupping his gorgeous face.

"Jack - oh - I'm going to - oh, Jack..."

"Do it." Jack purred. "Let go, come on, just let go."

The Doctor's yell of passion was incomprehensible. Jack thought it sounded like Gallifreyan, that beautiful, multi-tonal language that Time Lords spoke that was lost to the mists of the Great Time War. Stirred on by the gorgeousness of the Doctor in the afterglow, Jack was quick to find his own release, and they curled around each other in the massive bed.

"Thank you." The Doctor whispered.

Jack pressed a finger against the Doctor's lips. "My pleasure, entirely."


And that led to this business - the rock fall during their climbing trip the following week. He'd managed to get himself clear, but Jack had come free with a broken neck, broken back, broken legs, broken arm, broken wrist - pretty much every major bone in his body.

Jack had come back from death in a lot of dfferent positions before, but never in the arms of a weeping Time Lord. "Doc? I'm here, I'm okay." He reached up and wiped the tears away from the Doctor's face, helping him to his feet, running his fingers through that soft, beautiful hair. "Come on. Let's go home."

"You sure?"

"Sure I'm sure. Let's go back to the TARDIS. Planet will still be there another day; you need a cuddle and a nice warm bath and maybe some love." Jack put his arms around his Doctor and smiled softly. "Come on. Let's go home."

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