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dthe month is basically over, so I can post this here, right?

title: tomorrow is another day
author: [personal profile] phinnia
disclaimer: a wandering minstrel i, a thing of shreds and patches. i own nothing.
pairing: jack/ten
challenge: resolutions at [community profile] wintercompanion
rating: pg-13
author's note: in which the doctor prevents Children of Earth, fixes Britain's Golden Age (which keeps getting put off) and disappears like the cheshire cat into the shadows.
a/n 2: This may be the first story in an AU, if all the muses are kind to me and the stars are properly aligned. i'm stupidly nervous. this is the first fandomy thing i've written in ages and ages ... AUGH.

it's not a cure for indonesian flu. )
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the complete essex county - jeff lemire

one of five finalists for 'canada reads' this year; the first time a graphic novel has been considered, and definitely worth reading even if you're not normally into graphic novels. it is the story of the fictional 'essex county' and its residents, an area between windor and toronto, and the important things that tie them together: a love of hockey (especially the toronto grizzlies/toronto maple leafs), a love of the land, farming and especially family. The art is black and white and absolutely stunning.

the birth house - ami mckay

the story of dora rare, midwife and first daughter in five generations of rares in 1929, and the town of scots bay, nova scotia. as a girl of seventeen she works with m. babineau, an old acadian midwife who is wise in the ways of 'catching babies' and all kinds of herbal and natural medicine. They come up against Dr. Thomas and his flashy new Canning Maternity Home, which promises to give painless births - but at what price?

To be honest - I wasn't sure about this book before I started it. I have a lot of issues around birth. But the story is so incredibly good it sucked me right in and i read it in an afternoon. Highly recommended, especially to [personal profile] eleri, who i know likes this sort of thing, and to anyone interested in historical novels. Or if you just want a good story. It's a really good story.

    Only three more books to go, and then that's one resolution down! Of course, that's the relatively easy one, but still...
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rain-spotted geishas
three girls, bubbling up, laughing
wait - no! beautiful boys.

(yes, i really did see three guys dressed as geishas yesterday - no, Tuesday. they were gorgeous. i told them so. <3 i've been trying to work this haiku out of my head since then.)
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I will roundup my roundups, because i'm nice like that, and provide links for you.

december 2009/january 2010

february/march 2010

april/may/june/july 2010

august 2010

september 2010

The last thing I wrote was in September. I'm going to work on trying not to leave big gaps like that this year. I was doing quite well before then. *nods*
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We wish you a happy christmas
we wish you a happy christmas
we wish you a happy christmas
and a marvelous new year

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etsy shop: aiden's monsters

Aiden is five and has leukemia; he's trying to raise funds for his treatment by selling his art.

This child is adorable and cancer sucks. Pass the link on, and if you can afford to, buy some art. ([personal profile] adularia: can you do something about this? promote/frontpage it or something?)

day 14: what are you wearing today?

black leggings, black t-shirt, purple/green/blue 'checks long sleeved shirt; glass bead on a red string (blue bead with lizard on top). red scrunchie. bare feet.

zargh, it's hot. i'm exhausted.
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thirty days of phin - topics )
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from [personal profile] wintersweet, who says: The Japanese title is something like "Child Prodigy Rabbit Manzai," where manzai is a traditional Japanese duo-based comedy form.

BUNNY LOVE. *bounce*
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just one. but i spent the entire month ramping up on a med that makes me tired. so i'll say that's awesome.

frosting (ten II/rose - written for [profile] kissbingo)
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title: frosting
author: [personal profile] phinnia
rating: pg-13
fandom: doctor who
pairing: ten II/rose (human!ten/rose)
prompt: 'type: glossy' for [profile] kissbingo.
disclaimer: a wandering minstrel i, a thing of shreds and patches. i own nothing.
author's note: never written these two before, but the first bit wouldn't leave me alone. so.
even at times like this, he can't help but look at her. )
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I don't think any of you would do this, but sometimes i think wrong, so:

don't crosspost any comments in here to facebook. i don't really use facebook all that much, and that's because there are too many family members and old aquaintances from grade school on it; this is my place to play away from them.

don't crosspost any comments in here to twitter. same sorts of reasons.

if you don't do it, i won't do it to you.

if you do crosspost, and i find it, i won't be at all happy, and i hate to sound like i'm making threats; but i will probably defriend anyone who does that, because it feels squicky and a breach of trust and ugh. don't want to go through that. so just don't.



let's have pie and ice cream.


(i have dreamwidth codes if anyone wants one. i crosspost my blog to dreamwidth - i'm phinnia there too. i'm terrible at reading over there but lately i'm terrible at reading over here and i'm sorry about that and i'm trying to get better at both things, but the weather is changing and i'm in a lot of pain.)
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melt/fire/calm (dr. who: tenth doctor/jack: nc-17) relinking this again because i posted it in august here, so it belongs on this roundup.

tiny bubbles (dr. who: tenth doctor/jack; pg-13) first piece for the [profile] kissbingo challenge. prompt was 'body: knees'

rain dance (torchwood/dr. who; jack harkness genfic, featuring bebe!jack and his mama. written for [community profile] bringthehappy. prompt was 'jack: raindrops'.

quite pleased with all three of these pieces. wish i could have managed more output. i need to learn to organize my time home alone better (ie: not waste my entire day playing sims). that's something i'm going to strive for this month; i want to organize my time better, do more fics and art and less spending huge blocks of time playing sims.
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Sean's newest word is "gnocchi".

(aba supervisor: "of course you would have the sophisticated kid, the one who has 'gnocchi' as one of his twenty words." *hearts*)
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but i expect not.

slinkachu's photostream on flickr (street artist). he is famous for his 'little people', tiny plastic models glued in place around London and "left to fend for themselves". blog is here, and there's an excellent book here (i got it out of the library, which is how i found out about him.)


seriously, you've got to check this out. it's marvelous. one or two of them are nsfw but it's hard to see anything 'graphic' in detail ... but don't let that put you off. honestly. it's so, so inspired. i love it.

how are you? my shoulder hurts. and i spent a large part of the afternoon reorganizing my art supplies (again). i'm not finished. i need to find a bigger pencilbox for my sharpies. i expect [profile] machineplay can sympathize. <3<3
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title: rain dance
author: [personal profile] phinnia
rating: PG (for one offhanded mention of breasts OH NOES OMG)
pairing: none (gen fic)
spoilers: none really.
disclaimer: a wandering minstrel i, a thing of shreds and patches. i own nothing.
author's note: written for [community profile] bringthehappy. prompt was 'jack: raindrops'. set pre-COE (as Jack still lives in Cardiff).

rain was a rare and special thing where jack grew up. )
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(to be fair, i didn't think of the idea to reinvent that quote first it was [personal profile] jenk)

i haz a new toothbrush! it was Stupid Expensive (for a toothbrush) but considering my teeth are absolutely terrible (not my fault! i have sjogren's syndrome, which is an autoimmune disease that attacks all the body's mucous membranes; as a result i have not enough saliva and constant drymouth among other things, which means my teeth are full of cavities) i need all the help i can get. (i also use perscription toothpaste and a nightly fluoride rinse and i still have tons of cavities).

(i get excited about weird things. the last thing i was this excited about was my moonbeam clock (i got the blue model). i've been living without a bedroom clock for nearly two years now in search of the perfect one; that's it.

also Sean and i are surviving the week so far - we had a respite person for the past two days and tomorrow he's going to the Children's Museum with his ABA person for a few hours. <3 yesterday i was able to mail off things and i went to Lush for a bit and had crepes and donuts.

today i played a lot of sims and ate ice cream.

tomorrow i'm hopng to write. and play sims. and eat ice cream. and put new sheets on the bed.

how are you?


Aug. 2nd, 2010 10:31 am
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daycare is closed this week.

this is NEWS TO ME. we have made NO PLANS, because we were NOT INFORMED AT ALL.

And the child turns into a huge brat when we are stuck at home together for more than a day, because i am boring. i do not go on field trips every day. i do not do Fun Things For Seaners.

this is going to SUCK.

*censored* *censored* *censored*
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... i kind of got off track a bit. i'm going to get ON track again. i've got off track of a lot of things in the past few months. i'm going to fix that. i think it was the business with my rehab counsellor that messed me up. i'm not going to let her beat me.


burst (who - eleventh doctor/amy; PG.)

showers (who - tenth doctor/jack - nc-17)

soft (torchwood - jack/ianto - nc-17)

and posted this month but written last month (but i couldn't post it here until after the challenge ended there): melt/fire/calm (tenth doctor/jack - nc-17)


spring evening, under young fruit trees (cybergeishas, pg-13)

i did write something for every month except June. That's okay. It'll be okay. (must not beat self up. that does not help.)
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title: melt/fire/calm
author: [personal profile] phinnia
rating: nc-17 for smutty sexiness
pairing: tenth doctor/jack
disclaimer: a wandering minstrel i, a thing of shreds and patches; I own nothing.
author's note: written last month for the [community profile] wintercompanion summer ficfest thing. prompt was 'fire, melt, fade, calm'. I decided that using three out of four wasn't bad. :-)

melt-fire-calm )
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title: soft
author: [personal profile] phinnia
rating: nc-17 for sexy sexiness
pairing: jack/ianto
disclaimer: a wandering minstrel i, a thing of shreds and patches. i own nothing.
author's note: titles are not my friends lately. but the fic's pretty good despite it, if i do say so myself. :)

jack has an inordinate fascination with body hair )
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Seaners hit a target in archery, rode horses, swam, had nature hikes, did arts and crafts and went on a canoe trip - among other things. (He also thought the trip on the light rail to get to camp was AWESOME OMG. Especially the announcements.) We are definitely sending him back next year, and to some of the monthly respite weekends if we can find an easier way to get him there/back that doesn't cost $EXORBITANT in cab fees. (The camp is out in the middle of the boondocks and transit doesn't go there. [personal profile] doubletake and her husband were nice enough to take [personal profile] tallin and Sean to the camp, but we had to pick him up on the Friday, so we had to get him back on our own steam.

We had an awesome week at home. Slept in a lot. Watched the first seven seasons of Law and Order on DVD. Didn't do much else. It was nice. :)

Boy now has a tan despite judicious application of sunscreen, some new words ('Sean' and 'wait'), and is humming a new song that neither of us can as yet identify. He was also doing some quite impressive hand drumming on the table. I think i'm going to look into getting him a bongo or hand drum for his birthday if not before.


Jul. 12th, 2010 12:14 pm
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My copies of my birth certificate arrived today! I ordered them less than two weeks ago - this is obviously a miracle that they were processed that quickly.

clickies from [personal profile] brewsternorth and [profile] tourmaline1973:

fish found walking in gulf spill OMG. SERIOUSLY. WALKING. (for certain versions of 'walking' - dragging along on fins - but definitely closer to walking than swimming).

plastic toy 'Tanya' draws Timmy the tortoise out of his shell there is a picture that is half a million kinds of ADORABLE. <3 yay for tortoises. and tortoise plastic girlfriends.

the last silent place: the 'author room' at the NYPL's main branch. New York has so many awesome things.

adorable marines rescue adorable kittens in afganistan: cuddling ensues SO CUTE OMFG.


Jul. 8th, 2010 02:25 pm
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The right side of my face is numb. I have a temporary crown. :p Also, my neck hurts from lying in the dentist's chair for nearly two hours.

But other than that, things are actually quite okay.

I'm thinking of asking my voc rehab counsellor for help finding a job doing part-time or freelance writing/reviewing for something (magazines, newspapers, etcetera). I might as well use my current skills for something. It just feels like the right thing for me to be doing right now.

(I don't need an expensive degree to validate my intelligence. I don't need an expensive degree to validate my intelligence. Must write this out fifty times or until it sinks in, or maybe tattoo it on some easily viewed piece of skin. Because I don't. Really. Except that I'm afraid that I do.)

(Also, i will post more often, really i will. because i love you all. *mwah*)

Sean is going to Easter Seals camp in ten days (OMFG TEN DAYS WHAT). I just bought him new swimming things and l need to make a quick trip to the resale shop for more summer clothes for him to take along. They have horseback riding and swimming and boating and he'll be gone for SIX ENTIRE DAYS and as if that wasn't awesome enough on its own RESPITE FUNDS WILL PAY FOR IT NO RLY. Chris is taking the week off from work. I don't know if we can afford to go away, but even staying at home with the peace and quiet will be AWESOME.

some excellent clickies:

captors kept stolen tiger content with water and friskies cat food. Okay, A - why steal a tiger and two camels, and 2 - can you IMAGINE the WTF the poor tiger must have felt? Eating out of those teeny cans? WHAT.

52, 503 roman coins discovered That's 160kg of coins - or over 350 pounds if i have my conversions right. There are good pictures. :)

italian tourists end up in wrong sydney WHOOPS. um. yeah.

octopus predicts world cup results And now that he's not picked Germany in the final, fans of the German team are threatening to eat him. I wish I were making this up. WHAT.
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Seaners is:

- saying 'up!' and 'down!' appropriately
- saying 'ear', 'knee', 'nose', 'eye', and pointing to them all, appropriately - and also pointing to his feet and belly (he can't say 'foot' or 'belly')
- singing 'eensy weensy spider' and 'old macdonald had a farm' - and if you start the song, he'll keep going with it (he also sang along with part of the theme song to the Golden Girls when we were doing a huge GG marathon after Rue McLanahan's death)

He will still be in the same room next year, which I absolutely love. And his aide will still be staying with him, too.
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88%. I got a 91 on the final, GO ME. *dances* If i hadn't (comparatively) blown one of the tests (a 73, when all the others were ninety-plus or high eighties - but i had two couldn't-be-rescheduled other appts that day, so lesson learned - try not to do that type of overscheduling again.) i would have gotten over 90% easily.

hi. <3 how are you?


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