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The [ profile] non_plot challenge for this week was "more than it seems."
I should give credit where credit's due and say that this is partly [ profile] kay_willow's fault, we were talking about creation myths and mythology the other night and I got thinking ... this is not the creation myth, but it sort of spun off from that. That's okay, I love her anyway. :-D The things you should never discuss, of course, are politics and religion. A lot of things are more than they seem on Madel, especially spiritual things. They're not really evil or dark ... just very, very different.
But I should stop talking and let them tell the story. )
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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a new first. My first stab at fanfic.
I tend to not write fanfic for reasons of my own, not the least of which is my own fear that I'm somehow getting the characters wrong.
But [ profile] hai_kah_uhk did such a nice job writing a Ross|Reg crossover bit, and I did promise to write some of my own for her ... Let's hope I get this right and that Zephyr will forgive me ...
for putting a strange woman in his office. )
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It was eight thirty in the morning and already the sun was high enough to be near blinding as it reflected off the sand. They'd been walking for several hours, trying to do most of their travelling in the cool of the night and rest during the heat of the day, and he was more than a little tired. Jack took a bite of his trail mix bar and watched his companion out of the corner of his eye.

Allanna walked on of the sand like a goddess who made short work of the lake in her path, skimming off the top like cream. Her posture was cool and collected, which was entirely at odds with the muttering she was doing under her breath.

"Something wrong, love? he touched her shoulder gently.

She sighed, turning toward him with a rueful smile; her dark eyes shaded from the sun's rays by the wide brim of a hat. "It's silly."
Continued. )
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The area where the tree sunk into the ground had always been of peculiar importance to the town. No one could remember the tree's precise origins, but it was fairly certain that it predated any kind of settlement there. Perhaps Eonia's first settlers had decided to stop there to water their packbeasts late one blisteringly hot afternoon and decided to stay for the ample shade and the fruits that hung heavy on its branches in late summer. Allanna liked to think of it as happening that way; that went along with the little conceit she had that the tree had a soul, a personality, that it was drawing others toward it. It made her feel better to think that there was some kind of great purpose behind the existence of everything, even something so simple as a tree or a plant.

Because if a tree had a purpose, then it followed that she would also have a purpose. For something. Something lofty and important. Or at least something out of the mud.
Continued here: may be triggery to some people, PG-13. )
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[ profile] daily15 word: back here. )

"Ah, Stephen." Ross replied expansively, leaning back against a tree. "I see you brought coffee. What a wonderful lackey you are. Isn't he a wonderful lackey, Allanna?"
"Thank you very much." Allanna smiled, ignoring Ross and taking the frozen berry drink she'd asked for out of Stephen's hand. "I appreciate that."
"Yes, Ross." Ross answered himself, since no one else had bothered to, "he is a wonderful lackey, you've trained him very well."
It's a little longish, not much. )
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The common was lush, brilliant green and ringed with trees that were probably hundreds of years old. Ancient buildings that had been there since the Academy's inception watched over the frolicking students, their stern rock faces bearded with moss and climbing plants, or half-hidden with bamboo.

All college commons have some kind of undefined magic which draws students outside like lemmings on the first nice, warm, sunny day of the season, regardless of tests, assignments or well-intentioned studying. So it was no surprise that on the first nice day of the warm season, after the grey skies and thick rains of winter, the classrooms were mostly empty and even the strictest professors couldn't really bring themselves to call their students inside.

Allanna settled on the soft, springy grass and sighed happily. "This is so much nicer than the library."
Yes, it /is/ nicer than the library. )
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"There." Allanna slid the pie in the oven and nodded to herself decisively. "Excellent. Now for the whipped cream." Pouring the cream into the large chilled metal bowl from the stand mixer, she heard a thump and a cry from outside and winced.

"'Lanna..." Audra came into the kitchen, tears running down her face. "I tripped on the driveway an' hurted myself."

"Oh, you poor thing." Allanna knelt down beside her and inspected the child's bloody knee. "Let me fix it for you, angel." She remembered the cream, and sighed. She didn't want to leave it out too long - the bowl was nice and chilled properly, and it was so humid, but the scrape was rather bad ... "Jack, darling, can you come here a second?"
This is where things start to go wrong. )
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I think everyone Allanna comes in contact with outside of her home planet tries, at some point, to teach her to use a computer. And Stephen is no exception. Problem is that she just doesn't like them, and she can't seem to make them understand that fact.
This totally did not end like I expected, but ... ah well. :-D
One lovely Boston Sunday morning ... )
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"Where are we going?" Allanna asked curiously, holding tightly to Jack's hand and fidgeting slightly with the band over her eyes.

"You'll see." he chuckled mysteriously, leading her carefully around the curved path.

"Something smells beautiful." she mused. "Can I take off the blindfold now?"

"Not just yet." Jack gently set one hand on the top of the retaining halfwall and stood behind her for a moment, coming around to stand behind her and peering over her shoulder. He nodded in satisfaction.


"Now," he murmured in her ear, moving aside a black curl, "you can take off the blindfold." He carefully untied the silk scarf from her face.
Fiendish, I know. But I don't want to spoil the surprise. )


May. 15th, 2004 05:53 pm
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Allanna wasn't always as calm and rational and even tempered as she is when she appears later on. She's been known to be quite sassy. Fortunately in most situations her luck seems to serve her well.
Late at night, the final year in the seminary ... )
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The house was silent; the night was black and still. There was no moon, so it was only the dimness of the neighbors' patio lights through the window that let them see at all.
Jack ran his fingers through her black curls, marvelling at the curve of her chin, the peaceful calmness of her closed eyelids. God. How did he end up with her? How did he ever get so lucky to have someone so perfect, so beautiful, to share his bed? To share his life?
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This week's [ profile] non_plot challenge is 'The Lie'. And surprisingly enough this piece (which is reasonably short and brought to you by Allanna, Stephen and Ross) contains only one lie. If you're bored enough, try to find it. :-D

One sunny afternoon in a small Thai place in Chinatown... )
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Note: this isn't necessarily even part of the main story line. However:
(a) It's interesting backstory
(2) [ profile] thenowhere leaves great image-seeds, so she made me do it. :-)
(iii) it's useful for me to actually flesh out the basics of Allanna's early life, and her religion
(*) It still fits nicely into the Jack-and-Allanna-centric month I'm trying to create.

Thank you, drive through.

It was a dream, and yet perhaps not a dream, for she of all people knew how easily the barrier between dream and prophecy was crossed.
She was standing, wrapped in nothing but a white shawl, in the center of a blight; the earth was cracked and dying beneath her bare feet, the heat soaking into every pore of her skin and the blue-white sun imprinting its mark. And she was there, and there was nothing until the end of the sky.
Nothing, and then hoofbeats.
Soft hoofbeats, and then louder.
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Jack realized, as he fluttered aimlessly around the kitchen, that he had really, really put his foot in it this time.
Oh sure, there was the time he'd run off to London to live with his ex without having a clue about London; or the time that he'd run off to Sardova on assignment to get away from Allanna and, as it happened, run right into Allanna's arms; not to mention every single time he tried to cook something and ended up getting distracted or sidetracked and it ending up horribly wrong.
What is he so worried about? Why, click and find out. )
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A few notes on this one, a pretty decent flashback piece if I may say so.

Past-Ross is sharing an apartment with Allanna when she's in his neck of the woods, because she occasionally is ... but that's all - to his chagrin. Poor guy.
I know it doesn't make any sense that the day he lost Anneka would only be the second worst day of his life. But it is. I think the logic he has is that if the first bad day had never happened he never would have lost Anneka to begin with. Of course, he never would have found her either, and people keep telling him that, but he's very stunningly illogical at times, for someone with a brain the size of a planet.
Picture it ... Cincinatti Airport... )
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(I couldn't resist this one.)

Allanna hummed quietly to herself, an old Sardovan melody on her lips, as she washed dishes in the tiny Parisian kitchen.
"Honey?" Jack called from the living room. "Can you come here a second?"
Setting the plate she was about to wash in the soapy sink, she dried her hands on a stray dishtowel. "What is it, love?" Rounding the corner into the neatly furnished living room, she stopped dead in her tracks and rubbed her eyes.
On the left, standing by the sofa, with his hands in his pockets and looking very pleased with himself, was Jack.
On the right, standing by the television, with his hands in his pockets and looking very pleased with himself, was Jack.
"Hi, honey." they chorused.
She rubbed her eyes again, coughing. "Erm ... darling?"
"Yes?" Jack on the left was grinning, rocking back on his heels. Jack on the right was looking rather introspective and thoughtful.
"You seem a trifle ... erm ... beside yourself today."
"I suppose I am." Jack on the left chuckled.
"Don't you mean we are?" Jack on the right piped up.
"I suppose I do."
"Is there a particular reason you're doing this?" Allanna asked, sinking down into an armchair. For some reason she felt a trifle off. Maybe it was the eggs she'd had that morning. Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was the fact that her boyfriend had somehow spawned a duplicate. Who knew?
"Oh, I wanted to make sure I could." Jack on the right replied casually. "I have a feeling it's going to come in rather handy. Ross never showed you this trick?"
"No ... no, I'd have to say he didn't."
"He used to do this to pick up prostitutes, apparently. He called one of himself Ross, and the other one of himself Dave, and pretended he was a set of twins. You just shift back in time and create a minor temporal paradox by running into yourself. It's really a very interesting sensation." Jack on the right explained.
Jack on the left - which was the real one ... or was he? He was certainly the one doing most of the talking ... she thought? It was so hard to be sure... - came over to her and began running his hands across her bare shoulders, along the neckline of her blue flowered sundress. "I thought," he murmured, "that I would stay home with you, and we'd send him over there to work. No one's going to be able to tell the difference."
"That's hardly fair." Jack on the right sniffed indignantly. "I want to stay home with Allanna. How come you get to stay home with Allanna and I don't?"
"Well, we can't both stay home with Allanna." Jack on the left replied reasonably. "Unless we spawn a third copy, that is."
"That won't work, stupid, he'll just want to stay home with Allanna too." Jack on the right scoffed.
"We could flip a coin?"
"I suppose we could, at that."
"I'm hungry."
"So am I. What should we do about this? Oh, that's right, we have pie."
"I refuse to feed an infinite number of Jack Donovans." Allanna looked between them both rather severely. "One of you is quite enough."
"But Allanna ..." they whined, in chorus.
They laughed, an eerie stereo effect. Suddenly the air shimmered, and they seemed to merge into one unit - one Jack, who was standing before her, that same smile still on his face.
"Scare you?" Jack replied, chuckling.
"Don't you ever do that again." Allanna scolded. "You nearly gave me a heart attack!" She buried her face in his chest, hands running over his back and sides gently. Seemed solid enough. She looked up at him trepidly. "Are you sure you're ... you?"
"Of course I am." Jack laughed. "One hundred percent Jack Donovan. Promise." He paused. "At least I think I am."
"Kidding ... kidding. Yes. I am. I was before, too." He stroked her long black curls tenderly, smiling mischevously at her. "Have I been bad again?"
"Just a little bit." Allanna laughed and shook her head, unable to resist the little-boy-sparkle in his eyes.


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