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For [ profile] ecwoodburn, a drabble that fell out of my head like she asked for

Audra's new job is this: forensics, coroner and general medical slash biogeek for the time police in Seattle. She got it through eighty-five percent pure knowledge and fifteen percent nepotism: her mother is still part of the same organization, although on a more international level, and she made a phone call or two. Audra's not ashamed of that in the least. Connections are worthless if left unused, like a muscle that atrophies in zero-gravity. At first she thinks this use of connections and backtalk to do business is more the case in Hong Kong and that's why Americans have so many issues with the practice: in time she realizes that it's the same in both countries, but for some reason Americans hide it in shame instead of allowing it enough sunlight and air to grow naturally.

Audra thinks, not for the last time, that she will probably never understand Americans.

She remembers her coworkers, but with younger faces: Anthony with tousled hair and overalls, serious, studious even in the simple act of stacking blocks, Fabian staggering around in his mother's high heels and an outrageous pink spangled camisole that hung limply on his wire-thin frame.

Anthony is now khakis and coffee and looks eerily like her memories of Jack; she has to retag that face in her brain, now. She's nearly slipped and called him fu chan Jack, has to stop herself from bowing. Fabian grins and calls her jeih je like old times - big sister - but he's checking out her ass and the heels are on boots made of butter-soft leather that fit like they'd grown onto his calves.

*Author's note - fu chan Jack means something like "maternal uncle Jack" in Cantonese according to the niternet but if I've totally messed that up, TELL ME. I want to change it.
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(set soon after this.)
Computers, apparently, were recalcitrant bastards all across the galaxy. Anthony's work computer was a podlike yellow machine with nodules instead of buttons and a roundish screen that projected graphics into a three-dimensional interactive display. At least that was the idea, according to the manual.

The problem was that the damned thing would not boot. If it could be said that man and machine had a relationship, then theirs was a dysfunctional passive-aggressive one. He muttered darkly at it, threatening it with reinstalls and cajoling it with new memory, and instead it just sat there, the screen smarmily black and naked, as though it knew that it really had the upper hand in this.

Anthony sighed, his head falling in his hands. Great. Just great. It was only barely lunchtime on his second day on the job, the computer wouldn't start, and his boss hated him for some random reason he still couldn't figure out. Just thinking about yesterday's confrontation with Ryan, when he'd basically been told that he could feel free to leave at any time because he was a spoiled little brat, made his blood rise to a fine simmer.
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Anthony (Jack's nephew) spent four years doing an offworld assignment in a solar system that based its tourism scheme around the seven deadly sins. (Needless to say the Lust, Gluttony and Sloth planets are the most popular.) (This is a follow up from this.)
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(Inspired by the first entry in [ profile] takaal's new prompt community, [ profile] photo_prompts ...)

Anthony was prepared for different. It was an assignment offworld. It was supposed to be different. That was the whole point of 'offworld.' He'd packed up his computer and his palmtop and his clothes and gotten stuck with more needles than he'd had in his life so far to prevent diseases he couldn't even pronounce, had spent half his trip out with his head bent over a Rigellian-to-English dictionary, looking up to see the majesty of stars passing by at speeds he didn't have names for.
Different was good. New adventuring slapped a balm on the pain he felt whenever he looked at Emily's picture, dulled the fresh storm of agony at the thought of weeks alone where he barely spoke the language and didn't know a soul. He had no internal concept of the real, yawning distance between Tokyo-Yokohama and Rigel II, and that was in some ways a blessing. It actually numbed his heart, the topical anaesthetic of meaningless numbers.
At least he thought he was prepared for different. But when the commuter shuttle-ship from Rigel Prime to Rigel II descended through the atmosphere at the tail end of his third day out, he peered out of his smudged window and gasped.
The sunset.
He had no idea why he'd expected sunsets to be universally the same. It really didn't make sense. But sunsets were one of those things that were just ... there, the stuff of romantic songs and impressionist paintings, walks along the beach with your girlfriend and summer evenings with your friends in the park.
And damn it, they were not supposed to be green.
The clouds shimmered with an alien, unnatural glow, a hot ball of radium at their center spilling itself over the ground.
"Jesus Christ." he whispered, rubbing his eyes as the shuttle dropped onto the runway of the main spaceport on the planet now known as 'home.' "Jesus fucking Christ."
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Anthony's original intent was to keep his eyes tightly closed and try to concentrate on his breathing. Unfortunately he wasn't enough of a trusting soul to entirely keep his eyes closed, so intent kept giving way to practicality in a kind of quick-blink method - he'd open his eyes, see something terrifying, close them again, imagine something more terrifying, lather, rinse, repeat.
Finally, he couldn't stand it any more. "Fabe," he commented as evenly as his increasingly panicked heart would allow, "haven't you had enough driving practice for the day?"
"I'm fine." Fabian protested. "Besides, we're only at the end of the street."
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(A silly little piece: this is what happens if you watch too much Law and Order and spend too much time writing. It's not quite fanfic - it's more the kinds of games kids (and their extremely tolerant uncles) play. I thought I'd post it now: I mean, what with Briscoe leaving the show and all.)

"Uncle Stephen?"

Anthony poked Stephen with his toy fish experimentally. Uncle Stephen didn't move.

"Maybe he's dead." Audra stared at Stephen's prone body sprawled on the couch.

"Uncle Stephen can't die." Anthony replied confidently.

"Din't he say that uncle Wally would be the dead of him one day?"

Uncle Stephen had said that, Anthony reflected.
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(This week's topic: 'waking up')
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From proposals come weddings, obviously.
Looking at that older piece I'm surprised at how much my style's changed for the better. Woot. :-D

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(crossposted to [ profile] drabblemania)

"Hey, Anthony, come on in."
Anthony generally feared the times when he went into his brother's studio and found him playing with rope.
Fortunately this time Fabian had his clothes on, so he decided to venture beyond the doorway. Sipping his coffee, he perched on the arm of the paint-covered green and grey sofa, a bemused smile on his lips as he inspected what seemed to be a snarl of string, bows, and God knew what else. "What exactly are you doing?"
Fabian looked up, face covered in a veil of his blonde hair. "It's for an installation project I'm working on. You've got the manikin, see? And he's tied up, right? And gagged, because no one wants to hear you talk really ... and these are the different kinds of bonds we have in life. All symbolized by different kinds of things. See? Nylon rope, hemp rope, ribbons ... there's an actual tie in here somewhere - corporate bonds, right? I even cut off some of my hair and made it into a braid and put it in."
"You cut your hair?" Anthony replied, mock-suspiciously. "What the hell have you done to my brother? Who are you? Fabian never cuts his hair willingly. It's a law, or something."
"The price I pay for art." he sighed dramatically. "Besides, it was only a little bit. At the back, underneath. You can't see it. I braided it in with some of Audra and Jakie's hair."
"Marriage bonds?"
"Zackly. And over there is a rope made of dough... for Joshie, y'know. A pretzel."
"Right. You and your powder milk biscuit obsession." Anthony rolled his eyes, taking another drink of the sweet, milky coffee. "Looks like interesting stuff. You having a problem with that, there?"
"No, I'm fine." Fabian replied, wrestling with a particularly recalcitrant piece of nylon camping rope that he was trying to tie to a piece of velvet ribbon. "I can do this. I was a boy scout once."
"No, you weren't. I was a boy scout." Anthony chuckled. "You got pissy when they wouldn't let you wear the same uniform Audra was wearing in Girl Scouts and threw a hissy fit and uncle Jack had to take you home. Remember? Let me see that." He took the two strings and looked at them thoughtfully, inspecting the other parts of the sculpture. "Looks like you've used pretty much all the same knot all the way through. The one you use to tie your shoes with. You know, I thought that someone with your ... interests ... would be better with knots and bindings?"
"Oh, most of the time Audra does that." Fabian replied with a shrug, getting to his feet.
"Right." Anthony looked a little pained. "I suppose I did ask, didn't I."
"Well yeah."
"So let's see ... I think you can loop this rope around like this ... and then the other one around like this ... and ... apparently have it completely fail to work." He made a face. "What am I doing wrong here?"
"You almost had it." A voice commented from the door. Anthony turned and saw a familiar dark-haired presence leaning in the doorframe.
"Hello, breakfast." Fabian grinned, raising an eyebrow.
Josh, for his part, blushed and coughed slightly, taking the two ropes from Anthony's hands. "You were about to do a thiefknot ... but really you'd be better off doing a sheetbend, like this." He gracefully turned his wrist, and suddenly the two ropes were tied as he stepped back to inspect his handiwork.
Anthony and Fabian stared at him.
"Eagle Scout." Josh replied, a slight, depreceating smile on his lips.
"There's so much I just don't know about you, Joshie." Fabian ducked under the remaining pieces of binding, putting his arm around Josh's shoulders with a naughty sparkle in his eyes. "Why don't you sit down and tell me all about these knots. Maybe a demonstration would be nice too. I'm such a visual learner."
"I'll ... just leave you to that, then." Anthony replied, a long-suffering yet faintly amused look on his face as he shut the door behind him.
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And yes, I did do this in fifteen minutes. Go me. :-)
(In case you're wondering, I'm still percolating on the longer pieces. These are just stretches.)

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