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so i just watched the last four episodes of Torchwood season 2. I had been warned that they were very intense and i would probably cry (and both of these things are very true. Hankies are awesome for worrying between your hands in a crisis. I'm honestly going to start a collection.)


In keeping with my usual coping strategies: I am going to write fluffy vacation fic. And then I'm going to write House fluffy vacation fic. And then I will write CROSSOVER VACATION FIC and the FLUFF BUNNIES will RISE and EAT YOUR HEAD. (it won't hurt. It's kind of like when a dog or a cat licks your face. it's not at all painful.)

You can still sponsor me for write-o-rama. (and then i might write you fluffy vacation fic! or smut. or something good anyway. you can have whatever falls out of my head if you like. it's usually amusing and fairly harmless or at least just scary.)

While i'm writing my fluffy vacation fic, you should read [ profile] arjache's Brain Comics. It's always pretty awesome, but this one (and the next two) are topical as well as funny.
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Again, a really good day. as much as this 'insisting on getting off internet and to bed by/at 10pm feels kind of annoying socially, i'm getting much better sleep and am able to get up earlier, so it's a definite win in the end. I have no plans for the day, which is even better! I'm hoping to actually write. i have a FABULOUS koan in mind for the monastery AU (i have a few saved up but this one is PERFECT and needs to be done SOON) so if you're into the monks you may look forward to that. and there's another awesome fic in the pipeline. and hopefully some original stuff too (that is to be given some attention today).

Annoying thing that might end up being good: they all of a sudden (like, this morning) changed Sean's bus route so that he was dropped off about 20 minutes earlier. This freaked me out, largely because (a) i have things set up appointments-wise that relied on that time being 20 minutes later (and that makes a LOT of difference for those types of things and more coming due to new therapists), (2) i hate hate hate getting no notice for things and (iii) i have things set up a certain way with the old driver accomodationswise.

Calls have been put in with the director of transportation and he is meant to be getting back to us by the end of the day. Because they can't bring the kids to the door except at the end of the route (and me waiting outside for him = problem) they will put him at the end of the route again. may not be today due to trickle-through the pipeline but will definitely be by the end of the week. s'good (esp. since that may be later in the day - he adores bus rides so that's awesome for him too.)

(Also i need to complain about the Assholes today. Will do that soon before i get to doing things).

argh. i cannot stand these 'entrepeneurs' and 'media enthusiasts' and all that that keep adding me on twitter (i darenot say it on twitter because that just leads to more of them). dear people of twitter - if you have added me through a random keyword search i probably don't want anything to do with you.

regarding this teabag thing: i think that standard practice for all buzzwords and media compaigns should be running any possible adwords through a class of fifteen year olds. if they think it's funny, then you should find something else.

clickies today are from [ profile] bernie_laraemie, [ profile] gizmometer, [ profile] mactavish and [ profile] topaz_eyes.

eNature has TONS of nature guides, including a new version of Sibley's Guide to Birds that's fully online (including birdcalls)!

[ profile] kutner_love is having a kutnerfest! (i know most of the mods are on my list and i love you all but the first person i saw this from was Topaz. <3 It looks excellent and i'm definitely entering. There are tons of categories <3

for seattle locals: capitol hill's top blossoms apparently this weekend is going to be nice. we may take seaners to cal anderson park on sunday if anyone wants to hang out there with us? not sure what time but we're flexible other than it needs to be over by about 2 because i have an mri late sunday afternoon <3

scots church volunteer is online singing sensation

cheese nips SCRABBLE edition! so much win.

5 cm fir tree removed from patient's lung. OMGWTF!?!

robber gets stuck in shop window

russian city to rename all soviet streets to christmas streets.

dolphins join fight against somali pirates in gulf of aden SO COOL!!

stephen colbert gets consolation prize from nasa he didn't get his name on the space station; but they named a treadmill after him. <3

Seaners got some tea tree oil on his hands today. there was a bit spilled (several drops) and we could smell it all the way in the back. that stuff is STRONG.

i hope you all are having a great day.


Mar. 17th, 2009 03:45 pm
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this deserves special mention, because it is beautiful and because it goes with my favorite piece of my own writing possibly ever:

[ profile] shutterbug_12 has done amazing photomanips for my Antarctica-centered Housefic, extreme weather. (story and art worksafe; fic is friendship/slash is in the eye of the beholder.)


list of further birthday goodies to come.
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Just two clickies today: infecting mosquitoes before they infect us and vampire unearthed in Venice plague grave.

I also managed to find a new buddhist parable in my travels, so there will likely be a reappearance of the monks in the near future.

cancelled the therapist in Everett. I'm going to try and get in touch with [ profile] bork's therapist - and neurologist too.

today is so far better than yesterday. although yesterday i caught up on all the House eps I'd missed. the season shaped up much less terrifying than i originally thought. (i kind of stopped watching since episode six. yes, i know. i am neurotic. i think that's apparent by now.) i am attempting to remain spoiler free to stop my neurotic little brain from chewing on things. just saying so there's no spoiler talk in the comments, okay? we (or many of us) remember last season/early this season when i was neurotically freaking out about House and Wilson never being friends again? And late last season when I was freaking out all through the amber arc and had to quadruple my anti-anxiety meds? i do not do well with stress. it's much better if I don't think about it beforehand. i'll still worry, but slightly less.

anyway, enough about my neuroses.

because i haven't obsessed about antarctica for the past few days:

yesterday's antarctica pic of the day. One of the excellent things about antarctica is that there are some places nearby that don't have snow at all. Deception Island has hot springs, as a matter of fact.

from the 'penguins rock' files: penguins tobogganing and penguins porpoising. (i actually thought that last one was orcas for a few seconds.

local people: anyone up for an ikea trip at some point this weekend? will pay gas money and eternal gratitude. i have to pick up a couple of dressers. (i can order them by phone/online and have them shipped if need be, so it's not a big thing if no one's free; i thought i'd ask anyway to save on shipping, etc.)

oh, also: how much (ballpark figure) is a smallish tattoo (assume maybe 2, 2.5 inches square, fairly simple: a plum blossom. (top right picture, stylized a bit.) and where's a good place to get it done? (as in, tattoo places.) I'm thinking about my left forearm unless someone gives me a compelling reason to put it elsewhere.


Mar. 3rd, 2009 11:58 am
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having a spectacularly bad pain day/previous evening at the moment i can't remember who sent me what clickie (i know several people sent me the dolphin one). but you're all amazing people, okay?

pluto's atmosphere is pasted on crooked yay (it's actually upside down. which is really, really cool.)

humpback whales in costa rica found to be the longest animal migration.

public wants hubble to study hugging galaxies.

sport inspirational jesus statues.

albino pink dolphin appears in US lake. i love this so much i can't even begin to explain.

was up half the night due to pain and chills. slept in until about 10. still hurts. i want lunch but that would mean i'd have to get up. augh.

On the upside; amazon fresh delivered me House s2. my very favorite one that seems to be lost after the move.

I watched 'Paternity' last night - the one where there's a bet about the patient's parents - and I cracked up when House said that 30% of fathers don't know that they're raising someone else's kid.

Sean had a mostly unexplainable panic/meltdown last night. What with this and the pain etc. i had to call in a pinch-hitter for [ profile] purimgifts (which makes me feel kind of lousy, but eh.

We gave the child benadryl as a mild sedative/calming agent and it seemed to help. It used to make him hyper but I guess that'a no longer the case.
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today's clickies brought to you by [ profile] bernie_laraemie, [ profile] euclase and [ profile] nihilistech, all of whom are fantastic friends of mine. <3

race to save 200 whales and dolphins after mass stranding on Tasmanian beach. this makes me sad but i'm happy that they're being cared for.

fifty strange buildings of the world. these are SO AMAZING, eeee!

oldest sample of weapons-grade plutonium found on beach. eee, again!

today: must call oral surgeon after he gets back from lunch. pondering going out but not sure where. i want to try out wheelchair in museum setting but as i recall they're frequently closed on Mondays. trying to write for [ profile] purimgifts and somewhat failing on that front. vacuum hose is clogged again, damnit. aughfrustrating. pain today is about a four maybe five. better than yesterday and the day before i suppose. i know, isn't my life so exciting? you wish you were me, i know.

I'm so happy that the sun is coming up earlier. i have so much more energy this time of year.

i'm tempted to write a 'missing scene' fic in the merchant of venice where portia and nerissa are getting dressed as boys, but I'm getting stuck about it. possibly due to nervousness about iambic pentameter. also realize i do not have any physical copies of shakespeare's plays. (to me it matters. I like to hold the book in my hand. I can work with ebooks but they're not always my preferred medium. hm. maybe smallish trip to used book place is in order? yes, i think so. it's a nice day.
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went to the dentist. i actually don't mind dentists: i've been lucky not to ever have a bad dentist experience, and all of my dentists have been really awesome and kind people. my current guy is particularly good. i fell asleep in his chair once while he was working on my teeth. good times. I actually based the dentist's office in a taste of tea on his office: the building it's in is called 'The Wilsonian.' i thought it was a sign.

finished 'rethinking thin' (by gina kolata) given all of those bus trips and reading in the dentist chair waiting for things to be numb. (his magazine selection kind of sucks.) good book on the complete bullshit that is the diet industry, with a nice historical chapter on how pretty much every diet has been seen in some form before. (people used to drink vinegar as a weight loss tonic. i haven't seen that one back but i wouldn't be surprised.)

fun fact: i'm quite comfortable lying with my head lower than my feet and reading upside down. this isn't something that happens to everyone, given people kept asking if i was alright. next on the bookstack: 'best sex writing 2009'. (sex journalism, not erotica.)

oh, and don't call my phone (most of you don't anyway) because it spontaneously snuffed it today. getting a new one hopefully thursday. always pay for handset insurance, children. this has been a public service announcement.

this clickies post is brought to you today by [ profile] machineplay (world's best girlfriend), [ profile] foxestacado (who finds consistently excellent links and who just went to China, i am so jealous) and [ profile] bernie_laraemie (who is a wonderful and gracious gentleman owned by several lovely birds).

dog versus caterpillar. dog: 0. caterpillar: 1 (which is particularly good considering the deadness of the caterpillar. other bystander dog is all 'WTF is worng with you??'

child abuse alters stress-fighting gene. This does not surprise me in the least.

parents complain disabled tv presenter may scare children. i want to smack every one of them over the head. hard. the people who have actually SEEN the show are generally positive, which is a good thing. I can't imagine any child being scared of that woman. oh, society, you so funny.

'ghost peaks' emerge from the Ice. The Gamburtsev mountains are actually under one of the major ice 'plains'. They've been mapped using remote sensor technology. Too cool.

that's all i've got tonight, kids. be well and happy. (neko is watching me as i type. this post is Cat Approved™).
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it's like one of those coloring pages. (i have the original if anyone wants to play) (so does Jane, of course, but I forget where she put it)

(it's supposed to be one of those wacky sunset ties that you buy in Honululu. I don't know whether I should have to point that out or not. my mspaint skills are not so great. <3)

i love you jane!


Jan. 28th, 2009 02:57 pm
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today there's a lot. <3

how to get things done with twitter (no, really. there's some interesting stuff in it.)

From my amazing internet daughter [ profile] sunsetsinthewes: the online etch-a-sketch

And also: mirror, mirror: a look at bush's presidency in photographs. This is surprisingly powerful, no matter what you thought of the man when he was in office. This was the guy that we started to see after Obama was elected president; someone overwhelmed by the office and almost relieved to be rid of it, someone who knew that he'd made a lot of mistakes and used bad judgement and was hoping that history would maybe look on him a little kinder than people do right now. This is really good stuff.

[ profile] foxestacado sends me a lot of wonderful links, and since I'm just now cleaning out my email for the past week, there's a lot of them today:

study finds named cows make more milk

<orgy for Obama in LA (i almost typed "LJ'. That would have been more interesting.)

Two from the elephant case at the LA zoo: Bob Barker pledges 1.5 million to move elephant. and musicians (including Slash from Guns n' Roses) support elephant project.

(ways fandom has forever altered my brain: I read 'slash among pachyderm forest supporters' and wondered what the pairing was.)

and japan to tourists: don't lick the tuna. oh, JAPAN. don't ever change.

And now I've got my email down from over 150 to about ten items. Thank GOD. I actually feel a lot more centered now. <3


Jan. 22nd, 2009 12:04 pm
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new study shows warming trends in antarctica. This makes me sad. I love Antarctica beyond all reason - it's an obsession of mine - and it provided source material for my favorite house/wilson friendship fic ever: extreme weather. (it's my pet. if i do remix this year, this would be the safe story. it makes me sad that it's not more popular, because i know it's much better than some things I've written. Bah. oh fandom, thou art a fickle mistress.)

From one of my dearest internet children, [ profile] cueballex: anatomically correct model of the human brain - made of wool. You can even unzip it and see the two hemispheres. It's AMAZING.

Also, for Jeeves and Wooster fans:

Sound required, vision optional, worksafe. SO AMAZING. This is a middle school orchestra.

Reason I am proud of myself today: i had breakfast before noon, and I did the vacuuming and unloaded the groceries. Now I will rest, and later unload the dishwasher if I feel up to it.

I've started to taper off on my antispasticity meds; I can feel it helping. I'm still wrapping and assembling packages. I have two boxes of books n my living room (will move them to dining room after box of boxes goes down. Now I have to swap the laundry.


Jan. 10th, 2009 04:16 pm
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I have a sudden compulsion to sit down, read all of Neil Gaiman's Sandman series, then write fanfic in that universe.

Interesting. I'm usually too terrified to do that sort of thing, but I think I might be able to handle it at some point.

Maybe if this keeps up I can do Yuletide next year instead of running in fear because my usual suspects are too big to qualify.

My brainz, they is weird

Although I won't get it done today, so today's writing will have to come from somewhere else.
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Post a list of the top five favorite fics you’ve written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn’t about the BEST things you’ve written, but what you LOVE most. Do it if'n you want to do it. <3

Extreme Weather. House/Wilson friendship, PG. Number one head and shoulders over the top. I think it is probably one of the best things I've written, period: easily the best fic I've written: and I adore Antarctica so much it hurts.

Bollywood General Hospital. Kutner/13, NC-17. It's crack, but it's FUNNY crack, and it's a pairing you don't see much and it's almost believable in a crackaholic way.

ooh eee ooh ah ah. House/Cate Milton from "Frozen." NC-17. It's another unexpected pairing, and Cate was one of my favorite characters from Season Four (in large part because she was AWESOME and the ep featured Antarctica, even though it kicked off the Wilson/Amber subplot that REALLY STRESSED ME OUT about the end of last season.)

(I am very, very serious. I felt so horribly bad for House losing his best friend that I took about two thirds of a bottle of anti-anxiety pills during the last five episodes of the season, and I still haven't seen the first three eps of season five, and the first two will probably go unwatched. The whole arc made me worry myself sick (almost literally on quite a few occasions. Sometimes I'm too sensitive for my liking. No, I cannot be reasoned with. The greatest minds (okay, well, [ profile] tallin, but he's married to me and has known me longer than any of you) are unable to budge me.))

dynamic ropes (sea change) House/Thirteen, PG-13. House/Thirteen is my second favorite pairing: I've written a bunch of fics with them, probably more with them than any other pairing except House/Wilson. I really like all of them, but this is one of my two favorites. Another one of the best things I've written.


Quanta: Eight House/Wilson first kisses (1-8) House/Wilson, PG-13 (last one is soft R) I love these because I actually wrote them all just off the cuff one day after another for eight days and they actually turned out fabulously - I'm amazed I pulled it off, really.

Alphabet Soup: a relationship told through twenty-six microficlets. House/Thirteen, soft R. I have a growing obsession with microfiction. This is another set of small things that turned out fabulously.

(The remaining of my top ten are: two's more fun (House/13, NC-17); refugee from the eightfold path/refugee AU (House/Wilson, PG-13; Guang/Jing, PG-13 (but they could be easily read as gen/friendship ficlets); The Taste of Tea (PG-13 friendship/slash (it's a kiss, nothing graphic in the least, and it's just a beautifully fluffy piece of fluff) and this untitled house/cthulhu ficlet set during the Amber/Wilson arc that I wrote on a dare one evening when I was feeling particularly hellish. A Taste of Memory, which was linked/podficced in the previous journal entry, is #11.)

And yes, I KNOW that was sneaky. <3 Just in case you wanted to know.
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So I accidentally fell asleep after the boys had left and woke up again at noon. Given that my hip and other joints were being annoying for a good few hours last night, I'm not especially surprised. I am worried when that sort of thing happens, given that if I continue on the pastry school path I'm going to have a lot of early mornings (classes start at 8 and go until aboiut 12). I guess that's what coffee is for.

Things I am doing over the next while:

still working on Quant and starting these mittens but in a different set of colours; I have this cool sampler in the yarn she's using so I think the tan color and one of the blues would be nice.

Working on a couple of prompt tables and more [ profile] stuffonmywilson fics, plus a whole whack of half-finished things.

packing up my apartment (we want to move the week of Thanksgiving if possible; if the new landlord manages to get the apartment cleaned before then, Chris is going to take a couple days off and we'll schedule the move over one of those weekdays so we don't have to worry about Sean being in the way.)

Reading: four and twenty blackbirds (excelllent) and a mini-Dave Eggers book of wee stories ('How the Water Feels To The Fishes')

hm. do those sorts of things sell at all - little books of microfiction? I still want to do that ...

I need to catch up on my podcasts.

Nearly finished the initial thirty day lumosity training.

I want to make my girl's roasted vegetable soup so I should put that on after the kidlet gets home

Thinking about Christmas themed porny short stories (as I am too freaked out to sign up for [ profile] yuletide, given that it's all small-fandoms and I'm pretty much a one trick pony. :p)

And remembering that I need to send packages to a couple people, and that I should get out this week to gather the stuff to do that.


Oct. 14th, 2008 08:44 pm
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it was beautiful.
my boys are back.
i'm still crying. but in a happy way.
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roasted eight red peppers for dinner; will add onion and fire roasted tomatoes and basil and it will be deliciously amazing. my house smells like an italian restaurant.
child had good day at school! slight problem, child has sharing time again. oh hell. do not know what to send this time, out of good ideas, damnit. maybe i'll send one of his small fleece blankets, he likes to hide under them and play 'attack blob'. is that weird? why am i worried. kid is weird.

new socks (highlights: socks with dragons, socks with stars, socks with litte noslip things on the bottom with smiling frogs on the toesth)
awesome package from [ profile] starsong containing knitting needle holder of awesomeness and letter and fluffy ankle cosy and torchwood dvd with missing episodes on it which means YAY I can keep watching now
rest of boy's birthday present ('Nowhere Man' series on dvd)
copy of Boondock Saints on dvd
copy of 'Watchmen' because I'm possibly one of seven people in the world who haven't read it yet.

AND OF COURSE (anyone not a squealing House fangirl or fanboy can just skip to the last part of this page after the line)

the OMG AWESOME that is the tv guide interview with Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard about House and Wilson's relationship (scanned in pictures and fangirlish flailing here and they are implying things with that silly string, says i and a lot of other people.)

utterly favorite nonspoilery quote the first: (because it came first)
Hugh: "To be serious for a moment, I think House is embracing the bromance, actually."
RSL: "Can you be serious and still use the word 'bromance'?"

utterly favorite nonspoilery quote the second: (because it was second)
Interviewer: "What exactly is the need that Wilson satisfies in House?"
RSL: "Why do all your questions sound vaguely dirty?"

omg omg omg omg. *FLAIL*

I am also working on things and that is good. I have a plan, plans are good, yes. And socks. And a purple needle eater for my knitting needles so they don't go all crazy and run away. And cats. My ankle doesn't hurt too badly today. It's good.
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I ordered a copy of the dr. bronner documentary film today. I'd seen it some months back with [ profile] seattlejo but I wanted a copy for myself - I went for the DVD + soap package (I prefer watching movies on my TV whenever possible, and I do like their soap, it was a pretty sweet deal) but they have the movie up for download for a fairly small fee ($8 I think? might be less). It's really worth the money if you like documentaries or even just quirky movies - he lived a fascinating life and he was indeed certifiable.

Clickie from the most excellent [ profile] purplewaxhand: IVR hacks. To get around those damnable voice recordings on phone systems. Good stuff.

Slept until 11:30 today. Managed to straighten out apartment ... vaguely. Still have laundry to fold and boxes to take down to recycling area. I hate sleeping so late but the body insists on it. I feel like Pizpot Gargravarr from 'Restaurant at the End of the Universe' except my arguments never involve sex and fishing, they involve sleep versus having a damn life. Just - augh. It's starting to really get to me.

Also, still have not heard back from psychiatrist types. Really need to find someone soon. Do not want to go calling through all $HUGE_VAL psychiatrists in the Premera directory. Anyone have any recommendations? Seattle preferred but busable parts of the surrounding area might be okay for the right person.

I hate this. I really, really, really hate this. So much. The body and mind are unstable and at odds, I don't have enough time to do the things I want, pain and tiredness. Hate this.

I'll be scarce tomorrow - still not watching House and trying to avoid spoilers. Will be scarce from messengers tonight for the same reason. I have it on reasonable authority that the sad storyline that's really bugging me will be at its conclusion with the new episode on the 14th of October, so I'll be back in the loop then. (brain is panic-level unstable about this. hate it. so much. there's a tiny little voice in the back of my mind that wants to say people are laughing at me, even though I know the ones that matter aren't. I will distract this voice, somehow. Possibly by throwing a movie and knitting project at it.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I just remembered - a year ago today I posted my first House fanfic.

What a long strange trip it's been. And still is. And I've met an awful lot of nice people. *beam*

Here's to more, yes?
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swedish magazine recalled when recipe poisons four people.

This is really neat: A monopoly board storage box. <3

cute and funny animals

huggable light.

Interview with House writer Doris Egan. True confession: I am still worried about Season Five (for god's sake DO NOT TELL ME SPOILERS I DO NOT WANT SPOILERS OKAY?) and I will undoubtedly be worried about season five until ... about season six. I do not do well with sadness, angst, strife, disrupted friendships or dramatic tension. I realize this means I should not watch or read anything more complicated than Dr. Seuss and that I probably suck, but that's the way I hang. (and yes, i know i wrote angst yesterday. *sigh* The brain, it is INCOMPREHENSIBLE. I have a consistent tic in my left hand and I keep falling asleep and seeing scarily vivid things that I start to reach for and then wake up.

Here. Click some things for me if you want to make me feel less pathetic. *sigh*

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Somewhere on my friends page or maybe it was twitter someone mentioned The BBC language page, which has some good language learning resources. Good stuff. (They use the "James Wilson Method" of teaching languages - there are actually soap operas there that you can use as learning aids. No, really.)

Also, a blog full of historical images from the first part of the last century:

I'm feeling better emotionally today (parenthetical note: omfg having a period SUCKS, why can't we just have warning lights? 'pregnant' 'not pregnant'. Seriously. would save so much time and bullshit.) I am, however, ridiculously tired. I'm dividing my time between napping, snuggling with the boy, my latest knitting project (it's on ravelry if you're there - and if you are there, add me! i'm phinnia, as usual) reading shibori knits and contemplating 'resist felting' (my kingdom for a dryer) before napping again. Hoping there will be writing soon. That's the plan if I can negotiate with the body around naps.
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I wrote a drabble - "there is a season" (first in the set) - from the first line of one of [ profile] queenzulu's fics. And then she wrote the sequel to the drabble "love is not a victory march" and it is AMAZING. OMG. GO READ.
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Seaners miraculously slept through the fireworks last night, and the cats remained sane (or well, as much as they are usually): all in all the apartment is still in its original upright position and I'm kind of thankful about that.

Currently: it is raining, I think, or at least cloudy and pleasantly cool.

Things I'm doing today: folding laundry, doing laundry, folding more laundry, making beds, folding laundry, putting together my desk chair, bagging trash and recyclables. Writing, possibly making the cookies I didn't make yesterday. Watching DVDs.

(and yes, I know the spoiler video exists, and no, i'm not watching the spoiler video, because I'll just get stressed out and agitated and these things never give an accurate view of what's really going to happen, so I'm pretending it's not there! LA LA LA IGNORANCE IS BLISS. I am writing ficlets for [ profile] stuffonmywilson instead.)
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Nicked from the most awesome and excellent [ profile] queenzulu: " might be cool to start a meme where you list all the first lines of your fics and then people write drabbles in the comments with the same first line." And it was, indeed, cool. So. The way it goes is I give you a list of first lines from my fics, and you write completely different fics using my first lines. I've always before kept up the drabble bit of the meme, but this time around I don't care. Drabbles, ficlets, epics, anything goes.

Behind the cut are twenty-five first lines for your perusal. *love* Please post fics or at least linkies in comments. I love you all. <3

back here. )
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I'm selling my fanfic services for charity again. Good times. <3
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dear self:

You do not get involved in fandom drama.

Because you know better.

Even if the oversight is both idiotic and big enough to drive a sizeable planet through.

Yes, even then.

Walk away clean, just ... walk away clean.


The part of your brain that likes peace and quiet


Jun. 19th, 2008 11:12 am
phinnia: "why is it every time i try to get somewhere i'm waylaid by jackassery?' (house/blackandwhite-jackassery)
Hugh Laurie has a Burger King Gold Card.

The surreal nature of this is cracking me the hell up.


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