Feb. 9th, 2009 08:13 pm
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BEST LINKS EVER: from [ profile] soophelia, who is clearly AWESOME, pride and prejudice now with zombies.

No, really. There's another article on it here.

Found in a few places, more about Octomom[ profile] hithah. This is the ultimate trainwreck story. They're investigating her IVF and so on, because this sort of thing is generally discouraged.

This makes me angry and sad: antarctic patents strain goals of shared science. I hate it. This is such an amazing and special place, and they do great research just BECAUSE they need to know, and - AUGH. yes. i hate this.
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Found by the magnificent [ profile] razzle: Natural Harvest: a collection of semen-based recipes.


I got nothin'. You?
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Father of three branded 'pervert' for photographing his own children in a public park.
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Oh right, the kid likes their gluten-free bread. That was it. (It's sweetened with fruit juice and comes in like, eight different kinds. His preference is for either millet or raisin pecan.)

Overheard at whole foods, near-orthorexic hyperobsessive mother to toddler: "You want white bread? (said as if she's asked for a pile of dinosaur shit with ketchup on it, and it's not even organic locally grown fair trade dinosaur shit).

Sadly brainwashed toddler: "Eeeeew, nooooo."

Me: *muttering* Of course. If you start eating white bread it's all bloody over, the world will come crashing to a halt. *throws package of white-bread-type pitas into cart*

Orthorexic Nouveau Hippie to Sadly Brainwashed Todder: "There we go! Some nice healthy bread."

I should start carrying around a few selected junk food science articles.

(Note: I eat whatever bread I feel like and it's usually whole wheat or rye. It just disgusts me to see people brainwashing kids because of their own bullshit.)

wtf, over?

May. 20th, 2008 09:51 am
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Teenager being charged for attempted sexual relations with an automobile.

"war on childhood obesity" becoming more and more hysterical. When you have to say "this is not the Onion" in regards to the new surgeon general thinking Santa Claus is a bad role model? Things have gone too far.

what? why?

May. 7th, 2008 09:08 am
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Meet the TwoDaLoo. It's supposed to save rocky marriages and the planet. I do not understand HOW.
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From the inestimable Warren Ellis: Things People Want: A Special Pocket for Their Toy Lizard.


Seriously, WHAT.
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[ profile] purimgifts has the first-day postings up, and there's some seriously awesome stuff - so if you have a minute, poke around. There's something for everyone. Some amazing brilliant person wrote a borrower and a lender - a Merchant of Venice/Good Omens crossover fic. And it's AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME and it was written FOR MEEEE. *flails* But there's lots of different stuff there, find something you like. It's all good!

Today's adventures: two appointments, both with psychiatrists, only one for me. (The other for the child, of course.) Maybe I'll get lots of knitting done?

And if you don't like fangirling and do like cooking shows: Cooking with Coolio. (from the most marvelous [ profile] razzle.)
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Fishing BY PHONE.

Japan. I love you so much. Marry me, we will have weird babies. Or well, something.
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From a good portion of my friendslist: Two guys take dead man to check cashing place, attempt to cash his benefits check.

This story kills me. They leave the guy outside, go in, and an off duty cop finds the body ... seriously, if someone tried to put this in a novel no one would believe it.
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Man believes he has mark of the beast, cuts off own hand and microwaves it before calling 911.


I got nothin', folks. Seriously, what is up with people?

Also, from the most marvelous [ profile] reannon: the republican debates through the eyes of a nine year old.
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Okay, so I'm trying to find a half-decent local writing group. I'm on a local Seattle-based writing list. Woman announces that she's starting up a local group, there'll be writing prompts, people can meet up and do writing and optionally read, etc. I think 'oh goody!' and email her for information.

Turns out that she wants forty dollars per monthly session for this thing.

Now (a) that seems freaking ridiculous,

(2) she doesn't say up front what the money's for either, and if I was going to charge that much I'd say why up front, you know? Is it a venue thing where they're charging her money? Because she didn't say, and this makes me really wonder.

And not to mention (iii), IMO if a venue for a WRITING GROUP where you're talking about maybe, maybe eight to ten people at a time, is going to charge you forty dollars a head? Find a different freaking venue. It's SEATTLE. How many coffee shops are there? Two, three thousand without counting the Starbucks?

(I'd start one up on my own, but I'm not energetic enough to promote anything. *fwump*)
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Anyone having champagne at New Year's?

My organic-box-company newsletter claims that if you put a raisin in a glass of champagne it will float to the top and then sink again and then float up and go down and keep doing that until ... well, until the champagne goes flat, I assume.

Can someone try this and get back to me? Because I need to know.

Also, [ profile] tallin is making me a techno-RSL ringtone, because he's /awesome/ that way.
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Wonder Sauna Hot Pants.

(Is it just me, or do they look like they've cut an inflatable mattress in half and somehow turned it into clothing?)
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Brazillian transsexual models wearing fake Chanel accessories made of taxidermied rats.

Uh. Probably not worksafe. Okay, yes, definitely not worksafe.
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"Sexy" "voluptuous" "showgirl" costume. AKA: the frankenmuppet from the black lagoon.

Toilet restaurant in Taiwan.

um, what?

Nov. 24th, 2007 04:11 pm
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Mayor resigns, claims abduction by satanists.

Um, what?
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Things that should not exist:

Quotha: "If they've bred, get them wed! Stamp out illegitimate critter litters!"

The freaking DOG is a freaking ORDAINED MINISTER. Supposedly.



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