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unless by carol shields. Rita Winters is a writer who lives a "normal" life with three daughters - until one day she finds her oldest daughter Norah sitting on the corner of Bathhurst and Bloor with a sign around her neck saying GOODNESS. Some people said this was too predictable, but I thought it was really well done - of course I've only read one more of her books; I adore her characterization. She makes the BEST characters. the main character is a writer, so there's a lot of interesting musing about writing, too: [personal profile] newtypeshadow and other writer friends would probably enjoy this. :)

The Best Laid Plans by Terry Fallis. In the end, this was selected to be the Canada Reads book, and I'm not surprised; it's humorous - an excellent read with a deeper message underneath. It's a book about Canadian politics, but it's good even if you're not "into" political books (i'm not, and I thoroughly enjoyed this.) Daniel is forced to find a Liberal Candidate to run in ultra-Conservative Cumberland-Prescott; he makes a deal with his new landlord, Angus, in order to save him from teaching first year English For Engineers for the second year in a row, with the proviso that Angus will be on the ballot in name only and not actually campaign. In a series of amusing events, Angus actually wins by a slim margin, and becomes a controversial new MP in all the best ways.

The Bone Cage by Angie Abdou. Digger is a wrestler. Sadie is a swimmer. Both of them have qualified for the Sydney Olympics, and this is about the trials and tribulations of making it there. I actually, honestly, didn't think I'd enjoy this as much as I did given that it's about sports, but it's also about loss and love and disappointment, which are more or less universal, I guess .. it's a quick read, and her descriptions are excellent.

bottle rocket hearts by zoe whittall. On the eve of the 1995 Referendum in Quebec, Eve is trying to get out of the small bedroom community she lives in and into Montreal, and trying to find a girl to kiss her who means it. I read this in one night when i couldn't sleep. it's a cute first person coming of age story, kind of not to dissimmilar to 'the bone cage' (except more gay).

So YAY. One resolution done! All five Canada Reads candidates completed!

Still to go:
More Artz.
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go see the tiny ninjas. :)
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the complete essex county - jeff lemire

one of five finalists for 'canada reads' this year; the first time a graphic novel has been considered, and definitely worth reading even if you're not normally into graphic novels. it is the story of the fictional 'essex county' and its residents, an area between windor and toronto, and the important things that tie them together: a love of hockey (especially the toronto grizzlies/toronto maple leafs), a love of the land, farming and especially family. The art is black and white and absolutely stunning.

the birth house - ami mckay

the story of dora rare, midwife and first daughter in five generations of rares in 1929, and the town of scots bay, nova scotia. as a girl of seventeen she works with m. babineau, an old acadian midwife who is wise in the ways of 'catching babies' and all kinds of herbal and natural medicine. They come up against Dr. Thomas and his flashy new Canning Maternity Home, which promises to give painless births - but at what price?

To be honest - I wasn't sure about this book before I started it. I have a lot of issues around birth. But the story is so incredibly good it sucked me right in and i read it in an afternoon. Highly recommended, especially to [personal profile] eleri, who i know likes this sort of thing, and to anyone interested in historical novels. Or if you just want a good story. It's a really good story.

    Only three more books to go, and then that's one resolution down! Of course, that's the relatively easy one, but still...


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