Feb. 5th, 2009 09:59 am
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lots and lots of good stuff today. <3

From the marvelous [ profile] mactavish: green comet approaches earth. especially worth reading for the story of the comet's discovery. and because astronomy is cool.

From one of my beloved internet children, [ profile] cueballex: italy's struggle to disband the army that never existed.

From the wonderful [ profile] bernie_laraemie: south korean grandmother fails driving test 771 times (and counting).

And two more from [ profile] foxestacado(who always finds some awesome stuff) bill gates releases mosquito swarm on audience and hacked road signs warn of zombies. Oh uncle bill, we love you even if you are a little odd. <3 (at leaslt he didn't release a crowd of zombies?)

(remember children, uncle bill (or rather uncle bill's successor, uncle steve) keeps [ profile] tallin off the streets and keeps Seaners and I on our meds (and you really don't want to ever meet either one of us off our meds; Seaners behaves very badly and I am not fit for human company). <3 just pointing that out before the inevitable microsoft jabs appear in the comments. my this koolaid is lovely.)

Must-listen for the day, brought to you by the fantastic [ profile] geekchick: Live stream of Vienna Teng's newest album, Inland Territory. Vienna Teng is fantastic; she does piano, vocals and performs with an upright bass and percussionist. Safe for all and extremely enjoyable. Her official site is here.

Today i have to do a few small things but not much, really. It's nice.

eta: my dear friend [ profile] miintikwa is having another One-Card-Draw tomorrow starting between 1:30 and 2:00 EST tomorrow afternoon. Money is going to a good cause and information is available here.

and son of edit: again from [ profile] mactavish, conservatives take cheap shot at Obama for school visit. oh for fuck's SAKE. why do that? wasn't that what bush was doing during 9/11, visiting a school? And no one said a damn thing about it. *seethe* I really hate people sometimes. this is the sort of thing that gives republicans a bad name, and it's not fair.
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Is there anyone localish around that's got a laptop running either XP or Vista that could come by either this morning/afternoon/evening?

I need to upgrade the firmware in Seaners' MP3 player. It'll only take five minutes, but every time I run the updater under Windows Seven beta it crashes immediately. (to be fair it only says it works under XP or Vista.) I'd really appreciate it, and so will he. There's some kind of memory issue that will be fixed by running the firmware update, and it's semi-unusable until that gets fixed.

Thanks. <3
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Seen in a lot of places: 40 greatest uses of the Super Mario theme.

From the most awesome [ profile] thewlisian_afer: 20 Wonders of the Microscopic World. I want huge prints of some of these to put on my walls. Nature is amazing.

How to Make Love like a Zombie. From the truly amazing [ profile] razzle.

I will be offline most of the day: I'm going to kidlet's school and then to Trick or Treat at Microsoft. Good times, good times. <3 Seaners is going to be a KITTY (this is called 'kid will remove or get freaked out by nearly all costume materials so mom is going to use a touch of eyeliner pencil and hope for the best.')

I'm taking my camera. There will possibly be pictures.
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We had to wait until the last minute to make sure he wasn't contagious or too sick to enjoy hanging out there, but Seaners and I will be doing Trick Or Treat at Microsoft this year; we should be there at about 3ish tomorrow and staying until 6ish.

Anyone who wants us to drop by their office, please tell me where you are! Leave a comment or email me (phinnia at comcast dot net) and we'll try to make it around.
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Still tired. Toes still bruised. But the kid is being cute (today's advancement: he sat down next to Chris after he got home from school and said 'hi dad' as nicely as you please.) and I'm feeling a little better, and so.

From the most excellent [ profile] kibbles: boy, 7, goes on killing spree in zoo, feeding reptiles to crocodile. um. er. not nice. future serial killer, methinks. sigh.

From the entirely awesome [ profile] chezmax: guy hires 'accomplices' in bank robbery through Craigslist ad. That's actually pretty smart of him. Seriously. another article about the same incident.

apple does nothing about exposed iPhone UI flaws, security risk. Now I would like to point out that if Microsoft ignored a security flaw, the press would be all over it. But, you know. They're apple. they must be okay. they're all white and shiny and white is the color of good. </disgruntled>

(see also; security flaws in the windows version of Safari)
(see also: Safari stealth downloads)

(What is/are my problem/s with Apple? Many and myriad. t was a bitter divorce and the last straw was their error messages. "an error occurred." [ok button]. say what you will about the strings of hex digits in Windows error messages, but if you give those to the right person they'll actually be able to find out what your problem is.)

(I'm feeling bitchy tonight. I'm sorry. I'll probably be in a better mood later. I did have spicy tuna roll and creampuffs, that was pretty awesome. My eyes hurt as well as my joints. I didn't even know it was possible to have eye pain like that but you learn something new every day.)


Aug. 13th, 2008 08:27 pm
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2 tylenol 3's not putting dent in headache of doom
waiting for mobile medicine people. yay housecalls. thank you uncle bill/steve, ilu.
haven't had one this bad in a while. pain level's about a nine or so.
i has a kitty.
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Dear Apple,

Quit trying to download iTunes and Safari for Windows when I'm not looking. DO NOT WANT.

I asked for Quicktime. I don't really LIKE Quicktime, but some places use it, so.


Bite me,


(... and why are you allowed to sneak Safari into downloads anyway? Wasn't that called anti-trust a while back? Not that I'm bitter about Apple in general or anything, except that I am.)
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I'm thinking that this casino table is a more advanced, adult version of the intellitable.
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Original fic: Finally got smacked in the head with the perfect way to deal with one of my long-standing plots. Result: 1500 words under my belt so far today and counting. AWESOMESAUCE.

Fanfic.remix: 300 words-ish, which means one third done. Is like pulling teeth with a pair of tweezers. Am hating it right now because of this, but I objectively think it'll turn out okay.

Childcare: have care tomorrow, Thursday and Friday from 9-1 for sanity retention; have care Thursday 4-8 due to doctor's visit and other assorted crap. Botox/rehab visit rescheduled for next Tuesday. Next week is fililng up and I'm not sure I like it: not scheduling anything else for next week, I think. Leaving for Portland for the weekend Saturday morning early. OMGWTF, I can SLEEP and I'm planning a trip to Yarnia.

Today: went to hipster coffee joint for morning, did a whole foods run this afternoon. Talked with Seaners' care person for a while after I got home. She rocks, and we just found out we can hire her officially as his ABA assistant without any weird conflicts of interest (because she's currently a respite person, we weren't sure). This means that the insurance pays for it. Can we say AWESOME? We so, so can.

Bought some of the stuff to get my GF-baking-fu on (potato starch, tapioca starch, garbanzo bean flour, rice flour). Am going to try and tweak the zucchini bread recipe tomorrow afternoon, thanks to a little guidance from [ profile] krasota. Whole Foods sells my favorite ginger candies in their bulk section for a song. I approve of this.

My internet wife is AWESOME and my girlfriend is AWESOME and I'm just having an astoundingly rockin' day. I hope you are too. <3
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What I find awesome is that he actually made this. Apparently he came onstage to the Imperial March to announce his retirement, too.

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pastry school noodling - am looking forward to this now. )

have some koolaid, it's delicious. )
random House noodling apropos of hardly anything at all, minor spoiler for ep. 4x01 )

Re: today sucking: the larger boy is coming home early to look after me and I has good pain meds. Tingling not happening so much now but OMG am going to be so damned bruised. argh.


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