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For [ profile] ecwoodburn, a drabble that fell out of my head like she asked for

Audra's new job is this: forensics, coroner and general medical slash biogeek for the time police in Seattle. She got it through eighty-five percent pure knowledge and fifteen percent nepotism: her mother is still part of the same organization, although on a more international level, and she made a phone call or two. Audra's not ashamed of that in the least. Connections are worthless if left unused, like a muscle that atrophies in zero-gravity. At first she thinks this use of connections and backtalk to do business is more the case in Hong Kong and that's why Americans have so many issues with the practice: in time she realizes that it's the same in both countries, but for some reason Americans hide it in shame instead of allowing it enough sunlight and air to grow naturally.

Audra thinks, not for the last time, that she will probably never understand Americans.

She remembers her coworkers, but with younger faces: Anthony with tousled hair and overalls, serious, studious even in the simple act of stacking blocks, Fabian staggering around in his mother's high heels and an outrageous pink spangled camisole that hung limply on his wire-thin frame.

Anthony is now khakis and coffee and looks eerily like her memories of Jack; she has to retag that face in her brain, now. She's nearly slipped and called him fu chan Jack, has to stop herself from bowing. Fabian grins and calls her jeih je like old times - big sister - but he's checking out her ass and the heels are on boots made of butter-soft leather that fit like they'd grown onto his calves.

*Author's note - fu chan Jack means something like "maternal uncle Jack" in Cantonese according to the niternet but if I've totally messed that up, TELL ME. I want to change it.
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If I can jack these out ten at a time over a few days for fanfic there's no real reason why I can't do the same for not-fanfic. And so it goes.

vitamin c (audra)

Oranges make her think of Hong Kong holidays: red and gold banners, joss sticks burning, paper boats bobbing up and down in the water, candles. Sticky pastry and elaborate cakes. She dipped the sections in honey and ate them as she stared over the river and dreamed with the tiny lights.

It was a strange place to grow up, at the intersection of the old and new. She was an embassy child, always an outsider, towering over her classmates in fourth grade. Ancient festivals and cellphones cradled in the palm of your hand: science and feng shui, big businesses and ancestral ghosts.

Everywhere is a strange place to grow up to somebody came back one summer evening as she sent her thoughts out to the sea. It made sense. She stopped worrying about it.

overnight (fabian)

His father would take him out sometimes to watch the stars. And if Evan had had a few drinks (and Evan had usually had a few drinks on an average night when the weather was pleasant enough, or when it was terrible, or when the name of the day ended in a Y) he'd make up stories.

He grew up thinking there were hundreds of patterns in the sky: not just the Twins and the Great Bear and Cassiopeia, but also the Pint Glass and the Pub, the Ugly Scotsman and the Egg Sandwich and John Lee Hooker.

bright (jakob)

He was not the normal sort of physicist. He was a peacock in a field of penguins, with his leather and jeans and too many rings and hair that changed colours like the seasons did, big chunky boots and glasses that had a hope in hell of being trendy instead of merely functional. But it made life interesting. He was all for making life interesting. He was going to stick out in a crowd anyway: he figured he might as well go all the way with it.
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judgement (fabian/jakob)

"You ate my cereal." Fabian suffering an artist's block was routinal, grouchy and indignant, which just went to show that absolutely nothing was impossible in science, just varying degrees of statistically improbable.

"I did no such thing." Jakob shrugged and leaned against the breakfast bar, studying his own rippled reflection in the stainless steel fridge. He took a quiet step forward, closing the gap between them as gently as possible.

"You did. I saw you -"

"I do live here. You think you'd have noticed, sleeping in the same bed and all, but I know sometimes you get distracted." Another step.

"-with a bowl-"

"Shocking! What an utter bastard, that Jakob Vanderschpiegle is, carrying bowls."

"eating something."

"You do know there are other, better tasting things to eat in this kitchen besides that cereal? Like plywood?" A third step. They were almost touching now.

Fabian swirled on his toes and screamed, top-of-his-lungs-lack-of-sleep vibrant. "You ate my fucking cereal."

Jakob slammed their mouths together, knocked Fabian ass-first into the fridge, held him there with lips and tongue and hands until the crankiness melted away.

"I bet the kids ate it." Jakob breathed, biting his ear.

"I'll find something else." Fabian dragged him toward the pantry.

elaborate (audra/fabian)

Audra is not one for elaborate gestures. She works in shades of subtle: gradual shifts on the evolutionary scale, minor tweaks of acids and bases. But tiny things cause elaborate changes, like Mendel's peas which changed the thoughts of billions, but their descendents were still eaten last night with lemon and butter.

Fabie is not exactly subtle. Huge canvases, too many piercings, brightest colours and black vinyl pants. He's nearly a caricature of an artist, of a modern bohemian, and that's the way he likes it. But large things trickle down, reduce; a tiny brush painting watercolour birds for her, a post-it-note doodle in her lunch signed with his crooked smile.

journey (audra/jakob)

They take planes and trains and automobiles to the same conferences; physics and biology aren't the same, of course, but closer than some. They write papers together, names twinned together in the abstract as well as reality. They argue semantics over linguini. Both share a deep-seated suspicion of chemists.

They twist together in the bed at night, feeling not so alone, but still one-third lonely.
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He'd escaped the tyranny of mowing lawns and dealing with his future for one summer and flown forward in time, skipping three hours forward like magic to bury himself in cosmopolitan east coast cities and art camp paid for on his godfather's gold-toned Amex card. Boston was nothing like Portland, and he was glad of the differences for once, because they let him forget himself. No logically blocked off four-quadrant grid here; twisted arches, dogleg little streets and buildings that felt real with age.

Anthony had just rolled his eyes and muttered something about escapism and weak-willedness under his breath, but he didn't understand, as usual. It was easy for Anthony. Anthony had always wanted to be whatever everyone else expected. Whether that was deliberate on his part or just fate slipping him three aces under the table Fabian didn't know, and he wasn't sure he cared, either. It was easy to not care when that was conveniently compartmentalized three hours and a thousand miles away.

Art camp was even better than hanging out at Ross's bachelor apartment and eating pizza all the time - more fun than getting a contact high off of fixative. For the first time ever he was actually free to hang around people who had the same motivations he did, that thought and breathed and drank images.

The real trip was life drawing though. It was there he was confronted with the concept of nudes. And legal nudes, not just spying on people in the shower, either. The idea seemed to have naughty, illicit promise, kind of like someone handing him a big bag of weed and telling him to go ahead and light up the bong, but it turned out to be a lot more serious than that. It was hard, trying to keep up with the quick two minute poses, trying to define muscle tone with the barest line and shading, but it was a direction he was more than willing to stretch.

Somewhere that summer he learned that some of the most important muscles aren't the ones you draw, or the ones you work out at the gym, but the ones in your head - the ones you end up with accidentally.
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A little Fabian/Jakob for your Sunday night/Monday morning. Set the same morning as know your pepperoni.
And, due to the nudity and innuendo, you'll find it behind this shiny cut tag, which means it's probably not really worksafe. )
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... contains OMG sexual references and OMG nudity, so there. )
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(Look, it's a drabble! Without a topic! Because I'm bored!)

They'd stopped for pizza, a little hole in the wall place in the Nieuwemarkt where the students hung out and the air was thick with oregano and the iron scent of loose change scraped together for a slice. Fabian stood next to Jakob, remembering that they were just friends right now, not lovers; that last night was best shoved to the back of his memory.
A surge of long-dormant patriotism broke through the surface of his mind.
Bastard ruining his country. Give him a piece of his mind. Yeah.
It was their turn. Fabian stretched and peered through the glass at the pies, his stomach rumbling in a perfect Pavlovian response.
"Uh, I'll have the pepperoni?"
"Don't do that." Jakob's voice was barely audible. "Please."
"Why?" he whispered back in kind.
"I'll explain later."
"Uh ... on second thought, forget that. The spinach looks pretty good."
Their slices arrived wrapped hot in greasy napkins, and Jakob snagged them a table by the door.
"What's up with the pepperoni?" Fabian whispered, biting off a long string of mozzarella cheese.
"You don't know who it's been."
"Don't you mean you don't know where it's been?" Fabian mumbled with his mouth full.
"I know what I said." Jakob's eyes were uncharacteristically serious. "Do you have any idea what they do to political dissidents here?"
"Uh ... no, I just got here yesterday."
"Like I said." Jakob took a bite of his own mushroom-covered slice. "Be careful with the pepperoni. You don't know who it's been."
Fabian's eyes widened, and he dropped his slice of pizza; it lay untouched on the table, blatantly defying Murphy's Law by landing toppings-side-up. "You're joking."
Jakob shook his head.
Fabian picked up his pizza again and took a large bite, abstractedly aware of his shaking hands.
"When I catch that bastard," he replied, trying desperately to steady his voice, "I'm gonna kick his bony butt all the way to the Hague."
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Fabian ran into the bedroom and leapt onto the bed, bouncing twice before finally settling into the nest of unmade blankets. "Hey!"

"Hey." Audra scarcely moved, her eyes locked onto the page, barely noticing her own movement as the momentum bounced her.

"Whatcha doing?"

She sighed deeply and looked up from her working-trance, trying to shove the irritation at being interrupted to the back of her mind. "Trying to read."
Cut for vaguely pseudosexual content. )
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This is kind of silly and fluffy like spun cotton candy, but it amuses me somewhat, similar to the Law and Order bit. I wasn't quite sure what to call this: it's an idea I've had for a while, and I'm writing it to amuse myself, because sometimes I'm like that.

I could call it 'Thies has Two Daddies' or 'Looking for Miss Goodbar' or 'Jakob and Fabian go to Kindergarten' ... or I could just call it Genderqueer in the Pre-K. )
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The shower room was thick with steam and echoing boys' voices and instututional pink soap. Josh shed his sweaty gym clothes and left them crumpled in a careless pile like a damp and used-up exoskeleton, stretching the kinks out of his muscles and ducking behind the sticky plastic shower curtain into one of the stalls.

Damn thing wouldn't close all the way. He jerked at it irritably for a moment, finally managing to ease the ragged teal plastic most of the way across before turning his attention toward the taps. It was always tricky to get the right water temperature in these gym showers; they could be either blistering hot or bone-numbingly cold, depending on the time of day and the phase of the moon and whatever the hell else made the plumbing work in this place. Maybe some kind of deific dice roll.
Lead on, MacDuff. )
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[ profile] daily15 word: here. )

Ficlet here. )
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Anthony's original intent was to keep his eyes tightly closed and try to concentrate on his breathing. Unfortunately he wasn't enough of a trusting soul to entirely keep his eyes closed, so intent kept giving way to practicality in a kind of quick-blink method - he'd open his eyes, see something terrifying, close them again, imagine something more terrifying, lather, rinse, repeat.
Finally, he couldn't stand it any more. "Fabe," he commented as evenly as his increasingly panicked heart would allow, "haven't you had enough driving practice for the day?"
"I'm fine." Fabian protested. "Besides, we're only at the end of the street."
And the adventure continues. )
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Today's word. )

Cut for the skittish. )
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Say the secret word and the duck comes down ... )

The stars above them twinkled with the knowing mystery of constellations unseen from one's birthplace - exotic and deep, as though different stars carried more meaning, somehow. The sand beneath them was still warm from the day's heat as they neared eleven o' clock local time.
Frank Sinatra had probably never expected his music to be played here, under the foreign skies of a planet he never knew existed. But romance is universal. He probably would have agreed to that sentiment, in any case.
"You look lovely tonight." Fabian murmured.
"So do you." Jakob replied with a chuckle. "I like the tiara. You always did want to be a faerie princess."
"It's a failing." They swayed gently to the crooning coming from the stereo. I've got a crush on you ... sweetie pie ...
"Regrets?" Fabian asked softly, following the gentle steps of the dance.
"Not a one." Jakob turned to the woman who was standing beside them both and raised an eyebrow at her, laughing; she was mischeviously expectant in her short silver gown and bare feet, the lights from the town nearby outlining her deep blue hair. "Yes, schnookie?"
"It will be my turn soon, I expect?" she laughed. "I mean, it's my anniversary too, not just yours."
"You can have a turn." Fabian stepped aside, straightening his smoking jacket and tiara. "Go ahead."
"Yes, but that's hardly fair. I want to dance with both of you." Audra pouted. "Damn dichotomous thinking. What's a woman with two husbands supposed to do on the dance floor?"
"It depends on how quick you are." Jakob chuckled, looking at both of them thoughtfully. "Okay ... hm. Well, I suppose the only way to do things is for Fabie to stand there - put your arm around Audraschnookie's waist ... like that, and I'll stand on her other side ... there. Now take my hand."
Fabian did so, nuzzling Audra's neck playfully, and she laughed.
"There!" Jakob nodded approvingly, peering over Audra's shoulder at Fabian. "Just like always. A spirited dance, with Audra in the middle. And I'm leading, because you step on things and trip."
The song continued; the three of them began to dance, first awkwardly and then more fluidly, leaving spinning wet footprints across the sand.
"What happens when we dip?" Fabian asked suddenly.
"We'll figure it out somehow."
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(Bonus points for any of you who have actually heard the aforementioned song, or heard of Chilliwack, either).

The snow falling was thick and silent. It just piled up and kept piling up inexorably, on and on, and it seemed like it would never end. Jakob sighed. This was not weather he was used to. It didn't tend to snow like this in the Netherlands. Hell, it didn't tend to snow like this anywhere he'd ever been. The Twilight Zone was apparently somewhere north of Chilliwack, British Columbia.

Serves you right for going along with Fabie's halfbaked ideas, he mused. Whoever thought of picking a weekend getaway spot because the nearest town had a band named after it? Schnookiebaby, that's who.

He squinted out the window, breathing on it and wiping the dripping frost away with the back of his hand.

What on earth was Fabian doing out in the snow?
You know you want to find out. Click me! )
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Today's [ profile] 15minuteficlets challenge ...

The cut is because I don't want to give away the [ profile] 15minuteficlets word. But it's not /that/ long. :-)

The secret word is: )

The sky was hanging black with ominous clouds. As they stared out the huge glass sliding door, a huge raindrop spotted the sunbleached concrete - and then another, and another, until the ground was a wet, shiny grey-black and the sand beyond was three shades too dark.
Jakob sighed, turning away from the window. "I guess we'll be staying in?"
"No way." Fabian set his face at a determined angle. "No way - I'm going out."
"Schnookiebaby, it's pouring." A bolt of blue lightning streaked across the sky, as if to illustrate Jakob's point.
"I don't care." With a flourish, Fabian jerked the balcony door open and darted across the concrete patio to the beach, a streak of pale blonde hair and baggy lavender t-shirt, running through the rain.
Jakob stared after him for a moment, and then turned to the beach house's resident cat, who was sitting on the chair cleaning itself fastidiously. "I married an idiot."
"Come on, come on, it's great!" Fabian shouted from the beach.
"I suppose this is what they were talking about when they said for better or for worse." he informed the cat, and stepped outside into the downpour.

Fabie was right; the rain was warm, the huge drops stinging slightly as they landed. Jakob could feel his gelled hair flattening against his forehead, and his glasses were more raindrops than lenses, at this point.
"You're going to catch your death." he yelled through the storm.
"I don't care." Fabian screamed back. "Isn't it great?"
A huge clap of thunder swallowed Jakob's response, which was something like 'you're insane'. Fabian laughed gleefully, standing with his sodden streams of hair dark around his face, his arms outstretched, worshipping the rain gods and the bounty they provided. Jakob stood still, shaking his head, a smile on his face.
Suddenly the world turned upside down; Fabian pounced, leaping onto Jakob's chest and knocking him backward into the wet sand. Their muddy, entwined bodies skidded, lips meeting warm and friendly in the cooling rain.
"Let's go inside." Jakob breathed, wiping the wet sand away from Fabian's eye.
"Yes." Fabian grinned, sitting up. "I'll race you back."
"When I catch you ..."
"If you catch me." Fabian snickered, scrambling to his feet, dancing backward.
"When I catch you." Jakob's blue eyes glittered, "I am going to eat you. After I wash the sand off you, that is."
Fabian's giggles trailed through the rain as he began running back toward the house.
Jakob chuckled to himself and let Fabie get a nice head start.
Half the fun was in the chase, anyway.
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(A silly little piece: this is what happens if you watch too much Law and Order and spend too much time writing. It's not quite fanfic - it's more the kinds of games kids (and their extremely tolerant uncles) play. I thought I'd post it now: I mean, what with Briscoe leaving the show and all.)

"Uncle Stephen?"

Anthony poked Stephen with his toy fish experimentally. Uncle Stephen didn't move.

"Maybe he's dead." Audra stared at Stephen's prone body sprawled on the couch.

"Uncle Stephen can't die." Anthony replied confidently.

"Din't he say that uncle Wally would be the dead of him one day?"

Uncle Stephen had said that, Anthony reflected.
Doink doink. )
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Topic: music.
(I know. This is supposed to be Jack-and-Allanna month. This hit me out of nowhere. I couldn't resist it. :-D Yes, of course they were listening to this CD.)

Date night.
Fabian turned, straightening as he hit 'play' on the stereo. "There."
"Whatcha putting on, schnookiebaby?" Jakob drawled from the sofa, patting the empty spot between his knees invitingly.
"Sinatra." Fabian sat down and wormed his way up to rest his head on Jakob's chest. "That okay?"
"It's fine." Jakob stroked Fabian's long blonde hair gently, kissing him on the forehead.
They sat silently for a while, enjoying the comfort of each other's silence.
"You know something?" Fabian spoke up suddenly.
"This song is kind of like how we met." He began singing quietly in a soft tenor voice. "Strangers in the night ... exchanging glances, strangers in the night ... wondering in the night, what were the chances we'd be sharing love before the night is through..."
"Kind of." Jakob chuckled, still petting his hair. "But it had a better beat to it."
"So kind of like the Chemical Brothers does Frank Sinatra then."
"Kind of, yeah."
"That's ... kind of weird." Fabian wriggled further up Jakob's chest, kissing the hollow of his neck. "It's true, but it's kind of weird."
"I love you."
"I love you back."
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([ profile] drabblemania topic: pinholes)

Jack set down his newspaper and glared at the child bouncing on the end of the sofa. "Fabian Ross Donnelly, stop that right now."
"I'm bored." Fabian replied simply, leaping one last time and landing in a sitting position. "I wanna go outside."
"Well, we can't. Why don't you play with Anthony and Audra?"
"They're playing chinese checkers, an' I always lose." He began fidgeting again in the way that only a hyperactive eight year old cooped up inside on a summer Saturday could fidget - which was to say, obnoxiously. Jack sighed. He was starting to feel vaguely seasick, with all the bouncing.
"Why can't we go outside again?"
Click for the rest. )
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This comes right after Playing With Matches Can Save Your Life ... later the same night. Jakob and Fabian are actually travelling underground on a little used freight rail network between Amsterdam and Berlin. Which is kind of out of the frying pan into the fire, but ... well, you know.

Later the same night ... )
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(Crossposted: [ profile] drabblemania)

"Hold still." Audra instructed, putting on her doctor-face as she slopped some clear, slimy gunk from the bottle onto his hand. The skin was an angry tropical-frult-gum pink and already starting to blister, butterflying over his fingers.
He bit his lip until the colour drained away, but was silent except for the flicker of pain in his eyes. The cool aloe base seemed to warm almost immediately, as if it were pulling the heat out of the wound, and he sighed, shivering a little with a sudden chill.
"Watch." Audra instructed, a slight smile haunting the corners of her mouth, nodding toward his hand.
Before his eyes, the skin seemed to turn from an angry burn to the smooth paleness that had been there before. He blinked, rubbing his eyes with his good hand. "What the hell?"
"It's got a local temporal accelerant in it." Audra chuckled. "It's engineered that way."
"Did you do that?"
"Of course I did. With you around I need all the help I can get."
"I love you." Fabian laughed delightedly, rubbing the rest of the salve into his newly healed skin.
"I know. Don't do it again."
"Don't love you again?" He chuckled at her flustered expression. "I know, I know. You should say what you mean though. Accuracy is important."
"I'm the one that's supposed to say that."
"See?" He put his arm around her shoulders. "I can learn. Especially from such a beautiful teacher."
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Evan's always saying that if he didn't have bad luck he wouldn't have any at all. Who knew it was tied to his underwear?

He's got interesting priorities in life. )
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From proposals come weddings, obviously.
Looking at that older piece I'm surprised at how much my style's changed for the better. Woot. :-D

Hardly a white wedding .... )
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(crossposted to [ profile] drabblemania)

"Hey, Anthony, come on in."
Anthony generally feared the times when he went into his brother's studio and found him playing with rope.
Fortunately this time Fabian had his clothes on, so he decided to venture beyond the doorway. Sipping his coffee, he perched on the arm of the paint-covered green and grey sofa, a bemused smile on his lips as he inspected what seemed to be a snarl of string, bows, and God knew what else. "What exactly are you doing?"
Fabian looked up, face covered in a veil of his blonde hair. "It's for an installation project I'm working on. You've got the manikin, see? And he's tied up, right? And gagged, because no one wants to hear you talk really ... and these are the different kinds of bonds we have in life. All symbolized by different kinds of things. See? Nylon rope, hemp rope, ribbons ... there's an actual tie in here somewhere - corporate bonds, right? I even cut off some of my hair and made it into a braid and put it in."
"You cut your hair?" Anthony replied, mock-suspiciously. "What the hell have you done to my brother? Who are you? Fabian never cuts his hair willingly. It's a law, or something."
"The price I pay for art." he sighed dramatically. "Besides, it was only a little bit. At the back, underneath. You can't see it. I braided it in with some of Audra and Jakie's hair."
"Marriage bonds?"
"Zackly. And over there is a rope made of dough... for Joshie, y'know. A pretzel."
"Right. You and your powder milk biscuit obsession." Anthony rolled his eyes, taking another drink of the sweet, milky coffee. "Looks like interesting stuff. You having a problem with that, there?"
"No, I'm fine." Fabian replied, wrestling with a particularly recalcitrant piece of nylon camping rope that he was trying to tie to a piece of velvet ribbon. "I can do this. I was a boy scout once."
"No, you weren't. I was a boy scout." Anthony chuckled. "You got pissy when they wouldn't let you wear the same uniform Audra was wearing in Girl Scouts and threw a hissy fit and uncle Jack had to take you home. Remember? Let me see that." He took the two strings and looked at them thoughtfully, inspecting the other parts of the sculpture. "Looks like you've used pretty much all the same knot all the way through. The one you use to tie your shoes with. You know, I thought that someone with your ... interests ... would be better with knots and bindings?"
"Oh, most of the time Audra does that." Fabian replied with a shrug, getting to his feet.
"Right." Anthony looked a little pained. "I suppose I did ask, didn't I."
"Well yeah."
"So let's see ... I think you can loop this rope around like this ... and then the other one around like this ... and ... apparently have it completely fail to work." He made a face. "What am I doing wrong here?"
"You almost had it." A voice commented from the door. Anthony turned and saw a familiar dark-haired presence leaning in the doorframe.
"Hello, breakfast." Fabian grinned, raising an eyebrow.
Josh, for his part, blushed and coughed slightly, taking the two ropes from Anthony's hands. "You were about to do a thiefknot ... but really you'd be better off doing a sheetbend, like this." He gracefully turned his wrist, and suddenly the two ropes were tied as he stepped back to inspect his handiwork.
Anthony and Fabian stared at him.
"Eagle Scout." Josh replied, a slight, depreceating smile on his lips.
"There's so much I just don't know about you, Joshie." Fabian ducked under the remaining pieces of binding, putting his arm around Josh's shoulders with a naughty sparkle in his eyes. "Why don't you sit down and tell me all about these knots. Maybe a demonstration would be nice too. I'm such a visual learner."
"I'll ... just leave you to that, then." Anthony replied, a long-suffering yet faintly amused look on his face as he shut the door behind him.


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