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planet earth box set. <3


- i wonder how they managed to get antarctic winter shots? that's not easy at all.
- neko's favorite: amur leopards (he watched this part VERY CAREFULLY.)
- the terns flying south - entirely black sky. just incredible; and the warming taiga
- birds of paradise - COURTING FAIL
- OMG waves - and whales - and the slowed-down shark strike
- eye of the hurricane was possibly the best shot of the whole
- swimming elephants!! and the baboons look so much like children going into the lake. seaners did that same splash-waddle thing the last time he went to the wading pool
- omg dog hunt on the okavango delta (bbc dvds from amazon have 10 minute 'making of' video on each ep: this one focused on the filming of the dog hunt)

continued tomorrow!!

i wish my dad was still alive. he would have been blown away by this series. we used to watch nature documentaries together. *sigh* *misses*


Jul. 31st, 2008 09:42 am
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Well, we seem to have August's childcare issues sorted out (omg yay!) (touch wood) and I am trying to stay as much off my feet as possible, and there will be doctor's visits this afternoon.

Clickety click:

City of LA bans fast food restaurant construction in poorer neighborhoods.

Golden Retriever adopts three abandoned tiger cubs.

From the lovely [ profile] mirrormargaret (via [ profile] mattblakk, I think) - Read about, and donate a dollar to, a documentary film project about adolescent girls in inpatient psych treatment.
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guy pierces his goldfish. Here 'goldfish' is a euphemism for 'goldfish'. No really.

odd looking marine animals you never knew existed.

Achieved today: drugstore run, picked up methadone 'scrip, got pedicure. (I don't know what it's called when your podiatrist does it, but it's basically a pedicure in my brain.)

Movies picked up at video store: 'Double Happiness', 'Mongolian Ping Pong' and the first season of 'This Hour Has 22 Minutes'. Rockin'.
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I watched Honey and Clover (the live action movie) this morning. (I'd missed seeing it at the theater when [ profile] mydwynter was here due to med side effects.) Verdict: good. <3 I think I prefer my Japanese films a little more surreal but it was still a cute high school drama kind of along the same lines as Linda Linda Linda.

Tonight we're watching 'In Bruges'. Looks good (and I think Ralph Fiennes is hot.)

Yesterday I actually found a Pixar film I wouldn't mind purchasing (shock of the ages: I do not love every single movie Pixar ever produced and the last one I actually saw was the Incredibles, I know, start throwing tomatoes now - I always forget about them when they're on DVD and I hate going to kids movies SO MUCH, parents and children in movie theaters are usually bloody obnoxious). - a collection of their short films. Looks interesting. (I'm mostly noting this here so I can remember to pick it up when I'm down there again post-payday.)

(Every time I go in there I desperately want to go back to film school. Can't afford it. Also utterly impractical. Still want to. WAH.)
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I'm not sure if Today's Dork Tower comic makes my inner film nerd squee or just want to die from the horrible punnery.
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Things I have done;

Applied for a whole lot of (like, I don't know, a lot) jobs. Hate applying for jobs as my resume is pathetic and looks like I haven't worked in seven years (which I haven't). Discouraging. Attempting to be slightly hopeful that at least one of them might at least give me an interview.

Cruised the SIFF lineup for this year. Found at least seven kickass films I want to see; made reservations for six of them using freebies in six pack, am waiting until at least tomorrow to get the rest (am likely just going to buy another six-pack of tickets on payday). Oh god, I love movies so much. so freaking hyped about this, OMG OMG OMG OMG. (Will post SIFF schedule once it's been finalized what all I'm seeing in case anyone else wants to tag along to a showing. <3)

And [ profile] newtypeshadow is coming to town for three weeks ... OMG this is just going to be AWESOME AND WIN for the next little while.

(Will ignore the little voice that says I fail at adulthood because of the whole lack of job thing, that I've wasted a whole bunch of time with pain and dealing with boy issues and now I'll never find a job because everyone in the whole world has more qualifications than I do.) (Or try to.)

It's mother's day! Seaners made me a pot and planted a mystery seed in it! [ profile] tallin informs me there will be other gifts later.

[ profile] doubletake came by yesterday; I was expecting her to watch Sean for about half an hour while Chris ran errands, but instead she did that, made dinner and cleaned the whole house. She too is far too good to me.

How about you?
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It's nearly Film Festival Time again, ladies and gentlemen. OMG OMG OMG SQUEE OF MUCH SQUEEINGNESS. And this time I live within walking distance of at least two of the six theaters. SCORE. Preview is next week and selected by lottery. *crosses fingers*

... that means we've been living in Seattle for two years already. Whoa.

Last year I saw Ober (Waiter) (black comedy from the Netherlands chock full of meta), Dasepo Naughty Girls (south korean musical comedy featuring crossdressing mobsters, high school students and masturbation as an offensive weapon) and Poltergay. (poltergeists who died in a gay disco fire haunt young married couple, hilarity ensues) They were all very much of the win.

I have pulled something in between my shoulder and neck compensating for the too-much-botox weakness. Also my elbows object strongly to the whole thing. Once again! world of pain. Plus yesterday's anxiety, plus the usual stupid knee and ankle and hip issues, plus a side of wooziness and shortness of breath that's unexplained. My totally broken body, let me show you it. Sigh.

... ow, I didn't know that particular shoulder/neck muscle was involved in sneezing. I do now.

Other things: am having spicy soy pork tenderloin for dinner (with rice and roasted asparagus and snappeas); am failing to get any writing done; am constantly falling asleep. Ugh.
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Sunshine, mild weather: check.
Flowers in bloom: check.
Eyedropping the kid this morning without too much terrible trouble: check!
Trader Joe's having everything I wanted in stock: check.
Library: check.
Video store with nearly everything I wanted and things I didn't know I wanted, including the three disk documentary on Ernest Shackleton that [ profile] purridot told me about just before I left (<3 <3 <3!): check! (I think I could go in there for the rest of my natural life and not manage to get bored. Sorry, [ profile] tallin: no Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings, and Pinky and the Brain disk set 2 was out, but I got Corner Gas season 1 instead.)
Cute girls who know film working at video store and who were obviously looking at my chest long enough to admire my new bpal steampunk shirt: check! (yes! I am a pervy lech. I pull no punches.)
Kid not yet sent home by paranoid administrators: check check!
Cat being super cute and playing with headphone cover: check!

Today = full of WIN.
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I want to see Sunflower and Honey and Clover during the weeks they're showing. Anyone want to come along? Would prefer to do Monday, Tuesday or Friday evenings, the late shows either night ... let me know if you want to go. <3
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This weekend my favorite independent movie theater is showing 'Autism: The Musical', which is about a bunch of autistic kids that put on their own musical. (Funny how that works there, the connection between title and plot). [ profile] tallin and I are going to the 3PM showing tomorrow (Saturday 15 September). Should be fun. (Next week the same theater is showing a documentary on Christo's 'The Gates', which I'm going to myself at some point.)

They show awesome movies, and the membership fee is $25/yr which gets you in for five bucks instead of seven, and to member-only events, and other stuff.
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The Grand Illusion is back to showing not-monster-movies (monster movies are cool, but I like more variety, myself). And next week they're doing a documentary on Dr. Bronner (the soap guy).

I simply must see this. <3

Last night [ profile] seattlejo and I went to see Labyrinth, which I had never seen before. (pause for shocked gasps from geek-filled audience). Yes, really. It was wonderful, especially Sir Didimus and Ambroshius (my favorite part.)

Tomorrow [ profile] tallin and I are going to see Stardust, because I have been waiting to see Stardust since about forever (or since I'd seen there was, in fact, a movie to be made).
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We're finally getting Beneath the Valley of the Ultravixens from Greencine. I had to turn on over-18-rentals just for this movie.

I can hardly wait. :-)
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Imagine an existential Danish hybrid of Boondock Saints and Resevoir Dogs, with a mild-mannered bank clerk on a criminal spree ostensibly to do good, a dash of slapstick comedy and several prominently featured explosions.

That's this movie. Available on DVD (I got it out of the library.)
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Alien principals! Loan sharks! Pyramid schemes! High school prostitutes! Youtube in Korean! Monsters being sent to a higher plane of existence through the magic of mass masturbation! Singing! Dancing! Cross-dressing! Karaoke lyrics appearing on the screen!


Goin' to bed now. *whee!*
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Just nod if you can hear me ... is there anyone home?

25 uses for Ziploc bags.

Wikiality: The Truthiness Encyclopaedia.

Off to see Waiter and then Ping Pong. It's a very filmy weekend, but not in the dance of the seven veils way.

Just remember, you are the greatest thing since bread came sliced.

I'm off. (only a little and it hardly shows.) Don't break anything.
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I have GOT to see this movie.

It is a horror comedy that involves gay disco dancing poltergeists.

Seriously. MUST see this movie.
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My kid doesn't have a damn thing to do with the TV or movies, but I already know he's weird. :-D Although [ profile] tallin and I might go to see Wallace and Gromit.

Free Family Flicks during the summer, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Search for a theater near you (U.S. only, I think.) (link from the most gorgeous [ profile] heathrow).
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Why was I under the impression that Kodak had stopped making Super 8 filmstock?
Because they haven't.
And I have a Super 8 camera.
And I know how to use it. And how to edit the resultant film stock.
And there are dealers in Seattle that sell and process the stock.
And I have free time.
That's not good. This is very dangerous from a financial perspective. As though I needed another toy to play with ... or to be drawn back to my long ago roots as a film nerd ... that's definitely not good.



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