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From the fantastic [ profile] jenk: pictures from a cat's eye view.

Local people: there's apparently a massive garage sale both saturday and sundady next weekend (1661 E Olive, so like, really near my place, oddly) to raise money for someone with ALS. I like that sort of thing and I have a rather peculiarfascination with garage sales, so I plan on going.

Also local people: I hate to do this again, but is there anyone local who can possibly help us get the REST of the stuff from the old place? Apparently the landlord found MORE stuff in his cleanout and they want it gone today. We'll be home until sixish, but it would be better to do it sooner rather than later... (and honestly, this SHOULD be the last time. so ANNOYING.) *sigh* [ profile] katybeth is awesome. next time we are so getting better movers.

Hi! I'm still in my pyjamas: I'm hoping to stay that way for a little bit at least before I have to shower to go to the party.
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I have yet to figure out how the heat works in this apartment, which means that every single joint in my body is all 'HI THAR PAIN FOR YOU HA HA HA.' every morning. We have heaters and thermostats but the heating controls lack any sort of indicator as to what is 'on', nevermind temperature.

So anyway - happy Friday; my kitchen is about half-unpacked, and I even got to have coffee in one of my own gigantic mugs this morning. Very reassuring, that.

Today's plan: perhaps unpack a small amount, largely relax, and hopefully some writing. My dreams are insanely detailed these days; I dreamed a whole cyberpunk 'verse this morning that may well fit in with the geishas.

Tomorrow evening is Chris's department's holiday party. I am half hoping to get a haircut before then.

Clickies of clickiness:

[ profile] euclase is quite possibly one of my favorite people in the universe. These links are a good example of why. <3 Nautilus shaped house (I so want to live there, but I may have to content myself with knitting one instead) and Spend time with your own private moon. (I seem to recall one of these pics was on musecrack a while back, but this one has MORE OF THEM, and they are AMAZING.)

And from the most awesome and brilliant [ profile] shutterbug_12: the most disturbing animals on earth..

edit: I forgot to post this earlier. As of now I have done a small amount of unpacking (meaning - one kitchen box, moved a few small nonessential pieces of furniture to the closet, set up the table) and I think I will call that done for a little while. We sort of almost have a dining room, which is very good; this weekend when [ profile] tallin is home we can probably make more headway on it. I think if we can get the kitchen, coats/blankets for the hall closet and bathroom finished this weekend (all the blankets and coats are in garbage bags, the bathroom has only one box left to do and the kitchen has two or three) that will be good.

I can hear planes more easily from here, and a train in the distance.

son of edit: you know who else does amazing clickies? [ profile] thewlisian_afer. I'm just going to link the most recent post in its entirety because it is truly amazing.

oh god.

Dec. 2nd, 2008 09:17 pm
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so tired. in huge amounts of pain. chris had to wrangle ridiculous amount of stuff in a cab because the movers inexplicably neither put it in the van nor mentioned it to us. v.v.v annoyed at movers. whole foods has ridiculous amounts of Stuff but all their mugs are too small for Real Amounts Of Coffee. cannot find just about everything. surrounded by boxes. pls send search party. hopefully will be unpacked by christmas. fortunately doctor still supplying good drugs. have spent day doing laundry/unpacking/running around wholefoods in pain. love you all.
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despite rumors of my demise i am, in fact, alive. we are now mid-move; i am at a coffee shop around the corner from the new apartment; cats are in new apartment; Chris is at the old apartment. Child is at school and will be dropped off at new apartment afterwards.

I am dead tired, insanely sore and physically exhuasted. but i think we did manage to do it. <3

Thank you [ profile] arjache and [ profile] hithah, again, for being so very awesome and helping us pack; we couldn't have done it without you (i mean that).

things new apartment has that old one does not:

  • dishwasher
  • washer/dryer
  • lots of bathroom storage
  • amazingly spacious closets
  • gigantic cupboard/counter in dining room
  • lots of closets
  • carpets (that could be good OR bad. all white carpets. huh.)

i am not going to be able to catch up on my flist; please leave a comment and tell me what's gone on in the past few days, because I do love you all. <3 (I mean that. I do.)

(and if someone could make me a bunch of icons from this set of pictures I would love you possibly more. OMG Olivia Wilde == HAWTNESS.
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okay. we have spare set of hands for tomorrow. i am going to have coffee and then i am going to start packing. we can do this. i am actually vaguely starting to be almost optimistic.

I nicked this link from someone on my flist, i am sadly not sure who, but they are clearly an amazing person because this is the cutest link EVER: PANDA KINDERGARTEN.

Seriously. ded of cute.
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if i can borrow beg or steal anyone away tomorrow afternoon to help me pack our dishes, i don't know what i'll give you, but it starts at gratitude and ends somewhere beyond dinner and a movie. help?
(i am never going to get this done i swear)

darlings - i love you all so very very much, it is true - and i hate to say this but please don't comment unless you can actually help because i am going to have a heart attack jumping at every little newmail sound, okay? lovelovelove all of you, please do not kill the nice phinnia.
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In search of a ride around 8AM (between 8 and 9) Monday from my place in the u-district to the new place in Capitol Hill. Passengers: me, possibly the child, definitely two cats and their associated (clean) catbox and dishes.

If you can be an extra set of hands yet have no car, you can ride in the cab I will inevitably be taking to (possibly) drop the kid off at his school and (definitely) the cats and me off at the new apartment. I can't wrangle two cats plus box upstairs by myself, and Chris has to stay here to deal with the movers.

Will pay with coffee, gas money (if you're driving) and eternal gratitude.
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Yesterday when I was at PT there was a ridiculously adorable service chihuahua (i have no idea what service the dog provided, although I was terribly curious). Her name was Boo Boo and she had all matching pink accessories, plus pink sweater, AND a SQUEAKY RUBBER CHICKEN with a PIRATE COSTUME. Her owner was sitting on the floor in the lobby area, letting her play (she was tethered to her matching pink carrier, which at least slowed her down a bit) and she wanted to say HI to EVERYONE IN THE WORLD or at least the eighth floor. <3 It was ridiculously cute.

Pain in the ass of the moment: Sean's school is closing (the condition of the building isn't so great, and they're having to close schools to make budget or whatever). I'm annoyed at this for several reasons:

1. my little guy will probably not be near his friends. Of course he will make more, he's an extremely social little guy. But I'm still kind of sad for him. (nts: damnit, do not think about this for very long otherwise you'll end up crying AGAIN AUGH.)
2. we'll have to train ANOTHER teacher and set of therapists.
3. once again more of the focus during the move is on the APP program (gifted program). One of my biggest annoyances re: this school was that SO MUCH of the focus is/was ON the APP program and SPED programs seem like an afterthought. (they only have two demographics at this school - sped and gifted.)
4. One of the reasons we moved to this location was BECAUSE of his school.

Of course there are good points:
1. I have a feeling/ I want to push them so he'll end up at Green Lake, which we toured before and which I really, really liked: they have hot lunches for the SPED students and a therapy dog and the people were really welcoming - plus they have more of an internet presence AND it's not too far from Capitol Hill
2. Sean's school is by no means the only awesome thing in this neighborhood.

I am attempting to make knitted coffee cup sleeves for Seaners' teacher and aide. I'm hoping that if I start now I might be able to finish on time.

Today's dose of Lamactil only seems to be making me moderately tired instead of severely wrecked/tired. Also no rash. I still put Seaners' snack out early.

A link, from the always fantastic [ profile] gokuma: regenerating a mammoth for 10 million dollars.

Things I want to do this weekend:
1. knit coffee sleeves
2. pack
3. possibly watch movies (we still have the Greencine ones unpacked and I want to watch them so we can send them back)
4. maybe catch up on House eps
5. write
6. cook dinner (dinner = tofurkey (i like them. really.), garlic mashed potatoes, mashed yams with maple syrup, cheesecake.)
7. see [ profile] adularia to drop off clothing and foodbank supplies

What are you doing this weekend?
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dear stanford,
why are your lectures only available on itunes? itunes hates me and this means i can't access them and that makes me very very sad.

dear friends in seattle,

some of you said that you could help us pack and we love you. (we love everyone. we are just that loveable - and [ profile] hithah did a ginormous amount of packing when she was here but our apartment is at least two ginormice in size. can you help us this week at all? that would be very helpful as we are moving a week from Monday. will provide food and drink and hugs and you can get first pick of any stuff we don't want or needs (there's a lot of that). also if someone could drop off some stuff at a local women's shelter, that would be awesome and i would pay your gas money or zipcar cost for sure yes.

phin (and the boys)

dear [ profile] katybeth:

can we figure out how to exchange cat litter for cat carrier soon? thank you so much again.

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So I accidentally fell asleep after the boys had left and woke up again at noon. Given that my hip and other joints were being annoying for a good few hours last night, I'm not especially surprised. I am worried when that sort of thing happens, given that if I continue on the pastry school path I'm going to have a lot of early mornings (classes start at 8 and go until aboiut 12). I guess that's what coffee is for.

Things I am doing over the next while:

still working on Quant and starting these mittens but in a different set of colours; I have this cool sampler in the yarn she's using so I think the tan color and one of the blues would be nice.

Working on a couple of prompt tables and more [ profile] stuffonmywilson fics, plus a whole whack of half-finished things.

packing up my apartment (we want to move the week of Thanksgiving if possible; if the new landlord manages to get the apartment cleaned before then, Chris is going to take a couple days off and we'll schedule the move over one of those weekdays so we don't have to worry about Sean being in the way.)

Reading: four and twenty blackbirds (excelllent) and a mini-Dave Eggers book of wee stories ('How the Water Feels To The Fishes')

hm. do those sorts of things sell at all - little books of microfiction? I still want to do that ...

I need to catch up on my podcasts.

Nearly finished the initial thirty day lumosity training.

I want to make my girl's roasted vegetable soup so I should put that on after the kidlet gets home

Thinking about Christmas themed porny short stories (as I am too freaked out to sign up for [ profile] yuletide, given that it's all small-fandoms and I'm pretty much a one trick pony. :p)

And remembering that I need to send packages to a couple people, and that I should get out this week to gather the stuff to do that.
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So clearly the reason we didn't get the greenwood apartment is because the one we just looked at is better: a small but neat building, 3rd floor, with 2 big bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths (no tub or shower in the one off the master bedroom, although the waster and dryer are in there). Nice area of town, not far from Sean's school. (Harvard and Olive in Capitol Hill for those of you who are local, which means that [ profile] arjache will be able to show off her favorite haunts, and we know quite a few people already in the neighborhood, which is excellent.) Two blocks from a Microsoft Connector stop, which means that Chris's commute is about 20 minutes to 1/2 an hour most of the time. (Also there's a stop nearby for the one express bus that goes to MSFT as well.)

It would be an hour to go to school for me, or ten minutes if I decided to do the pastry chef thing again - I haven't decided yet where I want to go with that. I'm not doing anything until the headmedz are more stable. The last thing I need is more stress while that's happening, the move is already enough.

And this building is owned by one guy and his wife, and they seemed most interested in us providing a paystub and less (read: not at all) worried about our credit, which is very good.

Seaners will have enough room in his bedroom for the trampoline as well as the toy cabinet, dresser and bed, which is awesome, because it means I might be able to get a decent sized dining room table. Lots of closet space, full size appliances (as opposed to the 3/4 sized fridge we have now).

in short: YAY. We will be moving no later than 1 December. Good times.

Two from the most excellent [ profile] brightflashes: the stink in farts controls blood pressure. (no really, that's the actual headline) and computer circuit built from brain cells.

From [ profile] dandelion_diva, who is quirky and fabulous, cement and mosaic quilts (seriously, this is very cool) and peeling sticky tape emits x-rays strong enough to show the bones in your fingers. OMG.

And from the frequently nifty [ profile] cerebral_wasabi: 9 reasons not to date a tyrannosaurus rex..

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Phoned local voc rehab office about potential funding for school. It's becoming more and more apparent that a lot of things would be easier if I was also working (credit repair, eventual purchase of house or condominium, potential trust fund for Sean's care later in life so I'm not eighty-five and running after him and break a hip, those trips I keep wanting to take, etc. etc) and my current skillset is getting me nothing at all. Plus this program at Shoreline has just little enough math that I can manage it, (stats != math, IMO) plus some hardcore nifty things (class in recombinant DNA, for example) and the college is on the bus route near where we'll be moving.

Hate going through government systems but cannot get financial aid. Dreading seminar for this (next Tuesday) but will go. Worry that body is going to fall apart even more. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that hip-happy bullshit.

Random twitching has moved to shoulder also. How weird. Will ask main doctor about that + why I can't kneel without screaming in pain tomorrow. Bah.

Clickies today are all courtesy of the super-fantastic [ profile] thewlisian_afer:

man arrested for sex with car wash vacuum.

burglar leaves flowers, apology to victim.

worker finds upside down gravestones paving walkway. (that's pretty neat, imo.)

I keep almost falling asleep and then scaring mysef awake.

Great. Denied really awesome apartment due to bad credit despite us telling manager 'hey, our credit sucks but we'll pay a bigger deposit and we have decent income' and manager saying 'don't worry about your credit, that's not all we look at'. Hate unreliable people that make those kinds of statements. Hate everything, especially myself for doing nothing helpful and just crying uncontrollably. Today is basically shot. *gives up*

If I didn't already have a babysitter coming that I couldn't cancel I'd just go back to bed and not bother, period. I'm tempted to anyway. Fuck, fuck, fuck.
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Have found appropriately awesome apartment in Greenwood area of Seattle (near Greenwood and 85th, for locals); second floor, east facing view, with a communal patio that I'll actually go out on (ie: not too far off the street). The windows actually open and the manager is nice; the neighborhood is amazing. Just across from a good coffee place and a grocery store that isn't scary (unlike the one nearest to us now). There's a Microsoft Connector bus that Chris can pick up to go to work nearby and lots of other buses, plus wheelchair accessible. Movein date is hopefully 11/15. So awesome.

Did not get my portable EEG because the unit was broken; am getting it done next weekend, so [ profile] hithah will get to see me in my wired-up-gauze-headed glory when she comes to visit. Good times. Did several more tests, some on computer, some not. Neurologist sending home moar paperwork for me to do during the weekend of the EEG. Neurologist largely responsible for several acres' worth of deforestation.


electives at an all-autistic boys high school include Dragon Lore, the History of Snack Foods, Comic Books and How To Shop for Bargains. from the most awesome [ profile] kibbles. (NY times article requires registration; it's worth it, IMO, they aren't pesky and there's some good stuff. <3

From a whole stack of people: Research suggests that the beat to 'stayin' alive' is the best rhythm to do chest compressions to during CPR.

From the incredibly excellent [ profile] geekchick: squirrels in Washington DC: once imported, now overrunning the area.

Tiiiiiiiired omg, so tired. Was up since five and have been running more or less nonstop. Hoping to reschedule the boy's psych appt. Tired nao.

How are you?

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


Jun. 3rd, 2008 06:34 pm
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  • Apartment quest: couldn't find the perfect one and got sick of looking. Renewed lease for another year here. Chris's performance review at work is coming up and hopefully I'll find work somewhere in the next year, which should be nice - we can widen our search. Too much up in the air right now and it's not as though we hate it here.
  • Writing: I have not written anything in six days. I am pissy and moody about that, thanks for asking. I am completely uninspired and figure I should just give it all up and open a goddamn fruit stand because that, at least, is less flukey. Bloody hell and damnation. (The spouse says that a writer without angst is not a writer. Or something like that.)
  • General body stuff: the ankle is behaving, or maybe it's just a pain gateway thing, because my jaw is aching like whoa. Dental work is the suck, even though I like my dentist very much.
  • Girlfriend: still the awesomest.
  • Internet wife: still the best ever.
  • Husband: continues to be his bizarre yet excellent self.
  • Child: has ten days of school left. (God, pray for me. Ugh.) Is going on park field trip this Friday. Summer school runs for July, which is also when every single daycamp on earth has their program. Do people forget that summer vacation is TWO months long? Why are there almost no programs for August? Full of hate.
  • film fest: Am seeing films Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week: Girl Sparks, Phoebe in Wonderland and Four Women.
  • Chris has magic mojo: he managed to score us premium nanny services by simply being awesome. I do not know how he does this.


May. 29th, 2008 06:27 pm
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Apartment: nice, but too many stairs and too little bus service.

Ankle pain: epic. 3 tylenol 3's at a time kills ... most of it. for a while, kind of.

Doctor: unreachable until tomorrow (it was bad enough that I actually stopped in and cried at a nurse to give me pain meds PLEEEEEEEEEASE, but no doctors were actually available, and mine will supposedly be in tomorrow ... I hope ... agh.

Tomorrow: have dentist, have left three squillion messages for pain guy, who will undoubtedly fail to return them or will call back when I am under dental sedation or something. Dear system, you are broken and kind of made of lose. <3, me

Me: Am taking evening off until 9. Have babysitter, don't feel like dealing with boy tonight, need break.

Writing: I cannot write for crap right now. I blame three hours sleep and too much pain. So, so bitchy about this.
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Three hours decent sleep, followed by the child being awake, followed by the child being in bed with us, followed by me remembering WHY the child does not get in bed with us ever - because the child is FLAILY AND POINTY AND SPRAWLY and does not understand that CUDDLING AND GIGGLING is only awesome during the times when MOM IS NOT TRYING TO SLEEP WTF BOY.

Then the cat attacked my breasts. Then the child jumped on the bed for a while. *ded*

Apartment showing this morning. Have to clean the place 'cause caregiver is coming by this afternoon while I have a doctor's appointment (and a movie, if I'm awake enough to go).

God, shoot me now.

I have high hopes for this place though - 3 bedrooms, ostensibly spacious. It's one third of a triplex. *hopes* If we like it we're putting down a deposit.


May. 27th, 2008 09:58 pm
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This city has too many hills. I know there are cities out there with more hills, but right now I'm living here and I'm totally objecting to the hills.

No international district apartment, as getting up the THREE HILLS from the nearest bus stop is IMPOSSIBLE for me. Still seeing two more apartments (one tomorrow evening, one Thursday morning). I have high hopes for Thursday as it's on a bunch of bus lines and is a roomy, startlingly cheap 3 bedroom in a triplex, which means we'd have an extra bedroom to turn into an office slash spare room or something like that. Which would be awesome.

But I did get mango pudding cake, mango milk tea and chinese donuts, so today still counts as a win on that score. Also recieved the two pairs of earrings I bought from [ profile] elisem in the mail today. Happy-[ profile] phinnia-yay. They are my favorite shades of blue. <3

It took nearly an hour to get home. The only good thing about this was that Seaners thought riding the bus was the MOST FUN THING EVER OMG and laughed to himself about a third of the way. <3 There's something zen about that - something about simple pleasures - that I'm too tired to formulate into words at the moment.

Found backup care for Thursday's appointment-and-SIFF-showing extravaganza! Am seeing a Norwegian black comedy called The Art of Negative Thinking.


From my most awesome girlfriend: Cat puts Japanese rail firm on track. The cat has a salary (of catfood)! And an office! And a HAT! This is the best story, it's so sweet. <3

Also from Japan, and this makes me giggle: Drug cops lose cannabis in Narita airport.
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Vague musings:

Am thinking of (pain management, etc., willing) starting to look for work in late May/early June. As terrifying as the prospect is, it means a few things, not the least of which is that we might be able to move in about six months to a year. As much as I love this apartment, there are two big problems with it: the stairs to the street (which are becoming a bigger problem with my orthotic) and the lack of in-unit laundry facilities (because the laundry stuff is, you guessed it, down a bunch of stairs: see also.) I'd love to stay in the general neighborhood, but we're also thinking about Uwajimaya Village again: there's something awesome to be said about living over a massive Asian grocery store with attached mall/foodcourt, after all.

Am thinking, beyond that and after some bills are paid, of going back to school. Have a few avenues open to me (which is really a large part of the problem I've always had - too many avenues and not enough direction/too much indecision). The one that's largely appealing at the moment is finishing the remaining two years of my psychology degree and considering some kind of postgrad work in that area, maybe as a child/adolescent psychiatrist. There's apparently a lot of demand there.

Problems with this:
1. The whole anxiety of postgraduate stuff to begin with, considering half the time I worry I can't even finish a cup of coffee or a simple sentence, never mind an actual degree path - and somewhere in my head something got flipped that said 'real adults finish everything they start, and since you don't (NO EXCUSES ACCEPTED) you suck and are Not An Adult.

2. Well, money of course, but isn't it always?

3. Minor but annoying: as much as I'm interested in SPED and the psychology of autism and so on, I despise the idea of people thinking that I did this for my obviously broken child. I did it because it's interesting, and analyzing the kid is interesting and I want to know how he thinks, but it's not out of some Amazing Maternal Bond or anything, please. I love the little guy, but he's not my reason for living, clearly. And it disgusts me that people will undoubtedly think otherwise. Sigh. I know I can't do anything about the way other people think. It's just kind of icky that that sort of thing exists at all.


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