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Took [ profile] tallin and [ profile] machineplay's advice and made scheduleish/to do list that sets times to things. Limited writing time to 1 hour for now. (more is fine, but not required. this takes away the 'must be at computer constantly to wait for inspiration or am not a Real Writer.' anxiety. Day has been particularly satisfying, and i finished two minifics during that hour.

i always resisted schedules because they made me feel anal-retentive. idk why this is different, but apparently it is.

clickies from [ profile] ecwoodburn, [ profile] gizmometer and [ profile] magie_05:

white whale off coast of San Diego

ettiquite guide for flamboyantly gay/transgender thai monks i cannot stop giggling. i cannot. i'm sorry, i just can't.

thai school offers transsexual toilet.

ants inhabit world without sex. for some reason i find this deeply scary.

in pictures: knitted village this is so sweet. it's taken this knitting club twenty years to do and now they're auctioning the bits off to support the town hall. i just love it.

i am now Le Tired. The kid needs a new dentist: the one he had at children's dental retired and we haven't found a new one and they're backed up until the second coming. he has cavities. i forsee sedation in our future.
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i want to get all of these out of my tabs before i go to bed (which i'm doing at an absurdly early 10PM PDT tonight so i can get up for ohdarkfuckingthirty tomorrow and hopefully not feel more awful than usual. special mention goes to [ profile] geekchick for the adorableness. <3

elephant tail hair reveals how they compete with other species, their diet, conception rates, etc. See, that's very cool. And the way they do it makes a lot of sense.

lost Aboriginal language revived. I love lost languages. They're kind of sad in a way because so few people know about the words, but if they're only a little lost, then things like this happen.

drug offers hope on Alzheimer's

first puppy Bo to arrive Tuesday this has the cutest presidential photo-op ever (at least I think so): Obama's running down a hall (presumably in the White House) with the dog. And the dog is ADORABLE, and he's all, 'hey, dad? am i doing okay, dad? how'm i doing, dad?' *flailing*

Tried to learn Judy's Magic Cast-On. My fingers hurt and there's something small that I'm doing wrong (i think it has to do with the direction i'm wrapping the yarn on the bottom needle.) That said it goes significantly better than previous attempts to knit the same sock top-down. So it's a partial success.

new ice cream thing is known as a ben and jerry's 'flipped out!' in the vanilla fudge brownie flavor - cookie bottom, vanilla ice cream + brownie bits, fudge top. Not bad, but not spectacular. I think this is one of those things they make to convince people that they're getting more dessert than they actually are. (like i said: ice cream=srs bzns around here) We have a peanut butter and chocolate brownie fudge varietal that will probably tried tomorrow night.

I'm tired. I hope you all are doing well. I'm pretty worried about tomorrow morning's neurologist appointment. I really hope she can do something helpful.

Goodnight everyone.
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clickies brought to you today by [ profile] foxestacado and [ profile] tourmailine1973 <3<3<3

summit feast for troops and staff After the summit in Thailand was cancelled, rather than let the food go to waste they served the journalists, guards and various staff members the dinner. I don't know much about thai food (yes, i realize my license to live in Seattle is now under jeopardy - there are about seven thai restaurants within a three block radius of my apartment) but it sounds lovely. <3

twilight advertises using contact lenses okay, no matter what you think of the movie or the books, that's seriously fucking creepy. Look at the model. the whole idea gives me chills.

passenger lands plane after pilot dies. OMG.

icebreaker mission sets sail scientific american is starting a series of posts done by a couple of journalists on an icebreaker on the Bering Sea. This is the first one. (for extra bonus fun note pedantic comment which is pedantic at the beginning there.)

Found new ice-cream dessert thing (cookie bottom + ice cream + fudge) by Ben and Jerry's at grocery store. bought two packages. ice cream = srs bzns. Have new toe up socks book to play with: am pondering ripping apart caston row from just-started socks to try toe-up. Will probably do this as i tend to cast-on tightly and have found that it cuts into my leg if i do it that way. more room at the toe to play with.

Despite that i am grouchy and tired of people today. Some random person patted me on the shoulder as she got past me in the post office line. Do not like being touched by complete strangers.

have picked up 'the open focus brain' from the library. looks short. therapist asked me to read it for next session (2 weeks away). some people have asked me to review it, which i will try to do.

tomorrow visit from new neurologist. scary thing: only missed circling 3 of the dozen or so symptoms on 'neurological complaints' list. do not want. appointment is at 9:20 tomorrow morning, which is also nervewracking.


Apr. 9th, 2009 09:20 am
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i actually managed to get about seven hours sleep and i only woke up once! this is honestly a serious big deal: i don't know when the last time this happened was. and i only had to take two percocet between 10:30 (when i went to bed) and 6:00 (when i woke up.)

i taught myself the twisted-german cast-on (youtube link) which is kind of a big deal because i never was able to figure out anything but the knitted cast-on before.

i have something of an original-ish smutfic in my head. mmm. girlsex.

how are you? i'm going out soon to do some shopping.


Apr. 8th, 2009 01:38 pm
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read book, had 1 1/2 hour nap. feel astoundingly better. am now cuddled up with two cats. sometimes life is really good. okay, my shoulder hurts kind of badly but other than that.

does anyone have a particularly good website or something on how to convert DPN sock patterns to two-circular needles sock patterns (not magic loop as yet, i want to try this first). i know cat borhi had a book out but i think it's still packed or something, i don't know where it is right off?


edit: okay, shoulder hurts worse than anticipated. ugh.
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So I accidentally fell asleep after the boys had left and woke up again at noon. Given that my hip and other joints were being annoying for a good few hours last night, I'm not especially surprised. I am worried when that sort of thing happens, given that if I continue on the pastry school path I'm going to have a lot of early mornings (classes start at 8 and go until aboiut 12). I guess that's what coffee is for.

Things I am doing over the next while:

still working on Quant and starting these mittens but in a different set of colours; I have this cool sampler in the yarn she's using so I think the tan color and one of the blues would be nice.

Working on a couple of prompt tables and more [ profile] stuffonmywilson fics, plus a whole whack of half-finished things.

packing up my apartment (we want to move the week of Thanksgiving if possible; if the new landlord manages to get the apartment cleaned before then, Chris is going to take a couple days off and we'll schedule the move over one of those weekdays so we don't have to worry about Sean being in the way.)

Reading: four and twenty blackbirds (excelllent) and a mini-Dave Eggers book of wee stories ('How the Water Feels To The Fishes')

hm. do those sorts of things sell at all - little books of microfiction? I still want to do that ...

I need to catch up on my podcasts.

Nearly finished the initial thirty day lumosity training.

I want to make my girl's roasted vegetable soup so I should put that on after the kidlet gets home

Thinking about Christmas themed porny short stories (as I am too freaked out to sign up for [ profile] yuletide, given that it's all small-fandoms and I'm pretty much a one trick pony. :p)

And remembering that I need to send packages to a couple people, and that I should get out this week to gather the stuff to do that.
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What's the point of Facebook? It seems to be getting quite popular but I still fail to understand why. You can't really do much with it except turn people into zombies or whateveritis.

I have spent most of the past few hours playing with my new ball winder and yarn swift. They are named Denna and Richard, respectively. I have so far wound most of a ball of yarn; my mind is actually quite calm except for the niggling part that keeps pointing out what else we could have done with those four hours.

I swear if there weren't guilt in the world I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

(the other two wee dragons/eggs are 'hidden' due to sickness.)
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Well, that was an awesome waste of time!

Went to dentist. Now you must understand that Seaners does not go to a standard dentist: his dental clinic is part of the local children's hospital. It's used for children's dental surgery when it gets complicated, and it's used for special needs kids' ordinary dentistry needs too. So because it's connected with the hospital it's got access to the hospital's databases. Where all of Seaners' specialists are. And where his primary care clinic is affiliated.

So I get to the dentist.

We are told that:

The dentist has retired (why did they not tell me when I made the appointment?) and that they don't have another dentist available and that they've been trying to get in touch with us. All their mail has been returned (but JUST from their department!) and they don't have any one of the four up to date phone numbers we currently have. At least one of those numbers has not changed since we moved to Seattle.

WHAT THE HELL, dude. I mean - just - /weird/.


smoke art. seriously beautiful stuff.

A cloned dog, a mormon in mink lined handcuffs and a tantalizing mystery. This is just generally a great true crime like story.

From my AWESOME internet wife [ profile] stef_tm: Mathematical knitting. (don't worry [ profile] purridot dear! It's not numbers! It's lovely shapes. <3 <3 <3)

Invisible Tetris. From the most awesome [ profile] gokuma. It starts to get AMAZING after about minute #3. Seriously worth watching, worksafe, no sound required.
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The Mario Scarf.

She's knitting the entire first level. As a scarf.



Aug. 1st, 2008 12:59 pm
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From the most marvelous [ profile] datagoddess, a cool new knitting magazine just launched online: twist collective. Some gorgeous patterns in there; definitely worth a look. I'm not sure what to make of the "magazine" feel to it - it's interesting - but there are some gorgeous patterns. I really want to make the cabled kneesocks. <3 The patterns are purchase-only but they don't seem that unreasonably priced to me.
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Courtesy my most awesome, amazing girlfriend: Measure to name sewage treatment plant after President Bush is on the California ballot for November. WIN.

This is very nifty: how to reduce packaging: ideas from Japan. SERIOUSLY cool.

God, my brain is oatmeal, I swear.

ETA: I just recieved the little box of socks which is all sock knitting patterns! Very, very cute. And a nice form factor (they're all on laminated cards, very handy.) Mmmm, nomnom socks.
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I got paid for my poem slash creative nonfiction thingywotsit today.

Currently: am having fun categorizing much of Phil Collins (including later Genesis) catalogue into distinct categories by subject matter, drinking coffee, trying not to fall asleep again, trying to work out what I did wrong with my socks. Are all the stitches supposed to be on one circular by the end of the first round? I've never done this way before, I'm totally confused.
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I want a pattern for an adult sized knitted (lacy/summery, not felted) bucket hat. You know, like those gilliganesque type things. I have two balls of linen yarn (marigold-esque colour and greeny-turquoise colour) that want to be a bucket hat. They have told me so.

The only patterns I can find are either (a) for children or (2) crocheted.

Please advise.

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yarn!  from yarnia!

Both are bamboo sock weight; left cone is copper and sapphire blue (it's not as orangey in real life as it is in the picture) and the right one is dark blue and lavender.

Both from Yarnia. Which is just as cool as it sounds.

I think I like bamboo best of most fibers that I've tried; it's soft but still nice and bright, and it just feels nice to work with.
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Original fic: Finally got smacked in the head with the perfect way to deal with one of my long-standing plots. Result: 1500 words under my belt so far today and counting. AWESOMESAUCE.

Fanfic.remix: 300 words-ish, which means one third done. Is like pulling teeth with a pair of tweezers. Am hating it right now because of this, but I objectively think it'll turn out okay.

Childcare: have care tomorrow, Thursday and Friday from 9-1 for sanity retention; have care Thursday 4-8 due to doctor's visit and other assorted crap. Botox/rehab visit rescheduled for next Tuesday. Next week is fililng up and I'm not sure I like it: not scheduling anything else for next week, I think. Leaving for Portland for the weekend Saturday morning early. OMGWTF, I can SLEEP and I'm planning a trip to Yarnia.

Today: went to hipster coffee joint for morning, did a whole foods run this afternoon. Talked with Seaners' care person for a while after I got home. She rocks, and we just found out we can hire her officially as his ABA assistant without any weird conflicts of interest (because she's currently a respite person, we weren't sure). This means that the insurance pays for it. Can we say AWESOME? We so, so can.

Bought some of the stuff to get my GF-baking-fu on (potato starch, tapioca starch, garbanzo bean flour, rice flour). Am going to try and tweak the zucchini bread recipe tomorrow afternoon, thanks to a little guidance from [ profile] krasota. Whole Foods sells my favorite ginger candies in their bulk section for a song. I approve of this.

My internet wife is AWESOME and my girlfriend is AWESOME and I'm just having an astoundingly rockin' day. I hope you are too. <3
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On the one hand, my poor (likely dyscalculic) brain can generally not handle math.

On the other hand, this book looks seriously cool.

Neurontin makes me huuuuuuuungry. Must stock house with appropriate snacks.

Kind woman at college located my money, totally nuked the payment agreement for this semester (I guess the previous approach wasn't scorch-and-burn enough? It should have worked, apparently, but did not) and can get me a check likely Tuesday. EXCELLENT. <3
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Home. Tired. Have defeated my fear of the damn bridge over the freeway. Walked about a mile from the freeway stop to home.

Emmi gifted me with Elizabeth Zimmerman's 'Knitting Without Tears' (which looks awesome as I glanced through it) and some pumpkin bread mix.

She made [ profile] tallin a t-shirt that says 'if you can read this you're too damn close' in braille, (seriously, it's totally awesome) and Seaners got a lovely letter (also brailled) with a promise of three trips to Jump Palace (one of those local bounce-castle places which he has been to before and loves) with treats on the way home, and some nifty trays for food wherein he can separate all of his dinner into sections. (They are seriously cool. He likes being able to Find Stuff Himself.) And [ profile] tallin played Space Channel 5 Part 2 on PS2 and is way better than I would be at it, so we have to buy it now, or well, eventually. <3

She made us brunch and sent us home with dinner and cookies (OMG beet risotto SO GOOD) and I love her to itty bitty bits. And now I'm going to collapse because my body hates the fact that I've walked a mile, especially the ankle (and did I mention I strained the tendons on the other one by falling? No? I did. So I have two screwed up ankles now.) But it was super nice because the little boy stayed home and I got to feel like an actual sociable grownup for a while instead of a kid-chaser.

OMG I r ded. The End.
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Small new years' goal: finish all of my half-finished knitting projects. *eyeroll* I have three on the needles in various states of not-done.

From the most marvelous [ profile] datagoddess: A yarn CSA.

Woke up too late after going to bed too late. Respite this evening followed by new Law and Order. Before then, I have a first draft of something to do so I'd best actually get working on it.
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  • Respite day! Any day that includes respite hours is automatically good.
  • Improved the apartment's feng shui (otherwise known as cleaning.)
  • Located most of the pieces for [ profile] tallin's Alucard costume (still must buy: sunglasses, vampire teeth, white shirt.) My Seras Victoria costume just needs vampire teeth and the skirt shortened on my dress. Most excellent.
  • Picked up apple cider from the farmer's market (6.95 for a half gallon. yum yum.)
  • Met [ profile] bork downtown for dinner at The Steelhead Diner (verdict: fabulous. they have poutine, which makes them an immediate win already.)
  • Came home to package (used copy of Cat Bordhi's Treasury of Magical Knitting, which looks insanely fun.)
  • Now it's time for the boy to go to bed.

All in all, a satisfyingly good day.
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Bull penis walking cane. Actually that site is pretty nifty: they have a replica of the cane from 'House' with the flames on it, and lots of others that are actually somewhat attractive. (I'm amazed. Generally the morale of gimps is not especially considered relevant. What's morale? You have a condition that's considered depressing. Or some crap. :P) I want the one that doubles as a blowdart pipe. Oh yes. <3 (Yes, I know, concealed weapon and all that.)

Handblown glass knitting needles. OMG gorgeous. Also OMG pricey, but still! gorgeous.

From the most marvelous and excellent [ profile] starsong: Parents: 1 - Smart-ass teenage son, 0. SO MUCH AWESOME. See, I aspire to be this funny.


Aug. 11th, 2007 11:41 am
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To [ profile] deza:
I was at the farmer's market today and was hooked into buying some gorgeous alpaca DK weight yarn in a kind of coffee latte colour. The woman kindly pointed out which one of her adorable alpacas had provided the fiber, and I was totally sold.

So yeah, sell your future alpaca yarn at farmer's markets. Unexpected, but definitely a good idea, the knitters aren't expecting it and they're weak.

(They also had spinnable fiber.)

Dangerous people! Peaches and yarn. Hit me when I wasn't looking.

Other things I've found today: someone's Christmas gift, five dishtowels for a quarter, Japanese cucumbers (for refrigerator pickles) and thai iced chai. (omg yum) And a good coffee shop which is currently making lemon waffles for me.

I love my neighborhood. I may never move again.
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Currently knitting: the dream swatch (see sidebar for pattern). I'm doing it in Mikado by Crystal Palace, the deep sea colorway.

It's going well except for my paranoia about dropping stitches. It's difficult to rewire the brain to do that on purpose ...


May. 28th, 2007 07:16 pm
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For knitters: Mochi Mochi Land knitted stuffed toy patterns.

I absolutely must have the snake and mouse - and the heffalump and hippo-potamus. And the raincloud! I'm going to knit a raincloud and hang it in our window. :-)


(not that I need more projects. but dude, adorable or what?)
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Oh dear.

I do not need more yarn. I do not need more yarn. I can't KNIT that fast. :-D

must knit faster, must knit faster ...
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Obama is considering running for president.

Please, let democracy work. Let him run and win. I'd love to have a president who can spell without the aid of Hooked on Phonics...

Things I need right now:
To write something that I'm actually happy with. ARGH.
A rice cooker
Someone to clean my bathrooms
New knees
The new Haruki Murakami book to magically teleport itself from the holds shelf in the Central Library downtown to my present location.

I want to make this sweater for myself (I love it, but a sweater?). (Although I'd probably do it in Knitpicks Main Line, in either Blueberry or Red Velvet Cake. Mmm, cake.)

While I'm talking about sweaters, I'm thinking about doing Kyoto (yes, still) in Knitpicks Crayon, but I don't know how to size it up (I have a 46" chest, and it only goes up to 42" in the pattern.) Help? If I can figure this out (having passed the 'I can't afford that much yarn' hurdle) I might actually do it. Of course, it would still take forever. I have enough problems finishing small patterns.

That said, I am making decent progress on this knitted hat-thing I'm making for one of my sibs. If I can keep the boy and the cats away from it, I might be done by the end of the week. Considering that keeping the boy and the cats away from it is no easy task and if I knit too awfully long at a sitting my hands start to hurt, that's not too bad. I'm making it in Suri Dream, (Ocean) which has been sitting in my stash for ages because it's too damn fluffy to do just about anything with but pet.

And after I'm done the few knitted gifts I'm doing this season, I'm making myself a pair of very tall socks. Because secretly, I like wearing skirts.


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