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Seaners' latest idea of fun is something we call 'the squishing game'. He made this up, of course. He makes up most or all of his games, and eventually we figure them out, and then the cycle repeats itself.

The squishing game is like this: adult sits on the front portion of the sofa. Child (who is being "sneaky") ducks behind adult, all while trying not to laugh or flail too much. (the attempt at sneakiness is often not so good. Stealth is not generally one of Seaners' best tactics.) But anyway.

The adult person leans back and Seaners gets squished into the sofa. This is called fun. (it's actually all about deep-muscle pressure stimulation. it's an autism/sensory sensitivity thing.)

A popular variation includes daddy lying on the sofa and refusing to move. sean attempts to get him to move forward into playing the squishing game by using various techniques (trying to trick him by saying he wants food, dragging on his arms and legs, giving him more snuggles (this is one of Sean's long standing manipulative techniques; if you don't do what he wants, you just MIGHT if he snuggles you more), occasionally tickling, etc. etc.

And when dad is not home, Seaners plays the squishing game with his little Dr. Seuss dude (gift from [ profile] mholmesiv, [ profile] silenceleigh and [ profile] zaratyst this past Christmas) with himself playing the role of 'dad' and the little dude playing the role of 'seaners'. this is pretty awesome because pretend play isn't something he really 'got' for a while. he also likes the weighted blanket that [ profile] gizmometer made.

Babysitters ask us about his favorite things to do. it gets kind of weird and awkward. "Yes, he likes listening to music - no, not Raffi, not High School Musical, no, he likes romanian disco and AC/DC and the Decemberists - stimming with crinkly paper and toothbrush cases, and being smushed. And jumping up and down on the loveseat in the corner. we let him because he's already killed the springs in that one."


Feb. 11th, 2009 04:42 pm
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So we accidentally bought a steak. impossible you say? oh no. I usually buy pork tenderloin, which is entirely different from beef (or bison, which is what this is) tenderloin. I don't usually buy steak, i have it at restaurants. so i was picturing a different thing. anyway. It was still very nicely frozen when i took it out of the organic-company's box, which lead to this.

Leah says:
currently the steak is so frozen it could be used as a murder weapon
Chris Meredith says:
... and then eaten?
Leah says:
... hm.
well, it's shrinkwrapped. and meat does taste better tenderized.
so likely yes and then eaten.
Chris Meredith says:
Anyone we need to kill?
Leah says:
although i'm not sure given the bits of brain.
i'm not sure about that either.
Chris Meredith says:
Right, but if the brain only gets on the shrinkwrap ...
Leah says:
yeah, but all the bone fragments.
Leah says:
i mean, you COULD. but would you WANT to?
well, i guess if you were determined enough to kill someone with a steak then i suppose you wouldn't mind.
Chris Meredith says:
You could kill without touching the brain, perhaps. Maybe bludgeon them about the soft parts for an hour or five.
Leah says:
eh, that just causes bruising and your steak would thaw.
brain's the most direct route.

for the record no, we did not get fava beans or a nice Chianti. And from what I've heard human flesh tastes much more like spam.
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So I'm thinking of sending cookies to some people this year, and I want to find nice bags to put them in. So I'm starting to try and find things like this so I can pick them up shortly after we move. This led to the following conversation.

Me: *marvelling at the mega-kitsch that is Oriental Trading* Inspirational Goody Bags. Because things are just so much better with Jesus on them.
Chris: I think Mary Magdalene said the same thing.

In a similar vein, I just remembered that not everyone has seen The Cavalcade of Bad Nativities and it came upon a midnight weird: cavalcade of bad nativities II (electric jesus boogaloo). And I think there are quite a few people (I'd initially thought of [ profile] hithah but I'm quite sure there are more) that would appreciate them. <3
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Me: (political discussion)" ... and he's got a lot of people supporting him, including what's his name that guy."
Chris: "What's his name that guy ... Colin Powell."
Chris: *laughing* What's his name that guy?
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We had to wait until the last minute to make sure he wasn't contagious or too sick to enjoy hanging out there, but Seaners and I will be doing Trick Or Treat at Microsoft this year; we should be there at about 3ish tomorrow and staying until 6ish.

Anyone who wants us to drop by their office, please tell me where you are! Leave a comment or email me (phinnia at comcast dot net) and we'll try to make it around.
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A true story in which Seaners asks about [ profile] savemoony and startles his father in the process.
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[ profile] tallin: I don't have time for this, I have a planet to rule ... oh wait. I'm confusing myself with the antichrist.
[ profile] phinnia: I bet that happens to you a lot.
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So in the Search For Military School or At Least Other Options which took place yeterday afternoon (you thought I was kidding, didn't you? Hell no.) we did find out a few things:

  • There are actually Autism With A Side Of Blindness Experts out there. They're based out of Portland. They're holding a seminar in Yakima this summer. I'm so there, dude. Or at least I want their literature.
  • The Child needs An Intensive Behaviour Plan over the summer, if nothing else, because we are lacking mojo for teaching him important things like life skills, and if he doesn't get structure he goes crazy and I want to send him to military school. Must Yell At Psychiatrist to make this happen.
  • Daycamp is worth the money. (see above note re: structure.)

Teh Spouse, because he is A Crazy Person, has musings on fandom, crackfic and a Quest for Ultimate Evil here. You should read it, for he is a Funny Crazy Person..
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[ profile] tallin, regarding Mac/PC fiction: "I think in the real world that's called 'LAN.' And you can make some decent money if you can make that work."

Just got an imp of Mechanical Phoenix, which smells like ... a base floral + distinct overtones of brass, if you can believe that. I want to think it's a coincidence that my mouth tastes like pennies now ... anyway, don't want a bottle, but the decant's staying. <3

Chris is threatening to go to the parent seminar on Internet Safety. *smirk*
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Me: I need coffee because my mouth tastes like ass.
Chris: Have you ever tasted ass?
Me: *musing* I don't know. Do hotdogs count?
Chris: I don't know. Well, at least that's highly sanitized and boiled ass.
Me: This conversation is wrong.
Chris: But is it bloggable?

Yes. It was.

... continued ...
Chris: So now you just need to bow towards building 34* and worship the great god Vista.
Me: As long as it isn't the great god Peanut*.
Chris: Why not?
Me: Well, anything that comes out of Fred Phelps's brain is not something I want to worship.
Chris: What about the great god Rectum? Well, I guess if you don't want your mouth to taste like it, you don't want to worship it.

*The hypothetical location of Bill Gates' office.
*Because he's weird, Chris likes to tune into the rants at the Westboro Baptist Church from time to time. There was one in particular where Phelps was going on about the great god Peanut, and another where he was going on about the great god ... well, you get the idea.
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Scene: Is morning. We are having coffee. I hear a strange noise, the sound of metal rubbing against plastic. I look over to see that Velvet is humping the television. (You know, that doesn't seem any more normal writing it out?)
Me: Uh, Chris? Our cat is humping the television. Should we do something about this? I mean, other than being alarmed.
Chris: Perhaps hope the offspring supports high definition.
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The child's favorite thing in all the world is half a travel toothbrush case. Longtime readers will remember that he took it with him into the operating room when he went in for his dental work. He likes to stim with it, which he achieves by flicking it in front of his mouth and blowing across the top.

The spouse's favorite thing in all the world (one of them, anyway) is Messing With The Child's Brainmeats. He plays various games with the boy and has since the boy was teeny - taking the toy of the moment and playing a close-in version of keepaway with it, trying to encourage Sean to find it is a favorite one. (I personally think this contributed to Seaners' ability to locate dropped objects.)

This morning he discovered that if he takes the stim toy away from Seaners and flicks it against his mouth and blows across the top of it, Seaners will actually wait patiently for him to be done before trying to take it back. He's sharing his favorite stim toy with dad - you know, in case dad is stressed right now and feels the need for some comforting repetitive stimming?

After a few times, he actively handed Chris the toothbrush case after he was done with it.

It's interesting how your perspective changes to fit your kids. This is awesome - this is sharing and turn taking and a certain amount of focus on others. I was thinking yesterday that it really wouldn't bother me if Seaners said 'fuck' or something like, because at least it would be a word - and even better if it was in the proper context.
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Chris: Goodnight Sean, and don't worry about large birds of prey that are flying overhead looking for small autistic children which will be their dinners.
The Boy: *ignores* *sneezes, imitates self sneezing, which is totally cute* *futzes around when he should be thinking about bedtime*
Me: What are you talking to him about?
Chris: Autistic-eating birds of prey, of course. *goes past the child's room again* *makes cawing sound* Oh look! What's that? An autistic-eating-bird of prey?
The Boy: *continues ignoring his father*
Me: *laughs helplessly*


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