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things i have to do in the next few days:
move box of cardboard boxes to trash
unpack last living room boxes (2 - one of games, one of magazines)
unpack new trash can
break down more empty boxes
sort out bin of random stuff, put bin under table
empty trash cans
move wheelchair into better position next to bookshelves
apply bumper stickers to wheelchair
write something

things I'm worried or scared about
that I don't have a job and all of my qualifications are horribly out of date (linda hirschman, one of my feminist idols, believes that women have a responsibility to themselves to keep themselves employable. I have to say I agree with that, and I'm frustrated that due to things beyond my control that I've let mine slip.)
dealing with voc rehab (paperwork, dealing with counselors)
starting things
finishing things
sean's future
taking an exercise class

things that bother me
women who live through their kids
women who live through their kids and actively sabotage them by not teaching them what they need to know, coddling them too much, not preparing them for the world
helicopter parents
my own brain when it wants things that are impossible to get or do (turning time back)
when I or my friends can't get the medication that they need
when people don't exist as people and have their own lives and interests, but instead blindly fill a role and think that's enough
not being listened to even though I know what I'm talking about
unnecessary meetings
having to repeat myself
when someone asks for my advice and then don't listen because they don't like what they hear
when the cat (who is in heat) starts humping my foot
non-wheelchair accessible places
people who say nasty things about microsoft and don't acknowledge that Google and Apple have faults
people who are assholes to my friends

things that i love
my friends
my boy
my husband
my girlfriend
my internet wives and my internet husband
my internet children
my internet twin
my cats
when writing comes easily
really good ice cream
my new wheelchair
packages in the mail
CBC radio
BBC radio
(with increasing frequency) me
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Many good things today. Looks like snow is melting finally: sidewalk outside our apartment is clearing and road is clear. Should definitely be passable with wheelchair (which is arriving Monday: SO EXCITED!!) Therefore I should be able to leave the apartment Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. First stop: picking up packing supplies to send gifts. I'm hoping to get them all packed and ready to send out Wednesday between or before writing-date with [ profile] shadowgoddess42 (which might actually happen after several weeks of planning!) and picking up [ profile] gizmometer at the airport.

Still no packages from UPS/Fedex. Hoping for Monday. Frustrating. But given that is the worst thing right now, I'm pleased.

Today's maillove:

Card from [ profile] geekchick (yay!!)
Box of assorted crutch things to make ice more passable (now that I may not need them - but still is better to be prepared, always)
DVD with pictures from photoshoot I did with [ profile] silenceleigh (they are AMAZING.)

Our sofa is on its way from Everett. Should be here in about an hour.

I have TWO kitties beside me even without the magic blanket of cat summoning!

Sean is playing quietly in his room.

I will have time to write this afternoon which is always good; have a House-fic I'm working on (well, actually several) and the misfit-toys-steampunk thing is going nicely. Also I should think about writing goals for 2009.

Planning on baking cookies this afternon or tomorrow. Also will see [ profile] zaratyst and [ profile] mholmesiv tomorrow at some point, bearing cake!

Should call birthmother at some point (is her birthday today.)

other chores today: quick pass with vacuum, move current sofa to new location so this spot is free for new sofa. clean cat box. Finish doing Amazon Fresh order (will be shipped tomorrow morning). Laundry. Plan meals for coming few days/week. Research types of ice cream to make whilst [ profile] gizmometer is here. Work out plan for holiday cookies (four types I think if possible: nanaimo bars, butter tart bars, gingersnaps, shortbread of some type.)

How are you?
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hours spent in kitchen making amish friendship bread and stew - 2
loaves of friendship bread - 2
cups of stew - 8-10
number of times I've had to shove the cat off of sitting on my arm - infinity minus one
bundles of laundry not yet put away - 4
cards recieved so far - 3 ([ profile] savemoony, [ profile] adularia,[ profile] kareila/[ profile] alierak)
packages recieved so far - 5 ([ profile] cindy_lou_who8, [ profile] mirrormargaret, [ profile] natalief, [ profile] bishojo_kitsune, [ profile] awils1 )
packages sent so far - 0 (in my defense I am snowed in at the moment.)
percentage of gifts purchased so far - 80% (the remaining 20% is coming along after I get unsnowed in)
kitchen injuries sustained today - 2 (cut on finger, burn on inside forearm)
number of times we've heard DCfC's 'Photo Album' today: infinity minus one, as it is on repeat to kep the child semi-occupied
coffees had - 2
words written - 0 (so far, but it's still somewhat early)
number of symptoms of atypical depression currently felt - minimum 2 (extreme pessimism/lethargy)
things I need advice on - 1 (suggestions for a reasonably quick and easy Indian cookbook.)
people I love - all of you. <3
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rest of evening: write something fictiony. angsty twitters and this list do not count. I am not as clearly hopeless as i thought because I wrote six handwritten pages of teahouse smut last week but I am still not pleased with this month's lack of output.
knit cuff of mitten pattern
take out 3/4 of a cup of chickpeas to soak overnight
take 1 cup butter out of fridge to soften

lemon peel shortbread based on recipe for lavender shortbread here.
put stew recipe (this) in crock pot
knit at least 10 rows of knitting pattern
write something fictiony

moar cookies
knit minimum 10 rows of mitten pattern
write something fictiony
writing date w/ Mel Shinka Tea 11:30-1:30

psych/neurologist appt 10:30 AM
go downtown hunting for christmas gifts (daiso, pike place market: get lavender at spice shop)
get mailing supplies
write something fictiony
moar cookies (if possible)
knit 10 rows of mitten pattern
box up kid's teachergifts (amish friendship bread starter, microwave cake in a cup set?)
if possible - box up other gifts

take stuff to post office
write something fictiony
10 rows of mtten pattern
moar cookies

... god, i'm already so freaking TIRED.
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Time I woke up Tuesday afternoon: 1PM
Time the babysitter showed up Tuesday afternoon: 4PM
Number of boxes the babysitter broke down flat and stacked: approximately a squillion and a half
Amount of time I spent at the Peets on Broadway and Denny: 1 hour
Number of blocks to the spa from the closest bus stop: four
Number of christmas presents I saw that i must buy for at least one person: one
number of hours spent at the hothouse: about 3.5
Number of other people there besides me: nine
number of items i had in my grocery basket in qfc on the way home: eight
number of gay boys that were remarkably concerned about me within the space of one block: two separate and distinct, not connected to each other in any way
number of minutes the bus was late: fifteen
number of percocet i had to take upon getting home: two, and it wasn't really enough for a while
number of appointments i've had today: two
number of perscription slips i currently have on my person: three months' worth (for the record, this means that they've finally managed to stabilize my meds and i won't have to come back for three months.)
number of days until payday: three (the 15th is a Monday which means the 'pending deposit' will show up saturday night)
number of emails i have gotten from the bloody pta woman: five
number of times i have sworn at her and hit the delete key: four (one just came in, but i'm typing this so I'm not erasing my email yet)
number of appointments left this week: one
number of appointments next week: two
number of school days left this month: seven
number of ridiculous early dismissals: one
number of times I've had to use the goddamn bus lift today: four
number of cats who licked my foot last night when i got home: two
number of House eps i have to catch up on: five
number of times i fell over today trying to get off the goddamn sofa: too many to count
number of times i'm ever sitting on that sofa again: zero
number of recent canon events I'm annoyed as hell by: one
number of weird freaky things to happen at the hospital while i was there: one (there was a "combative person" and they had to shut down all the hospital elevators. when you're walking around a part of the hospital that's generally silent and not crowded and every two minutes the PA goes on announcing "attention all medical center staff, code grey" etc etc.? it's kind of movie-esque and freaky. At least I wasn't walking down to Medical Specialties with those freaky INHALE/EXHALE signs i suppose.)
number of packages left for me: so far, two
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Woke up late. Missed kid's bus AGAIN. OMG FAIL.

Conclusion: need better alarm clock, srsly. Am torn between expensive-but-gorgeous zen alarm clock (digital, bamboo finish) or original good morning, sir clock with Stephen Fry. Ideally both = awesome because we need multple alarm clocks (to decrease chances of sleeping through all of them - we both have our cellphones with multiple alarms already and this is not foolproof, clearly. AUGH.

Kept nodding off this morning. Fortunately yesterday was decently productive so today can allow for slacking. Tomorrow is doctor's appointment and phone conference with Sean's teachers. Shrink/neuro is seeming overwhelming and unnecessary right now, which is a sign that I should probably go. Sigh. Annoyed by high maintenance meatbody.

Link of the day from the most awesome and marvelous [ profile] euclase: LEGO digital designer, free download (Windows and Mac OSX).

Now to eat. Then I am going to WORK, goddamnit. :p

Goals for the week (week ends when I go to sleep Sunday night)
Finish two mostly done fanfics
Next chapter of Genderfic
teahouse girls draft two. needs desperate slash and burn/reorg to make word count. I can do this.
Finish apocalyptic original thing draft zero?

Other junk for today: call paratransit for dr. appt. tomorrow. *eyeroll* laaaaaaame. :p
edit: pickup window: 9:24-9:54. to be there for ten thirty. to do paperwork. I don't actually see the doctor until 11:30. this guy better be able to help me, I'm wasting AN ENTIRE MORNING dealing with this crap. *grumbles, considers cancelling but doesn't*

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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accomplished today:
cut for insanely boring yet nitpickingly organized to-do-list-of-doom. )
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Today's lesson - do not take two tylenol 3's with codeine along with 25mg of nortriptaline unless you are really really serious about wanting to sleep. Because they create this magical cocktail that means even yours truly will be out for twelve freakin' hours plus. I just got up at twelve-thirty pst. That said I do feel significantly better than yesterday.

We have gone from too little sleep to far too damn much sleep. Good times! Good times. <3

So [ profile] reannon, my sister in birthdays and vampire authoress extraordinaire, has both an awesome article out now and a new book coming out soon. I know there's at least one of you in St. Louis (hi, [ profile] newtypeshadow!) so you should try and make it to her book release party tonight! I would go but, you know, the whole long distance thing, mountains in the way. Either way you should buy the book.

Tomorrow is the bigger boy's birthday (woo!). I am going to try and achieve cake for this. If I cannot achieve cake I will drag him down to Yummy House (god that sounds much pervier than it meant to) and we will have cake there. Or possibly both of these things will happen. I can't decide between their mango pudding cake and their tiramisu cheesecake, so I usually end up getting both anyway.

today's plan:

  • possibly bake cake (depends on body and whether or not body is stupid about sitting on kitchen stool. boy would rather go out to lunch with me (ie: have me coherent) than insist on homebaked cake (boy has said as much), so perhaps no, but we will see.
  • rp tags
  • sweep floor
  • scribble down some original ficthoughts
  • organize fluff fics from [ profile] stuffonmywilson (yes, I do plan to finish those. It may take me until next summer, but I AM going to finish those.)
  • maybe pick away at fic-in-progress; scribble down notes/beginning of 'blackout' sequel I thought about while going to sleep
  • hide boy's birthday presents before he gets home
  • deal with boxes that need to be recycled
  • avoid killing child (although if he snaps another debit card in half I make no guarantees.)

hi. how're you doing?

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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[ profile] triedunture started it with her list, so I thought I'd carry on with one of my own... <3 I think it's a neat kind of memeoid.
in here. )
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slight improvements:
1. Chris is going to find out the name/number of the pain clinic his manager with the spinal issue went to. He says they're good.
2. Put together bookshelf.
3. Might be able to appeal debt for botched semester of university; found out process for reapplying as 'returning student'.
4. Made appointment with advisor person re: returning studentness.
5. Found out how to deal with 'anxiety disorder' as disability as well as CP re: documentation standpoint (Not getting this documented and on file - big mistake i made last time.)
6. Scheduled care for Seaners for July's batch of medical appointments
blah blah to do list blah )
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The plans as we has them:

Today: at least make a vague attempt to clean the house. Probably should do some laundry, too. minimum 750 on original fic. Make edits to remix and post it using sockpuppet. Work on drabbles for [ profile] poorfrances. RP with [ profile] purridot.

Tomorrow: 7:30 AM train departure for PDX. Go to Yarnia upon arrival as it's closed Sundays. Cup and Saucer cafe for late lunch/early dinner? Check in to hotel. Relax. More writing and usual vacation things.

Sunday: Genie's for brunch. Late train. Still more writing. There is always writing. It is the way of things, and that is good.

Monday: Kid goes back to school and there is much rejoicing. lunch with [ profile] zaratyst (where/when are we meeting, hon?). More writing. Hopefully by this point have moved on to second drabble set or non-working smut piece in addition to original stuff.
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I am bitchy because:

  • Have not written anything of substance since the weekend.
  • The kid has an appointment with his shrinks today. Sigh. I'm just tired of all that.
  • Am looking down the throat of an 8AM appointment tomorrow, and a 2PM appointment tomorrow, which adds up to a day where not much other than appointments gets accomplished.
  • I am sick of appointments, and I still have three days of them this week and one Monday next.
  • I have no pain meds that don't make me more tired than I am. And while they're effective, they're also narcotics, and not only do I want to stay awake (because I don't really feel like I'm getting enough done most of the time as it is) but the doctor is skittish about perscribing them, and ... yeah.
  • And the fact that I have to be concerned about doctors perscribing me actual pain meds that work pisses me off in a huge way.
  • The child has early dismissal next Wednesday. As if the fact that he had last week off of school wasn't already ENOUGH.
  • Money sucks.
  • I am sometimes not a nice person, no matter how hard I try to be a nice person.
  • I despise confrontation but I'm going to have to do it, and soon
  • I'm sick of being so damn responsible
  • I'm tired all the damn time, until it's actually time to go to bed, at which point I can't sleep.

However, to balance that out, I'm not bitchy because:

  • It's a nice day.
  • Some BPAL decants I ordered ages ago have been shipped and may be in today's mail
  • The kid is in school.
  • The appointment tomorrow in the morning at 8AM is actually with my pain management guy. If he's not in again, I'm at least seeing my primary care guy in the afternoon and can talk to him.
  • Money sucks, but not as badly as it used to.
  • There's a bin of vegetables outside my door. I'm going to go get it when I'm done this.
  • I had a marvelous time RPing with [ profile] purridot last evening
  • I came up with a story for the next [ profile] house_bigbang.
  • There are people that think I'm awesome, even during the times when I think I suck.
  • I'm working on a couple of original pieces
  • I found a market to submit one of my Write-O-Rama pieces to.

Public service announcement:
You should donate to [ profile] rsl_bday_drive, because it's for a good cause, and then I'll write you things. <EOM>

(eom = end of message, obviously.)


Aug. 15th, 2007 04:29 pm
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Our landlords are being sweet about deducting the cost of the plumber visit from next months' rent. AWESOMENESS. (Especially since our previous landlords were obnoxious about maintenance things and tended to assume up front that we broke everything even when we didn't.)

I'm going to see a movie in about half an hour.

I have a job interview tonight at 8 PST (good thoughts would be very much appreciated).

I have a pocket Neko statue, a pocket Buddha statue, and a roll of Chococat tape.

I had gelato this afternoon (coffee, vanilla and creme caramel.)

It's three weeks (21 days!) until kindergarten.

Chris's Wednesday meeting got changed to Thursdays, so in three weeks (21 days!) we can celebrate the beginning of the school year together by lying around all day and doing unspeakable things. Like sleeping. Yeah. (It must be unspeakable. Sean doesn't let us do it. Neither do the cats.)

Chris has an interview tomorrow for another full time position with Uncle Bill's House of Software. Here's hoping. (good thoughts then would be much appreciated too.)
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trying to keep my head on straight. )
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1. I found a twenty dollar bill yesterday, just lying on the ground waiting for someone to pick it up. So I did.
2. During the packing I found a photo album that I'd forgotten about. Inside were pictures of my father and copies of my own wedding pictures. I thought I didn't have any of either.
3. We are moving in a week. YAY. It is so hot in here it's insane.
4. Monday I start my week-long short fiction writing workshop!
5. Heard from [ profile] doubletake this morning, and talked to [ profile] raventyde this evening. Each of them reminds me of the other and I love them both dearly and miss them.
6. Sean was reasonably well behaved today.
7. Juicy big plump peaches.
8. I finally got the botox issue straightened out and it's very likely I'll qualify for the program. As nasty as the injections are they really do help.
9. Respite care.
10. All my friends and loved ones. :-)

Bonus round: a fun weekend planned: respite on Saturday plus clothing swap on Sunday.
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1. In the 'neat consumer goods' department: today's mail included a mostly full bottle of 'The Lion' and a sticker with this pattern on it.
(I have no idea where the sticker came from; I can't find it on the site. Nevertheless it is indeed cool.)
2. Also in the mailbox; information about our insurance, and (more importantly) forms to fill out for Sean's augmentative communication whatsit. One step closer, which is yay. (Does anyone local have a video camera or something like? They would like us to videotape him so they can see examples of how he communicates; it's not a huge deal if it can't be done, but it would be helpful. My cell phone video thing only takes like, thirty seconds worth, which is not helpful much.)
3. Tried the 'Bastet's Laughter' oil on one of my candles tonight. Actually wrote something. Could be 'magic feather syndrome', but maybe it isn't. (I never claimed to have much in the way of faith in anything, but I can try.)
4. Actually managed to sleep last night. Slept in horribly late this morning, but I think it was needful.
5. Broke out my paints and fimo clay tonight to make bits for hallowe'en costumes. I have now determined that if Sean ever informs me he needs a costume for such-and-this thing on three hours' notice, I can probably make something that's at least kind of respectable. (Still cannot paint stars beyond 'barely recognizable' though. Never did claim to be an artist.) Hallowe'en costumes are nearly done; just need to purchase one last bit and put it together tomorrow afternoon.
6. Managed to get Sean to try a new food. (tahini, if you're curious.)
7. Had some very nice coffee: JavaLantern coffee from Newton Coffee Company. It's very tasty.
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Broke the world land speed record for Frantic Bus Preparedness this morning; < 25 minutes from asleep to loading child onto the bus. That included a shower (for the boy) and breakfast (also for the boy) and making, but not consuming, coffee (for the parents).

I have GOT TO STOP this going to bed at midnight thing. Bad, bad [ profile] phinnia.
boring list-fu. )

Mousie's terribly late birthday gift (check!)
Box of swaps (Take out decant of Sugar Skull; is already promised to [ profile] shadesong.) (check and check!)
Box of non-swaps (check!)
Travelling boy stuff (check!)
Cupcakes (check!)


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