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have returned home from urgent care world. conclusion is 'unknown viral infection'. as it turns out my oxygen intake was totally normal - i don't know, maybe i strained a muscle or something that made it feel harder to breathe? i don't know.

dear locals: don't go to swedish 1st hill if you want to be seen somewhat promptly. apparently they don't know when to say no (this is the assessment of the medic. chris made a somewhat unflattering comparison about his mother here. not inaccurate. just unflattering.) next time i'll just get them to take me to cherry hill. (hopefully there will not be a next time. at least not for a while. there's a reason i have a tag for 'adventures at urgent care world').

tired. kid ended up at hospital with us after school (his teacher brought him over, fortunately we were just about done by then). they tried to make him wear a mask over his nose and mouth. that lasted about six seconds.

thank you for all the concern. <3 i'm not reading back on my flist because i don't want spoilers for House, so put a linky linky to anything you want me to read in the comments please?
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awesome. upgrading condition to fever + breathing issues. possibly chest congestion, idk. boy is coming home. methadone does not play nicely with colds apparently?

augh. such a monday.

do not especially want to go to urgent care world again esp. since boy will be home in less than four hours.
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health: still sick. sick in this instance means 'somewhat stuffed up with sore throat and kind of wicked feverslightheadache combo package'. i've had worse sick. joints are fantastically sore. general exhaustion.

craftythings: imagining a kind of crocheted bucket hat with yellowyorange (no, it's nicer looking than you think) and turquoise linen yarn. problem: do not exactly know how to crochet yet. fortunately i have books and a big wide internet to teach me these things. also several amigurumi patterns. do not know if i have energy to do this today, however. nts: buy stuffing at sewing place during upcoming saturday sale. or something. also thinking about stuff

writingthings: percolating. have a few ideas in mind. must research poetry markets at some point. (hate researching markets but enjoy getting money.)

things i want: a small rolling table. i have many ideas which would greatly benefit from having one, so i could roll it up to the sofa and use it easily.

things i don't want to do but may have to find the energy to do anyway: find a new podiatrist. see why the mail order pharmacy phoned this morning. call and make an appointment with the kid's new dentist.

how are you?
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I wasted two hours out of my afternoon attempting to go to my podiatrist appointment. Took a cab there, worried that i might be late because last time i'd booked they bitched at me about their cancellation/no show policies.) Checked in at the desk. Sat in the waiting room.


And waited.

And waited some more.

After OVER AN HOUR went by, i gave up, snarled politely at the receptionist that "i don't know WHY (the podiatrist) is AN HOUR BEHIND SCHEDULE, but at this point i am out of time to HAVE my appointment."

He then came out and called me back, which i paid no attention to. Receptionist asked me if I wanted to reschedule. I said that should I choose to make another appointment i would call and reschedule then.

This guy is always late (minimum 20 minutes) but this is ridiculous. And he had the gall to look CONFUSED when i walked out of there.

So I still have sore feet and I wasted half the afternoon and nearly thirty dollars in cabfare, and i have to find a new podiatrist. Fuckers.

clickies today from [ profile] brightflashes, [ profile] foxestacado and [ profile] haikujaguar

Dalai Lama's 'brain challenge' produces split decision fascinating article about meditation, monks, and brainmeats.

invisibility cloak edges closer to reality

the highest heights a beautiful story about toys and their children.

chihuahua blown away and reunited with owners with help of pet psychic. (definitely a truth stranger than fiction moment)

i came home, posted my fic and now i want some nice fluff to make me feel better.


Apr. 28th, 2009 11:08 am
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good: neuro's medical assistant faxing referrals.
not good: stupid elevator broken AGAIN. biopsy negative, so now we're back to square one with that. today's plans derailed entirely. what to do now?

i am home

Apr. 21st, 2009 01:13 pm
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i can have all the ice cream i want. which is a lot. they took out twelve salivary glands. cannot use straws. stitches feel weird and i must not bite down on them. pain just started and it's already awful. i can has loricet. oh god it fucking hurts.
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today is biopsy day. given site of biopsy (salivary gland) am very, very nervous. have good pain pills and no-panic pills and it won't take long. am taking a cab there and back and the boy is coming along (and his manager is very cool with him working from home or taking some days off if need be. manager's wife has a similar possibly also autoimmune condition so he understands how this stuff works.)

clickies brought to you by [ profile] fayanora

woman, 86, made burglary suspect cry..

stephen hawking resting comfortably in hospital, under observation.

mrf. time to get ready to go.
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MRI was ... as i said to several people: you know those japanese capsule hotels? those are slightly roomier than the mri tube. i don't think i would do the closed one again; i didn't have a panic attack, but it was a bit nearer to that than i might have liked. the wedge cushion under my knees was fabulous though - must get one for the house. (edit: done).
also she said the images were very nice. i haz photogenic brains AND i can show you them. (interested parties may also note that my cervix is apparently very lovely according to at least one gynecologist.)

clockwork orange fans will be amused to note that the classical music station i was listening to during the procedure was playing Beethoven's Ninth. (no, really.)

afterwards i went to dilletante, and it was delicious. salted caramel ice cream was interesting but meh - would not get it again. have now been sniffed snugglesed and approved of by Emilys and cats and boys and my apartment is clean and my boy is fed.

clickies brought to you by [ profile] miintikwa <3<3<3

various penguins and antarctic pictures of the day:

macaroni penguins at south georgia beach. i don't know what it is about this that makes it look like an oil painting to me, but it does. what do you think?

emperor penguin chicks adolescents hanging around and gossiping. <3

chinstrap penguin chick SO CUTE!!<3

iceberg frozen into extensive sea ice It looks like a stump. a really big tree stump.

gentoo penguins at surf bay in the falkland islands there's no ice in this one at all so it looks almost like a northern california beach or something like. ambassadors from the south!

single gentoo penguin so cute! there's some great detail in this one.

MIT hack: in case of zombie attack break glass. love.
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Again, a really good day. as much as this 'insisting on getting off internet and to bed by/at 10pm feels kind of annoying socially, i'm getting much better sleep and am able to get up earlier, so it's a definite win in the end. I have no plans for the day, which is even better! I'm hoping to actually write. i have a FABULOUS koan in mind for the monastery AU (i have a few saved up but this one is PERFECT and needs to be done SOON) so if you're into the monks you may look forward to that. and there's another awesome fic in the pipeline. and hopefully some original stuff too (that is to be given some attention today).

Annoying thing that might end up being good: they all of a sudden (like, this morning) changed Sean's bus route so that he was dropped off about 20 minutes earlier. This freaked me out, largely because (a) i have things set up appointments-wise that relied on that time being 20 minutes later (and that makes a LOT of difference for those types of things and more coming due to new therapists), (2) i hate hate hate getting no notice for things and (iii) i have things set up a certain way with the old driver accomodationswise.

Calls have been put in with the director of transportation and he is meant to be getting back to us by the end of the day. Because they can't bring the kids to the door except at the end of the route (and me waiting outside for him = problem) they will put him at the end of the route again. may not be today due to trickle-through the pipeline but will definitely be by the end of the week. s'good (esp. since that may be later in the day - he adores bus rides so that's awesome for him too.)

(Also i need to complain about the Assholes today. Will do that soon before i get to doing things).

argh. i cannot stand these 'entrepeneurs' and 'media enthusiasts' and all that that keep adding me on twitter (i darenot say it on twitter because that just leads to more of them). dear people of twitter - if you have added me through a random keyword search i probably don't want anything to do with you.

regarding this teabag thing: i think that standard practice for all buzzwords and media compaigns should be running any possible adwords through a class of fifteen year olds. if they think it's funny, then you should find something else.

clickies today are from [ profile] bernie_laraemie, [ profile] gizmometer, [ profile] mactavish and [ profile] topaz_eyes.

eNature has TONS of nature guides, including a new version of Sibley's Guide to Birds that's fully online (including birdcalls)!

[ profile] kutner_love is having a kutnerfest! (i know most of the mods are on my list and i love you all but the first person i saw this from was Topaz. <3 It looks excellent and i'm definitely entering. There are tons of categories <3

for seattle locals: capitol hill's top blossoms apparently this weekend is going to be nice. we may take seaners to cal anderson park on sunday if anyone wants to hang out there with us? not sure what time but we're flexible other than it needs to be over by about 2 because i have an mri late sunday afternoon <3

scots church volunteer is online singing sensation

cheese nips SCRABBLE edition! so much win.

5 cm fir tree removed from patient's lung. OMGWTF!?!

robber gets stuck in shop window

russian city to rename all soviet streets to christmas streets.

dolphins join fight against somali pirates in gulf of aden SO COOL!!

stephen colbert gets consolation prize from nasa he didn't get his name on the space station; but they named a treadmill after him. <3

Seaners got some tea tree oil on his hands today. there was a bit spilled (several drops) and we could smell it all the way in the back. that stuff is STRONG.

i hope you all are having a great day.
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i want to get all of these out of my tabs before i go to bed (which i'm doing at an absurdly early 10PM PDT tonight so i can get up for ohdarkfuckingthirty tomorrow and hopefully not feel more awful than usual. special mention goes to [ profile] geekchick for the adorableness. <3

elephant tail hair reveals how they compete with other species, their diet, conception rates, etc. See, that's very cool. And the way they do it makes a lot of sense.

lost Aboriginal language revived. I love lost languages. They're kind of sad in a way because so few people know about the words, but if they're only a little lost, then things like this happen.

drug offers hope on Alzheimer's

first puppy Bo to arrive Tuesday this has the cutest presidential photo-op ever (at least I think so): Obama's running down a hall (presumably in the White House) with the dog. And the dog is ADORABLE, and he's all, 'hey, dad? am i doing okay, dad? how'm i doing, dad?' *flailing*

Tried to learn Judy's Magic Cast-On. My fingers hurt and there's something small that I'm doing wrong (i think it has to do with the direction i'm wrapping the yarn on the bottom needle.) That said it goes significantly better than previous attempts to knit the same sock top-down. So it's a partial success.

new ice cream thing is known as a ben and jerry's 'flipped out!' in the vanilla fudge brownie flavor - cookie bottom, vanilla ice cream + brownie bits, fudge top. Not bad, but not spectacular. I think this is one of those things they make to convince people that they're getting more dessert than they actually are. (like i said: ice cream=srs bzns around here) We have a peanut butter and chocolate brownie fudge varietal that will probably tried tomorrow night.

I'm tired. I hope you all are doing well. I'm pretty worried about tomorrow morning's neurologist appointment. I really hope she can do something helpful.

Goodnight everyone.
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clickies brought to you today by [ profile] foxestacado and [ profile] tourmailine1973 <3<3<3

summit feast for troops and staff After the summit in Thailand was cancelled, rather than let the food go to waste they served the journalists, guards and various staff members the dinner. I don't know much about thai food (yes, i realize my license to live in Seattle is now under jeopardy - there are about seven thai restaurants within a three block radius of my apartment) but it sounds lovely. <3

twilight advertises using contact lenses okay, no matter what you think of the movie or the books, that's seriously fucking creepy. Look at the model. the whole idea gives me chills.

passenger lands plane after pilot dies. OMG.

icebreaker mission sets sail scientific american is starting a series of posts done by a couple of journalists on an icebreaker on the Bering Sea. This is the first one. (for extra bonus fun note pedantic comment which is pedantic at the beginning there.)

Found new ice-cream dessert thing (cookie bottom + ice cream + fudge) by Ben and Jerry's at grocery store. bought two packages. ice cream = srs bzns. Have new toe up socks book to play with: am pondering ripping apart caston row from just-started socks to try toe-up. Will probably do this as i tend to cast-on tightly and have found that it cuts into my leg if i do it that way. more room at the toe to play with.

Despite that i am grouchy and tired of people today. Some random person patted me on the shoulder as she got past me in the post office line. Do not like being touched by complete strangers.

have picked up 'the open focus brain' from the library. looks short. therapist asked me to read it for next session (2 weeks away). some people have asked me to review it, which i will try to do.

tomorrow visit from new neurologist. scary thing: only missed circling 3 of the dozen or so symptoms on 'neurological complaints' list. do not want. appointment is at 9:20 tomorrow morning, which is also nervewracking.
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today's clickies brought to you by [ profile] bernie_laraemie, [ profile] euclase and [ profile] nihilistech, all of whom are fantastic friends of mine. <3

race to save 200 whales and dolphins after mass stranding on Tasmanian beach. this makes me sad but i'm happy that they're being cared for.

fifty strange buildings of the world. these are SO AMAZING, eeee!

oldest sample of weapons-grade plutonium found on beach. eee, again!

today: must call oral surgeon after he gets back from lunch. pondering going out but not sure where. i want to try out wheelchair in museum setting but as i recall they're frequently closed on Mondays. trying to write for [ profile] purimgifts and somewhat failing on that front. vacuum hose is clogged again, damnit. aughfrustrating. pain today is about a four maybe five. better than yesterday and the day before i suppose. i know, isn't my life so exciting? you wish you were me, i know.

I'm so happy that the sun is coming up earlier. i have so much more energy this time of year.

i'm tempted to write a 'missing scene' fic in the merchant of venice where portia and nerissa are getting dressed as boys, but I'm getting stuck about it. possibly due to nervousness about iambic pentameter. also realize i do not have any physical copies of shakespeare's plays. (to me it matters. I like to hold the book in my hand. I can work with ebooks but they're not always my preferred medium. hm. maybe smallish trip to used book place is in order? yes, i think so. it's a nice day.
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pain up to eleven today; also bad for last several days but not this bad. probably why I've been feeling awful and emotionally screwy all week (not helped because sleep is broken etc.) methadone + celebrex + two percocet + heat help some but not a huge amount. exhausted. lowgrade fever? something. sweaty anyway, pain in all diodes down left side and some in right.

taking today lightly. tempted to rebook tomorrow's psych appt. (thursday night plans good for emotional health and would be kind of depressed if missed. anyone else want to come and see a documentary about Antarctica with me and the (larger) boy? 7PM showing at the Grand Illusion (50th and University Ave); cute little independent theater. my friday plans will help a good bit with pain actually. and also mental health.

blood tests came back inconclusive. getting saliva test w/ dentist (better indicator than blood test).


cool stuff:

from [ profile] awils1 (who frequently finds extremely awesome stuff) synthetic biology, ethics and the hacker culture.

from my beautiful and amazing girl: arctic unicorns (narwhal).

eta: found movie on dvd. cancelled that. have nothing until friday (which is at spa so will help w/ pain).
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Dear snippy-ass receptionist in Medical Specialties:

If you say "the nurse is just finishing up with a patient", do not be surprised if I ask to hold. And if you then say "it'll be a while" directly after "she's just finishing up with a patient", one of these statements is a lie.

If you say "she's just finishing up with a patient", do not be surprised if I call back in half an hour to see if she's done with said patient.

You see, your department is already on notice. Initially SOMEONE held up my file for SIX FUCKING WEEKS when I was trying to get an intake appointment. I had to call back every day to get that sorted out. Don't push me, because I will call back every day to get this straightened out too. I have more than enough time, and given that you've already lied to me once, I will enjoy making you squirm.

I have absolutely no faith that you have given the nurse my message, given the fact that the last time I phoned (last Wednesday) I was told to leave a message (very likely by you) and since I'm still calling you, this means that no one has gotten back to me yet. (I realize you have a little problem with truth. If you need this in picture book format, I'm happy to oblige. I'll make it while I'm waiting for the nurse to call me back. OH WAIT. I bet you may even be reading big boy books by then.)

I know damn well my test results are in. I need my test results to schedule or not schedule the damn cheek biopsy and the dental exam to confirm that I have this specific autoimmune problem. If I wait on you to do it, I will be waiting until Satan dresses up in a pink spangled tutu to compete in the singles category at Hell's Ice Capades.

In conclusion, test results or GTFO.

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First appointment: orthopedic surgeon.

Short answer: complete waist of freaking time. Nothing he can do for me. Suggests I go back to rehab clinic for more antispasticity meds. Considering that when I initially went in to rehab I could walk mostly normally (for someone with CP, that is) and actually get up off the floor and use my arms to pull myself up on things and not fall down or have to lean on something constantly, I am saying that the antispasticity meds can go fuck themselves with my compliments, and the botox can help (considering the lack of leg muscle control for the first few weeks after the botox treatments has leflt me in some extremely humiliating situations which I would rather not discuss. All I really wanted at the beginning for all of that was physical therapy. I have the stretches the PT taught me and I have information on water fitness classes. I think I am done with rehab, THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT.

Then I came home (no, really, it was actually much easier to come home between appointments) and had decent but not fantastic mexican food, coffee and mini cheesecakes. Went to local lesbian bookstore; did not pick up lesbians, but did manage to get some cards for people and a very nice book on the best buddhist writings of 2008. I'm hoping to get either enlightenment or material for new monk stories.

Second appointment: rheumatology.

They got the test results back. Some of them are abnormal. Now we have to run those tests again. Preliminary diagnosis based on bloodwork and some preliminary questions/facts about me point to sjorgren's syndrome (which wins the award for the least intuitive spelling in an autoimmune disorder) which (i'm guessing) is probably comorbid with some flavor of arthritis given that it looks and feels like my grandmother's arthritis that started when she was about my age. Also I probably have restless legs syndrome and they can give me something for that, which is nice because it feels like lightning-based needles are running through my thighs, which is a bit distracting when you're trying to get a bit of a nap.
So I get tested for that, and I have to go back to the dentist and do tests on my saliva, and eventually I may have to get a cheek biopsy (not looking forward to this part).

But yes. surgeon useless (except possibly in the 'feeling better about not requiring surgery for quite some time' bracket, so not so useless i suppose) and rheumathologists have fun theory that explains things, and the theory has been brought over by (it looks like) Swedish people, which wlil make [ profile] bork either happy or sad, i'm not sure.

hi, how was your day? the inauguration was cool. ooh, a shiny thing -
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Now America might not have to sit at the international kid's table.

And I'm off to two doctor's appointments.


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