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MRI was ... as i said to several people: you know those japanese capsule hotels? those are slightly roomier than the mri tube. i don't think i would do the closed one again; i didn't have a panic attack, but it was a bit nearer to that than i might have liked. the wedge cushion under my knees was fabulous though - must get one for the house. (edit: done).
also she said the images were very nice. i haz photogenic brains AND i can show you them. (interested parties may also note that my cervix is apparently very lovely according to at least one gynecologist.)

clockwork orange fans will be amused to note that the classical music station i was listening to during the procedure was playing Beethoven's Ninth. (no, really.)

afterwards i went to dilletante, and it was delicious. salted caramel ice cream was interesting but meh - would not get it again. have now been sniffed snugglesed and approved of by Emilys and cats and boys and my apartment is clean and my boy is fed.

clickies brought to you by [ profile] miintikwa <3<3<3

various penguins and antarctic pictures of the day:

macaroni penguins at south georgia beach. i don't know what it is about this that makes it look like an oil painting to me, but it does. what do you think?

emperor penguin chicks adolescents hanging around and gossiping. <3

chinstrap penguin chick SO CUTE!!<3

iceberg frozen into extensive sea ice It looks like a stump. a really big tree stump.

gentoo penguins at surf bay in the falkland islands there's no ice in this one at all so it looks almost like a northern california beach or something like. ambassadors from the south!

single gentoo penguin so cute! there's some great detail in this one.

MIT hack: in case of zombie attack break glass. love.
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clickies brought to you today by [ profile] nightdog_barks, [ profile] maladaptive, [ profile] thewlisian_afer, [ profile] awils1 and [ profile] mousegrrl. (i forget who sent me the skeptic link - sorry about that. *facepalm* i want to say it was [ profile] bishojo_kitsune but i could be wrong.

passenger forces open door on small plane and leaps to his death over canadian arctic ... not my optimal choice for death. *shudder*

pinup girl clothing OMFG WANT SO MUCH ALL OF IT *FLAILING* so sexy omfg.

twenty six year old man with the body of a two year old.

skeptic giggles on national tv as mystic fails to curse him to death.

how to make totoro cream puffs OMG SO CUTE!!

chinese bias for baby boys creates a gap of 32 million see, this is why you shouldn't mess with nature.

ancient colony of microbes found thriving without oxygen, warmth or light.

note for the neurologist: the tremors happen more when i'm tired.

today: gloomy weather. bad-ish pain day (not as bad as some, but my right hand is doing weird things and both hips are being little bastards.

good: the boy and i are planning a trip to alaska - a cruise. i'm super excited, especially since it's looking like we may be able to go this september. his sister has even volunteered to fly out and babysit for us! (she has two young kids that aren't in school yet but her motherinlaw can apparently watch them if need be. this is his youngest sister - she's really turned her life around lately.

i have 'i dreamed a dream' stuk in my head STILL. this calls for RSL techno!
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bad pain day despite sleeping in until i was really ready to wake up plus three different pain meds. i'm sitting here trying not to move too much. i meant to go out today to pick up the few things that i'd forgotten, but i just put in an amazon fresh order for them (and a few other things - but they have a thirty dollar minimum and how can one resist a star-icecube-tray? it can go with my ''titanic and iceberg' tray and my 'lego blocks' tray.


brought to you by [ profile] dolphingirl, [ profile] ohhbertie and [ profile] hitchhiker

from FMyLife, a short vignette about sex, and House. slightly textually nsfw.

DNA origami design of dolphin-shaped structures with flexible tails. OMG.

woman, 78, sues to get back into senior center card game. this sounds exactly like a plot out of Golden Girls, doesn't it? (i love that show. we have all seven seasons.)

seals and robotic subs monitor antarctic climate chnage.

how are you all? i'm having a bad pain day, as i said, but it's friday which means dinnert burgers and shakes and there's no cooking involved; the kid may well go swimming this weekend, and we may be visiting with [ profile] nihilistech. so my day is okay despite that.

i actually cooked last night's dinner. i honestly don't remember the last time i cooked (beyond heating things) for whatever reason. i'm pretty sure it was when [ profile] gizmometer was here, which is just sad. chris has been doing dinner a lot. i
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brought to you today by [ profile] brightflashes and [ profile] gizmometer *hugsandlove*

some great antarctic images of the day: petrel decaying iceberg inverted iceberg held in place by sea ice

equally great penguins of the day: big mac colony emperor penguin huddle showdown at big mac colony

unusual micrometeorite found in antarctica

fantastic local (specifically Capitol Hill) blog about things within walking distance (i think specifically a mile's walk but i'm not totally sure) from Capitol Hill: Capitol Hill Triangle

dead octopus with 96 tentacles. the warning is YOU CANNOT UNSEE AFTER VIEWING. i looked. they're right. my initial response (and the one i'm standing by) was "WAAAAUGH'.

UC Berkeley psychologist finds evidence that male hormones in the womb affect sexual orientation.

sonar causes rock-concert effect in dolphins (image: dolphins holding up little lighters in their flukes and shouting (or, you know, like they do) 'Freebird! freebird!".)
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too tired for a real post. off all messesngers: don't want spoilers and am trying to manage my anxiety about them. <3 therapist is an awesome rockstar: has suggested some books for me to read before we next meet up.

clickies from [ profile] machineplay, [ profile] mirrormargaret (do you two know each other? you should) [ profile] mactavish and [ profile] tallin (actually you should all know each other.)


microsoft funds mobile phone software for autistic children.

vote for your favorite 'nature in your neighborhood' photograph.

They're all beautiful but i confess to being in utter love with #4.

cool ways to reuse shipping containers

evolution of the mouse: from classic to cutting edge

ice bridge holding antarctic ice shelf in place shatters damn global warning.

clinton calls for stricter antarctic tourism limits.

i am sore and tired (therapist's office means stairs, which means all afternoon on crutches.) so it's time to relax now.

how are you?
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good news! the elevator is at the moment working. the previous issues were with contractors: one company turned the elevator off and one (or two?) more did the repairs (i know it's ridiculous. i heard it from the landlord. don't worry if it sounds stupid - it is stupid). from what he was saying all the contractors were actually here yesterday, and chris took the elevator down on his way to work, so with any luck it'll still be working when i go out to my appointment.

clickies have been brought to you today by [ profile] foxestacado, [ profile] frankencensy, and [ profile] irismoonlight.

michelle obama hugs the queen. i heard this on the BBC last night (i woke up freezing at 1:30 when the BBC was on, so while i was warming up i heard them talking about it.) apparently it's some kind of protocol breach, but they both look so sweet and happy. made me smile. <3 And the Queen didn't mind, so. That's the important thing.

UK and Canada make deal to share polar facilities.

when you're in pain you have a right to do less

um, yeah.

i agree with this one. it's just so damn difficult. I like being productive. and i know that if it were anyone else other than me i would agree with it. *sigh* i hate looking at the end of the day and seeing nothing worthwhile in it, and it frustrates me to lower my principles. my issues, let me show you them. I'm trying to do better. *sigh again*

ucsd sends out acceptance letters to wrong list.

sweden overwhelmingly allows same-sex marriage as of next month.

i'm off to the oral surgeon as soon as [ profile] doubletake gets here: i need a consult for a biopsy for mmy sjogren's test.


Mar. 26th, 2009 12:28 pm
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couldn't sleep last night due to naps in midday. took ambien last night; slept in. really bad pain day; can't find a comfortable position for the life of me.

clickies are brought to you today by [ profile] tourmaline1973, [ profile] bernie_laraemie, [ profile] dolphingirl and [ profile] mydwynter (and i need to go out for coffee with every one of them <3)

school warns parents dead daughter can't go to prom. *wince*

best shepherds ever. this is seriously the coolest thing i have ever seen. a must-view: worksafe, sound not necessary, vision kind of needful.

elephant angel sought by belfast zoo wonderful story. <3

children born into f/f relationships in NYC can now list both female parents as mothers.

astronaut tests space-age underpants.

sir ernest shackleton's last photograph and autograph sold at auction.

amazing antarctic pics of the day: one (lovely sunset/ice pic), two (this one has a twin otter in it, which was made by the company my father worked for before he retired), three (lots of near-adult emperor penguins!)


Mar. 21st, 2009 05:27 pm
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today's clickies brought to you by the marvelous [ profile] dolphingirl and [ profile] foxestacado.

scientists attempt to recreate queen hatshepshut's perfume.

is antaractica getting too popular?

missing relic found in unsuspecting couple's apartment

jasmine the greyhound mothers bramble the roe deer.

pretty much nothing happening here. watching law and order on dvd. cleaning the house. god, i have fabulous weekends. *eyeroll* how are you?
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these clickies are brought to you by [ profile] brewsternorth (who i would like to know better) and [ profile] lana_ftw (who I would also like to know better, and soon will be able to because she's moving to seattle and that's FABULOUS.)

I heard this on As It Happens last night and just about exploded: mother lets her son walk to soccer practice, neighbors call 911. To be clear, we are talking about a small town, the boy is familiar with the route, it's almost entirely residential.)

just- WHAT. god i hate other parents sometimes.

scientists create laser gun to kill mosquitoes

ivestigation of murder in Antarctica.

new gluten free baking mixes from betty crocker. this is fantastic - the more gluten free stuff that goes mainstream, the better. there are also passover-safe cake mixes at our local store, also by betty crocker. just, you know, if anyone's looking. <3

baby tuatara (rare reptile) found in New Zealand. eee, it is descended from DINOSAURS and it is WEE AND CUTE! in a reptilian sort of way.

arctic diary: explorers' ice quest. this is the trip that went off recently - i think they're still there - to chart the pack ice up north? one of the guys has the same birthday as me. i find that squeeful in a kind of silly way. <3 it takes very little to amuse me.

have nonstandard headache that may be morphing into nonstandard migrane. great. good times. also joint pain. went to the library and the grocery store. came home. that's about it.


Mar. 19th, 2009 12:29 pm
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I got up about an hour and a half ago (11:30 PDT) which i hate doing, and it's dreary, and I'm making myself go out because i know that'll make me feel better. And, well, they're screwing with the elevator tomorrow, not that it matters, because the kid has the day off school again (why all of these days off? This plus President's day week off and the week of March 31-April 4 off ... why? this is ridiculous.)

It's a blah enough day that my favorite jam tastes uninspired. i will go out and take some photos for the picpost I planned for tomorrow.

birthday maillove so far: card (and gift certificate, eee!) from [ profile] cutie_patutti65, card from [ profile] arhh (a popup one! with cats!) and a package from [ profile] hannahrorlove containing some lovely cherry blossom bath stuffs and the cutest coin purse in the world. pictures forthcoming tomorrow. i have been told there will be more, and I'm still smiling at it - I'm so lucky to have such amazing friends.

clickies are brought to you today by [ profile] lizardling, who is wonderful and lives locally and who I need to hang out with more often than I do. <3

help enter migratory bird data. i know there's a lot of people reading this who are into birds and wildlife. this looks pretty neat.

[ profile] wordweaverlynn asked her flist to post poems. Last night's [ profile] dailyrumi was excellent: a star without a name.

more reasons to love Neil Gaiman (as if there needed to be more reasons). there's a lovely paragraph here about religion and dolphins. I liked it. <3

supersolid! science is awesome.

kiwis solve global warming riddle drilling into rock BELOW the antarctic ice. fascinating. oh, humanity.

today's antarctic pic of the day is lovely. i think [ profile] joedecker recently did a photo workshop on sunsets - i know some of my friends attended - [ profile] kightp and [ profile] kwalton at least, anyway. this one is great.

now i'm going out. back soon.
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Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. I'll get to thanking all of you personally today if I can, but I wanted to say it here first. You all are excellent people and you've made my birthday something wonderful.

today's clickies are brought to you by [ profile] dolphingirl, who is generally marvelous, and [ profile] adularia, who is gorgeous, smart, an excellent kisser and very sexyhandy with a toolbelt besides. (there's something about girls with tools and you can take it any way you like.)

romance can exist in long term relationships. i don't know, [ profile] tallin, do we have romance? <3

online pastry chef. fabulous blog about what it says on the tin there.

rescue called off for porpoise because the porpoise is fine. happy story! it's always nice to hear about animals that are just fine. <3

temperature rise may cause west antarctic thaw. *worry*

does religion lead to more aggressive medical care? interesting.

robot submarine searches under antarctic ice shelf.

i have two cats right beside me (neko is cuddled up to my hip; velvet is washing neko.)

i have two questions that are occupying my mind at the moment:

1. i still have a spot in the breads and pastry program at the local community college.

pros: very nearby (like, five minutes as the wheelchair rolls, two minutes on the bus, fifteen if I'm having to walk it because I'm a slow walker). would be great fun, is not a ridiculous expense, may be able to get monies because am gimpy displaced homemaker. marketable skill. job experience. only just over a year's worth of commitment. (about fifteen months.)

cons: eventual jobs sometimes require heavy lifting which I am only sometimes able to do. lots of early morning classes (but the afternoons are free - that balances out.). by early i mean they start at 8AMish. pain issues sometimes cause early morning difficulties (but i do have time to sleep later on and also time to switch my schedule; i am sleeping better lately and that's helphing my quality of life/pain issues - again balances out)

i'm leaning towards 'i would like to if it's financially feasible but i'm worried about the pain issues putting a dent in it' thing. thoughts/suggestions/notions/etc etc?

2. i need my hair cut, seriously. it's currently a shaggy grown-out bob haircut that ends up just at chin level, but it's messy and i constantly look like i have bedhead.

want to do something drastic to it. am thinking about cutting it off at earlobe level, curving up at the back of the neck and shaving underneath.

you can see the sideish of my head in this photograph. )


Mar. 17th, 2009 03:45 pm
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this deserves special mention, because it is beautiful and because it goes with my favorite piece of my own writing possibly ever:

[ profile] shutterbug_12 has done amazing photomanips for my Antarctica-centered Housefic, extreme weather. (story and art worksafe; fic is friendship/slash is in the eye of the beholder.)


list of further birthday goodies to come.


Mar. 15th, 2009 10:59 am
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Today's clickies are brought to you by [ profile] hitchhiker, [ profile] dolphingirl and [ profile] foxestacado, all of whom I would love to have coffee with. <3

periodic table of typefaces

egg found inside of egg at breakfast

iraqi footballer shot dead by fan.

riot broke out at America's Next Top Model audition. oh, reality TV. bah.

deaths of gamers leave online lives in limbo. oh man. this is sad. :p

new twist in case of Antarctca poisoning death. i had an interesting idea for a murder mystery set in an antarctica a while back. i'm not so great at murder mystery plots, but it's in there gestating.

sunday is generally boring around here. more so than usual. so there will be coffee and lumosity games and maybe i'll finish that damn fic I've been picking away at.

hope you're all well and/or happy. <3 preferably and.


Mar. 14th, 2009 08:22 pm
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I've forgotten where these ones came from, again. up late, horrifying dreams of falling off our balcony and/or Sean falling off our balcony (the railing is not all that sturdylooking) bad enough to take a klonopin in the middle of the night and wake Chris up. I don't remember when the last one of those was. *shudder* So yeah, my brain is still foggy.

I know [ profile] hithah will like this one: scientists map religious thoughts with scans.

yesterday's Antarctic picture of the day is lovely, especially if you're into birds.

doctors save boy impaled on metal rod. *shudder* (yes, it turns out well. still.)

today the child is going swimming, and I'm probably cleaning the house and writing. woo. *eyeroll* boring (except for the writing). Have finally ordered replacement dressers (my old one was too broken to move) so I can stop living out of boxes and milk crates. This also means that I can unpack the rest of my books; i know that [ profile] euclase wanted to see them <3

... i meant to post this about 10 this morning, whoops <3


Mar. 13th, 2009 01:15 pm
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today's clickies are brought to you by [ profile] foxestacado, [ profile] bernie_laraemie, [ profile] bishojo_kitsune, [ profile] nightdog_barks, [ profile] lauramcewan, [ profile] miintiktwa and [ profile] machineplay: they are all fantastic people and good friends. <3

short-legged 'sausage pony' prompts emergency calls. People think it's stuck in the mud. I can so see why.

a brief primer on bisexual characters. this is hysterical. i <3 my girl so so so much. her snark brings all the girls (certainly me) to the yard.

name the new node of the international space station!

Two stories about fostered penguin chicks: here and here

scent that smells like used books. it's not BPAL, it's CB i hate perfume - i haven't tried their stuff but it looks interesting. They have a 'grass' scent too (i adore the smell of freshmown grass) that I want to check out.

cat found inside used couch yes, it has a happy ending. what a great story. <3

tiger cub at the jerusalem zoo.

cab driver found guilty of drugging and raping female passengers.

FDA approves next-generation female condom

can hyperbaric oxygen therapy help autistic kids? The study seems credible but they admit it needs more research. It's not a cure by any means. Interesting though.

scientists plan to drive northwest passage

dolphins blowing, and then playing with, bubbles. SO ADORABLE. must-view video.

pet AT-AT

Slept in FAR later than i wanted to. this is such an ANNOYING cycle, sleeping in/not being able to get to sleep/sleeping in. AUGH.

Trying to rework my writing process/daily routine. As in 'need to set up routine/process rather than dicking around all day and then being annoyed/angry at myself when stuff doesn't get done'. this also means 'stop having as many irrational expectations' and 'learn to not beat up on self'. I'm working on it. It'll probably take a while. (need to call new neuro today.)

Kid's replacement MP3 player came in finally (there was a problem with the original unit even after upgrading the firmware; we had to send it back.) These are great for younger kids, and REALLY great for autistic/developmentally delayed kids. I can't reccommend them enough. (I also have a discount code if anyone wants it, so if you're looking to buy, let me know.)
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Just two clickies today: infecting mosquitoes before they infect us and vampire unearthed in Venice plague grave.

I also managed to find a new buddhist parable in my travels, so there will likely be a reappearance of the monks in the near future.

cancelled the therapist in Everett. I'm going to try and get in touch with [ profile] bork's therapist - and neurologist too.

today is so far better than yesterday. although yesterday i caught up on all the House eps I'd missed. the season shaped up much less terrifying than i originally thought. (i kind of stopped watching since episode six. yes, i know. i am neurotic. i think that's apparent by now.) i am attempting to remain spoiler free to stop my neurotic little brain from chewing on things. just saying so there's no spoiler talk in the comments, okay? we (or many of us) remember last season/early this season when i was neurotically freaking out about House and Wilson never being friends again? And late last season when I was freaking out all through the amber arc and had to quadruple my anti-anxiety meds? i do not do well with stress. it's much better if I don't think about it beforehand. i'll still worry, but slightly less.

anyway, enough about my neuroses.

because i haven't obsessed about antarctica for the past few days:

yesterday's antarctica pic of the day. One of the excellent things about antarctica is that there are some places nearby that don't have snow at all. Deception Island has hot springs, as a matter of fact.

from the 'penguins rock' files: penguins tobogganing and penguins porpoising. (i actually thought that last one was orcas for a few seconds.

local people: anyone up for an ikea trip at some point this weekend? will pay gas money and eternal gratitude. i have to pick up a couple of dressers. (i can order them by phone/online and have them shipped if need be, so it's not a big thing if no one's free; i thought i'd ask anyway to save on shipping, etc.)

oh, also: how much (ballpark figure) is a smallish tattoo (assume maybe 2, 2.5 inches square, fairly simple: a plum blossom. (top right picture, stylized a bit.) and where's a good place to get it done? (as in, tattoo places.) I'm thinking about my left forearm unless someone gives me a compelling reason to put it elsewhere.


Mar. 7th, 2009 12:09 pm
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today's clickies are brought to you by [ profile] kiptripsyc (who has found something Very Important), [ profile] brightflashes (who often finds really awesome links, better than mine, and she has a cute kid besides), [ profile] the_xtina (who is fab), [ profile] dangomango (who went to spain and i'm totally jealous), [ profile] hannahrorlove (a generally excellent person) and [ profile] machineplay (definitely world's best girlfriend)

trans-friendly, transphobia-criticising TV spot. serious win.

mars isolation experiment

the science of cooking. (i really want to go to the exploratorium next time i'm in SF.)

important malware warning.

body bakery. this is awesome and creepy in equal measure.

For those of you who are penguin fans, the British Antarctic Survey has a penguin of the day RSS feed.

There's also an image of the day RSS feed although today's image seems to be broken at the moment.

article comparing Twitter to dead babies.

teenager's science project is a relatively simple way to break down polymers in plastic bags.

Hilarious thing the child did this morning: while we were sleeping he got up early and was playing with the sofa cushions (you know, like you do) and when he was done with that he put the throw pillows back on the sofa in place of the sofa cushions, very deliberately trying to put things back.

I'm pretty sure he knows how the stereo works now, too.

Very little interesting happening today. may break my writing-fast to enter a contest, if i can think of something. if i can't, then i won't. Need to upload some of those lovely penguin icons.

it might snow. i have sheep pyjamas on. how are you?
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I really want an icon with one of the penguin-and-chick pairs in this picture. if someone can do that. please. <3

yes, i am still combing the image pool. <3


Mar. 5th, 2009 09:54 am
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clickies brought to you today by [ profile] joe_pike_junior, who is a relatively new and excellent friend, [ profile] deelaundry, without whom I would probably not be writing nearly as much fic (one could say she 'discovered' me. <3) and [ profile] miintikwa, who does fantastic tarot readings should you want to indulge (and is marvelous besides).

teeth found in wallet in wal-mart.

woman calls police 500 times over Seattle nightclub. apparently she's met one of [ profile] hithah's neighbors.

antarctic picture galleries. i linked to two specific ones last night regarding airplanes, but the larger set is amazing - lots of penguins, seals, sled dogs, amazing weather photos (this might interest [ profile] quasigeostrophy in particular), clouds, ice, etc. really amazing stuff.

woman calls 911 three times when mcnuggets run out.

man runs seven marathons on seven continents in six days. this is absolutely astounding. and he did it all for charity. just - wow.

most britons have lied about the books they've read. this is probably universal, i expect. :-)

the honorable will eat you. interesting post about trust and how it pays to be cautious.

feeling much, much better than yesterday. not entirely sure what was up with that. bah. looking to do something at least reasonably interesting today, especially since my pain levels are better and i managed to get some sleep, but am not sure what at the moment. I should make a list of museum exhibits that I want to see; I've always enjoyed that sort of thing, and I'm sure it'll be a nice bonus now that I'm able to use the chair. I know a lot of them have 'donate what you can' days. I'm going to take a bit of a writing holiday for a while because it's not coming as easily as it was. I hope it'll help. If anyone local has any suggestions I'm definitely interested.

I hope all of you are doing well. <3


Mar. 4th, 2009 06:57 pm
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the planes in this picture gallery and this picture gallery were made in the De Havilland plant in Downsview, Ontario, which is where my father worked before he retired.

(this may be totally uninteresting to anyone else, but it makes me incredibly happy to see it.)
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today's clickies are brought to you by [ profile] brightflashes, [ profile] dolphingirl, [ profile] doubletake, [ profile] foxestacado and [ profile] wintersweet and they're all excellent at finding this stuff.

real books that look like photoshops

university offers beatles degree

dr. who (as opposed to the other kind) dalek found in pond.

ancient supernovae found in antarctic ice. this one is awesome for being antartica and giving me an excuse to use the plural of 'supernova'.

new zealand uses barry manilow music to drive teens away.

cave dwellers can't refinance. no, really - this is not the onion.

engagement ring swallowed in wendy's frosty. I never understood the whole engagement ring in food thing. seriously.

buried antarctic lake may provide clues to life on mars.

fish with human faces spotted in South Korea.

warning: prepare yourself for bitching about the school district's annoying policies. you know, in case you just want to scroll past.

today the child has a two hour early dismissal, which I forgot about. damnable things. I would be less irritated but I totally forgot about it and this is shaping up to be a rather high-pain low-productivity week. i suppose wasting my time being angry about it doesn't help, but it's an inevitable reaction at this point. stupid early dismissals. i hate how they assume that parents have the money and time to be able to deal with this shit that the school district randomly throws at us. I mean, I suppose in some ways it's "better" than a professional development day - but on the other hand that would be one or two inconvenience/expense rather than one every month. especially since a lot of babysitters/childcare places have a minimum time/money outlay.

and don't get me started on the TWO weeks of break - one in february and one in march/april. utter bullshit.

this has been a 'phin is bitching about the school district/kids again' alert. pick up here if you want.

pain: 4-6 or so depending on the moment. this morning it was about a 7-8 before I got out of bed. also was dumb enough to take evening pills in morning. (i can just take morning pills in evening. not a problem, merely an irritant.

also: i need more lights in here. nts: buy new pole lamp at some point.


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