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health: still sick. sick in this instance means 'somewhat stuffed up with sore throat and kind of wicked feverslightheadache combo package'. i've had worse sick. joints are fantastically sore. general exhaustion.

craftythings: imagining a kind of crocheted bucket hat with yellowyorange (no, it's nicer looking than you think) and turquoise linen yarn. problem: do not exactly know how to crochet yet. fortunately i have books and a big wide internet to teach me these things. also several amigurumi patterns. do not know if i have energy to do this today, however. nts: buy stuffing at sewing place during upcoming saturday sale. or something. also thinking about stuff

writingthings: percolating. have a few ideas in mind. must research poetry markets at some point. (hate researching markets but enjoy getting money.)

things i want: a small rolling table. i have many ideas which would greatly benefit from having one, so i could roll it up to the sofa and use it easily.

things i don't want to do but may have to find the energy to do anyway: find a new podiatrist. see why the mail order pharmacy phoned this morning. call and make an appointment with the kid's new dentist.

how are you?


Apr. 28th, 2009 06:44 pm
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i always worry about poems.

her words are focused, precise
across the page; they line up neatly,
obeying orders, turned-out,
wrought black iron. measured strokes.

in this new world of fonts and formats
she is inked, indelible; inscrutable letterpress.

i scoop up her metal sorts and press them into my skin.
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Rated NC-17: bad porn, a miniskirt and two boys that can't keep their hands to themselves: about 200 words or thereabouts.

the game started as a joke. )


Apr. 23rd, 2009 01:28 pm
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feeling even better today. have been out and back again; weather cool and sunny, the way i like it. bought three baskets to organize desk area which i'm going to line with tea towels. (i scavenge linen tea towels. it's a texture thing. (on the off chance anyone has any they want to get rid of i will write fiction/send goodie packs for tea towels. really. same goes for tablecloths. you already knew that i'm weird, or you should have.)

have found a way to eat around the stitches. the only real difficulty is teeth brushing, it's only scary because i have visions of yanking out my stitches with a toothbrush and ending up in urgent care world again.

no word so far on the MRI.

i bought the world's awesomest bottle opener. it looks like a shark. <3

i have recieved the WORST formatted form letter i've ever seen. it's from Seattle Schools regarding Sean's extra orientation training over the summer. instead of deleting parts of it they've just crossed them out in strikethrough font so it has things like "i agree not to sue...." hysterical.

link today from [ profile] miintikwa: willy wonka and the publishing industry excellent advice about books and publishing.

other linkies: shark left on doorstep of newspaper in Victoria, Australia: police baffled someone's trying to put a local spin on the godfather?

bullet bounced off underwire in woman's bra. wow, those are actually good for something besides causing pain.

i haven't been around much lately but i've tried to keep up reading. how are you doing?
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spent the day so far talking to [ profile] adularia, eating lunch, doing some minor internet goofing off and playing around with watercolor paint.

several things;

  • [ profile] adularia is a fabulous girlfriend (i already knew this, as my girlfriends are both fabulous people. but it's always really great to have confirmation.)
  • holy crap i really can spend nearly two hundred dollars at lands' end buying new shoes and work clothes and jackets without hardly trying, god everything is so expensive these days and that's with most of the stuff on sale.
  • the previous statement made me both sound and feel incredibly old
  • i am obviously not super fabulous with paints but i am not as bad as i think and i remember more of the various stabs at lessons than i thought i did. (i am trying not to give a damn about being zomgperfect and just let myself play with things.
  • i'm hoping to unstick my brain by forcing it not to think about the normal things it chews on.
  • it must have worked because while i was goofing around i thought of how the thing was going to start. (and don't worry, Lau Yuan will remain with us.)
  • the past two days have been really good. clearly this early-bed thing is a good experiment and should go on.
  • because we complained about the bus thing, kid is now last on the bus route home (because it's way easier on me if the driver brings him to the door and they can't leave the bus unless there are no other kids on the bus) and gets home at or around 4pm. (he loves the bus. it's a win/win situation.)
  • madelines are my new favorite thing; they are so incredibly good. the perfect mix of cake and cookie. i need a madeline pan to make some at home.
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showgirl from the riverboat casinos, all turquoise tap pants, sugar and flounce; long legs and red seats, sweating cheap vinyl. knees creaked on the tile floor: she let me taste her, snowed sequins as she shivered against my lips and fingers and her cry was that of a bright-throated bird.


Apr. 9th, 2009 09:20 am
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i actually managed to get about seven hours sleep and i only woke up once! this is honestly a serious big deal: i don't know when the last time this happened was. and i only had to take two percocet between 10:30 (when i went to bed) and 6:00 (when i woke up.)

i taught myself the twisted-german cast-on (youtube link) which is kind of a big deal because i never was able to figure out anything but the knitted cast-on before.

i have something of an original-ish smutfic in my head. mmm. girlsex.

how are you? i'm going out soon to do some shopping.
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light scattershot through the blinds; shining prison-bar tattooed across lean muscles. the day continues blissfully unaware as she sleeps deeply enough for both of us.

i trace the long lines of her - the blossoming curve of hips waist shoulders, the soft cup of a breast. she turns and the darkened nipple is revealed. i dare to kiss it, my tongue flickering out.

"What time is it?" Her voice is thickened by sleep and a hand with bitten nails tangles its way through her hair. "Time to go?"

The lie falls easily from my mouth. "Not yet, love. Not yet."
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they found her blue-lipped, wide-eyed-wild
raging hot: claimed fever-dreams, her drugs,
skin ravaged purple, a junkie's pox. her words
mean nothing, her body less.

but still
you trace her through the sheet: the arcs
of roman nose and collarbones, the wasted skin
had shadowed honest words. this late Cassandra
sang songs of fear and hunger most forgot.
they sink into your bones, and you will not.

(reconsiders it over ice cream. is pretty good. *submits*)

(edit: written for [ profile] elisem's 'nine things about oracles'. Artpost is here: original inspiration/jewelry is here.)
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better than i thought, considering it's been kind of an emotional roller coaster of a month.

talking pictures: four dialogue only fics

saturday night special. i am proud of this one because i'd been working on it a while and it turned out far better than i expected (for which i credit [ profile] magie_05)

lunch break this also turned out better than i expected, especially considering i don't generally write hardcore bdsm. apparently i'm better at it than i thought. good to know.

and in non-fandom writings, a still-untitled poem that i'm quite proud of (and will leave unlocked for a few days and then possibly find a home for.)

what's good about this:

i think my poetry as a whole is getting better. i think i'm getting better at writing longer fics. those are two things i'm pleased with at the moment. i want to play with more poetry forms, because i like poetry forms. and i think i'm getting better at writing sex scenes at a realistic pace/length, you know, more like actual sex (god i hope that made sense.)

file that under 'things i do well' *creates tag*

part of my brain files this as 'bragging about myself' but i'm trying not to listen to that part


Mar. 5th, 2009 09:54 am
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clickies brought to you today by [ profile] joe_pike_junior, who is a relatively new and excellent friend, [ profile] deelaundry, without whom I would probably not be writing nearly as much fic (one could say she 'discovered' me. <3) and [ profile] miintikwa, who does fantastic tarot readings should you want to indulge (and is marvelous besides).

teeth found in wallet in wal-mart.

woman calls police 500 times over Seattle nightclub. apparently she's met one of [ profile] hithah's neighbors.

antarctic picture galleries. i linked to two specific ones last night regarding airplanes, but the larger set is amazing - lots of penguins, seals, sled dogs, amazing weather photos (this might interest [ profile] quasigeostrophy in particular), clouds, ice, etc. really amazing stuff.

woman calls 911 three times when mcnuggets run out.

man runs seven marathons on seven continents in six days. this is absolutely astounding. and he did it all for charity. just - wow.

most britons have lied about the books they've read. this is probably universal, i expect. :-)

the honorable will eat you. interesting post about trust and how it pays to be cautious.

feeling much, much better than yesterday. not entirely sure what was up with that. bah. looking to do something at least reasonably interesting today, especially since my pain levels are better and i managed to get some sleep, but am not sure what at the moment. I should make a list of museum exhibits that I want to see; I've always enjoyed that sort of thing, and I'm sure it'll be a nice bonus now that I'm able to use the chair. I know a lot of them have 'donate what you can' days. I'm going to take a bit of a writing holiday for a while because it's not coming as easily as it was. I hope it'll help. If anyone local has any suggestions I'm definitely interested.

I hope all of you are doing well. <3
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i was feeling lousy and fretting over the school thing, so i went out. it was raining, which kind of sucked, but it wasn't too bad, and i took the wheelchair to the local fabric shop and bought the things to make a hat. (yes, really, i do know how to sew, although i'm rusty at it. i took a 'fashion arts' class in high school. try not to laugh, anyone who has seen the way i dress, mk? it was fun. we learned how to paint those model-figures and sewing and we listened to a hell of a lot of Air Supply because the teacher was into Slow Sad Sappy Songs. (that's what she called them.)
eta: this is the hat pattern: i'm making the second one (the skullcap). her patterns are ADORABLE (and some on the website are free, from the looks of things)

anyway, it's a cute bucket hat type thing. reversible. since [ profile] gizmometer helped me break in the sewing machine, i should be able to do this.

then i went next door, to babeland. (you wish you live here.) they were playing Radiohead, which gives them +50 coolness points: there's something strangely satisfying about poking around the store, surrounded by toys of all sizes and colors and lots of leather things hanging on the back wall, sniffing lubricant samples and rocking out to Radiohead. (the album was OK Computer. Stellar choice.)

then i came home and hung out for a while, and my awesome girlfriend sent me a Real Letter (<3!) and i had this amazingly awesome idea that requires PAINT SAMPLE CARDS. (i love those things.) so i have to go out when the boy (larger) gets home and can watch the boy (smaller).

many clickies today! these are brought to you mostly by [ profile] foxestacado (who once again has sent some really awesome stuff) and [ profile] dolphingirl (who is generally excellent.). they surprisingly have a marine-life focus today.

first tennis elbow, now playstation palm.

scientists solve mystery of deep sea fish with tubular eyes and transparent head. (another example of truth being stranger than fiction. seriously, this fish is amazing.)

771 pound stingray caught in Thailand

fish fossil clue to origin of sex.

girl born without legs gets prosthetic mermaid tail. OMFG. seriously. *flails*

boy is coming home early, in part so i can get paint sample cards. i loff him. <3

also: the new pornographers are kind of like Canada's version of Yes.
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Okay, so here's the thing. I need a new sofa.

Our old sofa was gorgeous, but it was also six inches too long and we couldn't get it into the building. So right now the three of us are sharing a tiny loveseat with no springs (because Seaners jumped on it and killed the springs for the most part) and I have to jury-rig getting off it with my crutches; it's just annoying.

The move ended up costing us five grand (we originally budgeted three grand), what with movers, picking up the rest of the stuff left behind by the movers, etc. etc. And we still need to pay tax on my wheelchair, which is another seven hundred (because Washington is one of three states that requires you to pay tax on durable medical equipment).

So the new sofa thing has been shoved further down the queue.

Chris, when I was telling him about [ profile] blackmare_9 and [ profile] haikujaguar's use of sponsorship/snow emergency sales, suggested that I might try something similar.

On the one hand, I really, really hate asking for things. Especially money. On the other hand, this choice of seating arrangements isn't doing my joints any favors.

So: if I were to write ficlets-to-order (to order = within my capabilities; I assume you know what those are, if you've been hanging around for a while), would people actually pay between $3-5 dollars for this sort of thing?

Just asking, that's all.

Edit: I don't know how Chris does this. If I were a believer in Chinese astrology (which I generally am not, but I'm starting to be swayed), I would say that it's because he was born in the year of the Dragon, which grants upon its children a sort of incredible luck.

I have tried to find things on Craigslist. I have always failed.

Chris picked up the phone and made two phone calls: left one message. Guy calls him back, still has sleeper sofa in reasonable condition, guy is ready to deliver it tomorrow, no problem - all of this is accomplished in less than half an hour and it cost less than a hundred dollars, with delivery fee and "sorry we live on the third floor in a tiny elevator building" fee.


Dec. 17th, 2008 05:51 pm
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Today's clickie, from the most marvelous [ profile] amy_119: Colorado doctor finds foot in newborn's brain.

The human body is AMAZING. in all its aspects. stuff like this astounds me.

also: I have had a very frustrating afternoon. My wheelchair is AT THE CLINIC. I need to GET TO THE CLINIC TO GET IT. I cannot GET HOLD OF ANYONE. (leaving messages is fruitless: they are never returned. i know this from experience.) just - AUGH!!!

Tonight i am going to write. and knit yes. i am. And I hope I can get hold of someone tomorrow, because I REALLY WANT MY WHEELCHAIR. Like YESTERDAY. I would love to be able to go out and have coffee or go shopping and not be in horrible pain and exhausted by the end of the day. I cannot say it enough.


Dec. 15th, 2008 03:10 pm
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I'm sleepy and out of it (goddamn Lamactil; I'm also forgetting small things, falling asleep all the time - or maybe it's the idiotic robo-caller from Seattle Schools that woke us up at oh dark thirty to tell us they'd cancelled Sean's bus service, the bastards) (just for the day, not permanently, but because of the damnable snow/ice. we're trying to figure out what to do about that.) so these links are stolen wholesale from [ profile] thewlisian_afer, who is awesome and mighty with the clickiefinding.

charred monkey meat found in man's luggage.

actor slashes his own throat due to a prop mix-up

wife calls police after husband scares her with Viagra results. (there's a divorce waiting to happen, imo)

Macbean has great clickies all the time: you should go over there and take a look. <3 Me, I'm going to bludgeon myself into writing SOMETHING. This is ridiculous. Over two weeks and nothing. Maybe I should just do what I was going to and use this book of prompts to write something every day ...

EW. a piece of apple just flew across the room and hit me in the cheek. Probably out of the boy's stimmie. it's a good thing i wear glasses: i don't want to go to urgent care world because of an injury sustained by an apple.

Edit: OMG this is fabulous: real life cat burgular caught stealing toys from neighboring homes. - from my sweet and smart and generally amazing GF.
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There are several things missing from this month's roundup post, largely because I sent them off to see if they could make me a little money and they are since locked down. There are also several things that are currently in active development. So my month is more productive than this post would make you believe and I'm happy about that.

The two left are:

in the waiting line. anyone who enjoyed [ profile] euclase's dark side of the moon AU? This piece is written in that 'verse. (If you read fanfic and haven't read [ profile] euclase's DSOTM AU, I strongly encourage you to do so, because it is freaking AWESOME. And then if you liked it come back and read this, because I'm actually rather proud of it.

oh canada (an expatriate's love song) I do not write poetry as a general rule, but I wrote this (and another poem that is off seeing if it can make me money) this month. Huh. I suppose that makes me a poet or something. Or something.
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At night she sleeps, dreaming nothing. Chest rising and falling, a soft rhythm.

She doesn't know about his boning knife, how its cool caress traces paths along her veins, veers sharp to count her tendons;

Doesn't know about his hands, how his hands twitch and shudder and clench the wooden handle with those cool knots of brass holding it together.

Every night he pulls it away.

Every night.

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Seen from several: 90 year old woman living with 3 siblings' bodies.

This song was made entirely with Windows sound files. A must-listen. And if anyone can strip the audio and make it into an mp3 I would love you for ever and ever. oh wow! that's taken care of. I love you people, I really do. *hugs friendslist* It's seriously catchy. Courtesy the best husband in this apartment. <3 (and arguably other places, but definitely in this apartment.)

From the amazingly fantabulous [ profile] geekchick: Scenes from Antarctica. I have what can only be described as a crush on Antarctica and have for a few years now. It's one of the places I desperately want to go before I die, and it was the source material for what may be my favorite piece of my own writing. (easily my favorite piece of my own fanfic, and it's in the top three for 'writing in general'.)

[ profile] melodyclark (who is herself a fabulous writer) posted about how writing is sometimes like taking dictation. I think my crazy comment will probably explain a lot about me (not the least of which is how I am even odder than many people initially think) :

The times when it feels like dictation are the best times. I pray for those times. (No, really. I have a little altar, and it holds things that my muse forced me to buy ... this is sounding weirder and weirder by the second... anyway, yes. I'm going to formalize it more when we move - getting some postcards or photos of things, a little statue of Ganesh (hindu god of beginnings/finding pathways) and a neko-waving cat and my happy buddha and the lei I have that was once worn by Neil Gaiman.)

I guess where this is coming from is yes. Writing comes from Outside. It's not talent, per se, but more a fine-tuning of the ability to tap into that Zone. Other artists do it in different ways: writers just happen to use words as a tool.

(this is, really, how I actually think. And it is this way for me, but not all the time. Sometimes it's more like doing laundry by hand - when you have to just keep going and going and adding things and rinsing and repeating and hope that somewhere it will come out good at the end - and then the next day you have to come back and do it again - and sometimes, it's like taking dictation.)

This story of the eight year old in Arizona that shot his father and another man has made me aware of two things: one, I am viscerally uncomfortable around guns and anything connected to them, and two, that is probably one of a short list of subjects that I won't discuss online anymore, given that people have actually defriended me over my attitude on guns.

The attitude is this: I don't like them. I will not live in a house with a gun. Period. There are very few dealbreakers in my marriage; that is one of a short list. If I think too hard about the fact that it is legal to carry a gun in this country I seriously start wanting to go either back to Canada, or better yet Japan, where guns are not available and where the existence of gun related deaths is so low as to be almost nonexistent. I do not understand the desire to have one. (I will make exceptions for things like people working in the arctic where there are situations regarding polar bears that basically come down to 'if you see him you're going to be mauled into a slow death unless you're able to shoot him before he gets to you.')

I have tried reasoning with this attitude, since many of my very intense reactions to things can be thought through and deactivated, but this one can't, for some reason. I've heard all the "good" arguments. I still don't like them and don't generally see the need for them in our lives today. If you feel the need to stop reading my journal over this, please, go right ahead. It's been done before. (however, please not that not once in this statement of my beliefs have I cast aspersions on anyone who chooses to carry a gun; that's not my place. I'm just stating my point of view, since it has caused issues for some people in the past.)

Okay, back to our regular program. Hi! Anyone still with me? Have a wonderful day. <3 I have a doctor's appointment. As usual. Then I'm going to hang around a coffee shop and write and/or draw since Microsoft's backup care benefit has a four hour minimum (and it's not like I'm going to cry about a free evening). I have made notes based on the suggestions people have made (thank you all for that). *glomphugs*

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Woke up late. Missed kid's bus AGAIN. OMG FAIL.

Conclusion: need better alarm clock, srsly. Am torn between expensive-but-gorgeous zen alarm clock (digital, bamboo finish) or original good morning, sir clock with Stephen Fry. Ideally both = awesome because we need multple alarm clocks (to decrease chances of sleeping through all of them - we both have our cellphones with multiple alarms already and this is not foolproof, clearly. AUGH.

Kept nodding off this morning. Fortunately yesterday was decently productive so today can allow for slacking. Tomorrow is doctor's appointment and phone conference with Sean's teachers. Shrink/neuro is seeming overwhelming and unnecessary right now, which is a sign that I should probably go. Sigh. Annoyed by high maintenance meatbody.

Link of the day from the most awesome and marvelous [ profile] euclase: LEGO digital designer, free download (Windows and Mac OSX).

Now to eat. Then I am going to WORK, goddamnit. :p

Goals for the week (week ends when I go to sleep Sunday night)
Finish two mostly done fanfics
Next chapter of Genderfic
teahouse girls draft two. needs desperate slash and burn/reorg to make word count. I can do this.
Finish apocalyptic original thing draft zero?

Other junk for today: call paratransit for dr. appt. tomorrow. *eyeroll* laaaaaaame. :p
edit: pickup window: 9:24-9:54. to be there for ten thirty. to do paperwork. I don't actually see the doctor until 11:30. this guy better be able to help me, I'm wasting AN ENTIRE MORNING dealing with this crap. *grumbles, considers cancelling but doesn't*

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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A grand total of six. *sighs* AUGH. A few things in development also. But I really do want to do better than six. Five fandom pieces, one not.

true north strong and free house/cuddy friendship. angsty, for me.

life is short (eat dessert first) house/wilson. seduction of a sort. there is fruit, and cookies, and pudding. and artfully carved bananas.

five kinky drabbles (1) house/wilson. what it says on the tin, there.

private afterparty. house/wilson. there is wine tasting, and a louis the somethingorotherth reproduction chair is somewhat ruined. porn with a tiny plot chaser to cleanse the palate.

performative nonnormative: the house variations (5-?) at least I managed to get this started up again, if nothing else.

Non-fanfic: the man at the end of the world (1-?) (friendslocked because I might want to do something with it) Oh, Ross, I have missed you. <3

six. bah. *sulks in a corner*
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Dolphins playing with bubble rings. SO AWESOME!!! Came from somewhere on my flist, don't recall where. <3

Back from the cripple eval. Don't know anything; was astoundingly dull. Good writing material though - for some reason it stuck with me. ([ profile] euclase: Darlingest 'Licia, would you mind if I borrow your 'Dark Side of The Moon' 'verse to play with for a wee while?)

Off soon to the spa. My joints may forgive me for angering them in the past few weeks.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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writer r.n. morris discusses his work schedule with the cat:

(can't sleep. i can tell today is going to be AWESOME.)


Sep. 9th, 2008 02:00 pm
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It's time to order [ profile] joedecker's holiday cards, and you should get some, because he's an awesome photographer and they're beautiful images. information and costs here.

I love old advertising but some of those are just a tad creepy.

Another incident from Cake Wrecks: confirmed by the bride. The cake plate is a metal SIGN? And that's not the worst of it.

Worst than lost luggage: American Airlines loses woman's corpse for four days.

Personally if McCain was going to pick an Alaskan mayor as his running mate he should have picked Stubbs, the incumbent mayer of Talkeetna. (from the most excellent [ profile] greg_kennedy)

From the most awesome [ profile] gokuma, the Pac-Man movie. Tears! Drama! Things being eaten! <3

I don't know whether to feel better about having had a nap for half the afternoon, or worse. I mean, I physically feel better, but I swear I'm never going to get anything done ever again if I keep sleeping away the time the kid is out. *sigh*

Fun so far today: the cats got out (both of them) and I spent forty minutes chasing them this morning, and we have no damned hot water, so my shower was cold and miserable (but necessary.) Tooth is behaving itself to a certain extent. Writing is still going badly in general and I don't know why, and the kid's due home in less than two hours. *sigh* Productivity so far today roughly zero. Augh.
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Burglars wake up man with spice rub, sausage whack.


And now it's Monday and I had to waste my morning with a stupid meeting so it's Time To Get Stuff Done Nao. *rolls up sleeves* Logging off messengers for the moment. Back soon!
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A truly pathetic showing, to be sure. The kid was home all day, every day, and there were billions of appointments, and that damned migrane, and the minor freakout/breakdown I had that one weekend ... augh. *sigh* I lost all faith in my ability to write ever again for about a week and a half. I'm still not sure it's back and frankly it's freaking me out. This month kind of Royally Sucked in more ways than one. Thank God school is starting soon. *sigh* *stupid body, stupid brain, stupid meds, stupid fellowship*

combinatorial mathematics. House/Cuddy/Wilson - morning routines.

The first four parts of Performative Nonormative - one, two, three, four. Otherwise known as the Plot Bunny That Thinks My Brainz Is Chewy. This had a brief interruption in service because my damn body fell apart. I'm hoping to continue it soon.

baby steps (in space): a small series of unlinked firefly drabbles. Otherwise known as: [ profile] nakeno and [ profile] recrudescence carefully coaxing me out of my hiding place. <3

that perfect stage of overripeness. Cuddy/Thirteen.

sunshower: the one with the sweatshirt (a textual remix of pencil) House/Wilson, for [ profile] euclase's birthday. I was very unsure of this one, probably because i wrote it on the same day I had the freakout/breakdown. I'm still not entirely sure it does the drawing justice. <3

commercial-length vacation. Cuddy/Thirteen, pretty much porn with very little semblance of a plot. Not bad at all for falling asleep several times in the writing proess (I mean it: i had to clear away several strings of random letters in the text window because I fell asleep mid-word.)


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