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so i just watched the last four episodes of Torchwood season 2. I had been warned that they were very intense and i would probably cry (and both of these things are very true. Hankies are awesome for worrying between your hands in a crisis. I'm honestly going to start a collection.)


In keeping with my usual coping strategies: I am going to write fluffy vacation fic. And then I'm going to write House fluffy vacation fic. And then I will write CROSSOVER VACATION FIC and the FLUFF BUNNIES will RISE and EAT YOUR HEAD. (it won't hurt. It's kind of like when a dog or a cat licks your face. it's not at all painful.)

You can still sponsor me for write-o-rama. (and then i might write you fluffy vacation fic! or smut. or something good anyway. you can have whatever falls out of my head if you like. it's usually amusing and fairly harmless or at least just scary.)

While i'm writing my fluffy vacation fic, you should read [ profile] arjache's Brain Comics. It's always pretty awesome, but this one (and the next two) are topical as well as funny.
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[ profile] seularen wrote a monks!fic for me! it's wonderful. go read!

Link here: Victory


Apr. 11th, 2009 12:54 pm
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today feels decidedly fail-abulous, for no real reason. There are some good things about the kidlet that have happened over the last while though:

Seaners has learned a new word, which he definitely understands and sometimes even says: "tickle".

Over the summer, he'll be getting extra orientation/mobility training - around our apartment, at the pool, etc. etc. He's ready to have a cane at home and he's going to be having extra swim time with his orientation/mobility teacher because she wants to make up for some time. I'm really excited about this: he's doing really well at school.

clickies, brought to you by [ profile] hithah, [ profile] tallin and [ profile] nightdog_barks:

black rain. (video): this is raw satellite footage from the NASA STEREO project (from the Helioscopic Imager) spliced together and set to ambient music. it's absolutely incredible.

Morgenrot. (video): i'll just borrow Nightdog's phrasing for this one: It looks for all the world like Desom (the filmmaker) has taken real late 19th-early 20th century photos of New York and has incorporated them in some stereoscopic way with ... a falling piano. the title translates to 'Red Dawn'.

Polish court has applied the same DUI laws for cars to cyclists

new zealand penguins play ice football/soccer this is THE CUTEST THING EVER OMG.

remember that april fool's joke by the bacon salt people? 'Bacon Lube'? Apparently there is actually a demand for this product. They're going to try and market it. *boggles*
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too tired for a real post. off all messesngers: don't want spoilers and am trying to manage my anxiety about them. <3 therapist is an awesome rockstar: has suggested some books for me to read before we next meet up.

clickies from [ profile] machineplay, [ profile] mirrormargaret (do you two know each other? you should) [ profile] mactavish and [ profile] tallin (actually you should all know each other.)


microsoft funds mobile phone software for autistic children.

vote for your favorite 'nature in your neighborhood' photograph.

They're all beautiful but i confess to being in utter love with #4.

cool ways to reuse shipping containers

evolution of the mouse: from classic to cutting edge

ice bridge holding antarctic ice shelf in place shatters damn global warning.

clinton calls for stricter antarctic tourism limits.

i am sore and tired (therapist's office means stairs, which means all afternoon on crutches.) so it's time to relax now.

how are you?
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title: new jersey heat
author: [ profile] phinnia
rating: PG-13
spoilers: none
pairing: house/wilson friendship (slash is in the eye of the beholder)
disclaimer: a wandering minstrel I, a thing of shreds and patches. i own nothing.
author's note: random AU snippet which i may or may not continue depending on whether it's good enough and also if i get any more ideas. for [ profile] euclase, whose drawing inspired everything.
he'll be out. )
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a good, if domestic day. Emiliy was here yesterday while I went to my consultation with the oral surgeon: while i was gone she cleaned the apartment. and today she came back to help organize things, so she organized some of my yarn and now my spices are alphabetized in an organized fashion and the built in cabinet is organized and clean and i labelled and organized all of my staples (rice and dried beans and different kinds of flour and stuff) in dymo-labelled plastic seventies tupperware canisters i got on ebay and big yogurt containers (until i can get more tupperware canisters) It's beautiful and I can find everything and i'm so grateful i could cry. the apartment is almost where i want it now (i need wall art and small shelves for things and maybe a bigger dining room table) but i will take pictures when i get more camera batteries.

seaners went to the park with emily for an hour or so and they met one of his school friends there. he pushed himself on the swings for ages (and then he'd stop for a little bit and sign 'more' to himself and start up again. dork)

and then he came home and used the potty, and now we're watching planet earth. the end.

i'm exhausted - i think i'm getting sick; but i'm very, very happy. and i have wonderful friends. and a pretty damn good kid.
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today's clickies from [ profile] miintikwa (who does fabulous tarot readings here)

world's most terrifying penises (1) and the world's most terrifying penises (2). I am ... astounded and somewhat nauseous. mostly by the views of giant slugs (slime bothers my stomach more than i initially realized) close up, jesus. worksafe in that they're all animals, but ... yeah.

why marriages fail.

today's antarctica pic of the day is really nice. (albatross!)

have mostly survived large portion of day one of spring break.

things i need:

a trip to IKEA to get some new shelving/storage space (seriously, if anyone local could be convinced to make one of these in the later part of April, i would pay for time, parking and gas money. their online site is incomplete and shipping costs are more than the items a lot of the time.)

(post-IKEA trip) someone's organizational voodoo.

our elevator to start working indefinitely again

to sign up for that phlebotomy class

to phone the therapist

things i want:

cuddles from several specific people

[ profile] benjimmy to finish the 'wireless' sequel (this is what's known as a hint the size of a small pony falling on one's head, Rory)

my writing mojo to fully return

to stop second-guessing myself all the time.

the confidence to more fully market myself as a writer

more apple danish.

things i have:

awesome friends

wonderful (if far away) girl-loves

a nice (although messy) apartment

meds that make things closer to 'normal' than I've ever been

two boys that love me (albeit in entirely different ways)

in other news: the larger boy is looking into getting us onto an Alaskan cruise come September.

how are you?
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From [ profile] machineplay (best girlfriend ever!) and [ profile] magie_05 (fabulous friend, writer and nature-documentary enabler, among other things):

pink elephant caught on camera

spider-man comes to autistic boy's rescue in Thailand eight year old little guy climbed onto a window ledge and a firema-er, Spiderman got him down safely. such a great story (and picture). *sniffle* except that i keep substituting Seaners for the little guy in the picture (because they're about the same age, and then i cry even more. someone clearly needs to call the dork police or something.


Mar. 19th, 2009 12:29 pm
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I got up about an hour and a half ago (11:30 PDT) which i hate doing, and it's dreary, and I'm making myself go out because i know that'll make me feel better. And, well, they're screwing with the elevator tomorrow, not that it matters, because the kid has the day off school again (why all of these days off? This plus President's day week off and the week of March 31-April 4 off ... why? this is ridiculous.)

It's a blah enough day that my favorite jam tastes uninspired. i will go out and take some photos for the picpost I planned for tomorrow.

birthday maillove so far: card (and gift certificate, eee!) from [ profile] cutie_patutti65, card from [ profile] arhh (a popup one! with cats!) and a package from [ profile] hannahrorlove containing some lovely cherry blossom bath stuffs and the cutest coin purse in the world. pictures forthcoming tomorrow. i have been told there will be more, and I'm still smiling at it - I'm so lucky to have such amazing friends.

clickies are brought to you today by [ profile] lizardling, who is wonderful and lives locally and who I need to hang out with more often than I do. <3

help enter migratory bird data. i know there's a lot of people reading this who are into birds and wildlife. this looks pretty neat.

[ profile] wordweaverlynn asked her flist to post poems. Last night's [ profile] dailyrumi was excellent: a star without a name.

more reasons to love Neil Gaiman (as if there needed to be more reasons). there's a lovely paragraph here about religion and dolphins. I liked it. <3

supersolid! science is awesome.

kiwis solve global warming riddle drilling into rock BELOW the antarctic ice. fascinating. oh, humanity.

today's antarctic pic of the day is lovely. i think [ profile] joedecker recently did a photo workshop on sunsets - i know some of my friends attended - [ profile] kightp and [ profile] kwalton at least, anyway. this one is great.

now i'm going out. back soon.
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[ profile] geekchick has provided me with this important information: the decemberists are at sxsw and are doing a live webcast of their new album tonight. the only drawback is that it's at 1AM EDT (10 PM PDT) but some people may well be up; i'm going to try to be. If you miss it all of their NPR stuff is archived here. [ profile] hannahrorlove and I listened to their last webstreamed concert together. It's good stuff.

it's kind of hard to describe what they're actually like: my best guess is 'historical literary-allusion cheerfully macabre folktale-classical indie with a good beat and a pound of Lewis Carroll's favorite hallucinogenics stirred in' but hopefully others will leave their own descriptions in the comments. if you're going to take the reccomendations of an autistic seven year old, they're one of the boy's favorite bands.
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Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. I'll get to thanking all of you personally today if I can, but I wanted to say it here first. You all are excellent people and you've made my birthday something wonderful.

today's clickies are brought to you by [ profile] dolphingirl, who is generally marvelous, and [ profile] adularia, who is gorgeous, smart, an excellent kisser and very sexyhandy with a toolbelt besides. (there's something about girls with tools and you can take it any way you like.)

romance can exist in long term relationships. i don't know, [ profile] tallin, do we have romance? <3

online pastry chef. fabulous blog about what it says on the tin there.

rescue called off for porpoise because the porpoise is fine. happy story! it's always nice to hear about animals that are just fine. <3

temperature rise may cause west antarctic thaw. *worry*

does religion lead to more aggressive medical care? interesting.

robot submarine searches under antarctic ice shelf.

i have two cats right beside me (neko is cuddled up to my hip; velvet is washing neko.)

i have two questions that are occupying my mind at the moment:

1. i still have a spot in the breads and pastry program at the local community college.

pros: very nearby (like, five minutes as the wheelchair rolls, two minutes on the bus, fifteen if I'm having to walk it because I'm a slow walker). would be great fun, is not a ridiculous expense, may be able to get monies because am gimpy displaced homemaker. marketable skill. job experience. only just over a year's worth of commitment. (about fifteen months.)

cons: eventual jobs sometimes require heavy lifting which I am only sometimes able to do. lots of early morning classes (but the afternoons are free - that balances out.). by early i mean they start at 8AMish. pain issues sometimes cause early morning difficulties (but i do have time to sleep later on and also time to switch my schedule; i am sleeping better lately and that's helphing my quality of life/pain issues - again balances out)

i'm leaning towards 'i would like to if it's financially feasible but i'm worried about the pain issues putting a dent in it' thing. thoughts/suggestions/notions/etc etc?

2. i need my hair cut, seriously. it's currently a shaggy grown-out bob haircut that ends up just at chin level, but it's messy and i constantly look like i have bedhead.

want to do something drastic to it. am thinking about cutting it off at earlobe level, curving up at the back of the neck and shaving underneath.

you can see the sideish of my head in this photograph. )


Mar. 17th, 2009 03:45 pm
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this deserves special mention, because it is beautiful and because it goes with my favorite piece of my own writing possibly ever:

[ profile] shutterbug_12 has done amazing photomanips for my Antarctica-centered Housefic, extreme weather. (story and art worksafe; fic is friendship/slash is in the eye of the beholder.)


list of further birthday goodies to come.
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thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and the v-gifts and the mail love and the fics and the email and the facebook posts and EVERYTHING. <3 <3 <3 i love all of you to bits. i've been smiling since i woke up, and most of that is because of you all.

And now I'm tearing up because I really, really never thought i'd have such incredibly amazing friends, but i do, and it overwhelms me every single time.

*snif* *finds tissues*



because i forgot to add them, clickies! brought to you by [ profile] hannahrorlove and [ profile] thewlisian_afer who are truly wonderful friends.

algae that can tolerate arsenic discovered in Yellowstone Park

less risky fertility treatment discovered

world's coolest pizza cutter (youtube vid, worksafe)

google sky (i didn't know about this. is very cool!)

today's daily rumi is wonderful.

the cake is a lie?

arctic sea monster's great bite? could crush a 4x4. wow.

fight malaria by helping mosquitoes.
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title: lunch break
author: [ profile] phinnia
pairing: house/wilson
disclaimer: a wandering minstrel I, a thing of shreds and patches. i own nothing.
rating: nc-17 (sex, people being tied up (or down), all that good stuff.)
spoilers/warnings: no spoilers. this is kind of kinky so if that's not your thing, s'okay.
author's note: this is for [ profile] arhh for her birthday - well, okay, it's late for her birthday. but the intent is/was to get it to her for her birthday. SO. Happy birthday Autumn <3 ilu.
fourth floor closet. )
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cut for melancholia, same old same old. )
happier things:
yesterday i found a really great coffee shop that's much less crowded than vivace and makes amazing crepes. i had a latte and a lovely crepe with lemon and sugar, filled with strawberries and topped with whipped cream, and i got change back from a ten. i also found a little movie theater basically at the end of our street.

i found the library last week; it's a really nice library and only two or three blocks.

i've been getting some wonderful mail love this week, from [ profile] adularia and [ profile] benjimmy. *squeezes both of them* <3

i have many amazing friends. how are you all?

[ profile] jane_hidell's cat came back! i'm really happy about that. <3

i have a really good view at the end of the block.

cut for bigness )


Mar. 9th, 2009 09:58 am
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pretty much all of these are from [ profile] bernie_laramie; bernie is awesome. there's another from [ profile] foxestacado, who is also fantastic. i have no energy today because i've had about five (maybe) hours of sleep (and i can't get back to sleep). so most of these are presented without comment. sorry about that.

7 incredible natural phenomena

fifteen bizarre statues

church's attack on pop culture leads to pornography. the last line is the best part, IMO.

the world's smallest radio.

pastor deflects bullet with bible.

my eyes hurt, a lot. one of these days i'll remember to pick up eyedrops. god i feel like hell. happy-gifts for Jane go here. as far as i know elevator is still broken. hope it is working by noonish; do not want to take a cab if I can help it and am not sure about pain levels given lack of sleep.

... god that's only two hours. must go out, as doctor's appt. cannot be missed (needs to perscribe more pain meds, and the pain meds need adjusting imo)

the women in my life are seriously amazing people ([ profile] adularia and [ profile] machineplay). i'm ridiculously lucky to have them and to have so many great friends, too. if i have the cycles to finish a wee bit of erotica by midnight i'm going to do that.

huh. there are noises in the hall. they may be fixing the elevator. that would rule.

i hope your day is good. i actually like mondays because the boy is off to school and it's quiet.

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today's clickies are brought to you by [ profile] thewlisian_afer (who is honorary family), [ profile] foxestacado (who went to china and I'm so envious <3) and [ profile] machineplay (who continues to be the best girlfriend EVER).

britain's clown shortage. this is the sort of thing that makes me love the world so hard. i mean, really. i would love to get paid for doing clickyposts but this sort of thing is why I'd do it anyway.

science discovers origin of domesticated horses

afganistan's government dedicated to educating all children; uses one-laptop-per-child program. this? this is amazing.

regina man forced to tear down snow fort. because it was a fire hazard.

no, really. not the onion.

Christian salt now available.

man stuffed cat inside bong. what the FUCK. (yes, he was arrested and the cat appears fine. still.

local news: seattle stumptown locations serving free coffee. okay, yes, there are restrictions, but still. free coffee. <3

dutch man sets up answering machine for God.

periodic table of cupcakes. complete with recipes for every one, OMG. i'm tempted to go get cupcakes now. maybe.

chilean man arrested after the cast on his 'broken' leg was found to be made of cocaine. you have to admit it's kind of ingenious. i wouldn't have though of it.

[ profile] miintikwa is doing her one-card draw here.

yesterday's trip to the art museum was not a total loss; once i found the traditional-arts section it was quite enjoyable. i missed the fourth floor but i can come back for that. other museums of interest are the seattle asian art museum and the burke. i love that i can do this now and not be exhausted afterwards. i can really enjoy stuff again.

(I would also love to set up another trip to the children's museum (now that we know where it is) with [ profile] tiggrrl and [ profile] the_misha: maybe next weekend?

thank you to everyone who made me penguin icons in this post - they are all awesome and i'll be using several. YAY PENGUINS ROCK.

i don't know what i'm going to do today. i'm still consciously not writing (i am not on messengers much because the other main thing i do at the computer is writing and i'm trying to consciously steer away from that at the moment because it's causing me stress and i want it to be awesome fun again, so. i still love you all. <3<3


Mar. 1st, 2009 07:55 pm
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brought to you today by [ profile] bernie_laraemie (a snappy dresser as well as a perfectly victorian gentleman) and [ profile] wintersweet (who is one of my guides into the strange and fascinating randomness that is japanese culture, as well as being a great person).

a japanese life in bento SO FREAKING CUTE!

unhappy children "end up unwell"

trek to examine melting of sea ice (i love antarctica best but the northern pole is pretty awesome too.)

researchers find way to make stem cells from skin

archaeologists find lost egyptian tomb

parrots teach man to speak again. SO FREAKING COOL.

woman had cesarian section and open heart surgery at the same time.

saw [ profile] doubletake today which made me very, very happy. she hung curtains and my little strings of butterfly/dragonfly lights and moved sean's room around. emmi is kind of like an anti-tornado. she comes in and leaves calmness and neatness behind. <3 <3 it made my otherwise miserable (high-pain is all, nothing else wrong) day a lot better.

Tonight i'm having a grilled cheese and canadian bacon sandwich, placing an amazonfresh order and writing for [ profile] purimgifts (hopefully). i've finally figured out what at least two of the things are going to be at least, so i'm good, i think. i just need to write them.


Feb. 28th, 2009 10:05 am
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brought to you today by [ profile] dolphingirl and [ profile] reannon and [ profile] brightflashes (with the same link, proving that great minds do think alike), [ profile] thewlisian_afer (whose clickies posts are far, far better than mine) and from [ profile] mactavish from her wonderful geography blog geographile.

one of my (and Mary's) favorite Richard Feynman quotes. Feynman was/is as great a prophet of science as I've ever seen. He really inspires me, and this quote/footnote is basically a poem. Required reading, IMO.

to live is to learn. my first teacher was my father; he encouraged me to research everything, to look things up in books and libraries and atlases, to find the answers to my own questions. If you think about it that's probably the reason I'm here doing these clickies posts.

doodling helps you focus and pay attention. this makes perfect sense to me.

rush limbaugh wants to know why women hate him. um. yeah. given the quotes - and the fact that I know damn well there's a lot more of them - I'm wondering how he can be wondering this. Hello, narcissist much?

Sir Ernest Shackleton and Twitter.

i have nothing exciting planned for today, except a trip to the post office, activating my replacement phone, filling out the remainder of my passport application and cleaning the apartment. I'm sure you can't cope with the excitement. I'm not sure I can cope with the excitement.


Feb. 27th, 2009 06:51 pm
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Today's clickies are brought to you by [ profile] foxestacado (continually awesome), [ profile] bernie_laraemie (again, a gracious gentleman entirely surrounded by birds at this point), [ profile] miintikwa (a fantastic all-round person and one of my favorite card-readers) and [ profile] puffdoggydaddy (a new person who has brought a link so terrifying that it must immediately be unleashed on the world MWAHAHAHAHAH *cough* *choke* *splutter*)

I don't do the evil laugh™ so well. that's one of the things [ profile] tallin does.

woman traded children for bird. some days i'd trade sean for a bag of peanuts - and i hate peanuts. but not LITERALLY. (usually.)

church gives 100% of donations to families in need.

octomom offered one million dollars to star in hardcore porn.

... no, really.
... no, it's a real newspaper.

70 year old woman uses saucepan on burglar. the fallout from this is even more amazing.

ryanair makes passengers pay for toilets. that's not a high pressure sales tactic alt ALL. except, well.

balsamic bandit. dude, that stuff's expensive.

scandal in fishing contest.

nicky hilton makes citizen's arrest at IHOP. that's astonishing. no, really.

da vinci's 'codex' reveals a young self-portrait.
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I have had a stunningly excellent three days. Lots of snuggling and hugging and kissing and hot tubs and massages and writing and maillove and emaillove and friends that are moving to Seattle and friends that are frequently in Seattle and awesome new fic and little-boy-hugs; so excellent that it more than balances out the asshole post office guy that i always seem to get on Saturdays and the cleaning I have done/still have to do (including the cat box) and the worry and the uncertainty and the pain. And the best part was that it was just a random collection of days like that. Sometimes my life is fantastic that way.

I hope that your life is like that too. I want that for everyone, because damnit, you deserve it.

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I'm off to the HotHouse with [ profile] adularia soon. Have fun. <3

Two things:

etsy shop where proceeds are going to the Australian red cross. There's some absolutely gorgeous things, and if you have something to donate to the shop you can also do that.

BBC's "day in pictures." I love the BBC. it gives a much more complete picture of world events than any american news outlet (or Canadian for that matter). I want to get one of those HD radios that you can use to listen to it all the time. (I know, there are webstreams available. It's not the same. I'm somewhat sentimental like that).

From the marvelous [ profile] mactavish: male whales prefer enormous females. <3 whales are generally awesome like that.

edit because 'ticcy always does such great happy memes:

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there's a lot of good stuff on the intertubes these days. <3

[ profile] thewlisian_afer has clickies posts that are much more awesome than mine a lot of the time, seriously. Here's a sample of today's best ones:

world's youngest divorcee takes on Paris and a real childhood. She's TEN. and seriously brave. what an amazing girl.

racoon bites off man's manhood in rape attack. dude. if you are stupid enough to try and rape a raccoon (there's a phrase I never thought I'd use) you DESERVE getting your tallywhacker severed. (tallywhacker ™ Chris's late grandmother, who I sorely regret not getting to meet. she liked the golden girls and law and order and old movies and coffee. we would have gotten along famously.)

redneck wedding cakes. just ... WHAT. the deer ones ...

my new favorite photo, from my girl: dolphin meets zebra I want this in a larger version. <3 SO CUTE OMG.

Once again, pain is up to eleven, although strongarmed down to a seven or so with the methadone and celebrex. Tried lidoderm patches on the worst parts last night, which helped to a certain extent. This is nucking futz. I think this is what people call a flare. ugh. I'm going to try and get some work done today regardless. Hopefully.
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russian and american satellites collide. First incident of its kind.

Chris, upon hearing the relative size (950 KG to 537 KG) of the two satellites, said the american satellite never had a chance;


From my girl, who is still awesome: rescued koala reunited with rescuer. (this makes me cry; everything makes me cry. so did eleven year old saves three year old sibling with cpr he learned from TV.)

From [ profile] arhh (who is a bad influence and I love her for it.) shark attack tea maker and liquid bookmark. I have actually bought a set of the last one and can't wait for them to arrive. I'm going to get one of those Susie Bright erotica compliations and use the white one for it at the local hipster coffee place. It would be a little better if I were male, but I can cope.

And two more from the fabulous [ profile] foxestacado: black cats set to advertise video game (ee) and architects design near-invisible tree house.

ah, i see it's going to be another fabulous pain night. ugh. at least we have ice cream.
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first: my girlfriend is awesome.

second: so is this link: beijing fireworks party that went horribly wrong.

Best part of article here: The main CCTV building is know as the "giant underpants". Soon insults began appearing on websites: "Liar, liar, pants on fire."

third: and so is [ profile] adularia, who I shall be seeing on Friday when we go to the hothouse (I wonder if I could write off the trips to the hothouse as medical expenses? sauna + hottub w/ optional massage = happier body parts). She told me about cosplay restaurants where you can go and have nice boys and/or pretty girls wait on you. I have not heard of these before that I know of and am very charmed by them. (I wonder if I could write that off as a medical expense?)

fourth: how come when the child takes a handful of papers he shouldn't have and moves them somewhere he only hands them back one at a time? probably 'to drive mother stark raving bugnuts.' His plan is working flawlessly.


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