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dear person haggling for postage,

i don't think they'll let you do that even in places where haggling is commonplace. The postal service's rates go up. It sucks but there's nothing that can be done and all you're doing is annoying the people behind you in line.


dear crabby-ass hipster at Cafe Vita,

You can Get The Fuck Bent with my compliments, stomping off in a huff because i sat down at the end of a six person table you were occupying half of AND dared to accidentally nudge the leg thus disturbing your ... i don't know, sulking, brooding over the price of hair wax or nerd glasses, whatever you were doing there. Fortunately the gods smiled on me for daring to sit there, because after you left a cute girl sat where you were.

Still, get your retro imitation urban outfitters forty dollar stick out of your ass.


dear woman wearing the leopard miniskirt and gigantic black hat with the mourner's veil,

interesting fashion choices for a trip to the grocery store at 11AM.


dear queer sped-type checkout person at value village,

idk what effect you were TRYING to achieve with the scraggly beard and the piercings, but it looks like your facial hair is pierced. which is just weird. maybe you were trying to make it look that way, but it's not really a good look for you. or well, anyone.



hi! i had a delightful time Out, despite what the unsent letters may lead you to believe. <3 how are you? fic roundup post soon. maybe a pic post later, maybe not.
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it was a nice day, so we went to the park and had ice cream.

The park was really nice, and i got to test out the offroading capabilities of the wheelchair, and discovered that the park was more level and much nicer to drive around in than most of Seattle's residential neighborhoods' sidewalks. Chris and I were somewhat bumbling trying to figure out how to handle seaners on the playground equipment, and of course it turns out that seaners is better than both of us at finding his way around playground equipment. swings are a favorite but slides are an okay diversion. He went deep into Seanworld while swinging; i don't think i've ever seen him so happy playing by himself. now that i know how to get there we'll have to go more often.

icecream was delightful: i had balsamic strawberry and coffee, chris had coffee and chocolate. we got a kid-scoop of baby beet sorbet for seaners, who rejected it as he does all ice cream flavors (he had to have sorbet because dairy is an issue and we weren't sure that pomegranate curry sorbet would go over as well), but he enjoyed listening to the music playing in the shop (and we ate the baby beet sorbet, and it was absolutely amazing.)

next time i want to try and find the big chessboard at the park. and if it's warm there may be wading pool action. i wasn't kidding when i said that family outings don't happen around here; i don't remember when the last one was. this is probably a combination of my hermit nature and chris's tendency to work weekends, but it wasn't bad. the other parents did not bite me. i could go again at some point. (and i've found out that my usual reluctance to not go to parks because they are huge and exhausting is at least partly mitigated by the wheelchair. really most everywhere is easier with the wheelchair.) and the bouncy rubber stuff is much easier to drive on than sand would have been. (there aren't even sand play areas or places to just fool around in though, and that's kind of sad: that was one of the things that i liked about sand under the play structures. now there are the Designated Play Structures and manicured lawns. Oh, helicopter moms that fear nature. sad.)

then we went home, i fell asleep (normal response to being out under the daystar) and now there will be pizza. the end.

how are you?
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Again, a really good day. as much as this 'insisting on getting off internet and to bed by/at 10pm feels kind of annoying socially, i'm getting much better sleep and am able to get up earlier, so it's a definite win in the end. I have no plans for the day, which is even better! I'm hoping to actually write. i have a FABULOUS koan in mind for the monastery AU (i have a few saved up but this one is PERFECT and needs to be done SOON) so if you're into the monks you may look forward to that. and there's another awesome fic in the pipeline. and hopefully some original stuff too (that is to be given some attention today).

Annoying thing that might end up being good: they all of a sudden (like, this morning) changed Sean's bus route so that he was dropped off about 20 minutes earlier. This freaked me out, largely because (a) i have things set up appointments-wise that relied on that time being 20 minutes later (and that makes a LOT of difference for those types of things and more coming due to new therapists), (2) i hate hate hate getting no notice for things and (iii) i have things set up a certain way with the old driver accomodationswise.

Calls have been put in with the director of transportation and he is meant to be getting back to us by the end of the day. Because they can't bring the kids to the door except at the end of the route (and me waiting outside for him = problem) they will put him at the end of the route again. may not be today due to trickle-through the pipeline but will definitely be by the end of the week. s'good (esp. since that may be later in the day - he adores bus rides so that's awesome for him too.)

(Also i need to complain about the Assholes today. Will do that soon before i get to doing things).

argh. i cannot stand these 'entrepeneurs' and 'media enthusiasts' and all that that keep adding me on twitter (i darenot say it on twitter because that just leads to more of them). dear people of twitter - if you have added me through a random keyword search i probably don't want anything to do with you.

regarding this teabag thing: i think that standard practice for all buzzwords and media compaigns should be running any possible adwords through a class of fifteen year olds. if they think it's funny, then you should find something else.

clickies today are from [ profile] bernie_laraemie, [ profile] gizmometer, [ profile] mactavish and [ profile] topaz_eyes.

eNature has TONS of nature guides, including a new version of Sibley's Guide to Birds that's fully online (including birdcalls)!

[ profile] kutner_love is having a kutnerfest! (i know most of the mods are on my list and i love you all but the first person i saw this from was Topaz. <3 It looks excellent and i'm definitely entering. There are tons of categories <3

for seattle locals: capitol hill's top blossoms apparently this weekend is going to be nice. we may take seaners to cal anderson park on sunday if anyone wants to hang out there with us? not sure what time but we're flexible other than it needs to be over by about 2 because i have an mri late sunday afternoon <3

scots church volunteer is online singing sensation

cheese nips SCRABBLE edition! so much win.

5 cm fir tree removed from patient's lung. OMGWTF!?!

robber gets stuck in shop window

russian city to rename all soviet streets to christmas streets.

dolphins join fight against somali pirates in gulf of aden SO COOL!!

stephen colbert gets consolation prize from nasa he didn't get his name on the space station; but they named a treadmill after him. <3

Seaners got some tea tree oil on his hands today. there was a bit spilled (several drops) and we could smell it all the way in the back. that stuff is STRONG.

i hope you all are having a great day.
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brought to you today by [ profile] brightflashes and [ profile] gizmometer *hugsandlove*

some great antarctic images of the day: petrel decaying iceberg inverted iceberg held in place by sea ice

equally great penguins of the day: big mac colony emperor penguin huddle showdown at big mac colony

unusual micrometeorite found in antarctica

fantastic local (specifically Capitol Hill) blog about things within walking distance (i think specifically a mile's walk but i'm not totally sure) from Capitol Hill: Capitol Hill Triangle

dead octopus with 96 tentacles. the warning is YOU CANNOT UNSEE AFTER VIEWING. i looked. they're right. my initial response (and the one i'm standing by) was "WAAAAUGH'.

UC Berkeley psychologist finds evidence that male hormones in the womb affect sexual orientation.

sonar causes rock-concert effect in dolphins (image: dolphins holding up little lighters in their flukes and shouting (or, you know, like they do) 'Freebird! freebird!".)
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The poem i wrote in the last entry (here) is now part of the poems inspired by [ profile] elisem's pendant nine things about oracles. you can find many other poems by other people (maybe try one yourself?) here.

clickies brought to you by [ profile] nightdog_barks and [ profile] magie_05 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

[ profile] elisem does absolutely lovely bead and metal and stone jewelry pretties. i have several. keep an eye on her LJ for such things. (and they all have names, which is (to me) the best part.)

a guide to regional english dialects. this is fascinating. i love language so much.

The seattle museum of the mysteries is not far from our aparment building.

new dolphin and orangutan species.found in Bangladesh and Borneo. a much better article about the dolphins here

Jodrell Bank page about what to look for monthly in the night sky (updated each month).

oh dear great fluffy lord i am so tired. the elevator is still out of service; i keep falling asleep and waking up with lines and lines of letters in this post. so i'm going to post this before it happens again (considering it happened three times just now).

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Just two clickies today: infecting mosquitoes before they infect us and vampire unearthed in Venice plague grave.

I also managed to find a new buddhist parable in my travels, so there will likely be a reappearance of the monks in the near future.

cancelled the therapist in Everett. I'm going to try and get in touch with [ profile] bork's therapist - and neurologist too.

today is so far better than yesterday. although yesterday i caught up on all the House eps I'd missed. the season shaped up much less terrifying than i originally thought. (i kind of stopped watching since episode six. yes, i know. i am neurotic. i think that's apparent by now.) i am attempting to remain spoiler free to stop my neurotic little brain from chewing on things. just saying so there's no spoiler talk in the comments, okay? we (or many of us) remember last season/early this season when i was neurotically freaking out about House and Wilson never being friends again? And late last season when I was freaking out all through the amber arc and had to quadruple my anti-anxiety meds? i do not do well with stress. it's much better if I don't think about it beforehand. i'll still worry, but slightly less.

anyway, enough about my neuroses.

because i haven't obsessed about antarctica for the past few days:

yesterday's antarctica pic of the day. One of the excellent things about antarctica is that there are some places nearby that don't have snow at all. Deception Island has hot springs, as a matter of fact.

from the 'penguins rock' files: penguins tobogganing and penguins porpoising. (i actually thought that last one was orcas for a few seconds.

local people: anyone up for an ikea trip at some point this weekend? will pay gas money and eternal gratitude. i have to pick up a couple of dressers. (i can order them by phone/online and have them shipped if need be, so it's not a big thing if no one's free; i thought i'd ask anyway to save on shipping, etc.)

oh, also: how much (ballpark figure) is a smallish tattoo (assume maybe 2, 2.5 inches square, fairly simple: a plum blossom. (top right picture, stylized a bit.) and where's a good place to get it done? (as in, tattoo places.) I'm thinking about my left forearm unless someone gives me a compelling reason to put it elsewhere.
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cut for melancholia, same old same old. )
happier things:
yesterday i found a really great coffee shop that's much less crowded than vivace and makes amazing crepes. i had a latte and a lovely crepe with lemon and sugar, filled with strawberries and topped with whipped cream, and i got change back from a ten. i also found a little movie theater basically at the end of our street.

i found the library last week; it's a really nice library and only two or three blocks.

i've been getting some wonderful mail love this week, from [ profile] adularia and [ profile] benjimmy. *squeezes both of them* <3

i have many amazing friends. how are you all?

[ profile] jane_hidell's cat came back! i'm really happy about that. <3

i have a really good view at the end of the block.

cut for bigness )
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Dear gay cliche behind the counter at the queer little coffee shop,

Shocking as it may seem to you, I do not actually need a babysitter to "take me" places. If I had such a person, they would be with me, which they were not.

Your latte wasn't that great either. I do not like my vanilla coffee latte to have overtones of TEA.


Dear Seattle Art Museum,

Considering you only just renovated, it would have been nice to had a straightforward way to get to and from the gift shop from the galleries, rather than taking what is only two steps up from a freight elevator and following ridiculously byzantine directions. Also you need more than eight audio tour headsets, considering you're an extremely popular tourist attraction. Nice concern for accessibility.


dear guy that worked in the museum gift shop.

it's all very cute that you have a special two dollar bill advertising your exhibit. If I run into any trouble using that fucking thing in a store I'm coming back and taking it out of your hide.


dear bus driving bitch on the 43,

I'm sorry that it was INCONVENIENT that I asked you to secure my wheelchair at the back instead of taking the "easy" way out and just looping the belts over the armrest. I just don't want to, you know, get thrown or tipped over if you make a sudden stop (which, considering your driving, was actually very possible - lay off the clutch, okay? it's bad enough that the shocks on these buses are going, they don't need help). Don't roll your fucking eyes at me.

And I'm sorry it's INCONVENIENT for you to stop and let me off at, you know, my stop. I'll get right on fixing that as soon as you take that fucking steel spike out of your ass.


dear oral surgeon,

stop being out of the office and answer your goddamn phone? i'm really getting sick of your answering service. I'm sorry that it's INCONVENIENT for you to, you know, WORK. too bad.


dear [ profile] tallin

I found a twenty on the floor by your desk. I'm assuming it's yours, but I'm taking care of it now. If it isn't yours, well, score.

for real <3

wasn't spectacularly impressed with about half of the exhibits, but have come to the conclusion that this is because I don't really care for modern art. also too many yuppie mothers with their immaculately dressed perfect children. on the other hand admission was free, so it was worth about what I paid for it. I was intending to go to the asian art museum in Volunteer park but I turned the wrong way. I think that'll be more consistently in line with my interests. also next time i go downtown I'm only doing the 4th floor which is mostly traditional/ancient art. i dunno, maybe i'm old or something. certainly i feel that way.


Mar. 5th, 2009 09:54 am
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clickies brought to you today by [ profile] joe_pike_junior, who is a relatively new and excellent friend, [ profile] deelaundry, without whom I would probably not be writing nearly as much fic (one could say she 'discovered' me. <3) and [ profile] miintikwa, who does fantastic tarot readings should you want to indulge (and is marvelous besides).

teeth found in wallet in wal-mart.

woman calls police 500 times over Seattle nightclub. apparently she's met one of [ profile] hithah's neighbors.

antarctic picture galleries. i linked to two specific ones last night regarding airplanes, but the larger set is amazing - lots of penguins, seals, sled dogs, amazing weather photos (this might interest [ profile] quasigeostrophy in particular), clouds, ice, etc. really amazing stuff.

woman calls 911 three times when mcnuggets run out.

man runs seven marathons on seven continents in six days. this is absolutely astounding. and he did it all for charity. just - wow.

most britons have lied about the books they've read. this is probably universal, i expect. :-)

the honorable will eat you. interesting post about trust and how it pays to be cautious.

feeling much, much better than yesterday. not entirely sure what was up with that. bah. looking to do something at least reasonably interesting today, especially since my pain levels are better and i managed to get some sleep, but am not sure what at the moment. I should make a list of museum exhibits that I want to see; I've always enjoyed that sort of thing, and I'm sure it'll be a nice bonus now that I'm able to use the chair. I know a lot of them have 'donate what you can' days. I'm going to take a bit of a writing holiday for a while because it's not coming as easily as it was. I hope it'll help. If anyone local has any suggestions I'm definitely interested.

I hope all of you are doing well. <3
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I did manage to get to Pike Place Market today.

And this is where I have to thank whatever great fluffy lord is watching my steps because now that i have the wheelchair, i can go somewhere, enjoy myself AND not have to cut out early or take three times my usual pain meds as a result. And I feel GOOD afterwards, not like something that's been run over by a fleet of ravening postal demons.

I actually went to parts of the market I usually miss or glance over. I had a sandwich and could eat while travelling (something I could never do before). I can actually do a decent amount of shopping and not worry about getting it home (thanks to these bags that i keep in my purse and this bag that i use for heavy shopping - the second one is about three feet across and two feet deep and made of super strong canvas. It fits perfectly across wheelchair handles, for those inclined toward that method of transport..

And to make my life even better i found a perfect replica of my favorite tim horton's chocolate dip donut. i bit into it and almost cried.

americans do not as a rule know how to make donuts. seattle is luckier than most cities because it has two relatively decent local-chain style donut bakers, and Portland has Voodoo Donuts (i adore the Captain Crunch one) but most other places are left to suffer with krispy kreme. (yes, i know they're better hot. they're still not real donuts. and dunkin' donuts are suspicious.) canadians know how to make good donuts. this is one of the things which make us special. we can also watch hockey as it was meant to be: without the goddamn blue dot on the puck.

mmm. canada.

oh, right - i figured out what to do about the guarantour thing. i think.

[ profile] chezmax was right, it can be done by any canadian passport holder - but they're hard to find in Seattle, and they would have to fill out the form AND sign the back of one of my photographs - god, i detest this stupid bureaucratic bullshit. It's put there supposedly so Bad Guys can't just get a passport, i guess - although the folks in Ottawa apparently didn't realize that if the Bad Guys really wanted one they could just pay off a doctor or some other "authorized" person. (under the old rules you had to find a person who was employed in one of a certain set of white collar occupations that you had known for two years that could supposedly vouch for you not being a Bad Guy. this strikes me as unbelievably classist, but whatever.) so i'm hoping to use the old rules (because i still can, filing from the US) and get my rehab guy to do it. I hate this. I'm going to have to Explain This To Him. and it doesn't help that I find it unbelievably stupid. I don't know what the hell i'm going to do if that doesn't work. AUGH.

(THIS is one of the things that makes us annoying. residue from the old British colony days. Douglas Adams always said that most ex-colonial governments are drowning in paperwork because it's meant to stuff you up until they get word back from the mother country. I can believe this.)

in further news i'm going to sell the child because he's been home from school an hour and he's WHINING CONSTANTLY.

so, the short version of the post.
canada = good donuts, bad paperwork
uncle bill/microsoft (otherwise known as the Great Leader) = good because he pays for Leah's wheelchair and all of her meds (believe me, you don't want to see me off my meds)
child = living on borrowed time, whining, destroyed another one of my pens, cannot leave him alone for ten minutes when i am making the snack he whined for incessantly and he's about to go to his goddamn room.
me = pretty good although pain is about a 4-6; bought lavender heatwrap bag in lieu of neck/shoulder wrap/heating pad.
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Anyone in Seattle willing to hang up some curtains for me? [ profile] doubletake said she'd do it but I fear she's been eaten by something because she's continually failing to answer her phone. the blinds in our apartment are utterly broken and while the sun doesn't heat up this place as much as our apartment on 14th west did, it's still kind of warm in here.

will swap curtain hanging services for used books or pay gas money.
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pain up to eleven today; also bad for last several days but not this bad. probably why I've been feeling awful and emotionally screwy all week (not helped because sleep is broken etc.) methadone + celebrex + two percocet + heat help some but not a huge amount. exhausted. lowgrade fever? something. sweaty anyway, pain in all diodes down left side and some in right.

taking today lightly. tempted to rebook tomorrow's psych appt. (thursday night plans good for emotional health and would be kind of depressed if missed. anyone else want to come and see a documentary about Antarctica with me and the (larger) boy? 7PM showing at the Grand Illusion (50th and University Ave); cute little independent theater. my friday plans will help a good bit with pain actually. and also mental health.

blood tests came back inconclusive. getting saliva test w/ dentist (better indicator than blood test).


cool stuff:

from [ profile] awils1 (who frequently finds extremely awesome stuff) synthetic biology, ethics and the hacker culture.

from my beautiful and amazing girl: arctic unicorns (narwhal).

eta: found movie on dvd. cancelled that. have nothing until friday (which is at spa so will help w/ pain).
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Last night the kidlet made up a sign for 'bedtime snack' with no prompting - it's a combination of his signs for 'eat' and 'sleep'. I am SO PROUD right now. He's learning and processing and just ... getting it! eee. (he's also singing little songs that he's learned in school - the 'eensy weensy spider', and scales - no words, but very obvious tunes.)


From the incredibly awesome [ profile] brightflashes, two clickies of interest: ten sci-fi devices that could soon be in your hands and feeling your words: hearing with your face. so awesome.

Another from [ profile] foxestacado, who sends me marvelous things frequently: marlon brando's ghost continues to haunt his island.

An item of local interest: the story behind the steps in the sidewalk. Our neighborhood has several sidewalk stones that have dancing-diagrams for various types of dance - waltz, rumba, chachacha, etc - and I never knew why before. I love local history.

today: attempting to sort out sean's perscriptions via stupid mailorder pharmacy thing. ugh. hate. (the worst of it is that I can do phone or internet refills via my current pharmacy, so this really has no advantage for me - and phones make me seriously aphasic these days, especially when I'm stressed). Need to either use that IP relay thing that chris told me about that uses instant messaging, or start writing scripts before every call. AUGH HATE. The collection agency I had to deal with this morning was so bad that I had to have Chris deal with them because my voice practically locked up. *wince* hooray, yet another fucking disability - and worse yet it's activating old family issues because my mother would so frequently criticize my speaking (not loud enough, not clearly enough, making fun of my stutter in some supposed means of "helping" to fix it, etc.)

Other annoying things: I'm losing weight (please don't congratulate me - again with the eating disorder thing) and my pants are falling off. No, I mean literally. Yes, sometimes with a belt. I hate buying new pants. Also: kid has today off for no discernable reason (okay, kid is being really good, but still, schoolboard fail).

On the other hand: fedex actually showed up (or at least the express one did) with our router. So that's good.
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Is there anyone localish around that's got a laptop running either XP or Vista that could come by either this morning/afternoon/evening?

I need to upgrade the firmware in Seaners' MP3 player. It'll only take five minutes, but every time I run the updater under Windows Seven beta it crashes immediately. (to be fair it only says it works under XP or Vista.) I'd really appreciate it, and so will he. There's some kind of memory issue that will be fixed by running the firmware update, and it's semi-unusable until that gets fixed.

Thanks. <3
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Three things I forgot to put in the last post, of interest to local people (i don't make enough of these posts to need a local filter).

a. anyone familiar with the seattle scrabble club? [ profile] mystic_savage pointed it out. It sounds like fun - anyone want to go with me sometimes?

b. I think it was [ profile] sirriamnis that asked me about going to the children's museum at some point? (if it's not, i'm terribly sorry; i know it was someone I met at the Hothouse in this most recent gathering and I'm awful with names). Want to do that sometime MLK day or MLK day weekend? (depending on your work schedule; i know [ profile] tallin has that day off and so do the schools ...) (edit: it was [ profile] tiggirl and [ profile] the_misha. brain running at 70% today? have not done brain calisthenics.

c. I'll ask before checking Craigslist because sometimes this works better: has anyone got a dresser that they aren't using? Mine broke down in the last place and I've been living out of milk crates which occasionally attack. will pay money + gas money (can't pick up) for sure.
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From the fantastic [ profile] jenk: pictures from a cat's eye view.

Local people: there's apparently a massive garage sale both saturday and sundady next weekend (1661 E Olive, so like, really near my place, oddly) to raise money for someone with ALS. I like that sort of thing and I have a rather peculiarfascination with garage sales, so I plan on going.

Also local people: I hate to do this again, but is there anyone local who can possibly help us get the REST of the stuff from the old place? Apparently the landlord found MORE stuff in his cleanout and they want it gone today. We'll be home until sixish, but it would be better to do it sooner rather than later... (and honestly, this SHOULD be the last time. so ANNOYING.) *sigh* [ profile] katybeth is awesome. next time we are so getting better movers.

Hi! I'm still in my pyjamas: I'm hoping to stay that way for a little bit at least before I have to shower to go to the party.
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if i can borrow beg or steal anyone away tomorrow afternoon to help me pack our dishes, i don't know what i'll give you, but it starts at gratitude and ends somewhere beyond dinner and a movie. help?
(i am never going to get this done i swear)

darlings - i love you all so very very much, it is true - and i hate to say this but please don't comment unless you can actually help because i am going to have a heart attack jumping at every little newmail sound, okay? lovelovelove all of you, please do not kill the nice phinnia.
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In search of a ride around 8AM (between 8 and 9) Monday from my place in the u-district to the new place in Capitol Hill. Passengers: me, possibly the child, definitely two cats and their associated (clean) catbox and dishes.

If you can be an extra set of hands yet have no car, you can ride in the cab I will inevitably be taking to (possibly) drop the kid off at his school and (definitely) the cats and me off at the new apartment. I can't wrangle two cats plus box upstairs by myself, and Chris has to stay here to deal with the movers.

Will pay with coffee, gas money (if you're driving) and eternal gratitude.
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dear stanford,
why are your lectures only available on itunes? itunes hates me and this means i can't access them and that makes me very very sad.

dear friends in seattle,

some of you said that you could help us pack and we love you. (we love everyone. we are just that loveable - and [ profile] hithah did a ginormous amount of packing when she was here but our apartment is at least two ginormice in size. can you help us this week at all? that would be very helpful as we are moving a week from Monday. will provide food and drink and hugs and you can get first pick of any stuff we don't want or needs (there's a lot of that). also if someone could drop off some stuff at a local women's shelter, that would be awesome and i would pay your gas money or zipcar cost for sure yes.

phin (and the boys)

dear [ profile] katybeth:

can we figure out how to exchange cat litter for cat carrier soon? thank you so much again.

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We moved the cats to using an automatic selfcleaning litter box that uses a certain brand of litter, so we have a lot or old stuff left: two containers of this litter type (Tidy Cats scoopable 'immediate odor control', one 17lb bucket (not used) and one partly used 14 pound jug (I think it's between 1/3 and 1/2 full but I can check it.)

I'd love to get rid of this before we move since we're not using it and would be happy to trade it for either a lightly used cat carrier (we need a second cat carrier, we only have one) or money (it's about $15 to $18 retail, I'm quite willing to take $10-$12 for it) or cookies or yarn or BPAL or something else we can work out on a later date. Only stipulation is that you have to come pick it up; it's way heavy and we don't have a car: so I expect that this is only of interest to locals. That said I know a lot of my local friends have cats, so.

comment here or drop me an email (phinnia at comcast dot net)
- sold! thanks to [ profile] katybeth <3

I was a major doofus and bought Seaners the wrong size socks, so I have two bags of toddler sized white ankle socks that are way too much of a hassle to return (technically they're 'boys' socks, but I don't think girlbabies would evaporate or grow up into butch lesbians if they wore them, but some people are weird about that stuff.) Yours for the cost of shipping plus maybe $5ish, or I'm always willing to barter for things like yarn or BPAL or cookies or whateveryoulike. again, send email or comment.

Also I have a pair of red 'boys' (see above comment) sandal/shoes, size eleven or 12ish (they're actually euro sizes but it works out to around 11/12ish in kids sizing) velcro fastening: they're shoes with open sides/top areas, I can get a picture if you want. Sean wore them for about eight minutes, so they're in basically new condition. They're this model from Vincent Shoe Store, where I buy all Seaners' shoes, so they're leather and really well constructed (I don't skimp on his shoes - he has wide feet so he's hard to fit, but this company makes a great product and their customer service is wonderful and definitely less expensive than Stride Rite.) I'd like $15ish for these or the usual barter economy rules apply, of course. <3
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The internets are full of good stuff today. <3

espresso jell-o. Hey, I'd try it. <3

Hotel offers digital "detox". See, I don't get the appeal of that. But then I've never understood this notion of dividing hobbies into "good" and "bad". It's like dividing food into "good" and "bad" for you. I don't get that either. (will stave off my diet rant, as I'm trying to avoid weight loss discussions: that's a whole pile of issues I don't feel like diving into right now.)

Of local interest: Sharp spikes found at the bottom of Green Lake. AUGH. Not nice.

From the most awesome [ profile] dandelion_diva: blue penguin chicks. OMG CUTE!

ETA: From the excellent [ profile] gokuma: microscopic ramen.
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No, not for me, don't worry on that front.

I have a case of pullups that Teh Child has outgrown. I would like to donate them somewheres, like a women's shelter or something comparable. Anyone know of one that's localish and preferably picks up?

Sum total of today: spilled coffee in main laptop. Fortunately main laptop is replacable under warranty (yes, I checked, it really is, thank god the Boy's thoughtful enough to buy extended ones). Feel something like an idiot. Actually a lot like an idiot. Am not as much of an idiot as the guy who spilled coffee in someone else's laptop during his Microsoft interview. Take a little heart from that fact I suppose.

Have done shopping; ran into [ profile] dreamingcrow and J. while I was there.

Still no writing of any great length. Am vaguely pissed about it. Also vaguely pissed as half-done set of drabbles is now on dead non-booting laptop: [ profile] doubletake, can D. run data recovery thingys on my drive if I'm super nice to him? <3

Will now eat couscous salad and wait for antiinflammatories to work on the ankle. Fun times.

Went to European Delicatessen on the way to TJ's: verdict - awesome. Mostly German food and products. They had my FAVORITE commercial brand of soap (Fa) which I hadn't realized I'd missed terribly until I saw it on the shelves. Also, lava cake mix, double smoked bacon and a very sweet lady running the register. She approved of the penguin pictures on my Mastercard because "the males take equal responsibility for the children" (direct quote. in thick German accent) and she ran out after me because I'd forgotten my sausage. They had double-smoked bacon, so I cheated on my regular bacon pusher to try that. And tubes of marzipan! All in all an excellent side adventure.
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[ profile] seattlest said it best: Washington State Ferries discovers salt water is not a steel preservative.

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This weekend my favorite independent movie theater is showing 'Autism: The Musical', which is about a bunch of autistic kids that put on their own musical. (Funny how that works there, the connection between title and plot). [ profile] tallin and I are going to the 3PM showing tomorrow (Saturday 15 September). Should be fun. (Next week the same theater is showing a documentary on Christo's 'The Gates', which I'm going to myself at some point.)

They show awesome movies, and the membership fee is $25/yr which gets you in for five bucks instead of seven, and to member-only events, and other stuff.
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At the farmer's market on the weekends, one of my favorite vendors is a Japanese farmer who has a lovely variety of unusual fruits: miniature plums, tiny peaches, adorable wee melons and grapes, baby bok choi ... and it occurs to me that the Japanese are really just trying to cutebomb this country into submission so they can take it over at their leisure.

And it's working.

The grapes in particular are delicious.


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