Aug. 2nd, 2010 10:31 am
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daycare is closed this week.

this is NEWS TO ME. we have made NO PLANS, because we were NOT INFORMED AT ALL.

And the child turns into a huge brat when we are stuck at home together for more than a day, because i am boring. i do not go on field trips every day. i do not do Fun Things For Seaners.

this is going to SUCK.

*censored* *censored* *censored*
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Again, a really good day. as much as this 'insisting on getting off internet and to bed by/at 10pm feels kind of annoying socially, i'm getting much better sleep and am able to get up earlier, so it's a definite win in the end. I have no plans for the day, which is even better! I'm hoping to actually write. i have a FABULOUS koan in mind for the monastery AU (i have a few saved up but this one is PERFECT and needs to be done SOON) so if you're into the monks you may look forward to that. and there's another awesome fic in the pipeline. and hopefully some original stuff too (that is to be given some attention today).

Annoying thing that might end up being good: they all of a sudden (like, this morning) changed Sean's bus route so that he was dropped off about 20 minutes earlier. This freaked me out, largely because (a) i have things set up appointments-wise that relied on that time being 20 minutes later (and that makes a LOT of difference for those types of things and more coming due to new therapists), (2) i hate hate hate getting no notice for things and (iii) i have things set up a certain way with the old driver accomodationswise.

Calls have been put in with the director of transportation and he is meant to be getting back to us by the end of the day. Because they can't bring the kids to the door except at the end of the route (and me waiting outside for him = problem) they will put him at the end of the route again. may not be today due to trickle-through the pipeline but will definitely be by the end of the week. s'good (esp. since that may be later in the day - he adores bus rides so that's awesome for him too.)

(Also i need to complain about the Assholes today. Will do that soon before i get to doing things).

argh. i cannot stand these 'entrepeneurs' and 'media enthusiasts' and all that that keep adding me on twitter (i darenot say it on twitter because that just leads to more of them). dear people of twitter - if you have added me through a random keyword search i probably don't want anything to do with you.

regarding this teabag thing: i think that standard practice for all buzzwords and media compaigns should be running any possible adwords through a class of fifteen year olds. if they think it's funny, then you should find something else.

clickies today are from [livejournal.com profile] bernie_laraemie, [livejournal.com profile] gizmometer, [livejournal.com profile] mactavish and [livejournal.com profile] topaz_eyes.

eNature has TONS of nature guides, including a new version of Sibley's Guide to Birds that's fully online (including birdcalls)!

[livejournal.com profile] kutner_love is having a kutnerfest! (i know most of the mods are on my list and i love you all but the first person i saw this from was Topaz. <3 It looks excellent and i'm definitely entering. There are tons of categories <3

for seattle locals: capitol hill's top blossoms apparently this weekend is going to be nice. we may take seaners to cal anderson park on sunday if anyone wants to hang out there with us? not sure what time but we're flexible other than it needs to be over by about 2 because i have an mri late sunday afternoon <3

scots church volunteer is online singing sensation

cheese nips SCRABBLE edition! so much win.

5 cm fir tree removed from patient's lung. OMGWTF!?!

robber gets stuck in shop window

russian city to rename all soviet streets to christmas streets.

dolphins join fight against somali pirates in gulf of aden SO COOL!!

stephen colbert gets consolation prize from nasa he didn't get his name on the space station; but they named a treadmill after him. <3

Seaners got some tea tree oil on his hands today. there was a bit spilled (several drops) and we could smell it all the way in the back. that stuff is STRONG.

i hope you all are having a great day.


Apr. 11th, 2009 12:54 pm
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today feels decidedly fail-abulous, for no real reason. There are some good things about the kidlet that have happened over the last while though:

Seaners has learned a new word, which he definitely understands and sometimes even says: "tickle".

Over the summer, he'll be getting extra orientation/mobility training - around our apartment, at the pool, etc. etc. He's ready to have a cane at home and he's going to be having extra swim time with his orientation/mobility teacher because she wants to make up for some time. I'm really excited about this: he's doing really well at school.

clickies, brought to you by [livejournal.com profile] hithah, [livejournal.com profile] tallin and [livejournal.com profile] nightdog_barks:

black rain. (video): this is raw satellite footage from the NASA STEREO project (from the Helioscopic Imager) spliced together and set to ambient music. it's absolutely incredible.

Morgenrot. (video): i'll just borrow Nightdog's phrasing for this one: It looks for all the world like Desom (the filmmaker) has taken real late 19th-early 20th century photos of New York and has incorporated them in some stereoscopic way with ... a falling piano. the title translates to 'Red Dawn'.

Polish court has applied the same DUI laws for cars to cyclists

new zealand penguins play ice football/soccer this is THE CUTEST THING EVER OMG.

remember that april fool's joke by the bacon salt people? 'Bacon Lube'? Apparently there is actually a demand for this product. They're going to try and market it. *boggles*
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I fell asleep for like, three hours. this is bad, because i'm probably going to have trouble getting to sleep again, and round and round and round. my shoulder is full of hatred today, and i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, which is only annoying because between going there and being there and going back again it eats up about forty percent of the day and i'm hoarding time without kid right now. stupid school, stupid orcs, stupid fellowship.

this is where the bitching about school holidays begins. just in case you're sick of hearing about it and want to skim.

regarding holidays:

the child gets at least one two hour early dismissal per month on average (i have no idea why these are), and one hour early dismissals before any holiday on a weekday (so before the thanksgiving break, at the end of school, etcetc.) two weeks of short days for parent/teacher conferences; ten days off at christmas: four randomly occuring professional development days, a week off at president's day/mid-february and another week off at the end of march/beginning of april; and memorial day off. and ten weeks off for summer vacation. in my mind this adds up to way too much time off, but (snark on) i'm one of those people who sees schools as free babysitting, of course (snark off) (this is a frequent complaint voiced toward anyone who complains about school holidays; i've seen it in many a comment thread. i don't know where they're sending their kids to school to where it's free, for a start. jesus.)

(note: for the record i realize that i am very not-impartial in this situation, and i realize that i have my own issues regarding staying home with children which have been colored by having a high-needs child in concert with my own difficult to manage physical and emotional disabilities and the kind of temperament that does not respond well to (tries desperately to make this statement neutral at least) being stuck at home at the beck and call of your offspring (i tried, i really did, but it didn't entirely work).

i probably bitch more than i should (which is nowhere near as much as I would unchecked. i am exercising quite a bit of restraint here.)

That said: it is difficult and/or expensive to find babysitting, daycamps are extremely expensive and (mostly) impossible because we're still in the early stages of potty training, and even if we do find babysitters they have a habit of disappearing, never coming back, potentially calling the police or child protective services because they can't handle the kid.

which all adds up to 'i am stuck in more than the average parent because other people fucking suck' and i'm rather bitter. also: it is sunday night after a three day weekend and right now the kid is living on borrowed time. even regular weekends are bad. next week is going to be hell. and this is AN IMMENSE IMPROVEMENT over the previous status quo.

bitching ends here

today's clickies are brought to you by [livejournal.com profile] thewlisian_afer, whose clickies posts are perpetually better than my own, and who has also been adopted as family. (some of you have also been adopted as family. i do that.)

teachers force students to fight in steel cages.

politcian offered vibrator to screw herself with. very thoughtful, i think.

nasa delays test of space station urine recycler

china's last eunuch spills sex secrets. throwing out someone else's pickled genitalia is just rude. fuckers.

archives shed light on Darwin's student days.


Mar. 22nd, 2009 01:43 pm
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today's clickies are brought to you by [livejournal.com profile] nightdog_barks, lover of birds and coffee and alternative universes.

man wins lawsuit against polio vaccine maker after he was infected with polio through his daughter's poop. she'd had a live oral vaccine. talk about one in a million odds. more information here.

(you just know there's going to be at least one fool out there that won't get their child vaccinated now because of this.)

biker brawl in sydney airport.

rare star to supernova link established.

deadly nerve toxin affects deep sea creatures.

today, things are even more boring than yesterday. more cleaning, some unpacking, blah blah blah, boring. not even nice enough to go to the park.

this coming week is my last week of freedom before yet another week of pointless school holidays. good times. or something. i hate our school board for this; unfortunately transferring him to another district is nowhere near feasible, and us moving to another district is even worse if we want to do things like get around during the day (chris can't drive and neither can i, although for entirely different reasons.)

*suppresses the usual rant* where would i go to get an explanation for the number of idiotic school holidays?


Dec. 15th, 2008 03:10 pm
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I'm sleepy and out of it (goddamn Lamactil; I'm also forgetting small things, falling asleep all the time - or maybe it's the idiotic robo-caller from Seattle Schools that woke us up at oh dark thirty to tell us they'd cancelled Sean's bus service, the bastards) (just for the day, not permanently, but because of the damnable snow/ice. we're trying to figure out what to do about that.) so these links are stolen wholesale from [livejournal.com profile] thewlisian_afer, who is awesome and mighty with the clickiefinding.

charred monkey meat found in man's luggage.

actor slashes his own throat due to a prop mix-up

wife calls police after husband scares her with Viagra results. (there's a divorce waiting to happen, imo)

Macbean has great clickies all the time: you should go over there and take a look. <3 Me, I'm going to bludgeon myself into writing SOMETHING. This is ridiculous. Over two weeks and nothing. Maybe I should just do what I was going to and use this book of prompts to write something every day ...

EW. a piece of apple just flew across the room and hit me in the cheek. Probably out of the boy's stimmie. it's a good thing i wear glasses: i don't want to go to urgent care world because of an injury sustained by an apple.

Edit: OMG this is fabulous: real life cat burgular caught stealing toys from neighboring homes. - from my sweet and smart and generally amazing GF.
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Yesterday when I was at PT there was a ridiculously adorable service chihuahua (i have no idea what service the dog provided, although I was terribly curious). Her name was Boo Boo and she had all matching pink accessories, plus pink sweater, AND a SQUEAKY RUBBER CHICKEN with a PIRATE COSTUME. Her owner was sitting on the floor in the lobby area, letting her play (she was tethered to her matching pink carrier, which at least slowed her down a bit) and she wanted to say HI to EVERYONE IN THE WORLD or at least the eighth floor. <3 It was ridiculously cute.

Pain in the ass of the moment: Sean's school is closing (the condition of the building isn't so great, and they're having to close schools to make budget or whatever). I'm annoyed at this for several reasons:

1. my little guy will probably not be near his friends. Of course he will make more, he's an extremely social little guy. But I'm still kind of sad for him. (nts: damnit, do not think about this for very long otherwise you'll end up crying AGAIN AUGH.)
2. we'll have to train ANOTHER teacher and set of therapists.
3. once again more of the focus during the move is on the APP program (gifted program). One of my biggest annoyances re: this school was that SO MUCH of the focus is/was ON the APP program and SPED programs seem like an afterthought. (they only have two demographics at this school - sped and gifted.)
4. One of the reasons we moved to this location was BECAUSE of his school.

Of course there are good points:
1. I have a feeling/ I want to push them so he'll end up at Green Lake, which we toured before and which I really, really liked: they have hot lunches for the SPED students and a therapy dog and the people were really welcoming - plus they have more of an internet presence AND it's not too far from Capitol Hill
2. Sean's school is by no means the only awesome thing in this neighborhood.

I am attempting to make knitted coffee cup sleeves for Seaners' teacher and aide. I'm hoping that if I start now I might be able to finish on time.

Today's dose of Lamactil only seems to be making me moderately tired instead of severely wrecked/tired. Also no rash. I still put Seaners' snack out early.

A link, from the always fantastic [livejournal.com profile] gokuma: regenerating a mammoth for 10 million dollars.

Things I want to do this weekend:
1. knit coffee sleeves
2. pack
3. possibly watch movies (we still have the Greencine ones unpacked and I want to watch them so we can send them back)
4. maybe catch up on House eps
5. write
6. cook dinner (dinner = tofurkey (i like them. really.), garlic mashed potatoes, mashed yams with maple syrup, cheesecake.)
7. see [livejournal.com profile] adularia to drop off clothing and foodbank supplies

What are you doing this weekend?
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Sixteen days to go nanannananana i wanna be sedated.

Apparently they have found a new teacher for the child, by the name of Ms. Maki. (insert obligatory south-park-drugs-are-bad reference here: I certainly did.) There is a school picnic on the evening of the 27th which I will undoubtedly be too tired to go to (considering the next two weeks look hellish) and they might be organizing a class get together for Labor day weekend, which sounds ... *sigh*.

Just - do not want, on so many levels - there's always the helicopter parents/pod!mommies to try and get away from, plus I rarely have anything in common with anyone at these types of social gatherings, which means my lately-quiet social anxiety is going to ramp up to panic-attack stage. (Not to mention the wildcard in any sped class wherein the parents treat gimpy adults potentially like children because they go into Disability Mode.)

That said, we do need to meet with/train/show the One True Way to Ms. Maki.

I think I'll try and set up a phone consult/email.

Tomorrow Seaners' Auditory Integration Training starts. Good times! It seems to involve teaching the child to listen. Insert appropriate snarkage here.

echo back

Jun. 17th, 2008 02:53 pm
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okay, so the kid has a non-traditional report card system. Scale of 1 to 4; 4 is 'objective met' and 1 is 'little or no progress'.


There are four '4' grades and a bunch of '3' grades there this term (significant progress). That accounts for about half his IEP objectives. (Some of the other objectives also need to be reworked after his reassessment with the speech/language tech people. that will happen next year.)



I don't think this has ever happened before.


good god, they're getting through to the boy.

No, really, I'm actually stunned.


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