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From the most marvelous [ profile] epi_lj: Peanut butter disproves evolution.

... what?
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Fundies Say The Darndest Things. (link from the fabulous [ profile] scarcrest.)


Dec. 3rd, 2006 11:11 am
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The Columbine killers did what they did ... because someone taught them Darwin's theory of evolution.


Crayon carvings.
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This atrocity deserves its own post:

Local Seattle blogger suggests that disabled people be banned from express buses because she was late to work once..

I don't think I need to ADD any commentary here.

(I know it would never fly, you don't need to tell me. Still.)
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Dear Transit Bitch,

Implying in any way that I need to 'accept' my position as the wife of a blind person and just fill out checks for him (therefore obviously following him around constantly as though I was some kind of caretaker or attendant) rather than having you or a representative of your company (who are employed by the company in question, therefore arguably it could be considered an accessibility accomodation covered under various laws) do it?

SO NOT ON. What we do with our marriage, and how we manage its accessibility hurdles, is NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS, and you have NO RIGHT to ADVISE me of my so-called APPROPRIATE POSITION.

I have seen marriages END because of that shit. I have seen FRAUD happen because of this shit. I have seen people stay in bad, unhealthy, sometimes abusive relationships in order to keep their 'sighted helper' around. I have been the subject of emotional abuse due to my being someone's sole 'sighted helper'. And while I don't believe [ profile] tallin would ever do such a thing, we're not IDIOTS, and we tend to like learning from others' mistakes.

No thanks.

Miss L.
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Coming soon: Shakespearian MMORPG.


Adventures in stupid questions:

Why is it that every time (I am not exaggerating here. Every time.) [ profile] tallin calls a company to either (a) get them to fill out a form or (2) inform them that their website is inaccessible (which generally means 'they have a visual CAPTCHA and no audio alternative, these days', they constantly drag out the same old saw:

"Is there someone who can fill this out for you/help you with that/read that for you?"

(Just for the record: the answer to that question is always 'no.' Never mind what he and I decide to do behind closed doors (seriously, never mind it). As soon as a given company or organization decides inflexibly that I should, they can take a long walk off a short pier. We have switched utility companies over this sort of thing. Not cool.)

But the question makes no sense. I mean, if there was someone to do this for you, then WHY WOULD YOU WASTE YOUR TIME CALLING? It's not like that question is going to suddenly remind you that 'oh, wait! Yes, I forgot about $SIGHTED_PERSON_X! Of course they can do this for me.'

And of course 'I'm sorry, I don't know how to help you' is so difficult to say. *sigh*

Things I found out recently: tilapia is really quite good. I never used to like fish. :-) Seaners likes it with grilled vegetable tapenade. Snob. :-)
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Parents Behaving Badly. (could be triggering for some. worst parts of human nature warning.)

I suddenly don't feel quite so bad about being in so much pain today I can barely move (half of my joints feel like there's a red-hot meat fork sticking in them) and not really being able to play with the boy much for fear of my knees and elbows staging a revolution.

Still, good god. People suck a lot.
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Parent requests Farenheit 451 be removed from school curriculum - during banned books week.

*head* *desk* *head* *desk*

You know what was awesome? I went to the market today and I could MOVE AROUND. There were no teeming crowds of people - even around the fish guys. I could actually do my shopping in a timely, pleasant manner without having to shove my way onto the sidewalks and paths. There were a minimum of idiots driving on the tiny narrow street in enormous SUVs looking for nonexistent parking.

That was great. I love fall.

Made doctor's appointment for next week. Something is definitely up with my hands - my fingers (and toes) (and wrists) (and ankles) should not hurt and be stiff like this ... argh. Am worried. Hope it is nothing. Fear it isn't nothing. Bought some sour cherry juice concentrate in the hopes that it will do something (it tastes good, anyway, so I can't complain in that direction).

Boy is having a lovely time at school. They finally got a permanent aide for him, a former preschool teacher who's working part-time now so she can stay home with her kids (the school district's loss is our gain? I suppose. *shrug*).
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Dearest, darling self,

Do not read parent forums. Do not read parent forums. DO NOT EVER READ PARENT FORUMS. They contain lovely statements like "I have to ask are any of you actually parent's (ed: an apostrophe does not mean 'beware of oncoming s') with children in special education programs?  I read these comments and it was a bit unclear to me."

To be clear, they contain statements like this FOLLOWING posts about so-and-so's child in the this-and-that autism class, or so-and-so's child who has CP and is in this or that other class ...

And then you just want to bash your head in on a rock. Or possibly Miss Unobservant's head in on a rock.

Also, most of the posters are allergic to spellcheckers and a little too obsessed with font tags. Fortunately you were smart enough to stop before anyone used the blink tag. Ugh.

Love and bubbles,


(Also: for local people with special needs kids (I'm looking at [ profile] eleri and [ profile] vaxjedi, but I know there are probably more that I'm forgetting) [ profile] shellynoir has posted a massive resource list here.)
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Well, my marriage is doomed: Career women are bad for men.

What makes me even more livid (as though the content of this article didn't do enough to piss me off) is the last paragraph, when the author is talking about the health benefits of marriage:

A word of caution, though: As with any social scientific study, it's important not to confuse correlation with causation. In other words, just because married folks are healthier than single people, it doesn't mean that marriage is causing the health gains. It could just be that healthier people are more likely to be married.

... so 'correlation does not equal causation' is perfectly reasonable regarding the health benefits of marriage, but not regarding this tripe about career women being bad for men? Why wasn't that mentioned earlier? It should be applied across the board.
(Of course that would destroy his whole thesis, so I suppose I've just answered my own question.)

Today's bizarro-world Christian link: Armor of God pyjamas.

... this is almost as good as the candles that smelled like Jesus I saw a while back. Not quite. Gah, some people will buy ANYTHING if it has religious iconography pasted on it.
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Snippet from conversation yesterday with Helpful USCIS Officer:

Me: On this form I filled out it says I may need a police report. Can you tell me if I do need a police report if my wallet was just lost, not actually stolen?
Person: Well, you will need something proving that you no longer have your card.
Me: Okay, well, what forms of documentation do you accept for that?
Person: *incoherent uncertain mumbling*
Me: So you're saying that yes, I do need a police report, correct?
Person: Yes.

The moral of the story is 'Error - invalid data type; boolean value expected'. No wonder their hold times are upwards of twenty minutes. Simple answers to direct questions, people.

More proof that all the really cool inventions never leave the Asian market: GPS Sneakers.

(Although the headline kind of offends me in that 'oh no not again' kind of way. Because obviously a service dog is the only way a blind person can get around, and obviously they'll be lost without it. And if there was less of a need for service dogs because of technology (not something I see as a lot of things can be used concurrently), then those puppies would obviously have to PLAY IN THE GRASS AND LIE AROUND AND GET BELLY SKRITCHES ZOMG. How tragic. *headdesk*)
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You know what I could provide to get my birth certificate if I didn't have a garantour? Something to "support my proof of entry into Canada, such as a passport or landing record."

If I was BORN in Canada, which is why I AM APPLYING for MY birth certificate which is Canadian and which belongs to ME, why would I even HAVE A LANDING RECORD? They didn't MARK ME ON THE DISMOUNT OUT OF THE BIRTH CANAL, for GOD'S SAKE! And I need the BIRTH CERTIFICATE to GET THE EFFING PASSPORT!

May possibly be able to find other garantour. May be entirely screwed. Who knows anymore?

Edit: Got hold of birthmother, who is willing to order a copy (apparently non-birthmother mother may also have a copy, if I can ever reach the woman, so will call and ask about that). Now I have to hassle my credit card company to get the $45 CDN returned to my card as I 'never recieved service from this merchant'. That's GOT to be easier than all this crap.
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Dear Ontario Department of the Registrar General,

When I initially called you about this STUPID garantour form, you assured me that (a) the garantour form did NOT need to be signed by the garantour, I merely needed to get their permission, and (2) that a U.S. garantour that fit all other requirements was just fine.


I swear to God, I'm going to die before I get my birth certificate replaced. Fortunately you people aren't handling my DEATH certificate, because if you were my family would be in SERIOUS TROUBLE. Dealing with your crap is not encouraging me to EVER move back to the True North Strong and Free.

I hope you all get syphillis and that everything below the waist rots off to match your missing BRAINS.

Seething beyond all coherence,


Edit: And if I get too many more rapid busy tones trying to reach your sorry asses to talk to a human being about this problem I am going to WALK to Thunder Bay and SIT there until someone helps me if I have to. See if I don't.

Edit 2: I can't BELIEVE THIS. On hold for 20, 25 minutes, it rings ...

and it puts me BACK ON HOLD.


I swear to God, I am going to die here.

Edit 3:
Well, after waiting on hold all that time, I was basically told by a very snarky bitch that my application would be on hold "indefinitely" because my doctor (being a naturopath and not an M.D.) was "not acceptable to their office." I tried to tell them that I have no other acceptable garantour candidates that meet their short list of professions I am still in contact with that meet the 'has known this person for over two years' requirement, but they don't care, they have no other options for me, and basically I wasted $45CDN and god knows how much time and hassle in long distance charges at peak time to be told that no one can help me and no one in their office gives a good goddamn, either. The fact that I NEED this to get EVERY SINGLE PIECE of identification I own replaced, not to mention to ever see my family again, means absolutely dick-all.

Excuse me while I go cry and break things.

Edit 4: And no one is answering the phones at the Consulate .... *head* *desk* *repeat*
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I do not understand this 'technofear' they refer to. I don't know whether to be angry or depressed about this article. I think I'll settle for both at once.
75% of women don't know how to use gadgets.
(obviously 90% of my friends are in the other 25%.)
*head* *desk*
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If it were coming from any other administration, I'd not be able to believe it: Apparently Indiana has 50% more 'terrorist targets' than New York.


The children's room at the blindy library is teh cute. They have many toys, all of which are adapted appropriately, and lots of board books (some of which I checked out). Tis a shame that it always seems so empty. Must bring the boy there to give it some love.
Books for child: "Each Peach Pear Plum" (which seems like a kid's version of 'Where's Waldo', in part, which is kind of ... weird ... in a blindy library, but what do I know. I suppose at least they don't censor?) "Max's Bedtime" (I <3 Max. Max's Breakfast is my favorite board book.) and "Wibbly Pig Can Dance."
Related: my boss has an expanding lizard in her office.

Perils of working at a library (especially my current job, which is researching which books are transcribed and in what formats using a file full of marked book reviews): SO MANY BOOKS. My hold list has grown by 50% in the past two days.

Kitten is still with us. There is definitely only one. 50% of tail enabled, I think.

The boy has spent all morning saying 'I love you', and actually properly asked for lunch without squawking. He wasn't asleep when he got off the bus, either. ZOMG.

I've often wondered why people assume that disabled kids are going to be more interested more in books about disabled kids than any other subject. I mean, I understand that there's the whole 'normalization' factor at work here, but (a) if the point is inclusion, wouldn't it be just as valuable or more so for NON-disabled kids to read the same books (which doesn't happen as much) and (2) if taken beyond a certain point, that starts to fall into the 'disability-as-shortcut-to-identity' camp, and that way lies madness.
(I didn't get that much as a child, but that was because I was reading far beyond my grade level right from the beginning and so the teachers just let me loose in the library and I would pick my OWN stuff. I wasn't about to sit still for much else.)

The board books are in CONTRACTED braille.
What the hell?
Okay, if children learn literacy and spelling by reading (thank you, [ profile] wintersweet), what is the point of giving them BABY BOOKS where the words contain contractions (think shorthand) instead of having the words spelled out properly? How are they supposed to internalize proper spelling and language construction when they're missing the first step?
*grumbles, must find out who to bitch to*
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Dear Humans in Pike Place Market That Insist On Watching The Fish Guys,

If I trip and fall, the appropriate response is to do one of the following:
1. Ask if I am okay and actually listen to my response rather than playing lip service to it.
2. Hand me my cane if it has gotten away.
3. Get out of my damned way.

The appropriate response is not one of the following:
1. Grab on to me and attempt to haul me to my feet like a sack of potatoes, paying no mind to the fact that (a) i have a crying child literally attached to me and (b) by doing so you are upsetting my center of balance, which I am perfectly capable of resetting if left to my own devices (I have done this before, thank you).
2. Ignore my cane, leaving it on the ground, ignoring the fact that I actually do need the damned thing
3. Ignore what I am saying to you, forcing me to repeat myself at louder and louder volumes until I am literally nearly screaming at you and shaking in rage, then mutter about how I am an ungrateful mean bitch, ignoring the fact that you were refusing to listen to me because it wasn't what you wanted to hear.

Take note,


Dear Humans in Pike Place Market Who Can't Be Bothered to Watch Where They're Damn Well Going,

Walking between a parent and child in a huge crowd is bad enough. Walking between a parent and child who are attached to each other at the wrist because you so desperately need to take a picture of your kids by the big brass piggy that you can't take thirty seconds to realize that there are other people around is stupid and particularly ignorant. Giving me a dirty look because you got tangled in our harness because you weren't watching where you were going means that you probably win ... something. The booby prize. But not one of the fun ones.


Dear People with the Most Annoying Yappy Dog Ever,

You think your dog yapping incessantly is adorable, I'm sure. You must. That's why you're just standing there like drooling idiots watching it bark at the moving paper puppet thing. No one else does. Trust me. I would not deliberately put my child in a situation where I knew it would become overstimulated in a public place, and if my child did become overstimulated in a public place I would endeavor to settle him down to where he acted like a reasonable member of society as soon as possible. Try and do the same with your damned dog.

Incessantly barking dogs make me cringe,

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Dear Woman on the Bus,

I have been the woman with the stroller getting off the bus before, and I agree, trying to juggle a child and several bags and a stroller down the stairs is difficult and totally unfun.


This fact does not exempt you from common sense. The bus driver is (surprise surprise) driving a bus, not utilizing the services of a ouija board. The driver is not Miss Cleo. Part of the fun of the ADA is that it actually does require accomodations to be upon request. People actually do need a variety of different accomodations depending on their own unique situation. This is why this rule is in place. Not all disabilities are visible, and even people with disabilities that are visible may not actually need the help you think they need.

That means that you don't just get to bitch at the driver for his bus number when he did not manage to magically divine from your empty head that you needed the lift and then call him rude names when he pointed out that you were, technically, required to ask.

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's someone with a sense of entitlement bigger than their brain. They make my life personally miserable, because they lead to people thinking that I won't ask for what I need when I need it. It's even worse in your case, because you're going to be teaching that poor sweet child in the stroller there that this is the appropriate way to behave when you want something.

And FYI: leaving an infant in a non-secured-to-stroller baby seat while you tip the stroller forward to get it off the bus? Dumb. Take the kid + carseat combo out of the stroller (perhaps actually folding the stupid thing up might be in order, as you nearly ran over my damned toes with it - and, see, the driver doesn't have to ask you to do that, technically it's a rule you have to obey) and lift the stroller down first or concurrently. Just a tip, since obviously you won't bother to ask.

Questions aren't poisonous,

The Divine Miss L.

(Also, I saw the cowboys again.)
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Washington State pharmacists raise moral objection and refuse to fill /any/ perscriptions written by a woman's health clinic - including prenatal vitamins - because the clinic performs some abortions.

I don't feel that this needs commentary. If you need me I'll be over here with steam coming out of my ears. Yes, that's me - surrounded by boxes. Here's hoping I don't light them into flames of outrage.

Flames of outrage would be a very good name for a rock band.

(Someone on my flist had that icon which had that one quote from Princess Bride about 'warthog faced buffoonery'? I need that one. Now that I understand where it's come from, I need it.)

Edit: This one. Excellent. <3


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