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melt/fire/calm (dr. who: tenth doctor/jack: nc-17) relinking this again because i posted it in august here, so it belongs on this roundup.

tiny bubbles (dr. who: tenth doctor/jack; pg-13) first piece for the [profile] kissbingo challenge. prompt was 'body: knees'

rain dance (torchwood/dr. who; jack harkness genfic, featuring bebe!jack and his mama. written for [community profile] bringthehappy. prompt was 'jack: raindrops'.

quite pleased with all three of these pieces. wish i could have managed more output. i need to learn to organize my time home alone better (ie: not waste my entire day playing sims). that's something i'm going to strive for this month; i want to organize my time better, do more fics and art and less spending huge blocks of time playing sims.
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title: rain dance
author: [personal profile] phinnia
rating: PG (for one offhanded mention of breasts OH NOES OMG)
pairing: none (gen fic)
spoilers: none really.
disclaimer: a wandering minstrel i, a thing of shreds and patches. i own nothing.
author's note: written for [community profile] bringthehappy. prompt was 'jack: raindrops'. set pre-COE (as Jack still lives in Cardiff).

rain was a rare and special thing where jack grew up. )
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title: soft
author: [personal profile] phinnia
rating: nc-17 for sexy sexiness
pairing: jack/ianto
disclaimer: a wandering minstrel i, a thing of shreds and patches. i own nothing.
author's note: titles are not my friends lately. but the fic's pretty good despite it, if i do say so myself. :)

jack has an inordinate fascination with body hair )
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title: full service and amenities
author: [personal profile] phinnia
pairing: jack/ianto
rating: R or thereabouts
disclaimer: a wandering minstrel i, a thing of shreds and patches. i own nothing
author's note: this is the first fic i've written in this fandom with stuff like plot and dialogue in it, so be kind. Set post 2.13 'exit wounds'. Warnings for lack of danger, sex, altoids, bad habits, Ianto being Welsh and Jack being tricky.
ianto jones was not generally one for long vacations. )
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so i just watched the last four episodes of Torchwood season 2. I had been warned that they were very intense and i would probably cry (and both of these things are very true. Hankies are awesome for worrying between your hands in a crisis. I'm honestly going to start a collection.)


In keeping with my usual coping strategies: I am going to write fluffy vacation fic. And then I'm going to write House fluffy vacation fic. And then I will write CROSSOVER VACATION FIC and the FLUFF BUNNIES will RISE and EAT YOUR HEAD. (it won't hurt. It's kind of like when a dog or a cat licks your face. it's not at all painful.)

You can still sponsor me for write-o-rama. (and then i might write you fluffy vacation fic! or smut. or something good anyway. you can have whatever falls out of my head if you like. it's usually amusing and fairly harmless or at least just scary.)

While i'm writing my fluffy vacation fic, you should read [ profile] arjache's Brain Comics. It's always pretty awesome, but this one (and the next two) are topical as well as funny.


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