Apr. 11th, 2009 12:54 pm
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today feels decidedly fail-abulous, for no real reason. There are some good things about the kidlet that have happened over the last while though:

Seaners has learned a new word, which he definitely understands and sometimes even says: "tickle".

Over the summer, he'll be getting extra orientation/mobility training - around our apartment, at the pool, etc. etc. He's ready to have a cane at home and he's going to be having extra swim time with his orientation/mobility teacher because she wants to make up for some time. I'm really excited about this: he's doing really well at school.

clickies, brought to you by [ profile] hithah, [ profile] tallin and [ profile] nightdog_barks:

black rain. (video): this is raw satellite footage from the NASA STEREO project (from the Helioscopic Imager) spliced together and set to ambient music. it's absolutely incredible.

Morgenrot. (video): i'll just borrow Nightdog's phrasing for this one: It looks for all the world like Desom (the filmmaker) has taken real late 19th-early 20th century photos of New York and has incorporated them in some stereoscopic way with ... a falling piano. the title translates to 'Red Dawn'.

Polish court has applied the same DUI laws for cars to cyclists

new zealand penguins play ice football/soccer this is THE CUTEST THING EVER OMG.

remember that april fool's joke by the bacon salt people? 'Bacon Lube'? Apparently there is actually a demand for this product. They're going to try and market it. *boggles*
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had to call about deferring my student loans. i think i managed to get the trainee call rep, because she kept putting me on hold for everything, which made me nervous. and this happened about six times, so by the end of the phone call i was a complete wreck.

this is made even worse by the aphasia, which seems to be stress-induced. "are you working?" "no, i'm a chronic pain sufferer and no one knows what it is that i have." "are you looking for work?" "uh, um, no, because of the medical ... care ... thing." "let me put you on hold." AUGH. she was very nice, i felt bad for her for getting such a spastic caller. (I can use that, it actually applies to me. if i remember correctly back in the days of 'moron' and 'idiot' as meaningful qualifying terms (no, really, this is not Gregory House) my particular disease was called 'spastic' and i was lumped in with the crippled and the lame. anyway.)

had amusing experience at the QFC today. i kept catching up with this adorable toddler and his mother - the child could not have been two years old - and he stared at me in fascination every time our paths crossed. he was behind me in the checkout line and while i was waiting for the bagger guy he finally understood (you could see the little light go on, it was adorable) that the big machine was carrying me around ... like I was in a stroller! JUST LIKE HIM! OMG!

he was very excited by this fact (there was some minor flailing) and he offered me a piece of his snack (a bits and bites/chex mix type of thing) which i politely declined (at that point he tried to give it to his mother and it fell on the floor, i think) and he was staring and entranced as we went out the door and each turned our separate ways.

it was possibly the cutest thing i've ever seen. certainly when the child in question is not my own after all.


Mar. 7th, 2009 12:09 pm
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today's clickies are brought to you by [ profile] kiptripsyc (who has found something Very Important), [ profile] brightflashes (who often finds really awesome links, better than mine, and she has a cute kid besides), [ profile] the_xtina (who is fab), [ profile] dangomango (who went to spain and i'm totally jealous), [ profile] hannahrorlove (a generally excellent person) and [ profile] machineplay (definitely world's best girlfriend)

trans-friendly, transphobia-criticising TV spot. serious win.

mars isolation experiment

the science of cooking. (i really want to go to the exploratorium next time i'm in SF.)

important malware warning.

body bakery. this is awesome and creepy in equal measure.

For those of you who are penguin fans, the British Antarctic Survey has a penguin of the day RSS feed.

There's also an image of the day RSS feed although today's image seems to be broken at the moment.

article comparing Twitter to dead babies.

teenager's science project is a relatively simple way to break down polymers in plastic bags.

Hilarious thing the child did this morning: while we were sleeping he got up early and was playing with the sofa cushions (you know, like you do) and when he was done with that he put the throw pillows back on the sofa in place of the sofa cushions, very deliberately trying to put things back.

I'm pretty sure he knows how the stereo works now, too.

Very little interesting happening today. may break my writing-fast to enter a contest, if i can think of something. if i can't, then i won't. Need to upload some of those lovely penguin icons.

it might snow. i have sheep pyjamas on. how are you?
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Seaners' latest idea of fun is something we call 'the squishing game'. He made this up, of course. He makes up most or all of his games, and eventually we figure them out, and then the cycle repeats itself.

The squishing game is like this: adult sits on the front portion of the sofa. Child (who is being "sneaky") ducks behind adult, all while trying not to laugh or flail too much. (the attempt at sneakiness is often not so good. Stealth is not generally one of Seaners' best tactics.) But anyway.

The adult person leans back and Seaners gets squished into the sofa. This is called fun. (it's actually all about deep-muscle pressure stimulation. it's an autism/sensory sensitivity thing.)

A popular variation includes daddy lying on the sofa and refusing to move. sean attempts to get him to move forward into playing the squishing game by using various techniques (trying to trick him by saying he wants food, dragging on his arms and legs, giving him more snuggles (this is one of Sean's long standing manipulative techniques; if you don't do what he wants, you just MIGHT if he snuggles you more), occasionally tickling, etc. etc.

And when dad is not home, Seaners plays the squishing game with his little Dr. Seuss dude (gift from [ profile] mholmesiv, [ profile] silenceleigh and [ profile] zaratyst this past Christmas) with himself playing the role of 'dad' and the little dude playing the role of 'seaners'. this is pretty awesome because pretend play isn't something he really 'got' for a while. he also likes the weighted blanket that [ profile] gizmometer made.

Babysitters ask us about his favorite things to do. it gets kind of weird and awkward. "Yes, he likes listening to music - no, not Raffi, not High School Musical, no, he likes romanian disco and AC/DC and the Decemberists - stimming with crinkly paper and toothbrush cases, and being smushed. And jumping up and down on the loveseat in the corner. we let him because he's already killed the springs in that one."


Feb. 5th, 2009 09:16 pm
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after five years of trying -


we have achieved (at least incidental) potty training success.




Dec. 26th, 2008 01:32 pm
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Good news, everyone! </professor farnsworth>

Wheelchair company is picking up wheelchair from hospital. Depending on delivery routes, wheelchair will be recieved here either tomorrow or Monday.

Today's mail love:

Canisters I bought off eBay (three of the old-school tupperware ones, in daffodil yellow)
Cards from [ profile] the_new_perfect (who also previously sent Magnetic Poetry poet's kit) and [ profile] tsuki_no_bara
Copies of my photo-shoot photos, from [ profile] silenceleigh (she did an AWESOME job. will scan in some later. So, so good.)

Virtual mail love of the past few days:

e-card from [ profile] reannon
LJ cookie from [ profile] cutie_pattuti65
amazon gift certificate from [ profile] hithah
many wonderful comments from all of you!

Running total of rest of gifts in case anyone wants to know:
[ profile] natalief: handknitted socks and arty postcard
[ profile] the_new_perfect: magnetic poetry poet set
[ profile] awils1 -> moleskine and pens
[ profile] mirrormargaret -> mix CD
[ profile] cindy_lou_who8 -> lush soap and handmade paper/dried flower stationery set
[ profile] bishojo_kitsune -> stuff from the sanrio store, largely stationery based
[ profile] jane_hidell -> stuffed dragon (red) and dolphin stickers
[ profile] benjimmy -> ten mix cds, a drawing of Hugh Laurie and a letter. <3
[ profile] aquatic_fishy -> podfic that you can download here.
[ profile] hobbitblue adorable fluffy snow leopard of fluffiness

Gifts from [ profile] tallin and [ profile] seanersxp:

a stocking full of chocolate
evolution's rainbow: diversity, gender and sexuality in nature and people (have read it before but am totally stoked to have my own copy. must-read for anyone interested in gender/sexuality and/or science: written by a Christian transsexual evolutionary biologist who rocks the world.)

the quirks and quarks guide to space. Anyone who likes NPR's "Science Friday" will love CBC's Quirks and Quarks: podcast available at the CBC Podcast site.

And there will be more as soon as the UPS/Fedex people show up.

All in all a very satisfying couple of days, with the promise of more to come.

Also cool: Seaners adores his new mp3 player - it is better than stimmies. Those of you who deal with autistic kids will realize how big a deal it is that something new is providing so much joy. I know I've said it a lot in various places, but I'm just so pleased with it - and I think he's learned what the buttons do, too, which is awesome considering it's existed here about 24 hours or so. And it's so awesome that he's coming out of Sean World and taking interest in things around him. <3 [ profile] machineplay gets loads of credit and kisses and lovins for showing it to me. (Will deliver kisses and lovins personally.)

Will have wheelchair for writing date with [ profile] shadowgoddess42 AND to go to the airport to get [ profile] gizmometer YAY!!! omg stoked.

oh hell

Nov. 8th, 2008 10:13 pm
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I had purple hair dye.

Now I have a purple bathroom, and no purple hair.

At least it appears to easily wash off ...
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We had to wait until the last minute to make sure he wasn't contagious or too sick to enjoy hanging out there, but Seaners and I will be doing Trick Or Treat at Microsoft this year; we should be there at about 3ish tomorrow and staying until 6ish.

Anyone who wants us to drop by their office, please tell me where you are! Leave a comment or email me (phinnia at comcast dot net) and we'll try to make it around.
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Nothing is more likely to make me want to do something than deciding that I want to do something else. It never fails. I decided on the pastry school program. I had a great list of reasons! (it's creative, it's something I've always wanted to do, it's going to be really close to the new apartment - like about four blocks or thereabouts, it's a little less expensive, it's shorter - five quarters instead of eight ...)

And so I phoned and got myself put on the list. I have everything all filled out, all the testing is done, etc. etc. Now I just wait, and change my contact information when I move, and make sure periodically I'm on the right list (because it's a popular program and it's limited-space every year). They're closing the program due to massive building renovations for two quarters next year, so I'm on the list for fall 2009. Everything's good, right?

Apparently not. Now that I've made that decision, my brain starts iterating over all the reasons the other one would have been a better idea and how dumb I am for deciding this idea was any good at all and how I am either going to a) fail or 2) never have time to do anything else that I enjoy doing EVAR AGAIN because the job will eat all of my free time every single day.

I do not understand myself. My brain is broken. There is something obviously wrong with it. (actually yes, there is - this is a typical display of atypical depression. Which is such a stupid name for it.)

Seaners had a little party with his class today (his birthday is tomorrow); he brought home one of those talking cards (it startled me) and a really adorable stuffed seal cub. He came home, had a snack and then fell asleep curled up in a ball on his sofa.

(tomorrow we will have warm fruit and gluten free brownies instead of cake, and I think that will make him happy, because those are two of his favorite things. <3)

I still can't believe he's almost seven. <3

I suddenly feel old and panicky for no reason. AUGH BRAIN STOPPIT. *medicates brain into submission, or at least some form of behaving*
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Sean: *petting the cat and giggling to himself, probably because the cat's fur is tickly on his hands"
Cat: *is tolerant*
Me: "encouraging" Oooh, that's a kitty. Pet the kitty. Isn't the kitty soft?"
Cat: *still tolerant*
Sean: "Ditty."
Me: "YES! Kitty."
Sean: "Ditty."
Me: "YES. Kitty. Pet the kitty."
Cat: *licks Sean's hand*
Sean: *mentally goes 'bzuh??', pulls his hand away*
Cat: *jumps down*

kid = dork

Sep. 10th, 2008 08:22 pm
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So I bought some mexican hot chocolate soap - a small bar, a sample. put it in the drawer. thought nothing more of it.

Kid is stimming with something that i can't quite see because my glasses perscription isn't right at distances and it's dark in here anyway

He starts making faces, like he's been ripped off.

I think he got some in his mouth while stimming and wasn't impressed. I mean, it smelled good.

Goddamnhell, I'm tired.
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seaners first day pic 3

His hands are like that 'cause he's doing the 'I don't have anything, I swear I didn't get into your stuff" pose.

And if the bus would hurry up, we would be free. :P

Edit: There were questions about the t-shirt? It's from Threadless: the design is called Take Me To Tokyo. It's a hitchhiking Godzilla. <3

And Transportation gave us THE WRONG FUCKING PICKUP TIME. AAAAAUGH. So now Chris has to cab him to school. I am going to get all Stompy Fucking RAGE on their asses.
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Over the past few days: Kidlet's fave thing to do in the mornings is no longer 'destroy the living room when no one is looking', but instead 'come into mom and dad's room and snuggle with mom and dad until they get up'. I consider this a vast improvement.

Just now:

Boy: *sings wordless little tune*
Me: What?
Boy: *sings wordless tune, takes my hand, leads me over to the stereo*
Me: Oh, you want a CD on? *puts on R.E.M*
Boy: *looks pleased, sits on sofa, stims to music*

Words, apparently, are vastly overrated as a communication device.

Soon I have a dentist appointment, and then I'm going to the Japanese dollar store, because that's totally going to be even more fun when I'm vaguely stoned from dental anasthesia. Also I need sponges.
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Apricot pits all over the kitchen floor.

Apricots missing from the fruit bowl.

Seaners mysteriously not starving.

Banana peel on the floor.


You know? Somehow I think he took care of breakfast himself.

echo back

Jun. 17th, 2008 02:53 pm
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okay, so the kid has a non-traditional report card system. Scale of 1 to 4; 4 is 'objective met' and 1 is 'little or no progress'.


There are four '4' grades and a bunch of '3' grades there this term (significant progress). That accounts for about half his IEP objectives. (Some of the other objectives also need to be reworked after his reassessment with the speech/language tech people. that will happen next year.)



I don't think this has ever happened before.


good god, they're getting through to the boy.

No, really, I'm actually stunned.
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A true story in which Seaners asks about [ profile] savemoony and startles his father in the process.
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Tonight before bathtime, child signs "time" "to" and then takes his pullup off. Independent of us doing this ever.

(conclusion: child knows the meaning of these two signs and puts them in his OWN CONTEXT.)

Sometimes my kid is hilariously awesome. <3
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Heard from the other room:

The Boy: "Thean! Theaaaaaaaan! Thean."

(That's 'Sean' with a slight lisp, for those of you playing along at home.)
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So for the past little while, [ profile] tallin has been trying to teach Sean the little five note theme from Close Encounters. Why? Because it amused him.

The really awesome thing is that Seaners is starting to get it, and now has the first three notes. He's having a bit of trouble with the octave jump. But it's still adorkable.

oh hell.

Apr. 23rd, 2008 09:30 am
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Bad news! Child has pinkeye. Crap.
Good news! Child is cleared to go back to school tomorrow (after one day of treatment, basically).
Bad news! We have to give child eyedrops.
Bad news! The bastards did not supply sedatives for the child, nor did they supply extra happy pills for the parents to deal with the stress of having to give nonverbal autistic child eyedrops.
Good news! I have some of my own anyway.
Bad news! I'm having medication interactions again.
Good news! At least I can still talk, and this will probably continue.
Bad news! I'm dizzy a lot.
Good news! At least I know what this is from. (Low blood pressure caused by increase in antispasticity med #2. Known side effect of this medication, especially since I have low blood pressure as it stands. I know, I'm really type A. Just goes to show.)
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Seaners: *is quiet*
Parents: WTF, house is quiet, what is child destroying? *search for child*
Phinnia: *finds child on lounge chair covered in pillows hiding*
Parents: *sneak up on child* ROAR.
Seaners: roar. *pushes pillows aside* Hi!
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This week is 'dental hygiene' week in the child's class. (I know, thrilling.)

Thing is, the kid is actually carrying around his toothbrush and autonomously brushing his teeth a bit.

Huh. The child may be paying attention. (It's really quite hard to tell, you know).
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I frequently wonder what my child does at school. Today was apparently 'get miniscule but noticeable amounts of paint in your hair by some mechanism that has no discernable spatter pattern, rhyme or reason to it' day at the International House of Nonverbal Kids (IHONK).

I don't know whether I'm glad he can't tell me, or disappointed.
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Child comes up to his father, who is sprawled on the loveseat. Child grabs his father's hand like he's going to take him somewhere. Father gets up: child lets father's hand go and steals the loveseat before father sits down again.

Child has obviously been learning from the cats.


Dec. 23rd, 2007 08:32 pm
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Chris: *speaking and signing* Time to sleep.
Sean: *signs 'more'*
Chris: More? More what?
Sean: *signs 'more', hugs Chris*
Parents: *die*


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