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Now that Jacky's done being utterly recalcitrant and annoying, we can continue on with our tale. Earlier parts are here.

The rain was coming down in sheets.

Jack realized that he'd never entirely understood the meaning of that until today. His previous concept of rain coming down in sheets had been London-style rain, where the rain was not only so ridiculously hard it drenched you to the bone but also had mastered the neat little trick of bending sideways and hitting you in the face.

London rain had nothing on the wet that was coming down off the coast of Sardova. This rain not only defied the laws of physics by bending sideways, it seemed to practically come up from the ground in its quest to drench a person. Which was a very interesting trick when they were on a boat and the ground in question was the deck, but he'd be damned if it wasn't happening. He couldn't see three inches outside of the porthole for the rain - it was dark and windy and ominious and thick.

"Have to wonder how many babies are born nine months from now." Jack shook his head in disbelief, murmuring to himself.

"Rather a lot." Allanna commented softly from behind him, laying a hand on his shoulder. "It's monsoon season."
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And /finally/ we see some real progress in today's episode. Progress, and a little backstory, and NO MORE ANGSTING. Go Jacky! It's your birthday!
(Well, not really. Jack's birthday's in June. But you know.)
Previous episodes are here. I'm trying to keep that updated with a list of links. It's easier to link to a set of links like that, ayup ayup ayup, sure is.

The next morning dawned warm once again, the air thick and humid with ominous clouds lurking just out of range. Jack guessed that it would rain before the day was out.

They decided that walking was the best option and set out after a leisurely breakfast of fruit and some kind of yellow custard that was actually quite tasty. The scullery boy lived just outside of town, at the fringes of what might be called suburbia, where ordered cobblestone streets gave way to dirt roads and buildings were no longer shoulder to shoulder, instead spaced further out with small gardens and greenery between.

"There's his house." Nira pointed out a small thatch cottage squatted in the center of a small plot of land, at the end of the street about a half mile away. A messy-haired boy around the age of sixteen was half-heartedly weeding the garden. "The question is how we're going to get him out of the garden without arousing suspicion. How close do you people need to get?"
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The next day dawned warm and sunny again, heating up to what would have been a mild Indiana spring day even before they left the gates of the city and getting only warmer after that. Demaar was scouting up front and Nira covering their flanks; the three magicians and Jack riding more or less in the middle of the party. Merry started off prancing a little more than Jack would have liked, almost as if the sunny morning and fresh air made him giddy, but he soon settled down into a reasonable trot beside the rest of the horses.

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So in continuation of the determination in my earlier post: I'm actually once again working on the main narrative I've been posting here, something tenatively titled 'wounding and healing' (although it seriously needs a better title).

To refresh your memories, I'm linking to the previous sections.

It has a NARRATIVE THREAD. Anyone else seen that Amex commercial with Martin Scorscese? I have FOUND the narrative thread.

Five. (End of Timeshifterverse/Guildhall section)
Six. (Beginning of Madellian/Sardovan section)

Happy rereading. :-) Each section's about ten pages in Word; it's not enormously long if you take it in bits. And it's at least somewhat interesting. Feel free to ask questions, comment, whatever, but please don't throw rotten fruit, 'cause my fridge is full. Section nine will be along in the next day or so, possibly this evening if things go well enough. It's all in my memories anyway.
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(Previous sections in my memories under 'wounding and healing'. Related and not so related but still interesting stuff is in 'ficlets'.)
Enjoy. Comments welcome. This makes sense to me, but let me know if it makes sense to you too. It's all so in my head that I don't always catch stuff right off if it's not making sense. I could be filling stuff in mentally, you know?

The magic academy's dining hall was a large building spackled with white; in the daytime lit brilliantly by skylights, and at night made more cozy with the golden glow of oil lamps and candles. The sun was setting; the oil lamps were lit.

Dinner that evening was a curry dish of some type with flatbread. Jack nibbled it gingerly - it was extremely hot, and he was used to curries - and sat back, trying to take in the players and the information they were putting across.

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(More in the memories)...

"Oh, you know each other!" Eillat was pleasantly surprised, a wide grin spreading across his face. "How wonderful."

"Oh, yes, Jack and I have met before." Allanna replied casually, her dark eyes sparkling. "When I went off world recently. We have mutual friends."

"Well, that's excellent then, I'm sure you'll be able to work well together. Just wonderful." He rubbed his hands together and nodded briskly. "You have all the information, I assume? You'll be able to give a reasonable debriefing?"
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Note: earlier parts are in my memories under 'wounding and healing'. There's also some interesting stuff in 'ficlets' for anyone who wants to read.
This section is a little shorter than previous ones have been, but it just seemed like an appropriate place to stop. :-)
Questions/comments/foo welcome.

He walked down the empty road toward the city. It was about a mile and a half away by his reckoning, bounded by large stone walls that looked out over the ocean he could smell not that far off. The road he had seen through the gateway was actually more akin to a large flattened path, rutted with cart tracks and horse prints.

The sky was darkening quickly, a chill in the air making him pull his jacket a little closer around him with a sigh. His other jacket was probably still at Allanna's place.

Maybe he should get something warmer, Ross might have been on to something.
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Well baby, there you stand…With your little head, down in your hand …Oh, my god, you can't believe it's happening again …Your baby's gone, and you're all alone
And it looks like the end….

The ring was burning a hole in his pocket.

He'd had this thing for, what, a year now? Just kicking around, locked in its little velvet prison, waiting for a simple word to spring it from its captivity like a square flower about to bloom.

Someday she would say yes. Someday. Sometime. She would. He had to believe that, had to believe that this time might be it.

"Whatcha thinkin' about?"
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He was walking through Covent Garden, kicking an acorn down the cobblestoned street. It was a beautiful day, like always. A little warm, and it was seriously humid earlier in the day, but that was normal, and it was cooling off now.

He put his hands in his pockets, enjoying the air's thick floral scent. Maybe stop for a drink, and pick up some dinner? She liked kung pao chicken, he'd get that.
He turned down the small side street, humming to himself, dropping a heavy coin in the lute player's bowl outside the restaurant.

"Evening, Jack." The innkeeper wiped his hands on his rough-woven apron.

"Evening, Farin."

"The usual?"

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"Do you need anything?"

Sarah looked up from her crossword puzzle with a smile. "No thanks, sweetie, I'm fine."

"You sure? This is your day." Alex sat down on the end of the sofa, rubbing her feet gently. "I want to make it nice."

"Darling, you gave me breakfast in bed, you made lunch, you did laundry, you bought me Kona coffee and chocolates and a new case for my Linux machine. And you're making dinner." She laughed. "This is the nicest valentines' day I've ever had."

"I've never done this before." He confessed softly.

"That's true. I keep forgetting that." She stuck her pencil in the book and set it on the floor, sighing.

"Something wrong?"

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First part is here. Further sections can be found in my memories under keywords 'ficlets' (which contain other unrelated bits as well) or 'wounding and healing'.
Coming soon, for those of you who might be confused; a glossary and brief explanation of history behind the Timeshifters, the Timeshifters' Guildhall, various terms, how the whole thing ostensibly works, etc.
Comments, as always, welcome. :-)

There's talk on the street, it sounds so familiar…Great expectations, everybody's watching you …people you meet, they all seem to know you … even your old friends treat you like you're somethin' new…

Snow today.

Tiny flakes fell to earth, white and sparkly, swirling in the wind, making spouts and hurricanes. Tiny glints of sun occasionally peered to the front of the clouds, but it was mostly cloudy, variable.

He sat curled up on the bench, hugging his knees, a sleeping tabby at his feet. He idly stroked Brubeck's soft greyblack fur with a toe, watching dispassionately as he stretched, extending his claws and then rolling onto his back, long thin body thrumming with purrs.

He sat up, looking up at Jack with big amber eyes, and mewed.

"You miss Arwen, don't you, pal?" Jack murmured softly, letting the cat rub up against his hand. "I'm sorry."

Mew. Brubeck snaked around his feet.

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He stared out the window at the unchanging scene.

The promise of a winter thaw was apparently utter bullshit; it had snowed last night, leaving a good three inches on the ground. The sky was an even flat grey, stretching endless into the horizon, completely unchanging, and the dead skeletons of trees reached toward the sky like gnarled hands whipping in the wind.

The young man sat cross-legged on the window bench, his back to the room, facing the window; his face as blank as the snow and his eyes as grey as the sky above. His black hair was mussed, unkempt, his face covered in a scraggly half-beard, and he wore pyjama pants and a plain white t-shirt.

In the garden before him, a tall man walked past, coming from the path upon which, ultimately, there was a greenhouse. He had glasses and was wearing a blue down jacket and chinos, and carrying a large bouquet of flowers in his arms. His face looked eerily similar to the watching man's - which made a certain amount of sense, given that it was his brother. The flowers in his arms - asters, gerberas, daffodils - painted a riot of colour onto the neutral background.

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