Mar. 13th, 2009 01:15 pm
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today's clickies are brought to you by [ profile] foxestacado, [ profile] bernie_laraemie, [ profile] bishojo_kitsune, [ profile] nightdog_barks, [ profile] lauramcewan, [ profile] miintiktwa and [ profile] machineplay: they are all fantastic people and good friends. <3

short-legged 'sausage pony' prompts emergency calls. People think it's stuck in the mud. I can so see why.

a brief primer on bisexual characters. this is hysterical. i <3 my girl so so so much. her snark brings all the girls (certainly me) to the yard.

name the new node of the international space station!

Two stories about fostered penguin chicks: here and here

scent that smells like used books. it's not BPAL, it's CB i hate perfume - i haven't tried their stuff but it looks interesting. They have a 'grass' scent too (i adore the smell of freshmown grass) that I want to check out.

cat found inside used couch yes, it has a happy ending. what a great story. <3

tiger cub at the jerusalem zoo.

cab driver found guilty of drugging and raping female passengers.

FDA approves next-generation female condom

can hyperbaric oxygen therapy help autistic kids? The study seems credible but they admit it needs more research. It's not a cure by any means. Interesting though.

scientists plan to drive northwest passage

dolphins blowing, and then playing with, bubbles. SO ADORABLE. must-view video.

pet AT-AT

Slept in FAR later than i wanted to. this is such an ANNOYING cycle, sleeping in/not being able to get to sleep/sleeping in. AUGH.

Trying to rework my writing process/daily routine. As in 'need to set up routine/process rather than dicking around all day and then being annoyed/angry at myself when stuff doesn't get done'. this also means 'stop having as many irrational expectations' and 'learn to not beat up on self'. I'm working on it. It'll probably take a while. (need to call new neuro today.)

Kid's replacement MP3 player came in finally (there was a problem with the original unit even after upgrading the firmware; we had to send it back.) These are great for younger kids, and REALLY great for autistic/developmentally delayed kids. I can't reccommend them enough. (I also have a discount code if anyone wants it, so if you're looking to buy, let me know.)


Aug. 8th, 2008 10:39 am
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[ profile] tallin, last night just before bed: "Where's the coffee?"

Me: It's in the cupboard at -

Tallin: No, no. Not the new stuff, where's the jar of coffee? That was beside the coffeemaker?

Me: *eyes widening* THE BABYSITTER.

She cleaned the kitchen. Marvelous. She moved the coffee.

It was a frightening ten minutes until we found it, tucked away in a dark corner probably the furthest place it could be in the kitchen from the coffeemaker.


Today I take the child to the DENTIST OH BOY.

And and AND I got the ship notification for the "Snow, Glass, Apples" BPAL with the Neil Gaiman chapbook NOMNOMNOM.

And! I did not get enough sleep! Because there was the coffee incident, and then walking across the room on the way to bed my ankle decided that walking was just NOT ON and quit, right there, and I bruised my breasts (no, really!) by falling into the edge of the sofa, and ... yeah.

It was one of those nights. Not in the Eagles-song sense.

Clickies! Yes, have some:

the stonehenge clock. It has ROBOTS involved.

international dome house. Oh god, do I ever want this. It would be like living in SMURF VILLAGE ALL THE TIME.

From the most awesome and excellent [ profile] takaal: the velveeta rabbit. love. <3 <3

From the far-more-talented-than-your-humble-servant [ profile] yuki_onna: (OMG can she WRITE, seriously, I've lost track of the number of times I've told friends to READ HER BOOKS): How to sleep with a writer. Carefully, in one word. I agree.

[ profile] haikujaguar is doing another One Card Draw. She is one of two people who I will do divination with ([ profile] deyaniera is the other), largely because she is SO RIGHT ON. If you want a card, the best way is to kick some money into the tip jar. It's worth it.

Seaners is petting the little muffin-top bit of skin at the top of my shorts. It's cute, but weird. Just like him.

Now he's humming and staying 'hi' in context and being offended on dad's behalf for those THINGS attacking his head (ie: headphones).

And again, paratransit sucks. AUGH.
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Sales list here! Includes lots of LE and GC imps plus mostly full bottles of Bakeneko, Tamano-No-Me and Love's Philosophy! I will ship overseas: let me know and we can figure out shipping. Paypal only please. Prices are somewhat flexible - make me an offer!

If you want to swap, my wishlist is here.
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Child is gagging himself enough to vomit. His throat and stomach have apparently been bothering him. (I say apparently because it's really hard to tell with this boy.) May be reflux, may be allergies. Am seeing pediatrician at 4:30 today. Miraculously they did not actually think this made him ill enough to send home immediately (which is true, he's not but our school is dumb sometimes as y'all know) and are sending him home at the normal time.

I have gotten pretty much nothing done today, and when I say nothing I really mean nothing. I had a bath and ate food. I've dinked around on the internets. That's it. It's 2:30 in the afternoon. *sigh*

New classroom teacher next year as the one decided not to come back after maternity leave and the one that replaced her can't physically handle such an active classroom, so we're on teacher #3. This means bludgeoning ANOTHER teacher into compliance. *sigh* *again*


We'll be seeing his actual real live doctor of record today, as his actual real live doctor of record is in the clinic today. I love this man. I fear he may be approaching the end of his residency, which is Not Fair. *pout*

I got a click-and-ship for my most recent BPAL order (a bottle of one of their Tikis and a six-pack of random imps, including some of their new steampunk ones). I need to go through my collection and have a big ol' sale, yes I do. <3 Will probably do this soon.

I think I may have packages (yarn, some skirts I bought) in the mailbox.

Hothouse tomorrow night with [ profile] adularia and co. <3


Have finally figured out how to finish my House/Calvin and Hobbes crack!crossover. Will involve a partial rewrite, but I don't mind.

If I thought we'd actually have people that'd come (read: if all of our friends weren't scattered to hell and gone) I'd have a Canada Day Party this year.
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First impression of BPAL's new 'Phoenix Steamworks' scent: very nice. Incensey blends don't usually like me as a rule, but the incense seems to be tempered by the gold/brass combination. Not getting much in the way of sage, but that's okay by me.

Have ordered imps of one or two more of them with my next lab order (Aelopile and The Coil, to be precise.) We shall see. May try Galvanic Goggles next, seeing as the incense behaves so nicely in this one.

Mmm. I have a perverse love for the smell of metal. I wish they'd blend their softer leather note (think Dragon's Hide) with some of the new oiled metallic blends. Mmm. *drool* (this makes me think of [ profile] machineplay. Nom nom nom.)
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Have updated my BPAL swap/sale list.

The things I want are here. Will also gladly accept yarn of decent quality (ie: no novelty yarn, as I never use it, and no acrylic, as I never use that either), fanfic (most of my fannish friends know the kind of things I'm into on that front) and/or art of all kinds for BPAL swaps. Yes, really.

(if you don't know what I'm talking about: check it out here. Worksafe, but possibly not wallet-safe. :-D)

Oh: [ profile] deyaniera - are you still doing Tarot readings for BPAL?
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[ profile] tallin, regarding Mac/PC fiction: "I think in the real world that's called 'LAN.' And you can make some decent money if you can make that work."

Just got an imp of Mechanical Phoenix, which smells like ... a base floral + distinct overtones of brass, if you can believe that. I want to think it's a coincidence that my mouth tastes like pennies now ... anyway, don't want a bottle, but the decant's staying. <3

Chris is threatening to go to the parent seminar on Internet Safety. *smirk*
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Anyone want any BPAL? I've got too much (and I simultaneously want more - I want a bottle of Green Phoenix before it goes away.)

If you want to swap, I have a swap list here, or I will swap for yarn, art or other crafty goodness, always.
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Updated BPAL swaps here. Lots of new stuff, including a bunch of Salons. You want, yes? Of course you do.
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What the hell is BPAL anyway?

Best described as 'artisan perfume oil'. Check out There's something for everyone, and lots of unusual-non-standard-smelling-things like grass, tobacco, woods, etcetera. It works in tandem with your body chemistry, so things that smell good on one person may smell not good on another person. This is what the swapping and selling is all about. One of my obsessions. I have *cough* probably far too much of the stuff, but it smells good. :-)

What is an 'imp'?
Short for 'imp's ear', which is their term. Basically a sample, but not badly sized: about maybe an inch and a half tall. 1/32nd of an ounce.

What means 'unimpable' or LE?

LE == limited edition. Basically special perfumes that come out on special events: for holidays, on the full moon, Friday the 13th, etcetera etcetera - or perfumes that are partly sold to raise money for a charity, such as the Neil Gaiman Collection scents. They aren't sold in imp form, just as bottles, but people decant them from bottles and sell or trade the smaller amounts.

So this is basically like pushing crack, right?
Possibly more expensive, but less likely to kill you, and it isn't illegal.

What's different about BPAL?
It's actually pure perfume oil. No alcohol content, no carrier oils. So a little bit goes a long way, and it is safe to mail it as it isn't flammable.

Any more questions? Ask me! I'm trying to put together a FAQ.


Jul. 21st, 2007 09:31 am
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I have a bottle of BPAL's 'War' from the new Good Omens scents that I swapped my less-than-delicious on me Red Moon for.

God damn, I smell good.

I do not as yet have The Book. I'm reading 'The Mistress of Spices' right now (which is also excellent) and will pick up The Book on payday. :-)

And now, farmer's market. *zoom!*
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I'm selling BPAL again. You want some, yes? You do. You really do. <3

Hong Kong gym is user-powered.

Putting things into words produces beneficial effects in the brain.

Been up since 5:00 because the child does not believe in sleep. Slept like crap anyway because our room was freezing; had to dig spare afghan out of closet (woolen, not middle eastern native type) at 3:00. Have had coffee. Will now have food, speak in sentence fragments. Stiffness and pain suck.


Jun. 7th, 2007 09:19 am
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anyone want to buy or swap some more bpal? I've got bottles of Poisson D'Avril and MB: Biggercritters in there, and some snake pit decants. (Wishlist here for swapping.)

The Poisson D'Avril made me very sad. It does that soapy thing, which is a damn shame because it's lovely.
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Dear United States Postal Disservice,

Recently you have:

  • raised your rates on small parcels to nigh on fucking usury
  • eaten three small packets only to disgorge them weeks later
  • not given me letter mail for the past two days (considering we get at least fliers every day, not having actual mail for two days is damn unlikely.)
  • failed to leave parcel notification slips in my box on several occasions
  • left parcel notification slips in my box and failed to leave the parcel with the management office on at least two occasions in recent memory
  • sent rude, unhelpful minions to deliver my mail
  • which is almost always late.

But now you've really done gone pissed me the fuck off.

GIVE ME MY GODDAMNED BPAL ORDER NOW NOW NOW. I know it's been delivered. But it is not in my manager's office. There was no parcel slip (of course!) but I have tracking information, which is usually accurate even if it is your system (it appears that your issues are consistently a case of human error)).

I'm having a lousy day and was looking forward to pretty smellies, and now my pretty smellies are GONE.

I hope you get bought out by the Japanese, who then make a new and innovative sushi roll out of my area's mail carrier, who seems to be allergic to actually delivering, you know, mail.

Or at least I hope he gets boils over his entire body.

Pissed the hell off now,

Ms. P.

(yes, I know I can email the lab and they'll resend. I'm still pissed.)
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I have too much BPAL that I'm never going to wear and my swap box is like, overflowing. So I'm selling it or swapping it for more. (Plus one of my goals is to cull the herd a little.) I will also consider swapping for non-BPAL things of interest (spinnable fiber, yarn, decent Canadian candies, sexual favors**). Shipping is $2 ($3 if a bottle is involved) to the US; if you're somewhere else we can work out a fair shipping cost. Or local people can do in-person things. My wishlist is here.

My friends list gets this first because I love you; tomorrow morning I'm putting it on [ profile] sinandsalvation.
** limited availability; subject to screening and verification :-D
click here for nice smelling things. )
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Seaners appears to enjoy BPAL blends with peach notes in them - his favorites are Titania and Kindly Moon. Apparently I'm much more snuggly when I smell like peaches? Who knew?


Mar. 22nd, 2007 05:20 pm
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BPAL's Nuclear Winter is YUMMY.
uh-oh. :-)

ooh, shiny

Feb. 20th, 2007 11:06 am
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Click-and-ship for my bottle of Fire Pig! Whee!


Jan. 18th, 2007 09:46 pm
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You know the imp you just tested is bad when you're looking forward to cleaning the catbox just to get it OFF YOUR HAND.

Osun smells like Baby Powder of the Damned on me. Seriously. This is what demon babies' mommies sprinkle on their demon baby butts before they put them in their little cribs and sing them dirges to go to sleep by.

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I don't suppose any of the other BPAL-obsessed people on my list has a full or partial bottle of Black Moon they want to sell me for a reasonable price, do they?

(Seriously though, if you do I can pay you Friday, or if you're local and going to be at the Meet-and-Swap next week I can pay you there.)

(This could be more amusing. It could be Shub I'm looking for, or Storyville. Ha! Ha ha. It is to laugh.)

Edit: If anyone wants to swap (for this or anything else) this is what I've got.
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Time sense still thoroughly whacked. In my brain, today is Sunday.

Moderately fun mail today: BPAL decants of Strawberry Moon (verdict: fruity; keep the imp and maybe look for a bottle now that it doesn't remind me of Strawberry Shortcake dolls) Sugar Skull (verdict: damnit, smells like burnt sugar on me) and Brides of Dracula (verdict: undecided. pretty, but I don't /love/ it.) and a Terry Gilliam movie.

Child's new phrase: 'time eat'.

Why does my keyboard layout keep switching to French? What's the key combination I'm hitting by mistake?

Has anyone tried the Trader Joe's Matchta Green Tea baking mix? Is it good?
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I smell like coffee!

*glomps [ profile] lizardling muchly* THANK YOU.

I was absolutely right in my decision not to smell Miskatonic University before it became commonly available. Because, OMG, a perfume oil that smells like coffee!


(if this doesn't make sense to you, either click here or feel free to carry on reading.)
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Of interest to [ profile] geekchick and [ profile] mactavish:

The box arrived today. Will provide photographs as soon as an opportunity presents itself. *cough* I have to admit the dress looks good on me, and I never admit that sort of thing.

Of interest to anyone wishing to swap BPAL with me:

Eight frimps in my lab box. Two are old favorites (Kitsune-Tsuki and Queen Mab), two smell terrible on me and the remaining four are undoubtedly Not Me but will probably smell nice on [ profile] tallin. To that end, my swap list is now updated. Have at it. :-)
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I GOT MY LAB CLICK-AND-SHIP. (order placed 8/11) And my recently purchased bottle of Hungry Ghost Moon is out for delivery today; I assume I'll either love it or ... not. :-D I also have a handful of half-imps from a Carnival Diabolique decant circle coming to me. All of this adds up to 'I will undoubtedly have an updated swap list soon, for those of you who care. Watch this space.'

*waits impatiently by mailbox*

The child seemed to have a wonderful day. He was happy to see me when he got off the bus (especially when I figured out how to free him from the restraints - have you seen those new funky short buses now with the built-in carseats? I can't figure those out. Must be user error) and has been playing quietly in his room all afternoon. He even gave the bus driver a hug. <3

(Seaners is a champion hugger, yea verily.)

I took the box of yet-to-be worn clothes that [ profile] corto and [ profile] babyfatz sent our way about ... good god, at least four years ago now, because it was sent to our Buffalo address - anyway, I took the box out of the closet this morning to switch his clothes out for fall, figuring he'd NEVER fit into the 6X stuff...

Some of the sleeves in the sweaters are a tiny bit long. Everything else fits beautifully. Good god. Box is empty now except for one or two things, and the kiddo has lots of new school clothes. (Time to start hitting up my sister for hand-me-downs. Her littlest guy is in third grade. :-D)

Tomorrow is picture day; Thursday is meet-the-teacher night. I feel positively suburban. Where's the scandal? If I'm suburban I should be having mad passionate flings with the UPS (wo)man or something. I feel gypped. :-D
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Starred items are my most-wanted right now. :-)

Looking to try:
La Belle au Bois Dormant
The Deep Ones
Aunt Caroline's Money Draw
Has No Hanna
High John the Conqueror
Van Van
*TAL: Blessing of Isis
*Dian's Bud
*Madame Tracy
*Fairy Wine
*Mary Read

Also in search of: Oof and Ugh fizzyBOOMs, Snake Oil, Dorian, Bliss, Carnal and TKO soap,TKO massage oil, and LUSH Bollywood bath ballistics or Miranda soap.

Could use more of:
Snake Oil (aged preferably)
Fairy Market
*Dragon's Milk
*Lantern Ghost of Oiwa
*Sunrise with Sea Monsters
*Mouse's Long and Sad Tale
*Two Monsters
*La Fee Verte (stop laughing) (I said STOP LAUGHING. :-D)
*Kataniya, the Clockwork Woman
*Nuclear Winter
*Green Phoenix
*Selkie (looking for imps to fill a partial bottle)
*Mechanical Phoenix (decants to fill a partial bottle)
*TAL: Bastet's Laughter

Things that smell good on me:
Amber, almonds, milk, honey, vanilla, some musks, ozone, cherry blossom, cardamom, fruit

Things that do not smell good on me:
Lilac, tonka, vetiver, most foody scents, smoke, lemon, opium, geranium


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