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Many good things today. Looks like snow is melting finally: sidewalk outside our apartment is clearing and road is clear. Should definitely be passable with wheelchair (which is arriving Monday: SO EXCITED!!) Therefore I should be able to leave the apartment Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. First stop: picking up packing supplies to send gifts. I'm hoping to get them all packed and ready to send out Wednesday between or before writing-date with [ profile] shadowgoddess42 (which might actually happen after several weeks of planning!) and picking up [ profile] gizmometer at the airport.

Still no packages from UPS/Fedex. Hoping for Monday. Frustrating. But given that is the worst thing right now, I'm pleased.

Today's maillove:

Card from [ profile] geekchick (yay!!)
Box of assorted crutch things to make ice more passable (now that I may not need them - but still is better to be prepared, always)
DVD with pictures from photoshoot I did with [ profile] silenceleigh (they are AMAZING.)

Our sofa is on its way from Everett. Should be here in about an hour.

I have TWO kitties beside me even without the magic blanket of cat summoning!

Sean is playing quietly in his room.

I will have time to write this afternoon which is always good; have a House-fic I'm working on (well, actually several) and the misfit-toys-steampunk thing is going nicely. Also I should think about writing goals for 2009.

Planning on baking cookies this afternon or tomorrow. Also will see [ profile] zaratyst and [ profile] mholmesiv tomorrow at some point, bearing cake!

Should call birthmother at some point (is her birthday today.)

other chores today: quick pass with vacuum, move current sofa to new location so this spot is free for new sofa. clean cat box. Finish doing Amazon Fresh order (will be shipped tomorrow morning). Laundry. Plan meals for coming few days/week. Research types of ice cream to make whilst [ profile] gizmometer is here. Work out plan for holiday cookies (four types I think if possible: nanaimo bars, butter tart bars, gingersnaps, shortbread of some type.)

How are you?


Dec. 26th, 2008 01:32 pm
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Good news, everyone! </professor farnsworth>

Wheelchair company is picking up wheelchair from hospital. Depending on delivery routes, wheelchair will be recieved here either tomorrow or Monday.

Today's mail love:

Canisters I bought off eBay (three of the old-school tupperware ones, in daffodil yellow)
Cards from [ profile] the_new_perfect (who also previously sent Magnetic Poetry poet's kit) and [ profile] tsuki_no_bara
Copies of my photo-shoot photos, from [ profile] silenceleigh (she did an AWESOME job. will scan in some later. So, so good.)

Virtual mail love of the past few days:

e-card from [ profile] reannon
LJ cookie from [ profile] cutie_pattuti65
amazon gift certificate from [ profile] hithah
many wonderful comments from all of you!

Running total of rest of gifts in case anyone wants to know:
[ profile] natalief: handknitted socks and arty postcard
[ profile] the_new_perfect: magnetic poetry poet set
[ profile] awils1 -> moleskine and pens
[ profile] mirrormargaret -> mix CD
[ profile] cindy_lou_who8 -> lush soap and handmade paper/dried flower stationery set
[ profile] bishojo_kitsune -> stuff from the sanrio store, largely stationery based
[ profile] jane_hidell -> stuffed dragon (red) and dolphin stickers
[ profile] benjimmy -> ten mix cds, a drawing of Hugh Laurie and a letter. <3
[ profile] aquatic_fishy -> podfic that you can download here.
[ profile] hobbitblue adorable fluffy snow leopard of fluffiness

Gifts from [ profile] tallin and [ profile] seanersxp:

a stocking full of chocolate
evolution's rainbow: diversity, gender and sexuality in nature and people (have read it before but am totally stoked to have my own copy. must-read for anyone interested in gender/sexuality and/or science: written by a Christian transsexual evolutionary biologist who rocks the world.)

the quirks and quarks guide to space. Anyone who likes NPR's "Science Friday" will love CBC's Quirks and Quarks: podcast available at the CBC Podcast site.

And there will be more as soon as the UPS/Fedex people show up.

All in all a very satisfying couple of days, with the promise of more to come.

Also cool: Seaners adores his new mp3 player - it is better than stimmies. Those of you who deal with autistic kids will realize how big a deal it is that something new is providing so much joy. I know I've said it a lot in various places, but I'm just so pleased with it - and I think he's learned what the buttons do, too, which is awesome considering it's existed here about 24 hours or so. And it's so awesome that he's coming out of Sean World and taking interest in things around him. <3 [ profile] machineplay gets loads of credit and kisses and lovins for showing it to me. (Will deliver kisses and lovins personally.)

Will have wheelchair for writing date with [ profile] shadowgoddess42 AND to go to the airport to get [ profile] gizmometer YAY!!! omg stoked.


Oct. 4th, 2008 07:51 pm
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The apartment is mostly clean.
The laundry is mostly done.
The kid is quiet.
I'm feeling pretty good.
The cats are both here, within easy reach.
There's no noisy parties or anything outside.
The weather is cool, and I'm wearing flannel pyjamas and I have a lap blanket.
I'm chatting with friends. One of them just shared this adorable picture with me.

This, right now; this is good.

I hope things are good where you are, too.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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[ profile] starsong reminded me just now about chocolate cake in five minutes.

While you're eating it, remeber: everything is going to be alright.

I'm sure someone out there can use this information. <3

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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truth = stranger than fiction again: one-legged prostitute killed in Brooklyn. (there's so much sad and wrong and odd with this story. but it's a fascinating writing prompt.)

This CRACKED ME UP: if adults were treated like children.. Worksafe, hysterical, a must-read. <3

Well, the kidlet was late this morning because transportation changed the time on the bus to almost 10 minutes earlier and decided we didn't need to know about it. AUGH.

The flip side of this is that he gets home at about 9 minutes to 4. WIN.

While we were having Bus Issues, the Big Dorky Siamese got OUTSIDE, wandered down our side of the courtyard, crossed the courtyard on the path, went up the far stairs, across the alley, into SOMEONE ELSE'S YARD, then came back, did the courtyard loop again and finally came back inside. I was out there for nearly fifteen minutes calling him. Foolish cat.

Here is the doofus in question snuggling with his mother. Yes, she is almost only half his size. She still rules the place.


Also, my instant messenger booted me off and puked on me. :P Silly thing.

awesome things today:

Got a book delivered from amazon that was in the bargain bin ... turns out it was there because the dustjacket was on upside down. It's perfectly fine and I got it for about 1/3 of the price. GO ME.

It's sunny, but not too hot.

Reasonable pain levels today.

Not a lot of stupid chores to do (sweep, put away laundry).

Neato music shared with me by [ profile] arhh.

I found Good Bye Lenin! fanfic, which made me SQUEE SO hardcore. I love that movie.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

dear world

May. 21st, 2008 11:45 am
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I really, really want one of these jobs I've applied for: partly because I like the idea of working in general and as an advocate in particular right now (I have the skills, why not put them to use?), but also because the university offers tuition exemption and I really want to go back to school part time (not to mention forty hours per week of income would definitely not hurt our budget.)

Please, please, please.


<3, L.
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Things are looking up.

Took care of some unfortunate business that had been hanging over my head, and everything suddenly became very, very clear. It's almost enough to make one believe in the power of feng shui, if I were in to that sort of thing. And maybe I am. I sure as hell feel better right now.

We may be able to salvage the daycamp thing after all! Seaners' respite care person on the weekends is free next week and would love to take him. If we can't work out the paperwork in time (say if they've given his spot away or something) she's still going to watch him a few mornings next week anyway. It's good.

Hopefully [ profile] doubletake and spouse will be visiting us this afternoon. We're having enchiladas!

I am getting my cooking mojo back, and I think the writing mojo is also returning.

I'm going to move forward on that chapbook idea. [ profile] graphxgrrl, you said you had local printer information for me? I'd love to talk to you about this - could we maybe meet for coffee or something next week (not this week: the kid has the week off, so I'm a little more limited and I know you're swamped at work.)?

I'm collaborating with [ profile] starlingthefool on something and I'm utterly jazzed about that. (seriously, I was squeeing and jumping up and down because I'm a DORK that way.)

AND I finally got my damn haircut. Pictures as soon as I can get good ones.

NOW? we dance!
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I am bitchy because:

  • Have not written anything of substance since the weekend.
  • The kid has an appointment with his shrinks today. Sigh. I'm just tired of all that.
  • Am looking down the throat of an 8AM appointment tomorrow, and a 2PM appointment tomorrow, which adds up to a day where not much other than appointments gets accomplished.
  • I am sick of appointments, and I still have three days of them this week and one Monday next.
  • I have no pain meds that don't make me more tired than I am. And while they're effective, they're also narcotics, and not only do I want to stay awake (because I don't really feel like I'm getting enough done most of the time as it is) but the doctor is skittish about perscribing them, and ... yeah.
  • And the fact that I have to be concerned about doctors perscribing me actual pain meds that work pisses me off in a huge way.
  • The child has early dismissal next Wednesday. As if the fact that he had last week off of school wasn't already ENOUGH.
  • Money sucks.
  • I am sometimes not a nice person, no matter how hard I try to be a nice person.
  • I despise confrontation but I'm going to have to do it, and soon
  • I'm sick of being so damn responsible
  • I'm tired all the damn time, until it's actually time to go to bed, at which point I can't sleep.

However, to balance that out, I'm not bitchy because:

  • It's a nice day.
  • Some BPAL decants I ordered ages ago have been shipped and may be in today's mail
  • The kid is in school.
  • The appointment tomorrow in the morning at 8AM is actually with my pain management guy. If he's not in again, I'm at least seeing my primary care guy in the afternoon and can talk to him.
  • Money sucks, but not as badly as it used to.
  • There's a bin of vegetables outside my door. I'm going to go get it when I'm done this.
  • I had a marvelous time RPing with [ profile] purridot last evening
  • I came up with a story for the next [ profile] house_bigbang.
  • There are people that think I'm awesome, even during the times when I think I suck.
  • I'm working on a couple of original pieces
  • I found a market to submit one of my Write-O-Rama pieces to.

Public service announcement:
You should donate to [ profile] rsl_bday_drive, because it's for a good cause, and then I'll write you things. <EOM>

(eom = end of message, obviously.)
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Thing 1: Seaners led his father into his room and made a word approximation that sounded like 'Madonna'. Chris put the stereo (and his favorite Madonna CD) on. Seaners laughed happily and began to stim. YAY KID!

Thing 2: This morning, after having been to Emmi's yesterday and seen the way she arranges her living room, I thought to myself, "maybe I'll buy a short sofa or loveseat and a few chairs when we replace our sofa. we should do that soon, when we have money'.

Come home to find that the babysitter found a couple of our neighbors moving their matching loveseat/chair combo to the curb as they were moving and didn't want it and just nabbed it, not knowing that we'd been discussing this topic earlier. They're a nice denim-y blue and quite comfy, and in fabulous condition.

Thank you universe~! *squee*
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Home. Tired. Have defeated my fear of the damn bridge over the freeway. Walked about a mile from the freeway stop to home.

Emmi gifted me with Elizabeth Zimmerman's 'Knitting Without Tears' (which looks awesome as I glanced through it) and some pumpkin bread mix.

She made [ profile] tallin a t-shirt that says 'if you can read this you're too damn close' in braille, (seriously, it's totally awesome) and Seaners got a lovely letter (also brailled) with a promise of three trips to Jump Palace (one of those local bounce-castle places which he has been to before and loves) with treats on the way home, and some nifty trays for food wherein he can separate all of his dinner into sections. (They are seriously cool. He likes being able to Find Stuff Himself.) And [ profile] tallin played Space Channel 5 Part 2 on PS2 and is way better than I would be at it, so we have to buy it now, or well, eventually. <3

She made us brunch and sent us home with dinner and cookies (OMG beet risotto SO GOOD) and I love her to itty bitty bits. And now I'm going to collapse because my body hates the fact that I've walked a mile, especially the ankle (and did I mention I strained the tendons on the other one by falling? No? I did. So I have two screwed up ankles now.) But it was super nice because the little boy stayed home and I got to feel like an actual sociable grownup for a while instead of a kid-chaser.

OMG I r ded. The End.
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dinner today:

Boneless pork chops with thyme.

Spiced sweet potatoes.

A dessert I made up, featuring sauteed apples, sweet raspberry wine (added to the apples, and also to drink), pumpkin gelato and angel food cakes (I cheated here, they're storebought.) I always get my best ideas for dessert. It's a sign, I tell you.

A nontraditional but heartfelt thanksgiving. I'm grateful that school is back to normal next week, that I'm not travelling today, for respite hours, that one of the local theaters is doing a Katharine Hepburn movie festival, for all of my friends, for my family, for my cats and for decent pain medication.
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Confidence and weight: a proportional relation. Nifty piece about body image.

Note re: neurontin - it works fantastically during the day on a normal day, but not worth shit at night more times than not and/or during a flare. (Which apparently having my teeth worked on risks setting off? Freakin' hilarious.) Pain clinic appointment tomorrow at oh-dark-freakin-thirty; dentist appointment tomorrow at 2:00.

Good stuff: Lunch with [ profile] seattlejo between those two points. Massage Saturday morning at 10:00. Might catch a movie Saturday afternoon. The Bubble is playing, and I love the idea of queer relationships mirroring the Middle East crisis (not to mention all that twentysomething eye candy, I'm a dirty old woman, I know.)
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Dinner was good (pork stirfry), dessert was good (peach cobbler ice cream), TV was good (OMG HOUSE FANGIRL SQUEE OF DOOM SQUEE!) and tomorrow I can hopefully download the new Radiohead album assuming my bank doesn't freak out about a charge in UKP.


Aug. 15th, 2007 04:29 pm
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Our landlords are being sweet about deducting the cost of the plumber visit from next months' rent. AWESOMENESS. (Especially since our previous landlords were obnoxious about maintenance things and tended to assume up front that we broke everything even when we didn't.)

I'm going to see a movie in about half an hour.

I have a job interview tonight at 8 PST (good thoughts would be very much appreciated).

I have a pocket Neko statue, a pocket Buddha statue, and a roll of Chococat tape.

I had gelato this afternoon (coffee, vanilla and creme caramel.)

It's three weeks (21 days!) until kindergarten.

Chris's Wednesday meeting got changed to Thursdays, so in three weeks (21 days!) we can celebrate the beginning of the school year together by lying around all day and doing unspeakable things. Like sleeping. Yeah. (It must be unspeakable. Sean doesn't let us do it. Neither do the cats.)

Chris has an interview tomorrow for another full time position with Uncle Bill's House of Software. Here's hoping. (good thoughts then would be much appreciated too.)
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1. I found a twenty dollar bill yesterday, just lying on the ground waiting for someone to pick it up. So I did.
2. During the packing I found a photo album that I'd forgotten about. Inside were pictures of my father and copies of my own wedding pictures. I thought I didn't have any of either.
3. We are moving in a week. YAY. It is so hot in here it's insane.
4. Monday I start my week-long short fiction writing workshop!
5. Heard from [ profile] doubletake this morning, and talked to [ profile] raventyde this evening. Each of them reminds me of the other and I love them both dearly and miss them.
6. Sean was reasonably well behaved today.
7. Juicy big plump peaches.
8. I finally got the botox issue straightened out and it's very likely I'll qualify for the program. As nasty as the injections are they really do help.
9. Respite care.
10. All my friends and loved ones. :-)

Bonus round: a fun weekend planned: respite on Saturday plus clothing swap on Sunday.
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1. May have found an after-preschool babysitter person for after the boy starts school. Interviewing her Sunday.
2. Luna™ caramel nut brownie bar (mmmmmmmmm.)
3. FINALLY found out what happened to my missing high school transcripts; they got the zip code wrong. Fortunately can do a fedex pickup Monday and it will be there by the deadline. I'm going to get in if it KILLS me at this point. (Unless of course they hate me, in which case I'll probably cry a LOT.)
4. These speakers are ridiculously cute and I want them.
5. This product is just ... weird.
6. Kung Foo Monkey links to a great series on understanding the brainmeats of fundamentalists. Kung Foo Monkey is excellent reading, if a little sporadic.
7. If rumored ship dates are true, I should get my BPAL order in the next few days, and the order for my Carnival Diabolique decant circle has come in and should be shipped to me Monday. *paces*


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