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Split up by fandom:

Dr. Who mini-series thing (ten/jack, pg-13/R)
tomorrow is another day
how the time lord got his groove back
i've got rhythm

Dr. Who one-shots:

birthday boys (ten/jack, PG)
making up for the lack of biological imperative (ten/jack, nc-17)
dark dreams(jack/nine/rose, jack/ten, jack/eleven, R)
a little post-breakfast snack (jack/eleven, nc-17 - sequel to 'dark dreams' but can be read alone)
leather and skin (jack/nine, R)
every boy's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man (jack/ten, nc-17)
the ideal place (jack/ten, PG)

Sherlock one-shots:

Concern (gen, G)
Fallen (gen, pg-13 for nudity in prompt)
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I will roundup my roundups, because i'm nice like that, and provide links for you.

december 2009/january 2010

february/march 2010

april/may/june/july 2010

august 2010

september 2010

The last thing I wrote was in September. I'm going to work on trying not to leave big gaps like that this year. I was doing quite well before then. *nods*
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just one. but i spent the entire month ramping up on a med that makes me tired. so i'll say that's awesome.

frosting (ten II/rose - written for [profile] kissbingo)
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melt/fire/calm (dr. who: tenth doctor/jack: nc-17) relinking this again because i posted it in august here, so it belongs on this roundup.

tiny bubbles (dr. who: tenth doctor/jack; pg-13) first piece for the [profile] kissbingo challenge. prompt was 'body: knees'

rain dance (torchwood/dr. who; jack harkness genfic, featuring bebe!jack and his mama. written for [community profile] bringthehappy. prompt was 'jack: raindrops'.

quite pleased with all three of these pieces. wish i could have managed more output. i need to learn to organize my time home alone better (ie: not waste my entire day playing sims). that's something i'm going to strive for this month; i want to organize my time better, do more fics and art and less spending huge blocks of time playing sims.
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... i kind of got off track a bit. i'm going to get ON track again. i've got off track of a lot of things in the past few months. i'm going to fix that. i think it was the business with my rehab counsellor that messed me up. i'm not going to let her beat me.


burst (who - eleventh doctor/amy; PG.)

showers (who - tenth doctor/jack - nc-17)

soft (torchwood - jack/ianto - nc-17)

and posted this month but written last month (but i couldn't post it here until after the challenge ended there): melt/fire/calm (tenth doctor/jack - nc-17)


spring evening, under young fruit trees (cybergeishas, pg-13)

i did write something for every month except June. That's okay. It'll be okay. (must not beat self up. that does not help.)
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A lovely, productive month. i approve of it.


new jersey heat a cop AU which i came up with in the spur of the moment and it kind of ran away with me. may well do more with it should the muse decide.

one most immutable more monks!

kanyu amber/kutner fic on the afterlife bus.

body double house/13 porny oneshot. mmm.

eh, maybe dialogue only fic in which wilson is manipulated (or is he? stay tuned for a part two.)

exothermic major character deathfic. but other than that it's pretty good, i have to admit. (hard to talk more about it without giving it away.)

non-fanfic: (new policy: these stay unlocked for one week after this post and get flocked again. they may not be as popular as my fanfic but they are definitely more saleable and i'm trying to work towards that these days.)

and after short fiction in one hundred words.

fifty words of smut f/f smut in fifty words, duh.

lost in translation m/m smut, original characters.

poems: (same policy as original works above: these stay unlocked for one week after this post and get flocked again. same reasons.)

farewell, cassandra written for the 'nine things about oracles' project.

graphology about letters and metals and inks and words.
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better than i thought, considering it's been kind of an emotional roller coaster of a month.

talking pictures: four dialogue only fics

saturday night special. i am proud of this one because i'd been working on it a while and it turned out far better than i expected (for which i credit [ profile] magie_05)

lunch break this also turned out better than i expected, especially considering i don't generally write hardcore bdsm. apparently i'm better at it than i thought. good to know.

and in non-fandom writings, a still-untitled poem that i'm quite proud of (and will leave unlocked for a few days and then possibly find a home for.)

what's good about this:

i think my poetry as a whole is getting better. i think i'm getting better at writing longer fics. those are two things i'm pleased with at the moment. i want to play with more poetry forms, because i like poetry forms. and i think i'm getting better at writing sex scenes at a realistic pace/length, you know, more like actual sex (god i hope that made sense.)

file that under 'things i do well' *creates tag*

part of my brain files this as 'bragging about myself' but i'm trying not to listen to that part
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a little less than i'd like (esp. since i still need to write for [ profile] purimgifts which is due in FIVE DAYS AUGH) but i think i'm okay with it. it's good that i'm not beating myself up about it too.

two parts of a trilogy which started with what dreams may come (which was written in January): 'cause every night i have the strangest dreams and dream until your dream comes true house/13: features freaky dreams and includes a moralizing toddler wilson.

life marches by: more house/13, semi-serious. features Katharine Hepburn, cheesy popcorn and one of house's theories.

undercover house/wilson silly fluffy valentine's day ficlet. features wilson being smug and House's stalking-von-Lieberman outfit.

not-fanfic: an untitled poem about green here i should probably give it a title at some point. augh.
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I'm far too hard on myself. Yes, I know that people have been trying to tell me that for years. I looked back at some previous roundup posts and was kind of startled at the number of times I complained about really quite acceptable fic output. I suppose this is progress.

That being said this month was lower than I'd like.

close shave. I'm really proud of this because it reads like stream of consciousness but it's coherent and not at all stumbly like some stream of consciousness stuff.

enlightenment (3) more adventures with our favorite monks.

what dreams may come house/thirteen, told in a series of recurring dreams. I'm pondering a sequel to this one, because I really loved playing with eighteen-inch moralizing dream-Wilson.

two of a kind. plotless porn with a side order of exploding triplets, written for [ profile] deelaundry's birthday.

performative nonnormative - the house variations: part six. i started this one up again. I swear the break isn't going to be as long this time. really.

tea and sympathy. complete fluff with a side of revenge.
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Two nice little friendslocked original fiction posts: i: fortune and ii: maggies and punks about a steampunk/misfit toys scenario. Good stuff.

and to all a good night - house/wilson established relationship fluffy holiday story. good stuff.

This is a good time to point out a few awesome Housefictype gifts I was given this holiday season: [ profile] arjache's awesome drawing, House Plays To Lose (There will be a story to go along with that soon, i think) and [ profile] aquatic_fishy's podfic of my story "A Taste of Memory". podfic here: text of story here. Set in Season 4, just after 'Don't Ever Change'. (For an episode I'm supremely anxious about, a lot of my fic has sprung from that episode. Sigh. Oh, anxiety, you so crazy.)

monastery AU: the new acolyte. more monks! and again, another familiar face. I thought it was time to give Rou someone for company.
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There are several things missing from this month's roundup post, largely because I sent them off to see if they could make me a little money and they are since locked down. There are also several things that are currently in active development. So my month is more productive than this post would make you believe and I'm happy about that.

The two left are:

in the waiting line. anyone who enjoyed [ profile] euclase's dark side of the moon AU? This piece is written in that 'verse. (If you read fanfic and haven't read [ profile] euclase's DSOTM AU, I strongly encourage you to do so, because it is freaking AWESOME. And then if you liked it come back and read this, because I'm actually rather proud of it.

oh canada (an expatriate's love song) I do not write poetry as a general rule, but I wrote this (and another poem that is off seeing if it can make me money) this month. Huh. I suppose that makes me a poet or something. Or something.
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Not much again this month (eight) but at least it's getting better and ending on an up note and I'm feeling a colossal amount better (I blame the headmeds).


the taste of tea. Complete fluff and totally self indulgent, involving the Corvette, sushi, dental-stonified!Wilson and fluffy ducks.

breakfast of champions. Complete and utter crack. I blame lack of sleep entirely for this.

heading for the light. Based on 5.5 spoilers, written in about two days. I think I'm starting to get my mojo back.

enlightenment of a sort (2) I almost forgot about this one. I love these guys.

the great escape. or, as I originally called it, 'House and Wilson go to Texas and eat a lot of food." Which is pretty much what it is.


Paroled 1 and 2. Paroled 3. There are two more parts to this but they haven't formed together yet.
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A grand total of six. *sighs* AUGH. A few things in development also. But I really do want to do better than six. Five fandom pieces, one not.

true north strong and free house/cuddy friendship. angsty, for me.

life is short (eat dessert first) house/wilson. seduction of a sort. there is fruit, and cookies, and pudding. and artfully carved bananas.

five kinky drabbles (1) house/wilson. what it says on the tin, there.

private afterparty. house/wilson. there is wine tasting, and a louis the somethingorotherth reproduction chair is somewhat ruined. porn with a tiny plot chaser to cleanse the palate.

performative nonnormative: the house variations (5-?) at least I managed to get this started up again, if nothing else.

Non-fanfic: the man at the end of the world (1-?) (friendslocked because I might want to do something with it) Oh, Ross, I have missed you. <3

six. bah. *sulks in a corner*
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A truly pathetic showing, to be sure. The kid was home all day, every day, and there were billions of appointments, and that damned migrane, and the minor freakout/breakdown I had that one weekend ... augh. *sigh* I lost all faith in my ability to write ever again for about a week and a half. I'm still not sure it's back and frankly it's freaking me out. This month kind of Royally Sucked in more ways than one. Thank God school is starting soon. *sigh* *stupid body, stupid brain, stupid meds, stupid fellowship*

combinatorial mathematics. House/Cuddy/Wilson - morning routines.

The first four parts of Performative Nonormative - one, two, three, four. Otherwise known as the Plot Bunny That Thinks My Brainz Is Chewy. This had a brief interruption in service because my damn body fell apart. I'm hoping to continue it soon.

baby steps (in space): a small series of unlinked firefly drabbles. Otherwise known as: [ profile] nakeno and [ profile] recrudescence carefully coaxing me out of my hiding place. <3

that perfect stage of overripeness. Cuddy/Thirteen.

sunshower: the one with the sweatshirt (a textual remix of pencil) House/Wilson, for [ profile] euclase's birthday. I was very unsure of this one, probably because i wrote it on the same day I had the freakout/breakdown. I'm still not entirely sure it does the drawing justice. <3

commercial-length vacation. Cuddy/Thirteen, pretty much porn with very little semblance of a plot. Not bad at all for falling asleep several times in the writing proess (I mean it: i had to clear away several strings of random letters in the text window because I fell asleep mid-word.)
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Way not as much as I would have liked on a few counts. Sigh. I have a lot of partly finished things. AUGH. I WILL DO BETTER NEXT MONTH. *frustration*

code reuse: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery drabbles from the first line meme.

successful elements of statecraft. for [ profile] savemoony's birthday.

epiphany from the shadows. Kutner/13; prequel to 'Bollywood General Hospital'.

you will get wet on this ride. spray bottle fans and amusement parks.

we all scream for ice cream. what it says on the tin. <3

director's cut. another firstlines drabble, a brief foray into angst.

it's not for lack of bread: three ficlets about wilson's hair. again, what it says on the tin. <3

after sundown. apres-sunburn sex. <3

drastic measures. wherein there is bathing suit angst and house pays for a meal.

alphabet soup: a relationship told through twenty-six microficlets. i am insanely proud of this one. it kind of cemented my love affair with microfiction, which is going to make writing five thousand original flavored words by next friday insanely difficult at the rate I'm going. AUGH FRUSTRATION.

games. supply closet porn, part the first.

they say it's your birthday. supply closet porn, part the second.
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Not as much as I'd like but isn't it always the way?


A Kind of Cockle-Shell About You: The Commentary Track. For [ profile] ficcommentary.
East River General Was Moored to a Pier Not Far From The Brooklyn Bridge (3/4) More drabbles.
Bollywood General Hospital. For [ profile] hmd_rareathon. Kutner/13: kind of long, but it makes me particularly happy.
journeys toward enlightenment. monastery au.
beachcombing. For the [ profile] stuffonmywilson summer project, first in a series.
sign of the times. House/13.
second childhood. kutner/13.

Fine feathers for fine birds (4/?) More birdverse.
scenes from the conference bar. audra/jakob playing pool.
best of breed: a tale in 69 words. a creepy little tale.
compound interest: a tale in 100 words another creepy little tale.

If I write anything tonight, of course, it'll be added to the list.
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Kind of out of it with plague, so I'm doing this now. If I do any more before the end of the day I'll add it to the list.

Five Seven Five. House, Wilson and haiku. <3
Behind the Eight Ball. House/Cuddy friendship; bar and billiards.
I'm just zis girl you know? by request, me as House's clinic patient, co-starring Seaners. In the comments is a small bonus fic: Seaners versus FOREMAN (epic battle!)
Smoke Cuddy/Stacy girlslash.
There goes the neighborhood/chiquita Two House/Wilson drabbles; one conversational, one porny. <3
All Creatures Great and Small House, Foreman and a baby. Cuteness abounds.
Scoville Units. House/Wilson porny hurt-comfort fic.
Hunter and the Hunted. More House/Cuddy friendship.
Stuck in the Middle with You. House, Wilson, friendship, bribery and superglue.
Ships and Candlewax. More House/Cuddy friendship; sequel to 'Hunter and the Hunted'.
Predictable. House/13 vaguely porny anniversary fic.
What Dreams are Made Of. House/Amber dreamfic.
Quanta: Eight House/Wilson first kisses. Roundup post of eight first kisses; unabashed fluff.
Reconsidering. House/Wilson, Utterly plotless porn.
Extreme Weather. My baby, the antarctica-fic.
Boys who do girls who are boys. Crack, porn, crossdressing.
Weekend differential. House/13, fluff with bathing suits.

Pretty vandal. Cybergeishas.
What do you pack for the afterlife? A strange little ficlet about a dysfunctional relationship.
Fine feathers for fine birds (3/?) The next part of bird-verse.
Culture shock. audra-drabble about her past.
Overrated. Josh/Danielle - more dysfunctional relationship.
Mercury Falling (the alchemist's son) I love this little guy. <3
hands and hearts More cybergeishas.

GO ME. <3

(I still owe people a handful of fics. I'll get to that as soon as I don't feel like poached death on a bed of polenta.)
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A reasonably productive month, definitely better than March was. *nod* Good.

The New Lysistrata. House/Wilson/Amber, with mentions of Amber/Thirteen. <3
Love's Inventions.. Drabbles.
Windy Washday. Another little piece of the monastery AU.
Blackout. House/Wilson smut, with vague mutterings of plot. Another one of my thought experiments. It turned out well enough.
Doctors in the White City. More drabbles, some of them linked.
States and Reasons. Another thought experiment. (I keep having these thought experiments. They keep going over well somehow. Maybe I'm just lucky.)
Wonder Wilson (Family Resemblance) A commentfic for [ profile] savemoony because she asked and she rocks.
Dark Water. House/Cthulhu. Why go for a lesser evil indeed.
Soon, Love, Soon (Dark and Stormy Night Remix) For [ profile] remixredux08, and a source of much agita. I never feel entirely comfortable writing Cuddy; she's awesome but I never think I can get inside her head. I'm relieved more than you know that this was well recieved.
Chantily Lace. Because the only way to get someone to forget an embarrassing situation is to hold a more embarrassing situation over their head.
Ripples in Still Water. Cameron/13 femmeslash, seriously AU portions ahead. I love this, I'm completely proud of the middle section. Nom nom nom.

A Patch of Blue Sky Amid A Picture of The Hubble. I love this. I love Audra. She's just so awesome. <3
Joyride. I love Fabe, too. They're cute together.
Inside, Outside, USSR and one way the condoms entered the sex scene. Mik and Schuyler are so adorably quasi-functional as a unit.
Fine feathers for fine birds. (2/?) The return of Corbin.

That plus one barely-started thing in beta. As always, if I write anything tonight It'll be tagged on here. Might actually happen today, there's something tugging at my head. But since physically I feel like utter and complete crap today (which is actually better than I have been, believe it or not, because I've been panicking a lot in the past few days and now that I'm actually sick instead of fighting it off that's stopped) I'm just getting it done now.
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Funhouse Mirror: Five Ways Amber Volakis is Not Like Gregory House. I don't like this one as much as the other two I did for [ profile] purimgifts, but it's not bad.

A Kind of Cockle-Shell About You. Transsexual nurse, seduction and smut. I love this.

Self-Sticking Label. A missing scene from 'A Kind of Cockle-Shell About You.

The One Where They Find A Horse In The Men's Room. Utter crack, but it pleases me. House/Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency crossover.

Two's More Fun. House/Thirteen, sex and lesbian porn. I like this one too.

Written last month, revealed this month (I'm counting them as written last month but they aren't on February's post and some people haven't seen them, so here they are):

A Taste of Memory. somewhat moodriffic, but strangely hopeful: House/Wilson friendship piece written for [ profile] purimgifts.

dynamic ropes (sea change). House/Thirteen, written for [ profile] purimgifts. Probably my favorite written for this.


assorted drabbles and haiku. Some lesbian cybergeishas, some original character stuff.

Fine Feathers for Fine Birds. Nanofic. I love this and want to do something else with it, I think.

All in all, pathetically lax, IMO. I'm hoping April will improve, because this is just Not On. :P
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More words good! Less original words than I'd like again, but more words good. We'll just go with that for the moment. Especially after the adventures in Urgent Care World, words are something I'm grateful for.

oooh eee ooh ah ah.. House/Cate Milton. I like this one a lot. <3
getting lucky. look, it's porn! and it's fluffy and contains cereal and strippers.
ladies' night (getting to know you) Thirteen/Cuddy femmeslash. yom yom.
East River General was moored to a pier not far from the brooklyn bridge (2/4): drabbles. House/Wilson 'centric.
The Fic That Started Out As A Drabble And Wouldn't Die: Instant Karma's Gonna Get You. In seven parts. House/Thirteen; House/Wilson friendship; Wilson/Volakis (aka CTB.)
One. There is whining and plotting and threatened grand theft tchotchke.
Two. In which there is a delivery, and someone makes plans.
Three. Grand theft diagnostician trumps threatened grand theft tchotchke. There are muffins, but only figurative ones. And Sam Waterston, but he'll wait.
Four. There is dinner. Someone's behavior has improved, admittedly, since last time. There is origami, and American Express, and things end up better than pretty much anyone figured.
Five. Another car ride, with a more willing diagnostician. Someone has been listening. There are metal bands.
Six. There are drinks, and logic, and sex.
Seven. There are kisses. People are misled, and nosy. More things are added to life's breakfast board. And videos are rented; apologies are made.
refugee from the eightfold path. About choices made. And food. I like this one a lot too.
Refugee from the Eightfold Path spawned the continuing stories of a couple of monks:
the inevitable result, noble truths and enlightenment of a sort.
Sex and/or drugs, no rock and roll. It is the middle of the night. Someone may be in labour, or may be just high. Someone else is very tasty-looking.

Tangled Rushes. There are friends, and then there are other things.
a physicist, a biologist and an artist walk into a bar feature three of my best-loved OCs, Fabian, Audra and Jakob. And three more drabbles for the road does, too.
so much ego needs to get a room gives you a couple more OCs: I love Josh and Dani. <3

Note. holy hell that's a lot of words. <3 And none of this counts writing stuff for the RPG, which I've done a bunch of, too, or the two fics that are gifts and are currently in beta. As always, if I do get some more writing done tonight I'll add it to the list.
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Conclusion: Not as horribly unproductive as I'd thought, but not as productive as I'd like.


Lullabyes for the Modern Child. Another one that didn't come out as well as I'd hoped, but it did have some good bits.

Influenced By. I really, really liked this one. It turned out well. (That's no surprise, Schuyler and his parents have been hanging around for dogs' years.)

the sweetness of amber (statuesque). . I like this one too - as much as I like writing fluff, it's gratifying to know that I can write creepy if I really want to.

morning. Ah, the lesbian cyberpunk geishas. So much love for them.


All about nothing. Fluffsmut! (not worksafe) With a subject of antidepressants. Not bad.

green alligators and longnecked geese. More cute and fluffy. With baby.

oh lord please don't burn us, (also not worksafe.) I'm quite proud of this: largely because it's one of my better smut pieces, but also because I love the ancient Sumerians to death and I'm quite pleased to be able to combine them.

Several written for the Porn Battle: sweet and creamy (I really like this one - it's my first venture into femmeslash, but it turned out nicely), all that's missing is the cherry, which wasn't as good but was okay, and hot stuff which I love for Kutner's spoken lines. <3 All of these aren't worksafe, which makes sense when you consider they were written for a porn ficfest.

East River General was moored to a pier not far from the Brooklyn Bridge (1/4). More drabbles. Sadly further progress on this will be delayed a bit as the next part is on my now-dead laptop. sigh.

pillow talk - terribly cute and features the (mythical?) Pope Joan. What's not to love? I like working Random Bits of Trivia into things.

some assembly required - for the house/cuddy drabble-a-thon. Spins off of one of my earlier pieces.

So yeah, some things I forgot about, not entirely as bad as I'd feared, but I'd love to do with a little more balance. Anything I write tonight (should that happen) will be added on here.
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[ profile] tsuki_no_bara does this, and I thought it was a neat idea. :-)

Written: a lot of words, largely fanfic but not all of it.

fishing requires the right bait, in which Wilson is sneaky and there may or may not be ghosts.

A series of drabbles, prompts taken from Katharine Dunn's Geek Love: 'a true freak is born, not made': part one. part two, part three. And another one, this time with prompts from Banana Yoshimoto's Kitchen, the spinning light looks like sunshine through the branches of trees..

Another three-part series, in which House and Wilson have dinner with House's parents, coffee is consumed, there is shameless manipulation involving chocolate and sex beforehand, and there should be the theme to the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, but life fails to have a soundtrack: If you wanna touch the sky, better learn how to kneel (this bit isn't worksafe), just coffee, thanks (this bit is less not-worksafe than the first bit), and kugel western (this part makes most sense if you've read 'just coffee, thanks' and is perfectly worksafe, it just involves people being manipulative bastards).

A radical change in narrative style: Adding Up.

Christmas crackfic that I maintain is probably someone else's fault: The Benefit.

Another not-worksafe piece that I'm quite pleased with: The Other Shoe.

And a bit with Cuddy added in, because everyone needs breasts, really: Gradual Addition.

On New Year's Eve I set myself a challenge: could I do a book's worth of drabbles in two and a half hours (time left between when I finished making food after the kid went to bed and midnight)? And could I do it if the book were Feynman's Six Easy Pieces? Hell yes. And with fifteen minutes to spare. <3 thirteen not-so-easy pieces.


a thousand points of guilt (a phone call from mom shouldn't be this much of an undertaking, but that's what happens when you have a magic talent you don't want.)

untitled: the piece I read at open mike (slice of life)

strange fruit: don't anger the banana (in which bananas try to take over the world)

she's got music when she walks (in which our narrator finds magical shoes and her cats refuse to speak to her)

The Girl's Story (in which a young snow-girl takes a walk into another world).

If I write anything today, it'll be added here. I hope to balance the two a little better in future months, but I'm not doing too badly.


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