Apr. 28th, 2009 11:08 am
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good: neuro's medical assistant faxing referrals.
not good: stupid elevator broken AGAIN. biopsy negative, so now we're back to square one with that. today's plans derailed entirely. what to do now?

i am home

Apr. 21st, 2009 01:13 pm
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i can have all the ice cream i want. which is a lot. they took out twelve salivary glands. cannot use straws. stitches feel weird and i must not bite down on them. pain just started and it's already awful. i can has loricet. oh god it fucking hurts.
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today is biopsy day. given site of biopsy (salivary gland) am very, very nervous. have good pain pills and no-panic pills and it won't take long. am taking a cab there and back and the boy is coming along (and his manager is very cool with him working from home or taking some days off if need be. manager's wife has a similar possibly also autoimmune condition so he understands how this stuff works.)

clickies brought to you by [ profile] fayanora

woman, 86, made burglary suspect cry..

stephen hawking resting comfortably in hospital, under observation.

mrf. time to get ready to go.
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bad pain day despite sleeping in until i was really ready to wake up plus three different pain meds. i'm sitting here trying not to move too much. i meant to go out today to pick up the few things that i'd forgotten, but i just put in an amazon fresh order for them (and a few other things - but they have a thirty dollar minimum and how can one resist a star-icecube-tray? it can go with my ''titanic and iceberg' tray and my 'lego blocks' tray.


brought to you by [ profile] dolphingirl, [ profile] ohhbertie and [ profile] hitchhiker

from FMyLife, a short vignette about sex, and House. slightly textually nsfw.

DNA origami design of dolphin-shaped structures with flexible tails. OMG.

woman, 78, sues to get back into senior center card game. this sounds exactly like a plot out of Golden Girls, doesn't it? (i love that show. we have all seven seasons.)

seals and robotic subs monitor antarctic climate chnage.

how are you all? i'm having a bad pain day, as i said, but it's friday which means dinnert burgers and shakes and there's no cooking involved; the kid may well go swimming this weekend, and we may be visiting with [ profile] nihilistech. so my day is okay despite that.

i actually cooked last night's dinner. i honestly don't remember the last time i cooked (beyond heating things) for whatever reason. i'm pretty sure it was when [ profile] gizmometer was here, which is just sad. chris has been doing dinner a lot. i
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good news! the elevator is at the moment working. the previous issues were with contractors: one company turned the elevator off and one (or two?) more did the repairs (i know it's ridiculous. i heard it from the landlord. don't worry if it sounds stupid - it is stupid). from what he was saying all the contractors were actually here yesterday, and chris took the elevator down on his way to work, so with any luck it'll still be working when i go out to my appointment.

clickies have been brought to you today by [ profile] foxestacado, [ profile] frankencensy, and [ profile] irismoonlight.

michelle obama hugs the queen. i heard this on the BBC last night (i woke up freezing at 1:30 when the BBC was on, so while i was warming up i heard them talking about it.) apparently it's some kind of protocol breach, but they both look so sweet and happy. made me smile. <3 And the Queen didn't mind, so. That's the important thing.

UK and Canada make deal to share polar facilities.

when you're in pain you have a right to do less

um, yeah.

i agree with this one. it's just so damn difficult. I like being productive. and i know that if it were anyone else other than me i would agree with it. *sigh* i hate looking at the end of the day and seeing nothing worthwhile in it, and it frustrates me to lower my principles. my issues, let me show you them. I'm trying to do better. *sigh again*

ucsd sends out acceptance letters to wrong list.

sweden overwhelmingly allows same-sex marriage as of next month.

i'm off to the oral surgeon as soon as [ profile] doubletake gets here: i need a consult for a biopsy for mmy sjogren's test.


Mar. 26th, 2009 12:28 pm
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couldn't sleep last night due to naps in midday. took ambien last night; slept in. really bad pain day; can't find a comfortable position for the life of me.

clickies are brought to you today by [ profile] tourmaline1973, [ profile] bernie_laraemie, [ profile] dolphingirl and [ profile] mydwynter (and i need to go out for coffee with every one of them <3)

school warns parents dead daughter can't go to prom. *wince*

best shepherds ever. this is seriously the coolest thing i have ever seen. a must-view: worksafe, sound not necessary, vision kind of needful.

elephant angel sought by belfast zoo wonderful story. <3

children born into f/f relationships in NYC can now list both female parents as mothers.

astronaut tests space-age underpants.

sir ernest shackleton's last photograph and autograph sold at auction.

amazing antarctic pics of the day: one (lovely sunset/ice pic), two (this one has a twin otter in it, which was made by the company my father worked for before he retired), three (lots of near-adult emperor penguins!)
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Today's clickies are all pictures or sets of pictures (and one video). It's funny how that spontaneously happens. Brought to you by [ profile] awils1, [ profile] foxestacado and [ profile] nightdog_barks.

flickr set of vintage clothing labels.

see jesus on the wall

which gigantic corporations own the various organic food brands

week in photos: fluorescent cats, seaweed lamps and more

rainbow jellyfish

whales trucked to safety

today: botox shots, pee in a cup (noted here for my reference) DMV, new coffee shop, home. Went down the hill between 3rd and 4th on Spring (about a 75 degree angle if i had to guess) and it was so goddamn steep i nearly puked (and i am not driven to vomiting from fear most of the time. never doing that again EVER.) ambien works really well (thanks be to god) and the new methadone dose is good (except for a bit of wooziness in the afternoon after the second pill). biggest pain issue today is my left hip which was only quieted with two percocet (and i try not to use breakthrough meds during the day unless the pain is really bad.) next botox/rehab appointment is 23 June which is the same day as the rheumatologist (in the same hospital) - good if i'm working by then.

how are you?
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cut for melancholia, same old same old. )
happier things:
yesterday i found a really great coffee shop that's much less crowded than vivace and makes amazing crepes. i had a latte and a lovely crepe with lemon and sugar, filled with strawberries and topped with whipped cream, and i got change back from a ten. i also found a little movie theater basically at the end of our street.

i found the library last week; it's a really nice library and only two or three blocks.

i've been getting some wonderful mail love this week, from [ profile] adularia and [ profile] benjimmy. *squeezes both of them* <3

i have many amazing friends. how are you all?

[ profile] jane_hidell's cat came back! i'm really happy about that. <3

i have a really good view at the end of the block.

cut for bigness )


Mar. 9th, 2009 09:58 am
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pretty much all of these are from [ profile] bernie_laramie; bernie is awesome. there's another from [ profile] foxestacado, who is also fantastic. i have no energy today because i've had about five (maybe) hours of sleep (and i can't get back to sleep). so most of these are presented without comment. sorry about that.

7 incredible natural phenomena

fifteen bizarre statues

church's attack on pop culture leads to pornography. the last line is the best part, IMO.

the world's smallest radio.

pastor deflects bullet with bible.

my eyes hurt, a lot. one of these days i'll remember to pick up eyedrops. god i feel like hell. happy-gifts for Jane go here. as far as i know elevator is still broken. hope it is working by noonish; do not want to take a cab if I can help it and am not sure about pain levels given lack of sleep.

... god that's only two hours. must go out, as doctor's appt. cannot be missed (needs to perscribe more pain meds, and the pain meds need adjusting imo)

the women in my life are seriously amazing people ([ profile] adularia and [ profile] machineplay). i'm ridiculously lucky to have them and to have so many great friends, too. if i have the cycles to finish a wee bit of erotica by midnight i'm going to do that.

huh. there are noises in the hall. they may be fixing the elevator. that would rule.

i hope your day is good. i actually like mondays because the boy is off to school and it's quiet.



Mar. 3rd, 2009 11:58 am
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having a spectacularly bad pain day/previous evening at the moment i can't remember who sent me what clickie (i know several people sent me the dolphin one). but you're all amazing people, okay?

pluto's atmosphere is pasted on crooked yay (it's actually upside down. which is really, really cool.)

humpback whales in costa rica found to be the longest animal migration.

public wants hubble to study hugging galaxies.

sport inspirational jesus statues.

albino pink dolphin appears in US lake. i love this so much i can't even begin to explain.

was up half the night due to pain and chills. slept in until about 10. still hurts. i want lunch but that would mean i'd have to get up. augh.

On the upside; amazon fresh delivered me House s2. my very favorite one that seems to be lost after the move.

I watched 'Paternity' last night - the one where there's a bet about the patient's parents - and I cracked up when House said that 30% of fathers don't know that they're raising someone else's kid.

Sean had a mostly unexplainable panic/meltdown last night. What with this and the pain etc. i had to call in a pinch-hitter for [ profile] purimgifts (which makes me feel kind of lousy, but eh.

We gave the child benadryl as a mild sedative/calming agent and it seemed to help. It used to make him hyper but I guess that'a no longer the case.


Mar. 1st, 2009 07:55 pm
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brought to you today by [ profile] bernie_laraemie (a snappy dresser as well as a perfectly victorian gentleman) and [ profile] wintersweet (who is one of my guides into the strange and fascinating randomness that is japanese culture, as well as being a great person).

a japanese life in bento SO FREAKING CUTE!

unhappy children "end up unwell"

trek to examine melting of sea ice (i love antarctica best but the northern pole is pretty awesome too.)

researchers find way to make stem cells from skin

archaeologists find lost egyptian tomb

parrots teach man to speak again. SO FREAKING COOL.

woman had cesarian section and open heart surgery at the same time.

saw [ profile] doubletake today which made me very, very happy. she hung curtains and my little strings of butterfly/dragonfly lights and moved sean's room around. emmi is kind of like an anti-tornado. she comes in and leaves calmness and neatness behind. <3 <3 it made my otherwise miserable (high-pain is all, nothing else wrong) day a lot better.

Tonight i'm having a grilled cheese and canadian bacon sandwich, placing an amazonfresh order and writing for [ profile] purimgifts (hopefully). i've finally figured out what at least two of the things are going to be at least, so i'm good, i think. i just need to write them.
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I did manage to get to Pike Place Market today.

And this is where I have to thank whatever great fluffy lord is watching my steps because now that i have the wheelchair, i can go somewhere, enjoy myself AND not have to cut out early or take three times my usual pain meds as a result. And I feel GOOD afterwards, not like something that's been run over by a fleet of ravening postal demons.

I actually went to parts of the market I usually miss or glance over. I had a sandwich and could eat while travelling (something I could never do before). I can actually do a decent amount of shopping and not worry about getting it home (thanks to these bags that i keep in my purse and this bag that i use for heavy shopping - the second one is about three feet across and two feet deep and made of super strong canvas. It fits perfectly across wheelchair handles, for those inclined toward that method of transport..

And to make my life even better i found a perfect replica of my favorite tim horton's chocolate dip donut. i bit into it and almost cried.

americans do not as a rule know how to make donuts. seattle is luckier than most cities because it has two relatively decent local-chain style donut bakers, and Portland has Voodoo Donuts (i adore the Captain Crunch one) but most other places are left to suffer with krispy kreme. (yes, i know they're better hot. they're still not real donuts. and dunkin' donuts are suspicious.) canadians know how to make good donuts. this is one of the things which make us special. we can also watch hockey as it was meant to be: without the goddamn blue dot on the puck.

mmm. canada.

oh, right - i figured out what to do about the guarantour thing. i think.

[ profile] chezmax was right, it can be done by any canadian passport holder - but they're hard to find in Seattle, and they would have to fill out the form AND sign the back of one of my photographs - god, i detest this stupid bureaucratic bullshit. It's put there supposedly so Bad Guys can't just get a passport, i guess - although the folks in Ottawa apparently didn't realize that if the Bad Guys really wanted one they could just pay off a doctor or some other "authorized" person. (under the old rules you had to find a person who was employed in one of a certain set of white collar occupations that you had known for two years that could supposedly vouch for you not being a Bad Guy. this strikes me as unbelievably classist, but whatever.) so i'm hoping to use the old rules (because i still can, filing from the US) and get my rehab guy to do it. I hate this. I'm going to have to Explain This To Him. and it doesn't help that I find it unbelievably stupid. I don't know what the hell i'm going to do if that doesn't work. AUGH.

(THIS is one of the things that makes us annoying. residue from the old British colony days. Douglas Adams always said that most ex-colonial governments are drowning in paperwork because it's meant to stuff you up until they get word back from the mother country. I can believe this.)

in further news i'm going to sell the child because he's been home from school an hour and he's WHINING CONSTANTLY.

so, the short version of the post.
canada = good donuts, bad paperwork
uncle bill/microsoft (otherwise known as the Great Leader) = good because he pays for Leah's wheelchair and all of her meds (believe me, you don't want to see me off my meds)
child = living on borrowed time, whining, destroyed another one of my pens, cannot leave him alone for ten minutes when i am making the snack he whined for incessantly and he's about to go to his goddamn room.
me = pretty good although pain is about a 4-6; bought lavender heatwrap bag in lieu of neck/shoulder wrap/heating pad.


Feb. 27th, 2009 09:29 am
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Today's clickies are brought to you by [ profile] nightdog_barks (whose birdwatching posts always remind me of the best parts of my birthfamily), [ profile] dolphingirl (who frequently gets the dolphin posts that i miss, for which I'm very grateful), [ profile] machineplay (still best girlfriend ever!) and [ profile] gizmometer (the best internet partner in crime a girl could hope for).

octopus opens valve, floods Santa Monica aquarium one for the cephalopods.

groups urge COA to protect at risk chinese white dolphins.

multi-lingual translations of 'my hovercraft is full of eels'

seriously amazing set of photographs. there are not enough words to describe how amazing these are. just go look. totally worksafe.

remnants of ancient oaks found in bogs all over the UK.

ice oceans 'are not poles apart' at least 235 species live in both polar oceans.

Also! new Catherynne Valente novel: a MUST READ. she makes me feel like a hack. so, so good. (all of her books are good - I really adored 'the orphan's tales' set - but this one ... *incoherent flail*

today: pain with a side of pain. any trip out has been sidelined at the moment at least: that said,the current dose of celebrex is helping. not sure if i want to go to pike place today or not. forgot my celebrex last night: related? not sure, given i also slept horribly.

trying to find garantour for stupid Canadian passport regulation. so, so goddamn stupid. maybe [ profile] machineplay can do it with some mail and webcam trickery, i'm thinking. i love her enough to go through paperwork for her.

you know, it is nice out, and i'm going to be in pain either way. i can grab some pastry from the bakery for brunch. i haven't been to pike place in ages, and this is going to be so much easier with the wheelchair. it can be a short-to-medium trip; i have to run the battery down more before i can charge it; i have a percocet to take if the pain gets really bad (i think i'll take it now).

welcome to the end of my thought process! i'm going out for a while.
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there's a lot of good stuff on the intertubes these days. <3

[ profile] thewlisian_afer has clickies posts that are much more awesome than mine a lot of the time, seriously. Here's a sample of today's best ones:

world's youngest divorcee takes on Paris and a real childhood. She's TEN. and seriously brave. what an amazing girl.

racoon bites off man's manhood in rape attack. dude. if you are stupid enough to try and rape a raccoon (there's a phrase I never thought I'd use) you DESERVE getting your tallywhacker severed. (tallywhacker ™ Chris's late grandmother, who I sorely regret not getting to meet. she liked the golden girls and law and order and old movies and coffee. we would have gotten along famously.)

redneck wedding cakes. just ... WHAT. the deer ones ...

my new favorite photo, from my girl: dolphin meets zebra I want this in a larger version. <3 SO CUTE OMG.

Once again, pain is up to eleven, although strongarmed down to a seven or so with the methadone and celebrex. Tried lidoderm patches on the worst parts last night, which helped to a certain extent. This is nucking futz. I think this is what people call a flare. ugh. I'm going to try and get some work done today regardless. Hopefully.
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russian and american satellites collide. First incident of its kind.

Chris, upon hearing the relative size (950 KG to 537 KG) of the two satellites, said the american satellite never had a chance;


From my girl, who is still awesome: rescued koala reunited with rescuer. (this makes me cry; everything makes me cry. so did eleven year old saves three year old sibling with cpr he learned from TV.)

From [ profile] arhh (who is a bad influence and I love her for it.) shark attack tea maker and liquid bookmark. I have actually bought a set of the last one and can't wait for them to arrive. I'm going to get one of those Susie Bright erotica compliations and use the white one for it at the local hipster coffee place. It would be a little better if I were male, but I can cope.

And two more from the fabulous [ profile] foxestacado: black cats set to advertise video game (ee) and architects design near-invisible tree house.

ah, i see it's going to be another fabulous pain night. ugh. at least we have ice cream.
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pain up to eleven today; also bad for last several days but not this bad. probably why I've been feeling awful and emotionally screwy all week (not helped because sleep is broken etc.) methadone + celebrex + two percocet + heat help some but not a huge amount. exhausted. lowgrade fever? something. sweaty anyway, pain in all diodes down left side and some in right.

taking today lightly. tempted to rebook tomorrow's psych appt. (thursday night plans good for emotional health and would be kind of depressed if missed. anyone else want to come and see a documentary about Antarctica with me and the (larger) boy? 7PM showing at the Grand Illusion (50th and University Ave); cute little independent theater. my friday plans will help a good bit with pain actually. and also mental health.

blood tests came back inconclusive. getting saliva test w/ dentist (better indicator than blood test).


cool stuff:

from [ profile] awils1 (who frequently finds extremely awesome stuff) synthetic biology, ethics and the hacker culture.

from my beautiful and amazing girl: arctic unicorns (narwhal).

eta: found movie on dvd. cancelled that. have nothing until friday (which is at spa so will help w/ pain).
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I'm noticing my breakthrough pain getting worse. I made an appointment with my doctor in five weeks, figuring I can chart the pain between now and then to get a better idea of whether i need to increase my methadone or not. Anyone have any tips or tricks or handy ways to do that other than the scribble down semi-legibly in a notebook method?

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I am exhausted and in pain, but I have been to the breakfast (and lived through it) and the post office and the Lesbian Bookstore™ and the drugstore, and I have purchased Things; and I have not died (although I really want to given this pain) and the breakfast was not as bad as I dreaded. I talked to a few people (a very few) and Chris talked to more people than I did (he generally does, he doesn't have the anxiety problems). And I have a crutch holder attached to my wheelchair now, and a second heating pad for the living room, and some gifts for people, and some more gifts for people are sent.

And I am seriously in pain.

And here is an article about cello scrotum. I should at least make an attempt at lunch at some pont.
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First appointment: orthopedic surgeon.

Short answer: complete waist of freaking time. Nothing he can do for me. Suggests I go back to rehab clinic for more antispasticity meds. Considering that when I initially went in to rehab I could walk mostly normally (for someone with CP, that is) and actually get up off the floor and use my arms to pull myself up on things and not fall down or have to lean on something constantly, I am saying that the antispasticity meds can go fuck themselves with my compliments, and the botox can help (considering the lack of leg muscle control for the first few weeks after the botox treatments has leflt me in some extremely humiliating situations which I would rather not discuss. All I really wanted at the beginning for all of that was physical therapy. I have the stretches the PT taught me and I have information on water fitness classes. I think I am done with rehab, THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT.

Then I came home (no, really, it was actually much easier to come home between appointments) and had decent but not fantastic mexican food, coffee and mini cheesecakes. Went to local lesbian bookstore; did not pick up lesbians, but did manage to get some cards for people and a very nice book on the best buddhist writings of 2008. I'm hoping to get either enlightenment or material for new monk stories.

Second appointment: rheumatology.

They got the test results back. Some of them are abnormal. Now we have to run those tests again. Preliminary diagnosis based on bloodwork and some preliminary questions/facts about me point to sjorgren's syndrome (which wins the award for the least intuitive spelling in an autoimmune disorder) which (i'm guessing) is probably comorbid with some flavor of arthritis given that it looks and feels like my grandmother's arthritis that started when she was about my age. Also I probably have restless legs syndrome and they can give me something for that, which is nice because it feels like lightning-based needles are running through my thighs, which is a bit distracting when you're trying to get a bit of a nap.
So I get tested for that, and I have to go back to the dentist and do tests on my saliva, and eventually I may have to get a cheek biopsy (not looking forward to this part).

But yes. surgeon useless (except possibly in the 'feeling better about not requiring surgery for quite some time' bracket, so not so useless i suppose) and rheumathologists have fun theory that explains things, and the theory has been brought over by (it looks like) Swedish people, which wlil make [ profile] bork either happy or sad, i'm not sure.

hi, how was your day? the inauguration was cool. ooh, a shiny thing -
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I woke up with my left hand in a random claw shape and my left shoulder (lesser extent the elbow) screaming at me for a multitude of imagined sins. The hand was comforted by some stretches, and the new heating pad (which largely rocks because it has moist and dry heat and therapy settings so it can shut itself off after a certain amount of time, but best of all it has strings to tie it to various parts of your body so you can actually keep it where it needs to be - HIGHLY recommended - it's made by Softheat, amazon has their products here.

Nifty things for the day:
[ profile] joe_pike_junior (who is pretty awesome himself) posted illusions of steepness and height and how the brain handles them.

Also, someone asked me if they could translate one of my femmeslash fics (smoke: cuddy/stacy, post-infarction, angsty for me anyway, rated r-ish) into Russian. I was amazed and intrigued, so I said "hey, sure!". I know a few of you read some russian: the entry is here.

Kid has the day off. Kid is being astonishingly good *touch wood* these days. Many of my chores and writings are being interrupted with hug-and-kiss breaks. Sadly had to postpone the Children's Museum trip with [ profile] the_misha, [ profile] tiggrrl and their wee sproglet due to elevator outage on this end. (it's being intermittently weird, getting stuck between floors. No one knows why. They generally have a one-day turn around these days but it fell apart Saturday morning.)

Found out at IEP meeting how awesome he is at eating with a spoon; gave him some tapioca-thickened pudding (because ricemilk does not thicken) and he managed it without making a gigantic mess. Also handwashing, some progress on toilet training, putting on and taking off shoes and to a lesser amount coat. (question to the masses: i would like to buy him a couple zipper pulls (you know the things that attach to the zippers?). anyone know of a place to get kid-useable (ie: not fancy/decorative, more utilitarian) ones?

They are working on the pressing-buttons issue also, with something called IntelliKeys, which his vision teacher somewhat explained (buttons that can be programmed to make different sounds, etc.) In search of Sean-adaptable (ie: sounds more than visuals) computer games that can be adapted with a switch, so if you know of anything (maybe [ profile] nihilistech? [ profile] machineplay? [ profile] gizmometer?) give me a shout.

Okay, shoulder is settling into at least quieter bitchiness. Gotta get a few things done. <3 I hope you're all well and as happy as you can be today.
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dear left hip.
STOP with the trying to secede from the body. this is not on. seriously. also encouraging the knee to go along with you? umno.

dear vitamin d tablets
you are small and round and exceedingly swift in escaping. bah.

dear percocet
i love you. let's be friends!

If you're familiar with Catherynne M. Valente's work, then you know how awesome this is: if you're not, but like reading fantastic myths and tales and fables, you should read her work - or you can listen to her read her two-volume epic (it really is one) here. The podcast updates every week - sunday night or monday, I think - and you can download earlier parts there as well. The first two parts are up. This book is AMAZING. Top ten list material. (plus she has another book coming out next month if I remember right.

From my ... erm, beloved ... and rather peculiar ... spouse: Burger King Flame (tm) cologne.



And from the marvelous [ profile] foxestacado: Otto the Octopus wreaks havoc. It sounds like a children's book, doesn't it? It's not, but it totally could be.

reminder to self: purchase dry/moist heat massaging heating pad from Rite Aid on payday. (no, i don't know what brand: i saw it on the shelf. Will run reconnasance mission/do review of product on payday (1/15) because I love you and want you to be happy.
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I have yet to figure out how the heat works in this apartment, which means that every single joint in my body is all 'HI THAR PAIN FOR YOU HA HA HA.' every morning. We have heaters and thermostats but the heating controls lack any sort of indicator as to what is 'on', nevermind temperature.

So anyway - happy Friday; my kitchen is about half-unpacked, and I even got to have coffee in one of my own gigantic mugs this morning. Very reassuring, that.

Today's plan: perhaps unpack a small amount, largely relax, and hopefully some writing. My dreams are insanely detailed these days; I dreamed a whole cyberpunk 'verse this morning that may well fit in with the geishas.

Tomorrow evening is Chris's department's holiday party. I am half hoping to get a haircut before then.

Clickies of clickiness:

[ profile] euclase is quite possibly one of my favorite people in the universe. These links are a good example of why. <3 Nautilus shaped house (I so want to live there, but I may have to content myself with knitting one instead) and Spend time with your own private moon. (I seem to recall one of these pics was on musecrack a while back, but this one has MORE OF THEM, and they are AMAZING.)

And from the most awesome and brilliant [ profile] shutterbug_12: the most disturbing animals on earth..

edit: I forgot to post this earlier. As of now I have done a small amount of unpacking (meaning - one kitchen box, moved a few small nonessential pieces of furniture to the closet, set up the table) and I think I will call that done for a little while. We sort of almost have a dining room, which is very good; this weekend when [ profile] tallin is home we can probably make more headway on it. I think if we can get the kitchen, coats/blankets for the hall closet and bathroom finished this weekend (all the blankets and coats are in garbage bags, the bathroom has only one box left to do and the kitchen has two or three) that will be good.

I can hear planes more easily from here, and a train in the distance.

son of edit: you know who else does amazing clickies? [ profile] thewlisian_afer. I'm just going to link the most recent post in its entirety because it is truly amazing.
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So I accidentally fell asleep after the boys had left and woke up again at noon. Given that my hip and other joints were being annoying for a good few hours last night, I'm not especially surprised. I am worried when that sort of thing happens, given that if I continue on the pastry school path I'm going to have a lot of early mornings (classes start at 8 and go until aboiut 12). I guess that's what coffee is for.

Things I am doing over the next while:

still working on Quant and starting these mittens but in a different set of colours; I have this cool sampler in the yarn she's using so I think the tan color and one of the blues would be nice.

Working on a couple of prompt tables and more [ profile] stuffonmywilson fics, plus a whole whack of half-finished things.

packing up my apartment (we want to move the week of Thanksgiving if possible; if the new landlord manages to get the apartment cleaned before then, Chris is going to take a couple days off and we'll schedule the move over one of those weekdays so we don't have to worry about Sean being in the way.)

Reading: four and twenty blackbirds (excelllent) and a mini-Dave Eggers book of wee stories ('How the Water Feels To The Fishes')

hm. do those sorts of things sell at all - little books of microfiction? I still want to do that ...

I need to catch up on my podcasts.

Nearly finished the initial thirty day lumosity training.

I want to make my girl's roasted vegetable soup so I should put that on after the kidlet gets home

Thinking about Christmas themed porny short stories (as I am too freaked out to sign up for [ profile] yuletide, given that it's all small-fandoms and I'm pretty much a one trick pony. :p)

And remembering that I need to send packages to a couple people, and that I should get out this week to gather the stuff to do that.
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overcoming learned fear and depression. (also deals with anxiety, fibro pain, etc. etc.) clickie from my lovely girl, who has a beautiful brain.


Oct. 18th, 2008 04:16 pm
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Fell on face (tripped over toes) (yes, toes) this afternoon. The usual agonies occurred, mostly of the bodily bruising, weak knees and self-hatred variety. Bruised the living fuck out of three of my toes; screwed up most joints and delivered another near-fatal blow to my dignity. (Sadly the dignity blows are never fatal. I almost wish they were, then I wouldn't give a damn, but I despise flolloping around on the floor like a beached whale.

Will probably be benched to the sofa for the rest of the day. I see pain pills and lidoderm patches for my knees in this evening's forecast.

Stupid toes.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


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